Still Here (Draw My Life Part 4)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Sorry this video took so long! It gave me two mental breakdowns
    Music that helped me:
    Videos that inspired me:
    Music I raged to while I was depressed xD:
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  • Fiammetta Camattari
    Fiammetta Camattari 2 minutes ago

    You are worth it

  • Idk lol
    Idk lol 29 minutes ago

    Me: *Has mild depression*
    My dog : Aight ima save this boye.
    Me: *Is no longer depressed*
    My dog: My job here is done.
    edit : I also did have mild depression once.

  • Noel 2nd
    Noel 2nd 3 hours ago

    So edgy

  • Garrett Olson
    Garrett Olson 3 hours ago

    Breaking news !!! My hero academia cures depression

  • Schemel Productions
    Schemel Productions 4 hours ago +1

    Suicide doesn’t end the pain

    It puts it on someone else

  • moonstone blaze
    moonstone blaze 4 hours ago

    thanks shgrr...ive been having a lot of...problems....ive been very depressed lately as has my roommate and like you i am an empath so i dont get all that much positive energy...i just get more depression there have been cold nights where i have contemplated just waiting till i froze to death and gwt it all over with amd other times where i have been so bad that i have hurt myself...i still havent gotten out of the funk though will be making steps towards it hearing this from you helps lets me know that hey im not the only one who feels this way for more than just because of a mental like i said... so much

  • ThePigxuz
    ThePigxuz 4 hours ago


  • MR.minecraft
    MR.minecraft 5 hours ago +1

    I'm depressed in a different way, instead of constant pain and sadness, it's just... Nothing... I am incapable of felling any sort of emotions. At least when I get sad, it's SOMETHING to feel, I've never thought about suicide because my life is already like death, so cold and empty that dying won't do anything but add work just for no change, I've been through some similar things to you though like rejection from peers, to not being able to trust adults. I wish I was constantly sad because it would be something to break up the monotony of living in the constant void of nothingness. The worst part is that I've spent so long trying to explain the universe with science that I don't even have Jesus to turn to because my path of science led to atheism.

  • Itz Annie
    Itz Annie 9 hours ago

    Honey, honey
    U might have saved me and thousands of people to keep optomistic
    Why me? Reason! Oh mah gawd, your a hero for going through those problems
    ALL, BLESS, SHGURRRR! I will yell that at school XD

  • Alistair the radio demon

    I love how everyone is here for her and not to just bash her for religion it's fresh

  • Gamer Alice
    Gamer Alice 11 hours ago

    I know what pain feels like I broke my arm once before and today I was diagnosed with strep throat and I'm dieing of pain and I cry all because of how much pain I feel ☠️☠️😷🤒🤕

  • exotic personality
    exotic personality 12 hours ago +1

    Todoroki: >:0
    Shgurr : >:0
    My hero academia the best if you like my hero i recommend demon slayer if you don't already watch it ;)

  • Artsy Ashley123306
    Artsy Ashley123306 12 hours ago +1

    Thank you for saying your story it must be hard this really help me with some things I’m going through I’m glad that I’m not alone who feels this way and I’m glad that I have somebody to look up like you thank you😊❤️😊🙏 God bless you❤️❤️❤️

  • ninjaferrel28DP
    ninjaferrel28DP 13 hours ago

    Giorno: I, giorno giovanna have a dream to s-
    MHA: wait is not your turn yet my friend is my turn to save today

  • XxOmega CookiexX
    XxOmega CookiexX 14 hours ago

    This is so wonderful and want to know something that man or "priest" and wife whatever could get fired I think? I never had a lot of friends growing up to but I found a friend who understands me and been friends for 2 years it's about to be 3 but you never know if it was last or it won't anyway you yes you reading this don't look at another comment plz just know you are a human, not a piece of garage. You are something, you
    You ♥️

  • Angela Hornung
    Angela Hornung 14 hours ago

    I had some similar issues with organized religion, specifically fifty shades of Christianity. I'm sorry you had to go through that, and I'm happy you're better.

  • Jack Kruse
    Jack Kruse 15 hours ago

    thanks this helped me. comparing depression to heavy weights is the best description. I understand you. Thanks

  • Sophie Nguyen
    Sophie Nguyen 15 hours ago +1

    we must protecc we must serve we must APPRECIATE this person

  • David Galvan
    David Galvan 15 hours ago +1

    I just want to say that you have a lot of courage for making this series I know how hard it can be and how painful it can be to look back on old memories I hope that you have a amazingly great life.

  • Hello People
    Hello People 15 hours ago

    Plantar fasciitis gang up in hereeeeee 😝

  • Passionflower
    Passionflower 16 hours ago

    I wanted to commit suicide so bad. I was watching this video on TVclip and I comment and someone told me that they wanted to commit suicide too and that they were too far gone and if I couldn’t live for myself to at least live for them. They said they wish they could follow their own advice. Ever since that day I just think of that person and I don’t look for happiness within anyone but myself.

  • Sanae Khammal
    Sanae Khammal 16 hours ago

    This good have happened if you not

  • Riley Brawner
    Riley Brawner 16 hours ago

    You are an amazing person

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith 17 hours ago

    Dang it got me crying god series

  • Matthew Rowles
    Matthew Rowles 19 hours ago

    Bit of a post, but... when you mentioned in your previous video on this set I knew exactly what you were suffering from because I have the exact same problem down to it being in both feet and this set of videos was what made me subscribe. I don't know if you'll read this but I'm glad you shared your story my life was similar in many ways and this gave me another lens to look at my life through and I really appreciate it. Cant wait to see more videos and if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to dm me I always respond

  • 8-bit pepe
    8-bit pepe 22 hours ago

    Ow, the edge.

  • Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard

    I have noticed a bit of a theme AND IM NOT SAYING I THINK ITS FAKE I just notice a lot of story time animators (mostly the female ones what’s up with that?) have some form of issue. Jaiden has eating and depression issues I vaguely remember wulfuchu or... what was the other “chu”? Had something I can’t remember and I THINK based on Adams song that SomethingElseYT had bullying issues that got him down.
    Again I’m not saying I think that they are faking, I’m just saying it seems like people or the world tries to BEAT the creativity out of them

  • Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard

    I’m sorry you need a new church they are NOT true Christians. They should have treated you with kindness and compassion, not blame and guilt. They should have tried to help you with your pain not accuse you of faking it.

  • Mik Kat
    Mik Kat 23 hours ago

    Why tf did my mind say 27, I'm 17, I know damn well that ain't true

  • Joseph Jimenez Lemus
    Joseph Jimenez Lemus 23 hours ago +1

    Hey shgurr are you ok you look sad I’m about to help her career and her

  • overwatchgamer 99
    overwatchgamer 99 23 hours ago

    I know how you feel I have depression and it does hurt a lot hope you feel better

  • Artssy_ Foxx
    Artssy_ Foxx 23 hours ago +1

    I really hope this is an old video

  • Sawyer Bridges
    Sawyer Bridges Day ago

    This is the most EDGYIES video ive ever seen

  • How to Meow
    How to Meow Day ago

    Well, my Hero academia is very inspiring it helped me get out of my depression to be honest I usually just said idk to my friends when they ask why I’m not depressed anymore but the thing is that they are depressed... they keep wanting to commit suicide... one has a eating disorder and doesn’t really eat... well they went to the counselor the other day an now they are going to meet up more I hope the best for my friends and people suffering from depression, eating disorders, mental disorders, all I want to say is if you’re having troubles please think out what is going out in the world, and please don’t hurt yourself or commit suicide

  • The Earth
    The Earth Day ago

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how the friendly sister’s hair forms a heart. Please. Why. Oh and also black kitty

  • Loli Cat
    Loli Cat Day ago

    What ever your missions is, is wrong. I've never heard about mission like that.

  • Bioske :3
    Bioske :3 Day ago

    I have plantar fasciitis, it’s awful :P
    I’m soooooo glad you didn’t go through with it though

  • ・Pink Diamond ・

    Shgurr I recommend demon slayer, it’s like my hero academia except the main character doesn’t have a quirk and he learns how to sword fight and slay demons!

  • BlackDiamond 1789

    What happened to the cat

  • Faith Martin
    Faith Martin Day ago

    You are the best beleive in your self and stay positive

  • Emmanuel Serrano
    Emmanuel Serrano Day ago +1

    This story is pretty Depressing... Really Depressing

  • Living Infernus
    Living Infernus Day ago

    I don't know why personifying anime and emotions is so common here, but it's as nice a surprise as a missionary sister who becomes a BFF.

  • _TheOnlyACE _
    _TheOnlyACE _ Day ago

    parts of this hit way to close to home

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming Day ago

    In what religion do the followers of Jesus not wish to help those who are suffering? That’s literally what he was about

  • Destiny the Angel

    This is actually......really relatable.I'm glad you found a sense of hope and have grown to be an amazing person.

  • DespacitoGang
    DespacitoGang Day ago

    Hey Shgurr! A Question, how did your family react to these videos?
    What did they say, or were they aware before these videos came up?

  • K'hari Jordan
    K'hari Jordan Day ago

    I feel hard pres to give them credit for the good gur dicided to do with the strife they gave her.
    Glad she's In a better place now.
    This is way better advice then what most ppl give out.
    It usually end up giving ppl the idea to put up with it untill your life by chance gets better.
    Witch is what happen to this girl in this video but just because it happened doesn't mean you should tell ppl to let it happen.
    This doesn't do that and that's pretty neat.

  • Blancc
    Blancc Day ago +1

    Thank tou shgurr

  • Dragonslayer 74
    Dragonslayer 74 Day ago

    I love you and your animation is beautiful.

  • LightningJackel Gamer

    I will be yo friend

  • Estefcat
    Estefcat Day ago


  • the undertaker
    the undertaker Day ago

    Let me ask you this shgurr how are you beacuse I care for you

  • pug Gamer
    pug Gamer Day ago

    Why don't you upload more fnaf to the channel?

  • Ermalinda Domingo

    Nope ooo ur pwerty pls don’t leave!!!

  • Dlwgaming & co
    Dlwgaming & co Day ago


  • p i n a p p l e
    p i n a p p l e 2 days ago +1

    What about the kitten 🥺

  • arain764niara
    arain764niara 2 days ago

    Waiting for a brighter future is hard

  • Wolf C. ???
    Wolf C. ??? 2 days ago

    I was kinda like this with people. There was this one person that would constently put me down for years in elementray, and middle school. After elementray school I faced a event in my life that took me down year by year. I was ok a first, but over the years I just broke more and more. I became distant from my family, and the few people I called friends because I was emotionally hurt. I didn't care about activities or anything, for I was mentally broken. The boy that put me down constently made me feel worthless, and it was a mistake to tell him. I even got a cat, but I was still going down hill. I hated myself, and I felt like I was nothing but a ghost or something to be a pu ching bag for. I couldn't trust anyone with my feelings cause I was so emotionally broken. If I speak about it eventually people forget like I didn't say anything. Slowly my life was comi g back to me when the boy finally moved away. I could finally breath without having to ignore him mocking me. Somehow over the year I got better slowly. I got physically active, and it has helped a lot. Just helped me think and calm down. I just got more exited going to camps I went pervious years. They helped me during the years, but after a while I was emotionally down again. One of the was a church camp that I started going in middle school, and continue going to this day. I thought I was lost and broken until somehow I got better. Watching your videos of "Draw My Life" I can relate too, and how I felt during my early teens. It doesn't just give a story, but it shows others we all have emotion and we can feel pain, but as human we try to hide them. Just trying to find the right people and the right place for you can be found if you decide to look for it, or let it find you. I hope people can learn these lessons, and I pray this world will one day treat everyone equal and find peace.

  • Gacha blue wolf
    Gacha blue wolf 2 days ago

    You realy cool great i like your video