Top 10 Unanswered Endgame Questions

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • As the finale of most MCU storylines, Avengers: Endgame tried to wrap up most of the storylines over the 22 films, however here are a few questions we still need answers to! From the multiple timelines, to Captain America and Red Skull, as well as who will replace Thanos, these are the questions that were left unanswered. How many times did you see Avengers: Endgame?
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  •  Month ago +215

    Hey so the Russo's confirmed that Loki created an alternate timeline when he took the Space Stone. Do you think we'll learn more about this version of Loki once the Disney+ show is released?

    • FOertel
      FOertel 15 days ago

      Everyone needs more Loki, it cant be enough Loki out there

    • Flav
      Flav 20 days ago

      Where did Valkyrie find a Pegasus?

    • James The YouTuber
      James The YouTuber Month ago

      Hopefully they will. They have to show where he is.

    • Chris Power
      Chris Power Month ago

      @MANISH xSICKBOYx main line universe (the one we know) = dead. Alternate timeline = alive. Now, if he can travel through dimensions...

    • Raja Kohli
      Raja Kohli Month ago

      @Eddwin Gregg he escaped from the help of space stone in endgame right

  • Awesome Ness
    Awesome Ness Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Galactus mightttttt replace thanos?

  • XxElementGamesXx

    Multiple timelines should be called alternate realities or the What if verses meaning that the Multiverse is planned for the next few phases. Its been a cornerstone since Doctor Strange introduced the idea and then Endgame further Solidified the idea with the Alternate Realities.

  • Kronical69420
    Kronical69420 2 days ago

    Why do people assume that Tony snapped Thanos and his crew back to 2014 instead of killing them. Pretty sure they are dead, otherwise that whole shot of Thanos sitting down and looking all dejected is kinda pointless and less dramatic.

  • Jocelyn Nelson
    Jocelyn Nelson 2 days ago

    Adding, will we ever see black widow again and does this mean her solo movie is a flashback and if so to what age?

  • Amelia Greene
    Amelia Greene 2 days ago

    no one:
    tom holland: OMG its the watchmojo lady :D

  • Simon
    Simon 4 days ago

    Who’s here after Tom Holland fangirling over the narrator ?

  • Pranavstormer 17
    Pranavstormer 17 4 days ago

    2:05 number noine

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 4 days ago

    If I was roadie I woulda said, “Danvers you are from this planet, and yet you don’t go try to save your own home planet?” “If you don’t care about your home planet anymore, we don’t want you just turning up when you feel like it anymore.”

  • Something Someone
    Something Someone 4 days ago

    loki is dead at infinity war

  • Sam W
    Sam W 6 days ago

    3. That will be answered with his Disney+ series

  • Kim Holtby
    Kim Holtby 9 days ago

    Kang would be a logical replacement for Thanos. He is another major Avengers villain and would fit in well with the messed up timelines theme.

  • Radlilghost !
    Radlilghost ! 10 days ago

    Nothing because Harley deserves nothing and he should not be iron man

  • jason grace
    jason grace 10 days ago

    Number 2 is answered in the film thw infinity stone isnt gone its reduced to atoms

  • PT Girls
    PT Girls 11 days ago

    I wonder why The Ancient One was in New York Sanctum Sanctorum and other Avengers know that. (Weren't you supposed to be in Karmar-Taj? )

    And The Ancient One had trusted Dr. Strange so much willing to hand out the Time Stone, but few years later struggled to take Dr. Strange as her student.

    I just don't get you, Ancient One.

  • YaBoiTylor
    YaBoiTylor 11 days ago

    I think kang the conqueror will replace thanos because you can see his quantum city in ant man 2

  • Kelly
    Kelly 12 days ago

    This is way too confusing...

  • Akira Yuu
    Akira Yuu 12 days ago

    i think you miss one important thing "what happen with xandar who protect the power stone?"

  • Nicko Dandy
    Nicko Dandy 12 days ago

    #10. Two words: Iron Lad

  • Megalon73
    Megalon73 14 days ago

    Who will replace Thanos? is the biggest question, Anybody? No! will you all just have to wait.

  • gxfan039
    gxfan039 14 days ago +1

    #1: Where does the MCU go from Endgame?

  • Isaac Sandhu
    Isaac Sandhu 14 days ago +1

    Harley Keener was literally the furthest thing from my mind after Endgame

  • Tony Pearson
    Tony Pearson 15 days ago

    Actually, when you think about it. The power of two of the stones are still in the MCU.
    Wanda and Carol. We don't know if anybody else was given powers by the other stones.
    P.S.: Now that Disney has the mutants back. Are they gonna bring Quick Silver back and would him and Wanda still be brother and sister.

  • retnavybrat
    retnavybrat 15 days ago +1

    My unanswered question: Why didn't the Avengers mention _Doctor Who_ in their list of various movies and TV shows that dealt with time travel? 😒

  • Dario Vandenheede
    Dario Vandenheede 16 days ago

    Most asked question: Why is Gamora?!

  • Jonathan Holmes
    Jonathan Holmes 16 days ago

    Loki is dead and the alternative timelines no longer exist.

  • Jonathan Holmes
    Jonathan Holmes 16 days ago

    You do not have to return the stones back to where they came from... You only had to return them back to their timeline, in general.

  • jordan and billy
    jordan and billy 16 days ago

    Loki's long gone

  • Golden Fox
    Golden Fox 16 days ago +2

    Mojo: Top Ten Unanswered Questions in EndGame
    Thumbnail: *WHERE IS LOKI?!*
    Me: He dead.

    • Jennifer Scott
      Jennifer Scott 16 days ago

      In this timeline but not the other one 😄thank goodness

  • Danny Hudson
    Danny Hudson 17 days ago +1

    Better question. Why is endgame so highly rated? I didn’t care for it at all.

  • StudioGod
    StudioGod 18 days ago

    Sam can just get transformed into a Super Soldier like Steveeee

  • StudioGod
    StudioGod 18 days ago

    Cap didn't even go to vormir to get the soulstone that was Clint and Black Widow buddy

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 15 days ago

      But he had to go there to return the Soul Stone.

  • StudioGod
    StudioGod 18 days ago

    I mean loki can't die..

  • Kaspars Lude
    Kaspars Lude 18 days ago +1

    From infinity war and endgame: what was dr. strange plan? Why he gave time stone to thanos?

  • Mike Wazoskiii
    Mike Wazoskiii 18 days ago +3

    He’s dead

    Did you watch infinity war

  • Petr Kuba
    Petr Kuba 18 days ago

    good job on answering no questions, just polemize (y)

  • ton b
    ton b 18 days ago

    Loki just got killed by Thanos you know

  • Ajaws2414
    Ajaws2414 18 days ago

    Victor Von Doom. He has to be considering they’re bringing multiverse into the mix.
    All paths lead to secret wars

  • Tre'vaughn Porter
    Tre'vaughn Porter 19 days ago

    If anyone remembers Loki 2012 is still alive thanos 2012 is still alive they fought 2014 thanos

  • rj1982ii
    rj1982ii 19 days ago

    I was a fan who didn't thunk of it except how did Infinity War still happen if 2014 Thanos died?

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 15 days ago

      If I understood this movie's version of time travel correctly, you can never change your own reality by changing the past. The worst that would happen is that a new timeline is created that reflects the consequences of whatever changes were made.

      Using that theory, 2014 Thanos' death doesn't affect the _Infinity War_ of our reality at all. However, there is now an additional timeline in which _Infinity War_ either didn't happen or happened with a different villain.

  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave 19 days ago

    What about Sharon Carter ?

  • RisingVictor
    RisingVictor 19 days ago

    Why would Harley Keener be Nova?! Why?!?!?!

  • Brandon Mason
    Brandon Mason 19 days ago

    The reason gamers never came back red skull explained that anyone who died for it could not be resurrected no matter what but they left a gap in the story when they killed thanos at the end of end game because the thanos they killed was from the past before he ever had the stones in doing so he never technically snapped his fingers and infinity war or end game should have never been a reality

  • Michael Peter White
    Michael Peter White 20 days ago

    It’s cheesy but since marvel is a rolling cliche (in a good way) I think Sam will easily fill the role of Captain America. He’s not a super soldier no, but that isn’t what embodies Cap, it’s his heart and his personality. That’s why the doc chose Rodgers, because even though he was little, he was the bravest, the most willing to self-sacrifice and his never ceasing ability to continue to fight on no matter what.
    Personally I though Bucky would be such a good replacement, Sam is a wingman, his whole character arc is being the wingman, just like he was for Steve and Riley his former wingman. Bucky was a hero turned assassin who was essentially disgraced and fought for the Soviets for years, despite being American. I would love to see Bucky take up that role, but Sam will do just fine.

  • Lucas Denault
    Lucas Denault 20 days ago

    My #1 question is where did all the other come from during the final battle?

  • theultimatehunt
    theultimatehunt 20 days ago


  • Isidro Calderon
    Isidro Calderon 20 days ago

    Starts video with uninterested scene...yawn!

  • Courtney total drama
    Courtney total drama 20 days ago

    But who could replace ironman plus thanos started collected at the credit sence of age of ultorn so idk who could replace the sucking thanos

  • Ernesto Javier Hernández Cruz

    I think that maybe the next badass super villain, might be Galactus, even though it 20th Century Fox, Disney owns everything Marvel has except Sony. So possibly they might include one of their super villains from Fox as their Phase 4 main antagonist

  • Q the Pharaoh
    Q the Pharaoh 20 days ago

    Lady Death will resurrect Thanos to kill for her.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 21 day ago

    The infinity stones were reduced to Atoms not destroyed

  • Raven S
    Raven S 21 day ago +1

    Where's 2014 Gamora???? That is my main question.

  • Jay McKeown
    Jay McKeown 21 day ago +3

    The Russos already confirmed that once the Soul Stone is taken that Red Skull will be free to leave Vormir, so he wouldn't have been there when Cap went back.

  • Rialy Andriamiseza
    Rialy Andriamiseza 21 day ago

    The infinity stone are have not been destroyed, they have been reduced to atom size

  • Gio Florentino
    Gio Florentino 22 days ago

    Wheres deadpool?

  • Marcian Thompson
    Marcian Thompson 22 days ago

    Which one the Avengers you think is a scroll?????

  • MrAmoholic
    MrAmoholic 23 days ago +1

    Anyone taken by the soul stone can be only one person....Hela, thors sister will bring them back in GOTG3.. am telling ya!!

    • Dub2davis
      Dub2davis 22 days ago

      MrAmoholic I don’t know much but it sounds like it could be true lol

  • caleb perez
    caleb perez 23 days ago

    Who will replace Thanos!? Is it....
    A). Galactus
    B). Magneto
    C). Dr. Doom

  • Linus Sodenkamp
    Linus Sodenkamp 23 days ago

    I watched end game for a 2nd time yesterday. When the movie ended, i stand up ready to go. The guy next to me looked at me like I was retarded for not waiting for the post credit scene. I planned to tell him before. Instead I looked back at him and thought "Ye you sit here and waste 10 minutes of your life, Motherf*cker"

  • Roger Pillay
    Roger Pillay 23 days ago


  • Ruly Parvin
    Ruly Parvin 23 days ago

    Where’s Loki you ask? HE’S DEAD!!!!!!!!!

  • Vector Didact
    Vector Didact 23 days ago

    What if Loki actually did die in Thor the Darkworld, and the other Loki is the one who stole Odin's place and inevitably died to the hands of Thanos

  • PoisonNuke
    PoisonNuke 24 days ago

    one question is missing: when Cap returns the soul-stone, what happens to Black Widow, as Cap might come in the exact moment where she falls and because the stone is returned, her soul is not "needed" anymore so she should infact survive?

  • diego lucio
    diego lucio 24 days ago

    the question is who is thanos boss?

  • Rene Pitre
    Rene Pitre 24 days ago

    Wow the hulk is wearing a cardigan. Smh. I better not see one plush hulk in a cardigan toy.

  • OverthereLook
    OverthereLook 24 days ago

    How is Falcon going to be Captain America? Read the comic bitch!

  • iwatchkittenvids45
    iwatchkittenvids45 24 days ago

    On your left 😢

    MASTER GAMER 25 days ago +1

    Loki's just chillin in the other side watching them with popcorn and juice

  • Thomas
    Thomas 26 days ago

    Loki goes on to become noobmaster69

  • simon dubya
    simon dubya 26 days ago +16

    Where is Loki?

    I'll do you one better
    *why is loki*

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk 26 days ago

    Can I just say.... If you DONT know these vids are stuffed with spoilers, you are an idiot

  • eyeamhay
    eyeamhay 26 days ago +8

    And I personally believe that, no offense to Falcon but Bucky Barnes should have taken the mantle of Captain America because Bucky is also part super soldier so it would be more fitting for him to wield The Shield

  • eyeamhay
    eyeamhay 26 days ago

    Well in our timeline the stones were destroyed but they also took physical embodiment IE Power Stone being Galactus and then you have Adam Warlock and various other Cosmic entities that will embody the presence of the Stone

  • Daveh H
    Daveh H 26 days ago +1

    All the Cap questions would serve as great cameos to set up MCU X-Men and flesh out a past detailed Mangeto & Wolverine.
    But that's just my personal never gonna happen hope

  • Kardz22
    Kardz22 27 days ago

    Iron man is worthy

  • Gergő Soós
    Gergő Soós 27 days ago

    Number 6): Yes. At least 4 now.

  • fireman0403
    fireman0403 27 days ago

    he died in infinity war

  • DMC Bigfoot
    DMC Bigfoot 27 days ago

    To answer a few questions. Time is irrelevant it does not flow one way when you have the ability of time travel. Think of it like a river that can go backwards or forwards at anyone given time. My prediction when cap went back in time to deliver the stones he of course met up with the ancient one, the ancient one showed him every decision he could possibly make and told him and which one would be best for his life and any mistakes that could happen if he proceeded to go with another timeline. This sets up I'm pretty much any and every other idea or setting when it comes down to the time and location to drop off the other stones because I do believe he visited the ancient one first to get a good idea on what to do with the stones in the correct sequence. Loki is dead that's just it he is dead. The time stones are not completely destroyed even if they were destroyed, the things that they controlled would not destroy it so therefore would either 1 fall apart or 2 recreate a New stone.

  • Alexandra Hefnerová
    Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

    *No #9* was answered by the Russo bros. themselves. Yes, Steve had to confront the Red Skull on Vormir, but no hard feelings were involved, it was just business. Steve handed the stone over to him, the Red Skull took it, end of story. The stones changed the Red Skull, he's no longer that 'ol Hydra Nazi Johannes Schmidt freak, now he's a full time guardian of the Soul stone, not much of his old self remains there, he may still remember things, like he told Thanos in IW, that he also held one of the stones, seeking it's power and stuff, but he's more dedicated to the job now. Did he say he's cursed? Yes, he did. And that's basically it, the stones (don't know which one) basically cursed him to guard the treasure he can't possess (as he said himself), changed his personality in the process. He's no longer the old nemesis of Captain America.
    Steve had only to return the stone, might have been surprised to see Schmidt there, but realized, what's he now and that their past doesn't matter from now on. It's only business now, "I return the stone, have a nice eternity".

  • Lisa Drexler
    Lisa Drexler 27 days ago

    Hawkeye is getting a mini-series too.

  • Sin City Quinn
    Sin City Quinn 27 days ago

    Wait... who said Thanos was defeated? Thanos isn’t dead.

  • dl2one
    dl2one 28 days ago +1

    Top question, when is Brie going to act like part of the team and not let her RL SJW tendrils seep into her character?

  • soulfull M.
    soulfull M. 28 days ago

    After all your dumb theories were proven as bs, as i predicted, why are you still making videos ????

  • SarasGAMES
    SarasGAMES 28 days ago

    I'd like to know how captain america got a spaceship and traveled to otherworld locations to return the stones.

  • Viktor Neutronium
    Viktor Neutronium 28 days ago

    There is only only villian who would use a forge, and that to craft armor of his own. He is the Master of Magic and Technology. He is the Lord of Latveria. He is Victor von Doom. Don't ask how the MCA gets the rights, but it will happen.

  • Suga Mcmoofin
    Suga Mcmoofin 28 days ago

    Just read the comics it tells you what might happen like the new iron man is a woman and the new god of thunder is a woman

  • 9some
    9some 28 days ago

    gamora? what about natasha, like, dammit? and what about disney killing femmes on that pit?
    and: only doom can 'replace' thanos, not even stupid galactus punk can match dr doom

  • Maclaud Nchimunya
    Maclaud Nchimunya 29 days ago

    I will definitely miss Thanos ...

  • Anette Lund
    Anette Lund 29 days ago

    I wonder if spider-man and the rest that “disappeared” for 5 years got older? Did he age at all or is he 5 years younger than his classmates who didn’t die when Thanos snapped his fingers??

  • ney ramirez
    ney ramirez 29 days ago

    If everyone has been gone for five years then when are Peter Parker's friends still in high school? I thought they were the smart kids.

  • Stormik
    Stormik 29 days ago

    Of course there are multiple timelines. At least 4. The main one. The one where Cap lived after he returned the stones. The one where Loki skedaddled with Tesseract and the one where second Thanos came from.

  • bigbaddawg101
    bigbaddawg101 29 days ago

    In the House of M, Captain America living out his life instead of getting frozen in ice was part of the story.

  • dragonweyr44
    dragonweyr44 Month ago

    Doesn't anyone wonder that if Thanos and all his minions were wiped out of existence since 2014, that EVERYTHING from Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was wiped out? Gamora wouldn't have joined the Guardians in 2014, Quill, Rocket, Groot and Drax would've never formed the Guardians. Who knows what would've happened to the power stone after Quill sold it to the Broker since Ronan wouldn't have been looking for it since Thanos never commissioned him to get it. Rocket and Groot would've captured Quill and given him to Yondu which means he'd probably be dead. Drax would still be in the Kiln
    Nothing that happened in GotG 2 would've happened. Mantis would still be Ego's slave. Ego couldn't do the Expansion without Quill
    I have no clue as to what would've happened on Earth between 2014 and 2023 but 2023 as well as 2014 Nebula should've been wiped from existence with Tony's snap since 2014 Nebula was still loyal to Thanos and she would've been wiped out with the rest of Thanos' army and if 2014 is dead, 2023 is dead too
    The rest, even I can't imagine

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 27 days ago

      @Alexandra Hefnerová Ok let's just say that Thanos's army DID come from this alternate reality like you say (again, I don't believe in the alternate reality/timeline theory. sorry to anyone who does believe in it)
      Then that means that when the Avengers went back in time, they didn't go back in time to their own reality but instead, either one or three OTHER realities, one of which was the Thanos reality that arrived in 2023
      Even still it makes zero sense cause the events of GotG 1 onward would've had to have happened or not at all.
      Look, I'm not a smart man. I'm not in any way a scientist, hell, I never even went to college. but even I can see that the concept of alternate realities can't work no matter WHO spouts them. there can be only one reality and one only
      And as far as the 2023 reality now being the only reality like you said, that STILL doesn't explain Old Steve Rogers appearing at the end of the movie. Is/was he an alternate version of Cap who came to "our" reality like 2014 Thanos did? He'd have to be because the Avengers still remember "young" Cap who was their teammate.
      Where did OUR cap go and where did this elderly Cap come from? If Thanos' reality cease to exist like you suggest then where did he come from and where did young cap go? OUR 1945 or the other one and if it was the other one then how did he appear in our time since he didn't come from the time machine like everyone else did
      By this logic then 2018 Gamora and 2023/2014 Black Widow should've reappeared as well
      Like I said, I'm not in any way, shape or form a scientist and thinking of these things IS hard for me but it seems like I'm the only one who does think of them but i've found things like this, illogical plotholes in most MCU movies and it seems to me that I'm the only one who does see them

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

      @dragonweyr44 You've misunderstood me. I've never said, that what happened in Endgame is alternate reality. Only that younger 2014 Thanos comes from an alternate reality and Tony snapping him out of existence didn't alter the events that the original Thanos caused. Yes, there is now another reality, where Thanos is missing, also Nebula, Gamora, his whole army and basically all that mess you've described is happening there, but it's not the main focus of MCU. It's not, where 2014 Thanos was snapped by Stark.
      Yes, there are basically two "futures" as you call it, but the other one (the bad one) doesn't really matter, because that's not where the Avengers ended up. They returned to their original timeline, the main reality, the one, where Tony Stark dusted 2014 Thanos. The one, where every single event still happened as we've seen previously from Iron Man to Infinity War (and Endgame).

    • dragonweyr44
      dragonweyr44 27 days ago

      @Alexandra Hefnerová Let's say you're right and we're living in an alternate timeline (even though the Ancient One told the Hulk how BAD a result would be) Even in this alternate timeline would be as messed up as I mentioned before in the OP
      EVERYTHING in this alternate timeline, would've been erased from history from the time of GotG 1 onwards due to Thanos' disappearance in 2014. The guardians would've never formed, Drax would still by in the Kyln to this day, Rocket and Groot would've probably sold Quill to the Ravagers who would've taken him alone to Ego and the Expansion would've happened since no Guardians would be there to stop him. Nabtus would still be Ego's slave so neither she or any other Guardian would've fought Thanos on Titan Which by the way wouldn't happen either cause Thanos disappeared 4 years before, the snap wouldn't have happened and therefore there'd be no one to bring back during Endgame. Nebula has been dead for 9 years, as well as Gamora

      And so on and so on Ad Infinitum

      Which is why I don't believe in alternate timelines. If you change the past, you don't get 2 different futures, you just erase everything you did to to make that happen including you doing that thing

      Like I said before, if I went back in time and killed you in the past, you'd be dead in the future so how could I have known and hated you enough to go back in time to kill you?
      It's the same argument as to why you can't kill baby Hitler even though you'd very much want to

      I once saw an episode of an old scifi tv series, I think it was Outer Limits in which someone DID go back in time to kill the baby Hitler and in that episode, Hitler's nany replaced the dead baby with her own baby who grew up to become the Hitler we've come to know and loathe which makes it a predestination paradox as opposed to the grandfather paradox I that I mention above

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

      Thanos created an alternate reality (or was himself from one that was identical to ours), so that reality is missing Thanos and all that stuff he brought with. That means the original events still happened, the main reality remains unaltered. The 2014 Nebula (loyal to Thanos) is dead, was stabbed by her older (original) counterpart, they switched places, but original Nebula was later saved by 2014 Gamora and they caught up with the younger Nebula again.

  • ND7652
    ND7652 Month ago

    The next Logical villain would be .................................................Dr Doom followed by Galactus . But there are three questions that NO ONE as asked 1: What happen at Nova Prime ??? We never saw Thanos get the Power Stone so he must have WRECKED the place . 2 : Where's ..............ADAM WARLOCK ??? In the Comics he actually did get the Gauntlet . 3 : What did Captain America do with Mjolnir ??? In the comics the Hammer has power of TIME TRAVEL and can create dimensional portals and bring that Stormbreaker belong to Beta-Ray Bill and that Mjonir has a connection to ....................DR. Doom , Silver Surfer possibilities ??? I also noticed that Sif ( played by Jamie Alexander ) didn't appear in Thor : Ragnorok , Infinity War or Endgame potential ???

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

      Steve returned Mjölnir, when he went to return the stones, he held the hammer as well.

  • Dead Signal
    Dead Signal Month ago

    Thanos never destroyed the infinity stones he made them he made them unusable by atomizing them they still exist they're just quantum dust.

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

      When you shatter something with a big hammer, reducing it to dust, don't you actually destroy it? The stones can't be used anymore, so they might still exist in the form of atoms, but they are still destroyed for the normal world, as no one can use them anymore, right?

  • Potato Garden
    Potato Garden Month ago

    As the Russo brothers confirmed, the Red Skull was relieved from his duty, so when Steve went to put the stone back, the Red Skull wasn't there.

    • Potato Garden
      Potato Garden 27 days ago

      @Alexandra Hefnerová More theories 😂😂

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago +1

      They also confirmed, that he was there and the meeting was just business, nothing more, nothing less. So what to believe now?

  • MrStrikecentral
    MrStrikecentral Month ago +1

    Sheesh...why do people always treat time and space so selfishly? We don't 'create' alternate timelines or realities. They always existed. The trick about time travel is to not change things in the past so you return to the present you left. But no matter what you do, all of the possible outcomes to every situation do play out in alternate realities. There is no Earth Prime, no center of existence. Thinking that we literally create these alternate realities ourselves is no different than back when people KNEW the Earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around it.

    • MrStrikecentral
      MrStrikecentral 27 days ago +1

      @Alexandra Hefnerová I know. Everybody just says we 'create' alternate timelines like they would have not existed before we made any changes. It's a very ignorant and self-centered way of looking a space/time.

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago +1

      @MrStrikecentral Well we don't create alternate timelines/realities, the changes create them. How else would you explain paradoxes and parallel dimensions, where a certain decision leads to a different outcome? Taking path B instead of path A would lead to you being more successful in your life, basically a slightly or completely different person and stuff like that.

    • MrStrikecentral
      MrStrikecentral 27 days ago +1

      @Alexandra Hefnerová No. What I'm saying is that changing things in the past merely changes your destination when you return. All possible outcomes of every decision happen in alternate timelines and realities. I'm merely contesting the notion that we 'create' timelines and the like.

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago +1

      So you're basically saying there is nothing like action and reaction, consequences and stuff like that? Mess with your past and you're still good, because the other reality will suffer your consequences instead of you? Is that it?

      I treat Endgame time travel as a trip to another already existing (and so far identical) reality, where every change will take consequences, but because they are there physically, they affect that reality and after they return to their own time, they are back in the original reality, the prime, where things were going as they originaly were. It's similar, to what you wrote, but it still involves direct consequences (only for that particular reality they were physically in, not like they do something and it magically jumps to another reality, that's what I've got from your explanation, sorry if misundestood).

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd Month ago

    4:14 ""excuse me miss foster you don't know me but"" [Cap suddenly points behind jane] ""what is that?!"" [while her back is turned cap jabs her with the massive needle and starts to run away] ""sorry miss Foster just trust me when i say that it had to be done""

    • Alexandra Hefnerová
      Alexandra Hefnerová 27 days ago

      That's totally Steve. XD
      Well I think the best explanation is, somehow put her to sleep, then return the Aether into her and quickly leave the scene.

  • Dagu Mann
    Dagu Mann Month ago

    They can actually do the storyline where the three members of the Infinity Watch, Adam Warlock, Gamora and Puck lived peacefully inside the Soul Gem until a threat arises where Adam Warlock transfers their souls into recently decease humans to combat the threat. Since that was part of the original comic book Infinity Gauntlet story arc, the MCU could probably change it to the Infinity Cubes or the Magus as the threat.

  • Max F.
    Max F. Month ago

    I have a theory
    Loki has the space stone, yes?
    So that means he. Is. In..... space.