Hotel Serves 6 MONTH OLD FROZEN Rotisserie Chicken | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
  • At least she's admitting to it.
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Comments • 8 164

    AFGSANFORD2 54 minutes ago

    No wonder that woman who looks like a witch has diarrhea on the floor

  • Thicc Arab
    Thicc Arab 3 hours ago

    I would just tear the whole place down with a crane and shit

  • Polash Quadhi
    Polash Quadhi 3 hours ago

    Did you really shut down their kitchen?

  • sAMVx
    sAMVx 3 hours ago

    which season and episode is this

  • XBlu501
    XBlu501 3 hours ago

    Y she look like a Disney witch

  • Afannia
    Afannia 5 hours ago

    I mean.... if they are serving the chicken it wouldnt still b there

  • cessactdm
    cessactdm 6 hours ago

    I feel like this bitch would pull a Jonestown 2.0, I mean look at her!

  • jobo tyranosaur
    jobo tyranosaur 7 hours ago +1

    cmon gordon ramsey its just dry aged

  • Olivertimmy
    Olivertimmy 8 hours ago

    thats because her name is karen

  • Sam Zamudio
    Sam Zamudio 9 hours ago

    Gotta love Chef Ramsay

  • Kayla Thomas
    Kayla Thomas 9 hours ago

    That very disgusting!! 🤢 Ik all those workers embarrassd😂

  • Nick Jackelson
    Nick Jackelson 9 hours ago


  • fplash
    fplash 10 hours ago

    I'm surprised that chicken doesn't have old viruses on it lmao

    MHC VLOGS 11 hours ago

    That thing is looking like an alien

  • oko
    oko 11 hours ago

    gordon's so pissed he not even yelling...

  • ChilyFN
    ChilyFN 12 hours ago

    the chicken looks like a yum yum

  • Alfnir Bjornson
    Alfnir Bjornson 12 hours ago

    What a fucking disgusting woman

    ULKIORA SEPHIR 13 hours ago

    The owner looks like the one in the OCD people cleaning hoarder houses or is it just me?

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar 14 hours ago

    I don't go in restaurant in whole life suddenly I was go in restaurant in Luxembourg but there's food is delicious

  • AverageIndianGuy
    AverageIndianGuy 14 hours ago

    Anyone who knows the season and ep numbeR?

  • Omq_its Wed-nes-day
    Omq_its Wed-nes-day 14 hours ago +1

    D I s C u S t I n G

  • Alex
    Alex 14 hours ago

    She's about to poison that chicken like she poisoned the apple for snow white

  • Red Dean
    Red Dean 15 hours ago

    Gage you absolute mad lad

    ILLYCUP 15 hours ago

    This is serieus shit!! The owner must shame Herself

  • S. K. J.
    S. K. J. 17 hours ago

    The owner looks like a witch

  • Hope 22
    Hope 22 17 hours ago

    I cant even look at her.😷😷 especially knowing she shits on the dam floor amd makes those poor employees clean it up. Disgusting

  • thubb6
    thubb6 18 hours ago

    Bro.. look at the hotel.. I’m mean damn..

  • Biju Nasqurel
    Biju Nasqurel 18 hours ago

    So u destroyed a hotel by a chicken

  • saeed fard
    saeed fard 20 hours ago

    I don’t believe this , is it real ?

  • pigatroaz gaming
    pigatroaz gaming 21 hour ago

    what episode is this?

  • suzanx
    suzanx 21 hour ago

    So scripted lol.

  • Jakob Flores
    Jakob Flores 21 hour ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a frozen head of a deformed lion.

  • ashleigh loh
    ashleigh loh 23 hours ago

    She does having a witch look.. so I guess it’s fair enough thou what she’s going to serve the guests.. you see, witches don’t always eat ordinary human foods right.. ☠️🤢

  • lily jo
    lily jo 23 hours ago

    She's the witch from brave

  • Jack Benton
    Jack Benton 23 hours ago +7

    This is the episode in which one of the employees outed the owner on national TV, totally unprompted and out of the blue, by telling Gordon that one time she blasted explosive diarrhea all over the floors of one of the hotel rooms. She claimed that that was the reason the room smelled bad LMFAO! That was probably the most cold-blooded moment in TV history.

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 23 hours ago

    The owner looks like she smells like cat piss....

  • Dammit Greg!
    Dammit Greg! Day ago

    wow.. just wow

  • SNKRhead Games
    SNKRhead Games Day ago

    I mean anything you freeze will last...

  • Digitial Craft
    Digitial Craft Day ago

    I've got mad respect for the kid with glasses

  • BabiesLUV Nursery

    Let's put the food in the freezer right next to the garbage. That sounds reasonable right? A whole frozen chicken? WTH? I'm not great at cooking a lot of things. I can make them a chicken marsala that would make them coming back for more. My other channel is KARENsLIFE_7x7 I do all my cooking and baking on that channel. P.S Also to have your hair not pulled back into a hair tie grosses me out. Hair with your frozen chicken anyone?

  • Angry Grim
    Angry Grim Day ago

    Holy shit that's nasty!!!

  • Dominic O'Sullivan
    Dominic O'Sullivan Day ago +1

    Would love me some witch puss :P

  • My Barrio 305
    My Barrio 305 Day ago

    Filthy old whore should be shot.

  • Sir Waffle_Lot
    Sir Waffle_Lot Day ago

    Ofc the owner's name is karen 🤦‍♂️

  • Eddie Ljw
    Eddie Ljw Day ago

    Wait....Isn’t that young man from another video with shit on carpet in the hotel? Is that from the same episode or it’s just a setup??

  • Andrew Almada
    Andrew Almada Day ago

    It was satisfying how he embarrassed that woman in front of all the costumers with proof of the food. Being the owner of the restaurant.

  • D G
    D G Day ago

    Can anyone say salmonella!?

  • Koniko!
    Koniko! Day ago

    Gordern Ramsey is like the teacher that always screams at you and you almost start crying

  • One Metal Boi
    One Metal Boi Day ago

    Shut it 𝑫𝑶𝑾𝑵

  • Nimbly
    Nimbly Day ago +1

    To be fair those Michael Angelo frozen Italian dinners are pretty good.

  • ffsCrow
    ffsCrow Day ago

    "At least she's admitting to it." lol


    Owner looks like meth addict.

  • Ezee Flores
    Ezee Flores Day ago

    That's just nasty

  • Michael vidäl
    Michael vidäl Day ago

    When I first saw the thumb nail I thought that was a lion head 🤪 tf

  • acheron16
    acheron16 Day ago

    Does the US of A even HAVE Food and Safety inspections?

    • Nick6356
      Nick6356 Day ago

      Yeah, they're actually incredibly strict and thorough. They SHOULD do annual inspections and stuff like that. It mostly just feels like they do it at random, but if you get an inspector at your door you better have everything in order

  • Krustyazz 555
    Krustyazz 555 Day ago

    yooo wtf she looks like she is a high level mage or some shit wtf is she gunna do brew some potions or some shit Jezzes

  • Black Girl Magic

    I wouldn’t even eat at that restaurant

  • Peachyjoonie
    Peachyjoonie Day ago

    2:25 OMG is she the witch from Snow White?

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann Day ago +1

    *The Witch probably cooks her shit in a cauldron*

  • Saad Kamran
    Saad Kamran Day ago

    What were the people expecting when they came into a place like this. It looks like a run down home converted into a restaurant