Film Theory: The Secret Ingredient of SpongeBob's Krabby Patty! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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    Spongebob Squarepants was a childhood favorite of many. It's an underwater adventure with great songs and memorable characters. Even more memorable is the big mystery at the heart of Spongebob's job at the Krusty Krab. You guessed it Theorists, today we are uncovering the SECRET INGREDIENT of the Krabby Patty recipe! Hold on to your Squarepants, this is NOT what you expected!
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    Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Marc Schneider and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 25 176

  • Mimikyu Dragon
    Mimikyu Dragon Hour ago

    mc donalds being reliability? Ha dont make me laugh, they never get my order correct and their food always taste like leftovers from the previous day like crumbly old hamburgers (happened 3 times) stale fries (happened 2 times)

  • Owl Eats bread
    Owl Eats bread 2 hours ago

    The formula is sacred but I won't treat it sacred.God: You sure about that?😡

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins 2 hours ago

    Its love

  • Catstarplaz youtube
    Catstarplaz youtube 3 hours ago

    The secret sauce is ketchup

  • Carlos Johnstone
    Carlos Johnstone 4 hours ago

    "McDonalds brand is reliability."
    As a McDonalds employee can i just ask:
    Does a half cooked chicken nugget, flies with hair, and a bitten off of chicken tender sound reliable to you?

  • zyra malinao
    zyra malinao 8 hours ago

    Did you now sponge bob is actually a mutant sponge
    Because bikini bottom is actually bikini atoll

  • Sean Jayden Mabuti
    Sean Jayden Mabuti 11 hours ago

    The secret formula is cow

  • Ryan Carberry
    Ryan Carberry 12 hours ago

    Problem with this.
    Plankton and Mr Krabs actually made the formula together, so there is in fact a secret to the Krabby Patty. The entire reason that Plankton's place is called the 'Chum Bucket' is because he got a part of the recipe.

  • Wolfie 009
    Wolfie 009 14 hours ago +1

    The Secret Ingredient Is Probably Love :3
    *Srry I’m Very Cheesy*

  • Preston K. Productions
    Preston K. Productions 17 hours ago

    1) The stuff written on the recipe was probably just a way to hide it from the audience. Have you ever seen a newspaper in a cartoon covered in squiggles? It's not as if those squiggles are actually there or anything.
    2) Squidward hated the Krabby Patty and had a pessimistic view of the product. By that logic, his psychological state put him at a disposition to dislike the Krabby Patty, and its taste seemed to overwhelm that.
    3) Continuity is a point of contention in the Spongebob fanbase. The variance in how the burger is put together may be from changes in continuity, or just plain animation errors.
    4) The Krabby Patty secret formula or recipe exists to be mysterious. In some media, you can find items or whatnot that are meant to be unknowable (in spite of also being a symbol of good). Thus, while a formula probably does exist, the show has always been specifically designed so that speculation is futile (hence continuity changes).

  • TGT AG_gamer
    TGT AG_gamer 17 hours ago

    Chief Ramsey wants to know your location.

  • ROBLOX Comments
    ROBLOX Comments 20 hours ago

    No way it's cocaine. It's too expensive and Mr krabs would run out of business quickly

  • Joshua Mumma
    Joshua Mumma 22 hours ago

    If there is no secret formula, then how could plankton see the recipe in the MOVIE?

  • iceywolf1
    iceywolf1 Day ago

    Except in the episode where Krabs and Plankton had their childhoods revealed you clearly see Krabs stumbling upon the secret recipes

  • Fresh Prings
    Fresh Prings Day ago

    *Everyone gangsta until you find out Spongebob's urine is the secret ingredient*

  • Steve M
    Steve M Day ago

    kaka wants to know your location or ill *N A N I Y O U*

  • shazami azman
    shazami azman Day ago

    The secret engridient is nothing i mean we just saw the first season Epsode 1 he makes the krabby patty withour the secret formula he starts the creator almost showed us the rescipe an i saw like chemicals

  • F.E.A.R ;]]
    F.E.A.R ;]] Day ago

    He is just using crab meat
    Lol think about it

  • Mr Prae
    Mr Prae Day ago

    We all know the secret formula is *Crab Meat*

  • Jasper R-D
    Jasper R-D Day ago +2

    It's called a krabby patty for a reason, Mr Krabs home brewed "special spices"

  • Preston Crosby
    Preston Crosby Day ago +3

    If there is no formula than try explaining what all the trouble was in sponge out of water
    I mean a pirate took the formula up to the surface and used it to make Krabby Patties
    If there was no secret formula than how did he do that MATPAT

  • Noni Williams
    Noni Williams Day ago

    Open your eyes people there is KELP soda and a KRABBY patty the secret formula is crab and the krusty crab is s crab trap

  • Gcq 201708
    Gcq 201708 Day ago +1

    The skillshare is a chain of these videos so they make u rent it more and more and more.

  • Jardeson Gonçalves Nascimento

    8:00 right when this appeared my dad laughed like an villain playing with my cat

    KING AJ 2 days ago +1

    Just like the dragon scroll in kung-fu panda

  • Super Cooper Star
    Super Cooper Star 2 days ago

    They frogot 1 ingredient. CHUM!

  • Super Cooper Star
    Super Cooper Star 2 days ago

    6:30 Jail

  • Coolnub 124
    Coolnub 124 2 days ago

    Nah bro this is not real the krabby patty recipe is real because in the spongebob movie sponge out of water why would mr krabs and everyone go looking for the formula???? Case closed

  • Kessler Fox
    Kessler Fox 2 days ago

    Plankton : everything I know is a lie !

  • PersonMon
    PersonMon 3 days ago +7

    Plankton did get the recipe in the movie and started making patties.

  • Generic Clips Channel
    Generic Clips Channel 3 days ago +7

    Coca Cola also uses the "Secret formula" Marketing

  • Back2BackSisters
    Back2BackSisters 3 days ago

    The secret ingredient is crab meat think about it, we never see any other crabs in spongebob and the crusty crab is the shape of a crab trap.

  • Chunky_wrench
    Chunky_wrench 3 days ago

    There is a third possibility it could be a different language similar to english

  • matei balatescu
    matei balatescu 3 days ago

    well the secret ingredient is spongebob s love because spongebob makes apsolutely delicious burgers because he cares and has passion while squidward s burgers taste awfull

  • Waluigi IsBae
    Waluigi IsBae 3 days ago

    The second spongebob movie shows the villain selling his own krabby patties after stealing the formula, he is able to read it and replicate it. Sorry, theory busted

  • maggie
    maggie 3 days ago +1

    suddenly i feel played

  • wolfer 072
    wolfer 072 3 days ago


  • zachary chaber
    zachary chaber 4 days ago

    The season three burger was missing pickles not onions, it clearly showed onions on it

  • Jim Clanton
    Jim Clanton 4 days ago

    # prodigy

  • Flanos
    Flanos 4 days ago

    The secret ingredient is just business. That's pretty sad.

  • Dekkoo
    Dekkoo 4 days ago

    The secret formula is chum it’s chum it’s been starring at as all along

  • lolly copy
    lolly copy 4 days ago

    i think everything she sad is wrong because how can spongebob say its the secret FORMULA when SPONGEBOB is the CHEF

  • Twitch Graal
    Twitch Graal 4 days ago

    Krabby Patty secret formula is a heaping tabble spoon of nothing.

  • Veixx Black
    Veixx Black 4 days ago

    Firmly grasp it

  • Truth3z Y
    Truth3z Y 4 days ago

    I’m only 16

  • that guy
    that guy 4 days ago

    it seems that i'm the only one who don't like sponebob

  • Jarrett Blattner
    Jarrett Blattner 4 days ago

    Wow that's so wrong that's not the formal because sqidward said it's under his matris

  • Isaac Cadieux
    Isaac Cadieux 4 days ago

    Mr.krabs : spongebob where's is the lamb sauce

  • Some random THOT on the internet

  • bix nation
    bix nation 4 days ago

    Disagree, in Spongebob Movie Plankton manage to steal the formula and he successfully replicate the krabby patty even turn the costumer and the city people into slaves

    So yeah, there is a secret formula

  • asfkcnguw SEMPAI
    asfkcnguw SEMPAI 4 days ago +4

    The secret ingredient is Love
    IS LOVE!!!

  • Daniel Wolfgang
    Daniel Wolfgang 5 days ago

    Cocain addicted fish, everyone who watched King of the Hill will remember that.

  • Marcos Guixens
    Marcos Guixens 5 days ago

    It’s krab

  • Axle Sisnorio
    Axle Sisnorio 5 days ago

    I have the fomula its true

  • Robert Laws
    Robert Laws 5 days ago

    Plankton: mmmmmm yessssssssss

  • mystic sparkes
    mystic sparkes 5 days ago

    what if the formula had crab meat it is called the krabby patty

  • Tt. Confusion
    Tt. Confusion 5 days ago

    Is the ingredient krab ? No wonder Mr.krab tries to hide the formula LMAO HE IS THE FORMULA he afraid if people ever find out about the formula they will want to cook him

  • Virgil Sanders
    Virgil Sanders 5 days ago +1

    _I didn’t need my childhood. Thanks MatPat!_

  • Taurus Crankfield
    Taurus Crankfield 5 days ago

    Have you seen the krusty crab it's a crab trap Mr crabs and his mom are the only crabs

  • Daniel Savin
    Daniel Savin 5 days ago


  • Finn Andrews
    Finn Andrews 5 days ago +1

    It's crab cuz in the show in one of the episodes he tries a Krabby Patty and says oh that's what I taste like

  • MCG 2020
    MCG 2020 5 days ago

    I think I know the real secret formula has to be SpongeBob he's the one who always creates the burger mr. Krabs is just his boss or it is SpongeBob boss you do not know yet because only SpongeBob makes the burger so there is no secret formula SpongeBob is the secret formula

  • MCG 2020
    MCG 2020 5 days ago

    They have different recipes for different burgers it's not the same Burger 24/7 different burgers for different tastes so probably different Burger 3:20

  • Nikky Ull
    Nikky Ull 5 days ago

    Thanks for the stupid click bait

  • Nikky Ull
    Nikky Ull 5 days ago

    The words are codes

  • XxCoolCat27xX
    XxCoolCat27xX 5 days ago

    Wasnt there an episode where spongebob ran out of patties and Krabs said they needed to make some more? Like WITH spongebob present?

  • Big fan X
    Big fan X 5 days ago

    X have it 😂

  • Izabelle Jones
    Izabelle Jones 5 days ago

    There is something that has bothered me since I was a little kid. What if the things that spongebob characters say like "oh barnacles " or "holy shrimp " what if in bikini bottom those are curse words 🤔

  • Tamespeedy 21
    Tamespeedy 21 5 days ago

    This is a (surprisingly) nice theorie

  • John :o
    John :o 6 days ago +1

    Explain the spongebob movie 2 where they lost the recipe and the town went into ruins.

  • incog nitor
    incog nitor 6 days ago

    Matpat uses mr krabs technique that his gonna reveal the secret ingredient in this video

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 6 days ago

    Krabby patty don’t u think there are crabs in it🤔🤨

  • Beth Buslon
    Beth Buslon 6 days ago

    Its a cartoon its just magic.

  • The Shadow Flareon 15

    Mr.krabs “hello I like money”