Instant voice break VIne


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  • This is A Meme
    This is A Meme 13 hours ago


  • Colteliene
    Colteliene 2 days ago

    I hear a dying donkey every time

  • Saturn
    Saturn 3 days ago

    When the puberty kicks in

  • Holly Berry
    Holly Berry 4 days ago


  • Brick Vision
    Brick Vision 4 days ago

    But I woke up every daeeeeHEYY

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole 6 days ago


  • Justin Woodruff
    Justin Woodruff 8 days ago

    I can't stop laughing when I watch this

  • TimePro
    TimePro 15 days ago


  • UTubeGod 123
    UTubeGod 123 17 days ago

    see the voice crack in 0.25x speed

  • Arianna Olivier
    Arianna Olivier 18 days ago

    “But I woke up... EVERY DAAAAAAAAAaaaaaay. Oh crap”

  • Hannah Cox
    Hannah Cox 22 days ago

    Cant stop watching

    MANNY 23 days ago

    This happened to me but it lasted about 5 minutes

  • dinner taeble
    dinner taeble 23 days ago +1

    “but i woke up, *inhale* every dAHaYYYY- *aAaY* - oh shit”

  • Maida Awil
    Maida Awil 27 days ago

    I am a girl people say girls voices don’t get deeper and I over here sounding like the man with the golden voice

  • MayAnimatezzz
    MayAnimatezzz Month ago


  • Renee Unger
    Renee Unger Month ago

    But I woke up every DAAAAAAA-ay

  • E Sheng
    E Sheng Month ago

    what is the song?

  • Chloe Santos
    Chloe Santos Month ago

    When a tenor hits puberty

  • Cupquake Collabs
    Cupquake Collabs Month ago

    Puberty hit him so hard, it is even harder than when your mama hit you when you ate all the fried chicken

  • Kasia M
    Kasia M Month ago

    Tbh it kinda sound good tho

  • Lauri
    Lauri Month ago

    But I woke up.. Every daaa-____Y!

  • Rose Saetern
    Rose Saetern Month ago


  • Marcus Britain
    Marcus Britain Month ago

    Why is there a random febreeze in the back

  • Sara Cimino
    Sara Cimino Month ago

    I’m dying because I just realized he’s on the toilet 😂

  • Rosa Russo
    Rosa Russo Month ago

    When he says *Oh Shit* 😂😂😂

  • eleniorrimaxi
    eleniorrimaxi Month ago

    Is this Cluam Sutherland as a young boy?

  • Keko Minomas
    Keko Minomas Month ago

    You have to know that I watched this 1000 times

  • Bing Francisco
    Bing Francisco Month ago


  • Jorren Warshua
    Jorren Warshua 2 months ago

    it sounds like a donkey.... hahahahahaha

  • C AB
    C AB 2 months ago

    What song is that?? Plz

  • Maylin Felix
    Maylin Felix 2 months ago


  • Grande Muffin
    Grande Muffin 2 months ago +3

    I can't stop laugh every time I watch this😂

  • how u doin?
    how u doin? 2 months ago

    what's his @???

  • Melanie Grace
    Melanie Grace 2 months ago

    The voice crack sounds like my ex normally talking😂

  • Kermit
    Kermit 2 months ago

    There is currently 500K views aka 500,000

  • Nyarome 2
    Nyarome 2 2 months ago

    Smoke alarm grows into a fire alarm

  • Julio Chavez
    Julio Chavez 2 months ago

    is that mitch from penx

  • Bape Cash
    Bape Cash 2 months ago

    When puberty hits you like a Bitch

  • agust tea
    agust tea 2 months ago

    One of my favourite vines!!

  • SheWantJeii
    SheWantJeii 2 months ago


  • aymee d
    aymee d 3 months ago

    o h s h i t

  • Imgunnagetyou
    Imgunnagetyou 3 months ago


  • CrazyCupcake2897
    CrazyCupcake2897 3 months ago

    Release the crack en

  • HalaRobloxSlimes
    HalaRobloxSlimes 3 months ago

    when u start pupuridy

  • / 포켓이 /
    / 포켓이 / 3 months ago

    wut is this music?

    JADIM 3 months ago

    Anyone know name of guy? :D

  • Jessie Scrimo
    Jessie Scrimo 3 months ago

    This is my favorite vine of all time

  • Lucie And Arnie
    Lucie And Arnie 3 months ago

    why is this so funny i cant stop replaying

    h e l p

  • Teagan Scahill
    Teagan Scahill 3 months ago +2

    am i the only one who noticed he is on the toilet

  • Witness Her Reputation
    Witness Her Reputation 3 months ago

    *every pop stars were found shaking*

  • 홍철씨짜증난
    홍철씨짜증난 4 months ago +6

    There are people who haven't watched this.
    But there are no people who have watched this ONCE.

  • Matthew Playz
    Matthew Playz 4 months ago


  • Flip Daxany
    Flip Daxany 4 months ago

    What I don’t understand is why he was filming this in the first place

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 4 months ago


  • Grace Reyes
    Grace Reyes 4 months ago

    I used this to my 😂😂

  • Lance Matthews
    Lance Matthews 5 months ago

    did anyone notice hes taking a shit?

  • Elisabeth Guerrero
    Elisabeth Guerrero 5 months ago

    But i woke up. EVERYDAY HAAAAA-*AAAAA*

  • Johnathan Gage
    Johnathan Gage 5 months ago +2

    when his voice cracked i thought my grammar was gonna kill me

  • That_Cat 777
    That_Cat 777 5 months ago

    When puberty kicks in...

  • Shio Kou
    Shio Kou 5 months ago

    i woke up in a cold sweat n this vine was the first thing in my head

  • harp seal
    harp seal 5 months ago +3

    **when puberty hits you at the wrong time**

  • The Meme Lord
    The Meme Lord 5 months ago

    If I hit puberty while taking a dump I would die

  • mEMe MaStER
    mEMe MaStER 5 months ago


  • niamh libby
    niamh libby 5 months ago


  • DEAD Cow
    DEAD Cow 5 months ago


  • Antonia
    Antonia 5 months ago

    The funny thing is that’s not the right lyrics

  • HawxTalon Gaming
    HawxTalon Gaming 5 months ago

    Bu-hut I woke up,
    *w o a h h o l y s h i t*

  • Sydical
    Sydical 6 months ago

    Never happened to mew!

  • Mr gervatox
    Mr gervatox 6 months ago

    Everydaaaaaaa-(puberty kicks in)-AAAAAAY oh sheet... 😂😂

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 6 months ago


  • Dylan Mergner
    Dylan Mergner 6 months ago


  • YourboyIvan
    YourboyIvan 6 months ago


  • Rigby
    Rigby 6 months ago


  • LOL_girl.53 71
    LOL_girl.53 71 6 months ago


  • Tucker Owens
    Tucker Owens 6 months ago

    Lol a whistle in his throat

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole 6 months ago +1

    The sound when his voice cracks is the same as when the whole orchestra is tuning 😂

  • x FUCKGIRL x
    x FUCKGIRL x 7 months ago

    Why dose he sound sick?

  • Finn Wolfhard
    Finn Wolfhard 7 months ago +1

    Im dead 😂😂😂

  • Olivia Rangel
    Olivia Rangel 7 months ago

    I can't stop laughing at this... OMG AND I WOKE UP EVERYDAYYYYYYYYYYYY * Voice crack starts*

  • IceWallowCome
    IceWallowCome 7 months ago

    I think my replay button broke

  • BTAbeast
    BTAbeast 7 months ago


  • weaves snatched
    weaves snatched 7 months ago

    Why post it tho

  • Sierra Lewisss
    Sierra Lewisss 7 months ago

    😂😂😂 this video gets me every time

  • Blake Bezerra
    Blake Bezerra 7 months ago +6

    Its been brought to my attention that ive been going to school with this boy for the last 8 years. I never realized it was him until someone told me. Im so shook

    • Mohamad Mahmoud
      Mohamad Mahmoud 15 hours ago

      Lucy I’m in college now first year but I still live in CT as well.

    • Mohamad Mahmoud
      Mohamad Mahmoud 15 hours ago

      Lucy really? What grade are you right now? Like high school?

    • Lucy
      Lucy 16 hours ago

      Mohamad Mahmoud I’m from CT too and there’s a girl i go to school with who made some viral video like 10 years ago

    • Mohamad Mahmoud
      Mohamad Mahmoud 2 months ago

      Blake Bezerra also he claimed he recorded with the naked brothers band and he was one of the “popular kids”. Eh I liked him tho. I still live close to that elementary school I just don’t live in that town.

    • Mohamad Mahmoud
      Mohamad Mahmoud 2 months ago

      Blake Bezerra he had such a high pitch voice back then. He was also like a proud Jew with his friend Jake stein. It was always interesting cause his friends dad would always talk about Israel and pro Israeli l/ Jewish culture and I happen to be a Palestinian muslim. I was young though so it never really bothered me. It still doesn’t really it’s just a cool fact.

  • SzymonPlayz
    SzymonPlayz 8 months ago

    I hit the replay button at least 100 times...

  • Dude named Samu
    Dude named Samu 8 months ago

    0:04 when i woke up and i wanba say something

  • Sophia Hackett
    Sophia Hackett 8 months ago


    • AKCuber
      AKCuber 8 months ago



  • dolan the husky
    dolan the husky 8 months ago


  • Kippo
    Kippo 8 months ago +3

    I mean yeah the voice crack is funny. BUT IS NO ONE GOING TO MENTION THAT HES ON THE TOILET

    • IDontKnowWhyIChName
      IDontKnowWhyIChName 2 months ago +1

      everybody did don't copy comments people been mentioning it for 2 years

  • RandomGaming RG
    RandomGaming RG 8 months ago


  • - Bleach -
    - Bleach - 8 months ago


  • Lydia Wang
    Lydia Wang 8 months ago

    When your mom walks in and says “clean your room” while your trying to hit that high note😂😂😂 RESPECT

  • Your boy Malte
    Your boy Malte 8 months ago +2

    He sounds like a truckhorn😂

  • Jay World
    Jay World 8 months ago

    Does he sit on the toilet🤔😂

  • wdw gurlll
    wdw gurlll 8 months ago

    I broke the replay button and laughed so hard I peed myself 😂😂😂

  • Dingus
    Dingus 8 months ago

    Funnier without the end clip

  • Costa Chan
    Costa Chan 8 months ago

    Anyone else gonna comment about how this dude is on the toilet lmfao

  • Lumadogs 22
    Lumadogs 22 8 months ago

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ice Beats
    Ice Beats 8 months ago

    this happened to me back in june, now my voice is getting deeper, still cracks a little bit but rarely