We Lost 90 Pounds With A Celebrity Fitness Trainer


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  • ishmael stanley
    ishmael stanley Hour ago

    Damn 5 pounds in 2 days that sucks

  • AnimeEmojiAndEmo Lover

    I am 10 and I have 32 pounds, is it ok? Am I normal? Should I work out more?
    I don't need freaking likes but thanks..
    U need to comment u jerk 😒

  • AnimeEmojiAndEmo Lover

    90?!! 2 months?!!! Wow...

  • malrese1
    malrese1 9 hours ago +1

    @2:55 mmmmmmmm dem cakes

  • Gratitude Ranch
    Gratitude Ranch 21 hour ago

    Eeeeew who has sex with hundreds of people? Gross!
    Glad they’re all trying to be healthier though! That’s fantastic! Good job you guys!

  • hefestos002
    hefestos002 Day ago

    And remember kids:
    Broche de oro = Very strong.

  • Mona A
    Mona A Day ago

    A parte de ejercicio , dos palabras ayuno intermitente .....💪 maaaagic

  • MarianaGacha San

    One like= 1 day of working out
    Age: 12
    Weight: 146 or 148
    Height: 5,1

  • stephanie gonzalez
    stephanie gonzalez 2 days ago

    Thats so crazy to me cuz like me personally and my fitness journey I started it all by myself and going to the gym by myself not for any specific reason my friends just aren’t into working out so the idea of working out w/ someone or friends is whats weird to me IDK lol

  • Cintia Marques
    Cintia Marques 3 days ago

    Melissa é brasileira?

  • Airton C
    Airton C 3 days ago

    Go for it Maya!!!

  • Kaitlyn Chumbley
    Kaitlyn Chumbley 3 days ago +1

    who else thought this was BuzzFeed lol

  • Bailee Siera
    Bailee Siera 3 days ago

    am i the only one who got spanish ads

  • Lily Muñiz
    Lily Muñiz 3 days ago

    So inspired😀

  • AnaNeville
    AnaNeville 3 days ago

    2019 anybody?

  • Kpop_ Fan
    Kpop_ Fan 4 days ago +3

    1 like = 1 day of working out
    Age: 13
    Weight: 139
    Height: 5’2

  • Sarah Monique
    Sarah Monique 4 days ago

    Bendito, when maya cried. I felt her pain. We sometimes get so consumed with losing weight we often times fail to be kind to ourselves. You're going to make mistakes and I think what's awesome is you recognized it, but didn't stay in your mistake. You got up and bounced back. This was awesome you all did a great job.

  • johhny cash
    johhny cash 4 days ago

    Julissa is my favorite and she needs her own yt channel and quit buzzfeed she has so much to offer

  • johhny cash
    johhny cash 4 days ago

    Hundreds of sexual partners Im-....... no thanks 💀💀💀

  • descobar
    descobar 4 days ago

    I want to meet and let Melissa train me.... I’m 12

  • Island Diamond
    Island Diamond 4 days ago


  • Angelica Villegas
    Angelica Villegas 5 days ago

    I love how they're all wearing gymshark at the end

  • Cringji Channel
    Cringji Channel 5 days ago

    1 Like = 1 Day work out

    Please help me, Im taking this seriously, Ill check back tomorrow.

  • Don't Trust Me ._.
    Don't Trust Me ._. 5 days ago

    "I've had hundreds of sexual partners...." Umm sis you should check for STDs

  • Mia Baybayan
    Mia Baybayan 5 days ago

    Melissa is on the Titan Games this week!


    Wow they went from human to none looking human

  • No me puedo
    No me puedo 5 days ago

    If i lost 90 pounds I'd weigh 15 pounds

  • joanna
    joanna 6 days ago

    "hundreds of sexual partners" 🤢🤢🤢

  • Calli Thompson
    Calli Thompson 6 days ago

    Lmao, Im 13, almost 14, I’m 5’2 and weigh 167......

  • Veronika Szadowiak
    Veronika Szadowiak 6 days ago

    Can someone tell me if it’s possible to do these kind of workouts with knee pain? I’m only 21 but my knees seem to hold me back from a lot of exercise I want to do :(

  • Janina Dillow
    Janina Dillow 7 days ago +4

    1 like = 1 day of working out
    I need motivation and I need somebody to help. I'm actually gonna do it I swear!

  • Manzaa183
    Manzaa183 7 days ago

    Hundreds of sexual partners ? Bitch, you a hoe.

  • Audrey Boo
    Audrey Boo 7 days ago

    Did they work out every day for two months?

  • SkinnyBoy68 !!!
    SkinnyBoy68 !!! 7 days ago

    3:37 Wow she thiccccc

  • comeral friends
    comeral friends 7 days ago

    I’m 14 and 99 pounds, It doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with my body i feel like I’m flat as paper. But whenever i trie to workout i always end up beign lazy and putting it on another day XD

  • Life Of Manhiem
    Life Of Manhiem 7 days ago +1

    The black lady sounds like Cardi B

  • Mallory’s Vlogs
    Mallory’s Vlogs 7 days ago

    lmao i like to think im working out

  • avaphynx
    avaphynx 7 days ago

    I love working out, my depression makes it very difficult to keep it up for a longer period of time.

  • GetWrek
    GetWrek 8 days ago +1

    Cute 😂

  • Floo Wing
    Floo Wing 8 days ago

    ......Sponsored by gym shark

  • Easily Eshna
    Easily Eshna 9 days ago

    i’m at 100 pounds rn and i’m trying to get down to 95- this gave me motivation
    also she sounds sooo much like cardi b it’s unreal😂

  • Andrew Wagner
    Andrew Wagner 9 days ago

    what the dudes mom said to him about "not eating" and "looking too skinny" is one of the biggest problems out there. Especially when the guy is still like 50 plus pounds overweight. People are just so ignorant to the fact of what a healthy individual should look like.

  • Cutesy Crafts
    Cutesy Crafts 9 days ago +1

    Hi I’m 12 and I weight 120 pounds so I’m hoping to get down to 90 pounds the healthy weight for my age by the end of 2019
    It’s probably impossible but I really wanna get healthy...any tips?

    • Cutesy Crafts
      Cutesy Crafts 6 days ago

      Joseph Caro pretty short so that’s why it’s even more of a problem lol

    • Joseph Caro
      Joseph Caro 7 days ago

      Cutesy Crafts how tall are you

    • x x
      x x 9 days ago

      Cutesy Crafts be determined to actually do it and don’t get lazy if u set your mind to do it you will do it no matter what

  • Cher Moore
    Cher Moore 9 days ago

    carter ace- i think i'm normal this songs catchy give it a chance yall 😄

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 9 days ago

    *We lost 90 pounds*

    Uhhhh the most one of you lost was 30 shut up lmao

  • ZMP 23
    ZMP 23 10 days ago

    julissa is the only one who actually cares

  • iLikehamburger And sprite

    Curly really said he had 100’s of sexual partners 😮😮 goddamn

  • Mimi Brocco
    Mimi Brocco 11 days ago

    I'm 5'6 and 135 pounds.
    I feel so gross😂.

    • Keya
      Keya 6 days ago

      Mimi Brocco Why? That’s average weight for your height

  • Serina Penrod
    Serina Penrod 11 days ago

    Mel is going to be on Titan Games everyone! Tune and support her!

  • Suprxme X mb
    Suprxme X mb 11 days ago +2

    You ate a cookie calm tf down

  • Erika Pellizzaroli
    Erika Pellizzaroli 11 days ago

    Ok, last year i decided to get my shit together eat healthy and get fit. I go to the gym 4 times a week and the hardest thing about eating healthy is that u cant just cut out everything straight away cus ur gonna go nuts thats y cheat days r invented.
    But i love working out its a great feeling at the end of the day.

  • claire
    claire 12 days ago +1

    1 like is one day for motivation


  • Hemlata Bisnauthsing
    Hemlata Bisnauthsing 12 days ago

    what is the workout and diet plan they are following?

  • Rebecca Stol
    Rebecca Stol 12 days ago

    she's repping a nikki blaketter fit i love it and both of them

  • Anna Aridi
    Anna Aridi 12 days ago

    1 like = 1 day of working out and healthy dieting
    I really let myself go after my concussion...

  • exohun94
    exohun94 13 days ago

    One like, one day of working out, help me please.

  • lσνє уσυяѕєlf

    Curly did drugs?? 😵

  • Andee Woodard
    Andee Woodard 14 days ago

    Melissa is so pretty

  • Andrea Tokman
    Andrea Tokman 14 days ago

    Anybody 2019 can't believe I'm saying this

  • Lil YouTube
    Lil YouTube 14 days ago

    Meh lih suh

  • Macaylah Hernandez
    Macaylah Hernandez 14 days ago

    I’m 15 years old, 5’3, and weigh 194 pounds. I feel disgusted with my own self. And I want to be able to feel like I can be comfortable. I constantly hide behind baggy clothes and a set of headphones. I want to be able to be myself. And not feel embarrassed of my body. I needed this. Thank you, Pero like. My goal for 2019, be healthy and happy.

  • Maia Guariglia Duffy
    Maia Guariglia Duffy 14 days ago

    ok but norb’s negativity videos are me

  • Randi Thompson
    Randi Thompson 14 days ago

    I friggin LUH Julissa❤❤❤!!!

  • Anonymous Me
    Anonymous Me 14 days ago +1

    13:48 those cuts 😍🖤💕🐶

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 14 days ago

    sponsored by gymshark right lol

  • Perfect Flaw
    Perfect Flaw 15 days ago

    I'm twelve and I eat pretty unhealthy, but I still don't weigh a lot. I want to become more healthy, but I'm scared I'm going to become really underweight if I do.

  • H Y
    H Y 15 days ago +2

    annnd now curly has his shirtless photo as his profile picture on instagram!!!!!! so happy for you!!

  • spread love
    spread love 15 days ago +1

    Ok dont judge me but I'm actually pretty skinny and I really do need to start working out more bc yeah im skinny BUT MAN AM I HELLA WEAK!!! Time to gain some muscle💪

  • Jk K
    Jk K 16 days ago

    1 like= I day of workout
    I’m gonna do it

  • Will Vincent
    Will Vincent 16 days ago

    I thought this was a buzz feed video

  • Sydney James
    Sydney James 16 days ago

    I'm 13 and 200 something pounds and I could really use some motivation, I do have a weight disability, and I blamed my disability for me gaining weight. I do eat bad, and I don't work out, so if you really have any motivation, cuz I need a lot of it, please let me know. I would appreciate it a lot.

  • Alina H
    Alina H 17 days ago

    The Personal trainer should learn what a bra is, and when she does she should use them.

  • Erin Esparza
    Erin Esparza 17 days ago

    Can she be my personal trainer geeeez

  • Tanae Troupe
    Tanae Troupe 18 days ago

    my favorite trainer 😍

  • Madison OLeary
    Madison OLeary 18 days ago

    So close to 1 million

  • Madison Mcallister
    Madison Mcallister 19 days ago

    15:28 ???? Arbor cutout photoshops mean I believe you can use that much but look at the skin color look out her compared to him the trainer in the actual video the skin colors different face is different I mean I think it might be possible but if you look at that picture I mean I know you can like on suntan or him go Tanning on a tanning bed but it just doesn’t look real but I mean there’s gave me a lot of confidence am I going to start trying I’ve been drinking a gallon of water a day and working out and out feeling so much better than I was already and I’m trying to follow some of this work out and it’s pretty well pretty much working so far and I am thank you
    A lot of auto correct I did speak recognition

  • Gamer Gaby 2.0
    Gamer Gaby 2.0 19 days ago

    This makes me wanna work out and lose the last 5 pounds but I'm too lazy

  • Fito Herrera
    Fito Herrera 19 days ago

    K FN tú Cxgin.m

  • Louise Andersen
    Louise Andersen 20 days ago

    I fucking LOOOOOVE Julissa

  • Fuckinletmeinyoushit

    Before and after, Maya is absolutely beautiful to me. At the risk of sounding like a creepazoid she just radiates a certain something that makes you wonder and want to know more about her. Congrats to the team, especially Maya. whew.

  • Carmela R
    Carmela R 21 day ago

    Fight. Owens. Fight.

  • Roberta Tekavec
    Roberta Tekavec 22 days ago

    13.40 this woman reallly tried losing weight ❤️im so proud and happy for her💜

  • Vanessa Mejias
    Vanessa Mejias 23 days ago

    1 like = 1 day of working out

  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips 23 days ago

    Sooo motivating

  • Amy Xiloj Cecilio
    Amy Xiloj Cecilio 23 days ago +1

    Who just skipped at the end to see the results? 😂

  • Lilli Bauer
    Lilli Bauer 24 days ago

    Is this low-key gymshark sponsored🤔

  • Angela Ramos
    Angela Ramos 24 days ago

    OMG I wish Melissa could train me 😥

  • the gay tree
    the gay tree 25 days ago

    How can you not fall in love with Julissa, I love her voice

  • MalinLionAss
    MalinLionAss 26 days ago

    She almost cry by eating one ONE cookie.. tbh if i knew i would get scolded or something like that i would do the same thing.

  • it means I eat ass in japanese.

    3:31 haters will say it photoshoped

  • catia gomes
    catia gomes 27 days ago


  • PAIN [長門の平和の神あかつきリーダーPein]

    Millanials are always complaining about their health.

  • cookie lev
    cookie lev 29 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 piece of cake 🍰

    SHAY 2SAUCY Month ago

    Maya is THICCCCCCC

  • I am Steven
    I am Steven Month ago

    Shoutout to INSANITY!!! Best workout ever🏋🏻‍♂️💯🙌

  • Isabel Jordan
    Isabel Jordan Month ago

    12:03 literally every Hispanic mom ever lmao

  • arty. donut_589
    arty. donut_589 Month ago +1

    I think it’s absolutely amazing that Mel is doing the workouts with them.

  • Piper Ramsdale
    Piper Ramsdale Month ago +3

    Am I the only one that thought everybody lost 90 pounds each in the title lol

    LPSGIRLY GIRL Month ago +2

    1 like= 1 day of workout and healthy eating
    Please I need motivation! Like literally! I have a goal and I want to reach it! Also

  • Anthony Gaming
    Anthony Gaming Month ago +2

    who else thought each of them would lose 90 pounds