How To Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey | MeganBatoon


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  • Dolphinately
    Dolphinately Year ago +312

    Wtf it is too early in the morning for this. My brain can handle an existential crisis or contemplating whether I need a turkey brine or why stupid JIMMY won’t text me back when he clearly has all the time in the world to post pictures of his labradoodle on IG, but NOT all three at once.

  • George Aquino
    George Aquino Month ago

    Honestly, i'm at the point wherein I don't know what she's cooking anymore. I see a How to cook video, I click.

  • Rebecca Kallinkal
    Rebecca Kallinkal Month ago +1

    0:30 and now she has kittens 😂

  • skez 572
    skez 572 2 months ago

    What you drunk

  • Emmie Fuller
    Emmie Fuller 6 months ago

    Alright so basically, I was scrolling through videos and I misread the title as "How to turn into a Thanksgiving Turkey."

  • angelasings24
    angelasings24 6 months ago

    this only has 70,000 views??? im actually angry this video is way too funny to just have 70k :(((((

  • 제인
    제인 7 months ago

    *well, I'm depressed now..*

  • drevmsof sxrrxw
    drevmsof sxrrxw Year ago +1

    I love this so much 😂😂💖💖

  • Lee Hyuk
    Lee Hyuk Year ago +1

    And now i am a fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Tayler
    Alex Tayler Year ago

    Show compassion - go vegan

  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le Year ago

    OMG Megan mentioned Jimmy..her manther...(reference to Wong Fu Lunch Break)

  • Ava Brice
    Ava Brice Year ago

    This is sad I have 13 chickens 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  • Kailey VLOGZ
    Kailey VLOGZ Year ago

    This video made me subscribe😏

  • Arli Quinn
    Arli Quinn Year ago

    Megan wtf

  • Sparkly Star
    Sparkly Star Year ago +1

    I'm here from Shane

  • Gabrielle Pivoriunaite


  • Aizen Princima
    Aizen Princima Year ago

    This is hilarious😂

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi Year ago

    I love this so much, this is me in my deepest heart towards baking in general

  • Tye Nicole
    Tye Nicole Year ago

    this was gold

  • diovi rae tumampos


  • Simply Polished
    Simply Polished Year ago

    1:57 to 2:47 who is she talking about?

  • CringeSkiing
    CringeSkiing Year ago


  • RJackson
    RJackson Year ago

    "They were texting... they were texting *you*"
    I lost it.

  • T Himawan
    T Himawan Year ago

    Ham Himawan

  • Following Death
    Following Death Year ago

    well I wasn't expecting to cry

  • Meera
    Meera Year ago +1

    Megan looks like the actress from three to tango

  • alyciadweeb
    alyciadweeb Year ago

    THIS IS SO FUNNY! Subscribed 🤣👍
    OH DANG and also super existential 😱😭

  • Thrannn
    Thrannn Year ago

    damn your hair is beautyful

  • Punderful Things
    Punderful Things Year ago

    I love the words on the pie at the end xD

  • Punderful Things
    Punderful Things Year ago

    That monologue was way too real

  • NaJHaikezeh
    NaJHaikezeh Year ago

    This went from 0 to a 100 real fast xD

  • simplychillinnn
    simplychillinnn Year ago

    Holy shit Megan you never fail to make us both laugh and sink into an existential crisis. You’re such a great writer!

  • Tyler Wibstad
    Tyler Wibstad Year ago

    Great content! Your videos haven't popped up recently on my feed and I can't believe I missed this!

  • Six OfOne
    Six OfOne Year ago

    I think this is one of your most creative videos yet, but some may not watch it because they think it's really about how to cook a turkey.

  • TL
    TL Year ago

    If my name is Timmy, do I get docked points or bonus points? Also I can cook but it doesn't matter because nothing matters in this cold cold world that is actually getting warmer due to climate change which makes it a warm warm world that will envelope our decaying bodies after we die as we let out our last warm breath while our bodies get colder and I don't know where this went so nvm time to eat

  • Blackstevenseagal4
    Blackstevenseagal4 Year ago +2

    you're hot

  • SpadeXero
    SpadeXero Year ago +5

    So was this script made before of after you got kittens?

  • K K
    K K Year ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but this reminds me of the movie Memento. So cuteeeeee megan!

  • angeline mirsh
    angeline mirsh Year ago

    Gonna leave u now megan, unsubscribed. Because! I waited so long for ur vlog and this is what we will get?! This is only to show megan is too busy to share a more decent vlogs dapat marunong kang lumingon sa pinanggalingan mo megan kameng mga fans mo. It's not like u have a disease like will dasovich to be busy, i loved you and u dissapoint me. Bye

  • theunbrokenpiece
    theunbrokenpiece Year ago

    such an emotional cooking guide

  • Alana Saiz
    Alana Saiz Year ago

    😂😂😂🙌🏾perfectly put together

  • Amy S
    Amy S Year ago +3

    This is giving me Anna Akana vibesss

  • Derpy Day
    Derpy Day Year ago

    Cats are awesome idc idc lol

  • KpopowaMi
    KpopowaMi Year ago +3

    Can you please continue doing monthly favorites, pretty please 🙏

  • Jimmy D.
    Jimmy D. Year ago

    This Jimmy DEFINITELY thinks you are wifey material, Megan.

  • kirvi_03
    kirvi_03 Year ago

    Megan is definitely wifey material

  • ea0529
    ea0529 Year ago +3

    Ba-Ba-Batoon and music outro were switched. Curious...very curious.

  • Sol Skal
    Sol Skal Year ago


  • aarushi jain28
    aarushi jain28 Year ago

    Complete art... ur work just keeps getting better... u r on the rise baby =* =* =* much love

  • Latoyia Sappington

    f you girl

  • Kim Harvey
    Kim Harvey Year ago +2

    Whoa! Not what I was expecting... Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what yu have girl...

  • meowmeowgrl
    meowmeowgrl Year ago

    the I'D RATHER NOT pie😂

  • Alicia Suastika
    Alicia Suastika Year ago

    3:03 the pie says i'd rather not

  • Stay_Cute
    Stay_Cute Year ago

    Soo soo funny, love this so much. Great job Megan. xD

  • Yasind
    Yasind Year ago

    As Bayrakları as as :D Türkler

  • Brian Tyler
    Brian Tyler Year ago


  • Andie Ulysse
    Andie Ulysse Year ago +6

    This is TOO GOOD but like... is everything okay?

  • UpAndUps
    UpAndUps Year ago

    I was a bit intimidated about you getting a house before me, but I will always see you as wife material.

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago

    megans hair is so long im literally not used to this oh my still looks pretty tho

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago


  • Kristen Villanueva
    Kristen Villanueva Year ago +5

    girl u good?

  • Erich Cervantez
    Erich Cervantez Year ago +3

    I was looking for an actual Thanksgiving turkey recipe but found this instead. Pretty hilarious! This could be on TV.

  • Helideth Sanchez
    Helideth Sanchez Year ago +10

    When you come to this video to actually know how to cook a turkey but get this .... Haha super cool video but now I need to find one to help me cook a turkey

  • HP.Suprchrg96
    HP.Suprchrg96 Year ago

    FriEndsGiVIng??.. TWilight ZoNE ?? SoLiTUde ZOne ?? WiFeYZOnE ?? Ooohh It's BAtOOnZoNE ViDEo!!.. I'm Sooooo Lucky My Sisters R the ones to Deal with ThanksGiving Turkey Every Year. Happy Thanksgiving Megan ..LoL ;o)

  • forever Mello
    forever Mello Year ago

    🙁 awkwaaaard.

  • Conor v
    Conor v Year ago

    Help me raise $$$ for my mom, she lost her apartment and she also takes care of my son

  • Keckster K
    Keckster K Year ago check that out, Easy$$$

  • Ceee Ceee
    Ceee Ceee Year ago

    Why the hell doesn't this have more views this is hilarious

  • Kaleb Cordovi
    Kaleb Cordovi Year ago

    One word: 😂

    I lied, there were two lol

  • b.thach
    b.thach Year ago

    This is such a well made video!

  • Air23
    Air23 Year ago +3

    I actually wanted to learn how to make a turkey

  • Ang A.
    Ang A. Year ago

    I love this episode of rick and morty

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    DONALD TRUMP Year ago

    Hello megan batoon,how are you ı am donald trump

    FIRINCI BEY Year ago

    Türkiye ile ne alakası var laaaa oç

  • Kylanii I
    Kylanii I Year ago

    Oooo, who's JIMMY??😏

  • John Stoffel
    John Stoffel Year ago

    I always knew she was a meat eater

    • UpAndUps
      UpAndUps Year ago

      Yeah most of the world is, The only reason people are able to not eat meat is because of science. If not you would die if you didn't eat meat. It's a natural thing.

  • diovi rae tumampos


  • OfficiallyLeneia
    OfficiallyLeneia Year ago

    New edits, who this????????????????????

  • 笑博您一一
    笑博您一一 Year ago


  • K' REN LUV
    K' REN LUV Year ago

    very good the video

  • Mo Chubby
    Mo Chubby Year ago +3

    Step one: But a pre-cooked turkey at your local Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.
    Step two: Done.

  • Colleen Margaux
    Colleen Margaux Year ago


  • Basil Mencias
    Basil Mencias Year ago

    I'd rather not. ;)

  • Renatus0
    Renatus0 Year ago +2

    soo... how do I make a turkey?

  • David
    David Year ago

    You watched the working out video didn't you? Lol

  • VillainABean
    VillainABean Year ago +1

    you butter ful

  • Miguel Zaldivar
    Miguel Zaldivar Year ago +1

    One of your best videos in a long time. Please keep it up. We all need more Megan Batoon in our lives!!

  • Archie Inoncillo
    Archie Inoncillo Year ago +3

    LOL! This was good! it reminded me of that "How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps" video. Fuckin' took me on a tangent thinking "Oh, Megan will show us some legit turkey/chicken cooking." or nah.

  • Wintr ‎
    Wintr ‎ Year ago +1

    With what usually happens I was expecting less Tasty and more HowToBasic.
    Edit* 1:31 never mind.

  • SexyTimeTV
    SexyTimeTV Year ago

    Lechon. Villondo. Buado.

  • Brian McConkey
    Brian McConkey Year ago

    oow, that one was a bit real!

  • Vallilia Bridge
    Vallilia Bridge Year ago

    Mashed potatoes howard

  • Jeremy Zeeky
    Jeremy Zeeky Year ago

    I recognized some people from life according to Jimmy 😂

  • bananaboomer
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  • knightschica13
    knightschica13 Year ago

    Collard Greens(w/ smoked turkey wings) Flakes :)

  • Trixia Dela Rosa
    Trixia Dela Rosa Year ago +5

    Why did this remind me of a darker version of a BuzzFeed food tutorial lol

  • FonzMedia
    FonzMedia Year ago

    I love Megan

  • Kerry - KL Havoc
    Kerry - KL Havoc Year ago +1

    I'm sad, I need 30 minute videos from Megan, not 3 minute ones!

  • Miriam Lopez
    Miriam Lopez Year ago +1

    Freaking Jimmy, harshing the thanksgiving mood.