Emilia Clarke Accepts Award for British Artist of the Year | Britannia Awards 2018

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • Emilia Clarke Accepts Award for British Artist of the Year | Britannia Awards 2018
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  • Mia Thala
    Mia Thala 3 days ago

    4:00 🤣🍅

  • Matilda Nel Bosco
    Matilda Nel Bosco 4 days ago


  • Uchechi Chinemerem
    Uchechi Chinemerem 10 days ago

    She's good doesn't change the fact that the whole world saw your nakedness...

  • Ballena Mark
    Ballena Mark 11 days ago

    I love her shes a fuckin bitch queen

  • Lautaro Canto
    Lautaro Canto 12 days ago

    I love you so much Emilia, the best actress and very good person

  • Jarrell Tat
    Jarrell Tat 13 days ago

    Absolutely LOVE HER!

  • aang monk
    aang monk 15 days ago

    She's Sunshine n Moon of my life just a great lady with loving heart and the Smile 💞💞😍

  • kitty
    kitty 15 days ago

    omg i love this woman so fricken much

  • Ron Dumontier
    Ron Dumontier 17 days ago +1

    Dany is my Queen from this day--- plus I fell in love with her.
    You well deserve this throne and crown Emilia

  • Toni Moon
    Toni Moon 20 days ago


  • Ali butt
    Ali butt 20 days ago

    I am crazy of Emilia smile she is really really joyful and loveable heart......

  • rezwana vin
    rezwana vin 20 days ago +1

    Emilia was sooo good I fell in love with her. Her real personality is so different but so adorable

  • G K
    G K 21 day ago

    Imagine being in a room full of people where everyone is praising you & admiring you for your work. I wanna be in a room like that.

  • Jean Charles
    Jean Charles 24 days ago

    Todos os atores de Game of merecem todos os troféis do mais importante ao zumbis Parabéns a todos Charles Brasil e também aos diretores

  • Clever Banana
    Clever Banana 24 days ago

    She is so adorable!

  • Simon W
    Simon W 26 days ago

    10:18 Yea that's why you flushed it down the toilet like yesterdays dinner. I love Emilia Clark she is so talented and charismatic. These two hacks however …. well you can use your imagination.

  • chinniwonkenobi
    chinniwonkenobi 27 days ago

    She should have been captain marvel

  • Mia Thala
    Mia Thala 28 days ago

    Tomato 🍅😂

  • ddmsouto
    ddmsouto 28 days ago +1

    And you D.D, fuck Daenerys history! Daenerys is the real Queen!

  • dakota diesel
    dakota diesel 28 days ago

    Dumb and dumber

  • Alice Zecevich
    Alice Zecevich 28 days ago

    From Snow White to the queen of the dragons, from all of us fans we love & congratulate you wining this award but not only that to the most beautiful caring person we have ever known!

  • Lefty Lefty
    Lefty Lefty 28 days ago


  • Eric Burton
    Eric Burton 29 days ago

    I bent the knee the third season

  • Yan Robattini
    Yan Robattini Month ago +1

    D&D = Cherno & Byl

  • Trumpets Harps
    Trumpets Harps Month ago

    Brittania's True Queen. Step aside Lizzie.

  • J Da
    J Da Month ago

    Imagine being a grown, very rich man and wearing those glasses in public. Unacceptable.

  • ELLIE Hannan
    ELLIE Hannan Month ago +1

    Emilia Clarke you are a legend and we all know it. Absolutely my favourite actress ever and I've never ever had one before that's how good you are you're an inspiration please keep doing what you're doing and stay healthy 🙏❤️😇

  • samela clips
    samela clips Month ago

    Alguém poderia traduzir para o português?

  • Donna D
    Donna D Month ago

    Daenerys is one of the greatest characters ever created onscreen, by Emilia Clarke.

    AB LEGO Month ago +1

    Sophie Turner-..then like a PHEONIX she rises out of the ashes

  • LoisLane18
    LoisLane18 Month ago

    What a great tribute to Emilia Clarke. She is a great actress, very sensible and intelligent lady with genuine and charismatic personality. She really commands attention when she speaks and you can't be bored when you listen to her. Love her.

  • revelink nation
    revelink nation Month ago +1

    Many people loved game of thrones, especially daenerys. No wonder why there was an outrage during season 8.

  • scara monga
    scara monga Month ago

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful girl, well done!, and never give up that awesome smile Emilia, it lights up the world, it does. x

  • Randon Lambert
    Randon Lambert Month ago

    I really hope she wins the Emmy

  • F L
    F L Month ago

    6:14 ,saved you from listening to two clueless morons

  • Bank Bank
    Bank Bank Month ago

    Congrats love you Emilia Clarke

  • Mooney//Magic
    Mooney//Magic Month ago +1

    "Rightful queen of the seven kingdoms" UM YOU HAD THE CHOICE TO MAKE HER THAT DAMMIT.

  • Dawn Christensen
    Dawn Christensen Month ago

    Mother of Dragons.

  • Amir Boudissa
    Amir Boudissa Month ago

    460 Dislike to all that beauty and Success WTF ..

  • Konrad Feuer
    Konrad Feuer Month ago

    am I the only one who would cum into Emilia's nose?

  • J Madden
    J Madden Month ago

    She has so much charisma.

  • Hofa Nour
    Hofa Nour Month ago

    I love how even though she's given this incredible honor and it's her moment and everything she still doesn't make it about herself and put the light into hair and makeup and stuff people normally don't think about like she's literally the most genuine humble person ever

  • Pedro Arroyo
    Pedro Arroyo Month ago

    Love this woman😍😍😍

  • Nel Skowronek
    Nel Skowronek Month ago

    they shouldve given her the crown, not the award

  • C.S.Allen
    C.S.Allen 2 months ago +1

    Jim Carey? She mentioned him of all people?

  • Victoria Oh
    Victoria Oh 2 months ago

    Has Lena won an award? She needs one

  • Akhil Das
    Akhil Das 2 months ago

    Emilya clark 😍😍😍gorgeus

  • P .A vlog's
    P .A vlog's 2 months ago

    My favourite female character from game of thrones

  • Dragon Crusher
    Dragon Crusher 2 months ago

    And Then the promptly fucked her character up

  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY 2 months ago

    why is she so cute i've never seen a more genuine smile

  • Achille Talon
    Achille Talon 2 months ago

    She pretty but long haire is better on her in my view :)
    Congratulations eMILIA

  • Shahrzad Blaul
    Shahrzad Blaul 2 months ago

    All of them so good, I just wish if there is no nude! Cuz I like my kids ( teenage boys) to watch it. I even try to forwards some time I just felt it’s to much nude there. I like the story and all the actor, Arya and the hound are my favorite too. All did so good.

  • hamaili anis
    hamaili anis 2 months ago

    Her entire name are longer than her titles as Daenerys

  • Edwin Black
    Edwin Black 2 months ago

    Damn, did anyone else find D&Ds remark of how "Britannia" is pronounced way rude??

  • hijelhlu yorok
    hijelhlu yorok 2 months ago

    Emilia is the most beautiful woman ever.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 2 months ago +2

    D&D season 8: we're gonna screw her over....

  • Thomas Harper
    Thomas Harper 2 months ago

    What an amazing and refreshing example of pure grace.

  • Davide [D]
    Davide [D] 2 months ago +1

    wtf, when Emilia smiles all of my facial muscles start to harden

  • PCN Reiss
    PCN Reiss 2 months ago

    Game of Thrones is sooo perfectly cast and well played and its sooo believable👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    I love every character😘😘😄