Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Thumbnail artwork by Mulberry! www.deviantart.com/mulberryart
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  • Piplup Quin
    Piplup Quin 3 minutes ago

    oh she was painting the pulgin

  • Maria Trinidad Covarrubias

    What if osanas friend is still sitting there what will happen

  • Kwaii maya chan UwU
    Kwaii maya chan UwU 3 hours ago

    Yay yandere dev! You can do it!! Were so close!!!

  • lola Carlin
    lola Carlin 4 hours ago

    Is this the second to last build

  • TheBlack Otaku
    TheBlack Otaku 5 hours ago

    This game gets so much more and more elaborate so often it's crazy

  • Occult TM
    Occult TM 6 hours ago

    Such a smooth way to advertise your nEw mErCh :D

  • Ägüşţiňå -Gålaxý

    Why is the fps failing ? :c

  • Barrett Bear
    Barrett Bear 8 hours ago

    He just played us like a violin...

  • Gacha_Bri LLC
    Gacha_Bri LLC 9 hours ago


  • Motiejaus Valiūno Animacijos

    Yan-dev:Apsolutly adorable!
    Ayano:*stabs yan-devs eye*

  • Jesse
    Jesse 10 hours ago

    Despite being a pretty crappy game developer and slow worker, I am still always impressed by your instinct of game design.

  • Kawaii_ Cupcake
    Kawaii_ Cupcake 10 hours ago +1

    OwO I’m being yandre chan for Halloween lwl

  • cupcakeangel365
    cupcakeangel365 10 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you Yandere Dev!! 😁😭

  • IgnatiusShow
    IgnatiusShow 11 hours ago

    8:45 )))

  • IgnatiusShow
    IgnatiusShow 11 hours ago

    6:40 When you need to go but don't want to get up

  • Chloe Salazar
    Chloe Salazar 11 hours ago

    Is it going to take five years for each rival or...

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás 13 hours ago

    Imagine world ends due to global warning and antibiotics and this game is not yet finish

  • Potato Monster
    Potato Monster 13 hours ago

    This game will be finished on 2029.

  • A Sad Weeb
    A Sad Weeb 13 hours ago

    Thank u midori, very cool!

  • Étoile Noire
    Étoile Noire 13 hours ago

    This game is gonna be so fun and complex, I can't wait for the final release! Keep the good work, I'll always support you!

  • Athena De Leon
    Athena De Leon 15 hours ago +1

    Man, I was in highschool in when YanDev released that vid saying the game demo will arrive in 2019. Now I'm in college and can't wait for this game!! I'm gonna save up and get my parents to buy it for meeeee

  • Keith !
    Keith ! 17 hours ago

    I have an Idea!
    Whenever you follow someone (without them knowing and if there was only a few people) a long time maybe they should get a little suspicious or weirded out and try to avoid you, confront you or call a friend about it. Then you should have a conversation and explain that it was a misunderstanding.
    Just an idea hehe ^▽^

  • Sakura Ōkami
    Sakura Ōkami 17 hours ago

    6:18 My bet on that ginger guy from art club.

  • Nevin P.
    Nevin P. 21 hour ago

    I have a feeling this game isnt gonna be fully done for like another 5 or 10 years XD. No hate just joking around.

  • Nexel Ray
    Nexel Ray 22 hours ago

    What kind of school would allow sunbathing?

  • Gacha Lily
    Gacha Lily 23 hours ago

    Feature idea: if you follow Osana and ribaru or osana sees you either ribaru will illuminate you instantly or osana will make a comment about you being a creep and following her so ribaru will illuminate you meaning you have to find hiding places when you follow her...

  • ―𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚞𝚜𝚝.𝚝𝚡𝚝

    so i haven’t caught up with yandere simulator in around 2 years, but...... you’re still finishing osana??? jesus christ, do games actually take this long?

  • Gachawolfgamz OwO

    I miss Kokona

  • Pie Studios
    Pie Studios Day ago +1

    Osana really been worked on for 4 years

  • Grace McKinstry
    Grace McKinstry Day ago

    "The gloomy boy paints a dark and morbid version of the cherry tree" lowkey me in art class

    Also I'm living for the new merch!

  • Jack Heavy Daniels

    smooth plug tbh

  • Help the Enkrypt

    ₒₖₐ Yₐ Wᵢₗ ₙₑᵥₐ ₛₑₐ Dᵢₛ ₐ 𝓰ₑₙ ₑ ᵥₐ, 𝓰ₐ𝓌 ₜᵢ 𝒹 ?

  • Toto Burke
    Toto Burke Day ago +2

    Can’t wait for that 2030 release date!

  • Chat Noir Fangirl
    Chat Noir Fangirl Day ago +1

    I'm gonna be yan chan for Halloween and now im second-guessing why I like this game? XD

  • sonia jermin
    sonia jermin Day ago

    When u finish osana will u starts on the next person and can I get this app on my phone

    • sonia jermin
      sonia jermin Day ago

      Kinozy X thank you

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      sonia jermin You can’t get Yandere Simulator on your phone, it’s only for computer. He will continue making the rivals.

  • Anka Mikela
    Anka Mikela Day ago +1

    Wait can you buy yandere simulator on Xbox?

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Anka Mikela No, you can buy Yandere Simulator for the Xbox. Yandere Simulator is only on the computer.

  • Super Guest5291
    Super Guest5291 Day ago

    there 1 small problem to this game how to play on laptop and trackpad mouse because i can aim but can't take photo you better add key mapping system or this game will be hopeless for laptop player

    • Super Guest5291
      Super Guest5291 12 hours ago

      Minecraftguest5291: ok guest he have point
      Evilguest5291: well he kinda right
      me: what no i do not give this up as a failure screw you, screw all of you i will find a way somehow

    • Nicolás
      Nicolás 13 hours ago

      Buy a fkng usb mouse

  • Sprinkelle
    Sprinkelle Day ago

    Senpai In the sheet
    Killing on the street
    Don’t take my senpai
    Or I’ll feed you a poison pie
    You wanna die?
    Then don’t look at him
    Or else I’ll stab you with some Tin
    So don’t forget that you sinned
    When you looked at him
    If you talk to him, you made a mistake
    Now your life is at stake
    Senpai in the sheets
    Killing on the streets
    Don’t take my senpai
    Or I’ll feed you poison pie!
    Senpai in the sheets
    killing on the streets
    Don’t take him from me
    Or else you will see
    That is your biggest mistake
    So I’ll stab you with a rake

  • Lisa Helton
    Lisa Helton Day ago

    please make this for a chrome os i would really apreshete it sorry for some of my spelling

  • Erin Fay
    Erin Fay Day ago +1

    Make ribeu osana's sister

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Erin Fay He’s not going to do that, it could take longer for them to come out.

  • Funny / Фанни :D

    Hey, I have an idea! You can add in Easter menu Steve, he have diamond sword and with start Steve mode all texture and characters makes like Minecraft graphics!

  • Riley Conlan
    Riley Conlan Day ago

    I doubt that he read this but maybe you can give the guidance counselor a task to help the Delinquents be normal students again

  • Missy Does something


    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Missy Does something Sorry, but it not going to happen.

    • Calanthe S
      Calanthe S Day ago

      this sounds wonderful! but i guess it is impossible >

  • E At
    E At Day ago +1


    • E At
      E At Day ago

      @Bebe ;D this being said after Yan Dev has stated that he wants to make his own models. OH WAIT. FUCK, WELL THERE GOES THAT ARGUMENT

    • Bebe ;D
      Bebe ;D Day ago +1

      E At the point of the comment was because of you bashing the creater for not having original art when it’s a 3D model. You should focus of the game instead of the character model.

    • E At
      E At Day ago


    • Bebe ;D
      Bebe ;D Day ago +1

      E At try making a whole damn game

    • E At
      E At Day ago

      @Bebe ;D a model with a texture. Do not tell me how that shit works I know that.

  • Allen's World
    Allen's World Day ago

    yo yandere dev you should make a update when yan chan can kill senpai yan chan should get a heart broken

  • Uga LoL
    Uga LoL 2 days ago +1

    Man yandere devs voice is so satisfiying af

  • Ember Mars
    Ember Mars 2 days ago


  • Ember Mars
    Ember Mars 2 days ago

    Please let me pick about switching

  • Wolf Dev
    Wolf Dev 2 days ago

    umm, u don't ever post anymore why?

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Wolf Dev He only posts once or twice a month.

    • Martin Buckle
      Martin Buckle Day ago

      @Michael Brody i mean it is true he is gonna post something on his blog when the video is done xD

    • Michael Brody
      Michael Brody Day ago

      he post things in video once a month he post more things on his blog

    • Martin Buckle
      Martin Buckle 2 days ago

      he will he will when the video is done

  • xXchariXx
    xXchariXx 2 days ago

    You need to give yourself a break month or something dam your doing so much you must need a break ❤️

    Also I need that merch BADLY

  • Hetal Patel
    Hetal Patel 2 days ago

    i really wish his keychain on crownmade was back...it was limited edition but still new but *sob*

  • Foxy Gacha Playz
    Foxy Gacha Playz 2 days ago

    I think I know how being able to join the bullies will benefit the player
    you could lower their reputation so they’ll stop going to school

  • Crystal Squares
    Crystal Squares 2 days ago +3

    What if you break Osana's and Raibaru's friendship somehow. This would allow the player to make them both stop hanging out with eachother.

  • Naidhruv Ananth-Iyer

    Could you test what happens when you make Osana a mindslave and sic her on the second rival?Particularly Senpai’s reaction?

  • Orange Storage
    Orange Storage 2 days ago

    Osana simply HAS to be Raibaru's crush :") come on

  • Eveliina Lammervo
    Eveliina Lammervo 2 days ago

    I want install this!

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Eveliina Lammervo You can, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    • Michael Brody
      Michael Brody 2 days ago

      than do it

  • Calanthe S
    Calanthe S 2 days ago

    i am looking forward to watching the new video about the town and the yakuza! >0

  • 0AbsolutZero0
    0AbsolutZero0 2 days ago +2

    Yandere Simulator coming 2027

  • Gacha anime girl
    Gacha anime girl 2 days ago

    yandere dev my game Buggs out

    • Kinozy X
      Kinozy X Day ago

      Gacha anime girl Well, the game isn’t finished. It should be expected to have bugs.

  • Zorislava Logacheva
    Zorislava Logacheva 2 days ago +1

    I thought, that it would be cool if science club robot would be able to take pantyshots secretly. No one suspects that robot. And maybe he could be able to secretly listen to some private conversations.