Why Marvel Makes Better Movies Than DC

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
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  • HooksandBeats
    HooksandBeats 45 minutes ago

    Would love to see you do a video about the new joker film. Or trailer at least.

  • fausto412
    fausto412 5 hours ago

    Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were great...haven't watched Aquaman yet. BvS and Justice league just bad movies.

  • Jayson
    Jayson 5 hours ago +1

    *DC Fanboys:*

  • Regulargamer18
    Regulargamer18 7 hours ago

    Batman in the dceu is a joke. He not batman but an imposter. He Murder's people consistently, shooting fully automatic guns, and joking and smiling every 2 mins. the writers should take notes from the comics. Or if they're too lazy atleast watch a dc animated film pls bc he not batman on the big screen.

  • Eric Melone
    Eric Melone 10 hours ago

    Tony does NOT retire at the end of "Iron Man 3"! His last words in the film are "I am Iron Man"

  • Nightmare 34353
    Nightmare 34353 14 hours ago +1

    I looked at the title and just said there’s no explanation just watch them this video isn’t necessary

  • Mehmet Erkan Aktürk
    Mehmet Erkan Aktürk 18 hours ago

    Nobody cares about your opinions in this comment section, so just scroll up and do literally anything else

  • busygalaxy YT
    busygalaxy YT 19 hours ago

    On 12:59 did he mean avengers infinity war??..

  • I
    I 19 hours ago

    Well thats because Marvel is Marvel and it cares. DC Doesnt Care so yea there you have it.

    • Regulargamer18
      Regulargamer18 7 hours ago

      Exactly, they rushed into making a cinematic universe bc theey wanted to compete, thats the problem. Marvels isnt even thinking of DC, they just want to make heartfelt movies.

  • Jermiah Estacado
    Jermiah Estacado Day ago +1

    Why i love marvel
    1:becasue they a universe were it all connecteds together
    2:they 3 phases leading up to endgame
    3:the marvel characters well actually make u scared or pry they don't die
    4:they may make cringy jokes and stuff but they dont make it dark and heavy everytime

  • Jermiah Estacado

    Dc fanboys and movies are the reason why i loved marvel and read more marvel and image comics reasons
    1:half the dc fanboys can't take a joke
    2:am fucking tired of them saying all Marvel movies are bad even tho dcs movies do poorly
    3:i found a video of Stan lee making jokes about dc and the dc fans mocked his death
    4:the movies do bad becasue of Warner Bros and the writers the only three dc films I liked were shazam,wonder women,and suicide squad

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez Day ago

    Ok but the dark knight trilogy is better than almost all the marvel movies

  • Sephandre DeMarte

    I feel it important to point out Marvel is not necessarily better at film than DC. Marvel is better at film than WB. Because WB owns the film rights to DC, their executives are the ones calling the shots not the DC executives (of which I don't think there are any). I like Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and so I'm happy Wonder Woman was successful. I like Jason Momoa and so I'm glad Aquaman was successful. But ultimately, I wish WB was not in charge of DC's comic films. I don't know what would have to happen for that to ever become our reality, but I would love a world in which DC was being helmed ultimately by someone as dedicated to its continuity as Kevin Feige. Hell, if Christopher Nolan took over as executive producer of the Justice League franchise, I believe it could, in fact, be awesome.

  • gsmusic2009
    gsmusic2009 Day ago

    It’s simple DC continues to re invent Bat Man and Superman while Marvel Puts a character out and either continues them or finishes them. That’s why the fantastic 4 was there only mess up cause the re invent failed! Only Wonder Woman and Aqua man worked cause of the build up and they weren’t re invented for there solo movies. Marvel is giving you character after character and keeping you excited but D.C. has a 1000 heroes but only want to give u Batman and Superman and the add one of the obvious heroes that go along with them

  • Kookoo play's123

    Okay dont judge me but i think DC is better:\

  • juan esmit
    juan esmit Day ago

    Ah ah ah, Marvel undeniably made a lot of money so far but as they embrace the PC nonsence, "get woke go wroke", so my guess is this mega boxoffice hits are going to make themselves scarce in this 4th phase. Problem there is the PC crapp turns entertainment into a repetitive boring inconsistent and ilogical lecture that annoys the audience butchers the story and destroys the cannon without remorse, all in the pretense to uphold equality, diversity and integration but failing miserably on the account that such noble values are valid only for one half of the population while the other half has to suffer repetitive and consistent ridicule, humilliation and vilification, egregious.

  • Joker
    Joker Day ago

    Marvel makes better movies than DC.
    Alright, let's analyse those fantastic marvel movies:
    Captain america(1990)
    Every fantastic four movie(1994,2005,2007,2015)
    The incredible hulk(2008)
    Now let's analyse those bad DC movies:
    Batman returns(1992)
    The dark knight trilogy(2005,2008,2012)
    Wonder woman(2017)
    I don't hate marvel, but if there wasn't dc, the superhero movies would have died. I mean, before the 2000, the best marvel movies were blade 1 and 2.
    Now people are ignoring how revolutionary the DC movies were. If you are asking a marvel fanboy, he wouldn't even know about this shit movies, but they are throwing shit at DC for 3 movies. Hell, they don't even remeamber how bad the MCU started.

  • Edgardo Carada
    Edgardo Carada Day ago

    Marvel is far better

  • IRIS Corporation
    IRIS Corporation Day ago +2

    Mavel balances their heroes better.
    The entire jutice league wasn't able to beat Steppenwolf, but superman just backslaps him.
    Heck, Marvel made THOR FAT to balance him.

  • LegendaryHunter
    LegendaryHunter Day ago +1

    People sometimes say mcu Is for kids.

    We just gonna forget that thor DECAPITATED thanos ON SCREEN?

  • K James
    K James 2 days ago

    Most people just like DC more because there favorite hero is in DC but Spider-Man is my favorite but I still have reasons why I love Marvel better

  • FlicItZy
    FlicItZy 3 days ago

    **DC eNtErS vIdEO**

  • HopOnTheHype
    HopOnTheHype 3 days ago +2

    They don't anymore. Aquaman is as good as most of the movies and Joker looks like actual oscar worthy tier.

  • Drawing Donuts
    Drawing Donuts 3 days ago

    Vision in a suit looks weird 😂

  • Rosamund Powell
    Rosamund Powell 3 days ago

    Does Marvel have better movies than DC Comics? NO. Neither franchise is better than the other. And idiotic video clips like this only feeds unnecessary feuds.

    • Walnut
      Walnut 3 days ago

      Rosamund Powell yes, but actually no

  • Reflex 100
    Reflex 100 3 days ago +1

    Anyone, and I mean anybody who thinks Marvel has ALWAYS made better movies that DC should watch Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I love today’s Marvel movies more than their DC counterparts by far, but back then, Marvel simply could not compete. I’d say they are better than any movie put out by Marvel, ever.

  • Stilgar2
    Stilgar2 3 days ago +1

    I'm new to the party, but god damn do I love your vids. Cheers.

  • Aiden Gaming
    Aiden Gaming 3 days ago +3

    Some reasons why i like marvel more then dc
    1: doesnt have so many op characters
    2: movies are better
    3: better cgi
    4: better characters
    5: not so dark

  • Camila García
    Camila García 3 days ago +2

    In Marvel we have:
    Three Chrises
    Two Benedicts
    Two Pauls
    Two Toms
    Two Peters in the MCU
    Two Scarletts
    ( One in the MCU and one in real life)

  • Trollo Brine
    Trollo Brine 3 days ago

    Dude you should make movies

    EYE PIE 3 days ago +2

    Here are the better questions
    1. Why does DC make better comics then marvel?
    2. Why does DC make better animated movies then marvel?
    3. Why does DC make better video games then marvel?
    4. Why does DC have better villains then marvel?
    5. Why does DC have stronger heroes then marvel?
    6. Why are DC characters more know then marvel characters around all of the world and around all ages?

    • Tricko
      Tricko 2 days ago +1

      Aminur Rashid He’s saying the truth though

    • Aminur Rashid
      Aminur Rashid 3 days ago

      Maybe you should watch the video rather than feeling attacked by the title

  • Kevin Luper
    Kevin Luper 3 days ago

    I like DC. Bite me.

  • Geek Variety
    Geek Variety 4 days ago

    Why Marvel Makes Better Movies Than DC comes down to two very clear points: Marvel is lead by Kevin Feige who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel history and actually cares about the characters and the worlds they inhabit, and DC is run (was run) by Zack Snyder, a one trick pony who lacks the necessary tools and understanding of the characters in the DC universe and is at best a grade C level director who relies on visual style above all else. Nothing will kill a property faster than looking good and lacking any real substance.

  • Jek
    Jek 4 days ago

    Tony's decision to retire Iron man isn't a continuity error. It's not explained but I assumed that he returned to iron man because the compound had the stone. Iron man 3 showed that he was scarred by the events of New York, and if he knew that Hydra had the stone, then he would jump in the suit until it was fixed. This is what he does in Infinity War, he was retired but he always kept the suit in case disaster struck. He's humble in that exact way, preventing death.

  • carloadmin
    carloadmin 4 days ago

    Its just DC is too dull

  • You! Me? No the other guy.

    Probably because dc thinks as long as they have cg characters their movie will be good with 0 character development or plot

  • MKT
    MKT 4 days ago

    I personally think that DC failed is because they weren’t willing to put in time in their movies. They rushed out BvS because of Civil War, they push out JL instead of solo movies because Infinity War. They tried to keep up with Marvels pace instead of taking their time to build up their characters first

    • Tricko
      Tricko 2 days ago

      That was Snyder’s fault, not DC's. Thanks fucking god that emo clown is gone

  • Adammaster X
    Adammaster X 5 days ago +4

    DC: we are better because we have a good story
    Marvel: you've heard of a joke before?
    DC: what's that?
    Marvel: you

  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 5 days ago

    Marvel's best animated films are Dr Strange, Hulk vs Wolverine, Hulk Vs Thor, Planet Hulk and Spiderman into the Spider-verse

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart 5 days ago

    Shazam is the best DCEU movie. Wonder Woman is good but flawed because the villains were weak and the final conflict was not done well. Aquaman is good but has flaws with how the shots are done and some other stuff. Renegade Cut gives a interesting review of Aquaman.

  • DogeWall
    DogeWall 5 days ago

    Hmm, you cannot disagree that some DC films have the better music. I guess that's why you used DC music at the start. Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel soundtrack. It's great.

  • IG_ Spidery
    IG_ Spidery 5 days ago

    this video facts

  • Couldn't think of a Youtube name.

    This guy is so similear to hello future me

  • Sean y
    Sean y 6 days ago

    *The Dark Knight's better*

  • ZBot316
    ZBot316 6 days ago +1

    The biggest problem DC had is that it wanted the allure of a shared cinematic universe, but didn't want to put in the effort that Marvel did and just wanted to skip to the end. As a result, almost every DCEU film is a (poorly done) paint-by-numbers, seat-filler.

  • Diviuz
    Diviuz 6 days ago

    At this point DC is a lost hope

  • Maul
    Maul 6 days ago

    The dark knight trilogy is still better then all the marvel movies

  • epa hmar
    epa hmar 6 days ago

    I've thought you are a Marvel fans..

  • Legend
    Legend 7 days ago +1

    This Guy: DC keeps changing their characters
    Me: Have you not watched Endgame?

  • Legend
    Legend 7 days ago

    Batman: Say’s he is rich
    This Guy: What happened to the old Batman🙄

  • Legend
    Legend 7 days ago

    Why marvel is Better than DC, marvel says the same line twice🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Noah Axon
    Noah Axon 7 days ago

    Justice league is a off brand infinity war

  • DaEvilc
    DaEvilc 7 days ago +1

    Captain America:I can do this all day.
    Sam:But will you?
    Older Captain America:No, I don't think I will.

  • Devinator958
    Devinator958 7 days ago

    DC movies would do better if they didn’t Reboot their characters every single movie.

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza 7 days ago

    Marvel movies are for children, let those be for children and the DCEU is dark and gritty well, was until WB wanted to be like Marvel because of money and sacrificed their fans base. But Man of Steel and Batman v Superman UE is a masterpiece because it's grounded and more of a realistic story . but not anymore

  • Mister Guy
    Mister Guy 7 days ago

    Marvel might have better movies now, but the dark knight is still the best superhero movie of all time hands down.

  • Lao 001/you will see me in every USSR Anthem video

    Marvel: Copies more characters than DC
    Also Marvel: Makes better movies than DC

  • maryanto kurniawan
    maryanto kurniawan 7 days ago

    Marvel and Dc are The Best. Both had the Perfect Movie ever made. Different makes beautiful

  • Ghost _115
    Ghost _115 7 days ago

    Its iron man not ION mam

  • syco Arts
    syco Arts 7 days ago +1

    You forgot about one thing, Batman love to destroy wall

  • Jaytubehd780 :D
    Jaytubehd780 :D 7 days ago

    When I read the title I said DAMN STRAIGHT

  • OrangeBoii YT
    OrangeBoii YT 7 days ago

    Mcu it more cool than dc

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 7 days ago


  • Loki Odinson
    Loki Odinson 7 days ago +3

    Especially Marvel has more humor and charming actors than DC 😁

  • SpinosaurusStudios
    SpinosaurusStudios 8 days ago +1

    Well, some DC movies took advantage of Marvel’s burnout.
    For example: Shazam is WAY THE HELL better than “Captain Marvel”, both looks and movie.
    And Batman VS Superman was as popular as Avengers Civil War (IDC IT HAD TOO MANY AVENGERS TO BE CAPTAIN AMERICA’S).
    Aquaman stole the spotlight after Marvel’s inhumanes failed also.

  • Alkyl Shah
    Alkyl Shah 8 days ago

    DC have totally different theme than marvel. Stop comparing them. Both of it have their own speciality

  • Super meme
    Super meme 8 days ago

    DC fails because they make their heroes and stories dark and gritty and when they male a joke it feels out of place in the film whereas marvel stays true to they’re tone and doesn’t let down on the story by scrapping it and rebooting, they go to great lengths to salvage what they have to create an amazing experience for all fans but DC doesn’t salvage anything and at the slightest mistake, recasts or reboots. They even made some of they’r own cast members quit due to the films just not being accurate to what fans wanted

  • Longfang YT
    Longfang YT 8 days ago +3

    And DC is alot darker literally and figuratively

  • phenomeniall
    phenomeniall 8 days ago

    Another point is Marvel understands that heroes can lose; DC doesn’t quite grasp that concept.

  • Bo0Sh 88
    Bo0Sh 88 8 days ago

    Give the flash his own movie and make him grant gustin as the actor

  • Bo0Sh 88
    Bo0Sh 88 8 days ago

    I think dc is better in the comics and everything else but the movies I think that dc has better story’s from the comics the dceu has to make their characters more like the arrow verse

  • Minh Quang Trần
    Minh Quang Trần 8 days ago

    zack snyder try to make dc film dark like the dark knight but not succeed

  • Blah Blah Boo
    Blah Blah Boo 8 days ago +1

    MCU is great
    Marvel games are Kind of bad
    Marvel comics are Meh
    DCEU is awful
    Dc games are Great
    DC comics are ICONIC

    • Ghost _115
      Ghost _115 7 days ago

      You cant start by saying that DCEU is awful and then saying that DC Comics are iconic. It doesnt make sense because DCEU is comics

  • Scarecrow Studios
    Scarecrow Studios 8 days ago +1

    Dc is overtaking marvel in movies right now due to the success of Shazam and Aquaman and since Endgame was absolutely shit and it having so many plot holes and being that the only people that like are MCU cock sucking fan boys that don’t read the comics I would say DC is winning when it comes to movies.And why are people saying that “oh yeah DC needs to be more happy and less dark just like marvel” That’s stupid because if they actually picked up a dc comic book for once in there life they would see how dark DC is and people like DC because it’s dark and more relatable then marvel.Its more relatable because not everything is always happy and filled with sunshine.People will argue that Endgame was also dark in a way because half of existence got wiped out.Ok but for some reason during endgame when they were in there depression fase jokes where still being made.Like the Professor hulk scenes.So it feels less dark and is basically erases the feeling of darkness by adding in humor.But with DC it doesn’t do that at all.DC has perfected the amount of darkness needed any show,movie,or comic.And it’s not like every character in DC are completely filled with darkness.Think of Shazam or the flash or even Superman.They don’t have as much darkness as you would say like Batman or the green arrow. So there is light in the DC world but in the movies they don’t want to bring out comedy in the first stage of movies because then it would seem like there copying marvel.So when the movies like Aquaman and Shazam came into play DC decided to show the people that DC can be filled with light to and it’s not always darkness same thing with marvel and Endgame marvel was trying to show that marvel can be dark to but marvel hasn’t perfected darkness as much as dc did that particularly why endgame was such a bad movie.

  • Mick Royster
    Mick Royster 8 days ago

    The Dark Knight is better than the MCU and DCEU.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 8 days ago

    Disney buying critics favour greedy clumsy Warner Bros executives.

  • Charlie McIntyre
    Charlie McIntyre 9 days ago

    I actually loved the DC movies. There majestic films. No hating against Marvel because I like them too. It's like people that like Mac computers and people who Microsoft.

  • Hey I'm Here
    Hey I'm Here 9 days ago

    < Because these people exist

  • Larry Legend is the GOAT

    DC is better at story telling, whereas marvel is better at creating relatable characters

  • RECTO Recto
    RECTO Recto 9 days ago +1

    DC is still more famous😂😂

    • Owuraku Boateng
      Owuraku Boateng 9 days ago +1

      Yet they cant develop their characters before rushing a movie

  • anna
    anna 9 days ago

    How can people fall for marvel and say it's realistic ? Has character development ? Better story ? Funny ? Because it has a hundred movies "connected doesn't mean it's good in all of that ....
    Are you kidding me ? Are you all a bunch of 13 years old ??

  • Fazal Shakeel
    Fazal Shakeel 9 days ago +5

    The reason was


  • WheatenRumble 84
    WheatenRumble 84 9 days ago

    Dude of course marvel makes better movies than DC it just makes sense

  • D1llY W1llY
    D1llY W1llY 9 days ago +2

    its because DC has no big story

  • lucymeoworino
    lucymeoworino 9 days ago

    although i don’t like or watch dc that often, i might have to say shazam was fine. not good, but fine. except for his costume... yeah, that has to go.

  • Ora de Biologie
    Ora de Biologie 10 days ago

    Stop, everyone comperes endgame with DCEU movies. If the MCU and the DCEU were persons, MCU would be 22 years old and DCEU would be 8 years old. Now, which one would win in a fight, the 8 years old kid or the 23 years old adult. You can't compere the last movie from a company with one of the firsts in another company, we have to analysis theire statuses when they were the same "age". Man of steel and Iron man, both were good movies. Than there was bvs which I agree was bad but the incredible hulk was worse. Suicide squad and iron man 2 were both bad movies. Than there was thor which was better than the last 2 movies, but wonder woman was way better. Captain america and justice league were bad everyone agrees. And than we have avengers and aquaman, this is the first time when marvel have a movie with a bigger box office than a DC movie, but aquaman was close to avengers and it came after justice league, that says something. And than iron man 3 and shazam, everyone knows that shazam is better. So marvel fanboys, stop saying that marvel is better than DC cuz this is fals, stop saying that marvel movies are better cuz I showed you and stop saying that marvel has a bigger box office than dc cuz that's fals, dc made more money from the first 8 movies than marvel from the first 8 movies.

    • Lazy Nerd365
      Lazy Nerd365 9 days ago

      Yeah but the dceu are always rushing there movies and have no character development. The only good dceu movies were. Aquaman, wonder woman, and Shazam

  • Annikin Evanz
    Annikin Evanz 10 days ago +3

    All of the dc movies I’ve watched i slept 10 minutes in

  • Annikin Evanz
    Annikin Evanz 10 days ago +1

    Dc gay

  • SlightlyCoolGuy
    SlightlyCoolGuy 10 days ago

    No shit

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess 10 days ago

    captian marvel is like every single oen of DC's character (except wonder woman): too much power, no emotions, no weakness, no character development. just all powerful. thats why she received so much hate

  • Kenneth Floyd
    Kenneth Floyd 10 days ago +1

    Definitely it's about characteristics... marvel will always be the better of the two. (DC image)

  • Duch ess
    Duch ess 10 days ago

    anyone gaining satisfaction from watching these movies and our heros being praised?

  • Bacon Man
    Bacon Man 10 days ago

    Why marvel better STAN LEE'S CAMEO R.I.P 2018

  • Yez James
    Yez James 10 days ago

    Lets face it. Justice League was not hype enough to even match the first Avengers movie.

  • Mr Kyanite
    Mr Kyanite 10 days ago

    They are both as terrible as each other

  • kemboi collins
    kemboi collins 10 days ago

    how can a belt be won as a crown LAME!!!!!!

    THE ALPHAWOLF 10 days ago +1

    I already know... but I will always love marvel 3000 and dc 3001

  • Henry Hölscher
    Henry Hölscher 10 days ago +1

    You say the same thing throughout the hole videon its boring

  • Sushi Derp
    Sushi Derp 10 days ago +1

    Marvel is better cuz marvel makes actual good movies

  • aweirdnobody
    aweirdnobody 10 days ago

    The reason the DCEU sucks is because most of the people who work on the movies don't know anything about the characters they're supposed to be writing about, and they care more about the action than developing the characters. They don't ever focus on the characters' motivations, and all the characters are one-dimensional

    • Lazy Nerd365
      Lazy Nerd365 9 days ago +1

      @aweirdnobody agreed I immediately stopped watching bvs after I saw BatMan killing someone.

    • aweirdnobody
      aweirdnobody 9 days ago +1

      @Lazy Nerd365 Yeah, one of the things that makes Batman so interesting is his moral code and strict refusal to kill anyone. Once you take that away from his character, he becomes immediately less interesting

    • Lazy Nerd365
      Lazy Nerd365 9 days ago +1

      Yeah and another thing that bothers me is that. Superman and BatMan don't kill and the DCEU ignored that.