Why Marvel Makes Better Movies Than DC

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
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  • Hi-Fidude66
    Hi-Fidude66 10 hours ago

    DC never made a good movie. The characters are too boring, there are no humor, most of their suits look bad, the movies are too dark in both ways.

  • PITA 1211
    PITA 1211 Day ago

    They should have done a Batman movie previous to BVS showing the death of Robin. They could have shown that Bruce had a sense of humor when he had a trusting and familial relationship with Dick Grayson. After Robins death, there would have been a CLEAR character arc seen in the brooding, deadly Batman in BVS. That could have also explained him becoming more light hearted in JL, as then finds people that he builds a trusting relationship with and begins to relax his constant guard (of course, this should have taken at least two JL movies + other stand-alone films showing the back stories of each of the other characters in order to create their own arcs).

  • Mini Keanu Reeves
    Mini Keanu Reeves 2 days ago +2

    I guess the dark knight and joker never happened

  • Leon Ibn La Ahad
    Leon Ibn La Ahad 2 days ago +1

    This should have been title as: ¿How Marvel Maked a better "universe" than DC?

  • Ben the animal crossing fan 2019 Whitaker

    Every comic book fan needs to see this

  • Lowkey Relatable
    Lowkey Relatable 3 days ago

    Avengers, Likes money of course. They need to make a profit but also the story. its not all about the fans. The directors care too.
    Dc just cares about not only money, but who has the most money. Currentley younger demographic. Instead of making joker, the make an unironically "edgy" one. And Harley Quinn is this fangirl of his edgyness. Making the young audience feel relatable. Along with shazam flossing, batwoman and super girl being overly independent, batman killing, and aquaman acting more tough than like actual aquaman. Marvel is marvel. Theyre people with a story being themselves but having to fight choices and morals. DC is only made to make money from a targetted audience.

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny 3 days ago +1

    To everyone hating on superman you have probably not read a single superman comic in your life
    The DCEU superman is some sort of alien god like serial killer.......its not him and the movies dont do him an ounce of justice

  • MJF
    MJF 4 days ago +1

    Marvels' all around quality in characters, story and film is just so much better than DC.

  • Jack Douglas
    Jack Douglas 4 days ago

    Honestly... people warring Marvel vs DC leaves a god-awful taste in my mouth. Both have great heroes and I honestly can’t favor one over the other. Just bc DC did a bad job at getting their heroes on the big screen does not mean they don’t matter. I honestly believe if there was a huge face-off between the two, Superman alone would utterly annihilate a large fraction of Marvel heroes alone. But that’s besides the point.
    Yes... where DC failed in building a Cinematic Universe was simply put, character development. The MCU is only compelling bc it started with individual characters and their own movies and in each of them, both throughout the movie or in a post-credit scene, there were key points dropped to link films together. Those scenes were like chain links. DC failed simply bc they were like impoverished brats who saw the bright and shiny Avengers and said “BuT wE hAve JusTice LeAguE”. They then rushed in to get a finished product instead of building. They started with MoS and Wonderman... but to this day it completely baffles the shit out of me as to why they jumped to BvS and then JL. It just makes no sense. It’s like they all just fumbled about. I honestly love DC but what they delivered is just shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  • Basti Pasia
    Basti Pasia 4 days ago

    Man of Steel is one of the DCEU’s best?

    I just feel sorry for Superman

  • Δημήτρης Μπάρδας

    It's really simple. The producers in Marvel Studios are actual comic book geeks who know their stuff. The producers in DC are businessmen who care only about making money.

  • Earl johann Dulpina
    Earl johann Dulpina 5 days ago

    Because DC always embracing yhe darkness

  • TerranIV
    TerranIV 6 days ago

    Great thoughtful piece about why Marvel films work when DC's don't! I think most people understand that Marvel has better characters but you really spell it out well here WHY Marvel's characters are better than DC's. I'm sad for my DC fanboy friends that they don't have as many good DC movies as we have Marvel movies. I hope DC changes course and focuses on characters and character arcs to tell good stories about their great personalities instead of treating their heroes as plastic action figures they can just smash together and then leave in the sandbox.

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 6 days ago

    Explaining why marvel is better than dc but uses a DC theme

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 6 days ago +2

    In modern times marvel movies is better but back then marvel movies sucked ass

  • Asi Shametaj
    Asi Shametaj 7 days ago

    Marvel films are better than DC in general and they have a lot of charachters and ofc avangers films were very good, on the other hand justice league we all know haw that turned out to be,but we gota accepted tho wonder woman,aqua man and ofc man of steel were preatty good and lets not talk about Dark night rises,that movie was a masterpiece that can make every Marvel movie look bad,so I think bouth Marvel and DC have their own good and bad movies so we should enjoy what bouth can offer.

  • Mushrif Ahmed
    Mushrif Ahmed 7 days ago +1

    Apart from the consistency and the human aspect being missing the other bigger problem is not being true to the source material. DC doesn't understand it's characters. With every Marvel character most fans who know these characters from the comics can say that they thought or acted differently than how they would have in the comics.

  • Daniemac
    Daniemac 8 days ago

    I think the iron man three armor destroying scene is just him showing pepper that he is no longer obsessing over the armor. He still keeps a suit or two but is very much less consumed by his fear of what he may not be able stop.

  • Osama Ned
    Osama Ned 9 days ago

    When you are owned by Disney

    PHENOMENAL ONE 9 days ago

    This may be wrong but Marvel movies are from amzing to okay but not bad maybe Captain Marvel but if you look closely When Marvel fails they fail at the Small Movies but When DC fails they fail at Big Movies like BvS JL

  • Steven Reyes
    Steven Reyes 9 days ago

    I couldn't have said it any better.

  • DC Legion
    DC Legion 10 days ago +1

    Never forget why Marvel succeeded ...they used all of DC's experience. Dc has been making superheroes movies since the 40s but notably brought into great lime light in the 80s with Superman and how about 1989's Batman that redefined what Super heroes can be on screen. The problem with DC was missteps and fatigue. People are a bit tired of Batman and Superman reboots over and over. When Reeves donned Superman, he practically signed a death sentence to it with his iconic performance and sadly the same will go for Iron Man in the future. I will not get into Batman because that is a long story. How ever DO NOT FORGET, if DC had pulled The justice League Mortal movie in 2008, which was ahead of the avengers by 4 years, we would be talking differently now. One other fact is Disney is very good at marketing

  • DC Legion
    DC Legion 10 days ago

    Really why Marvel makes better Movies than DC...you forgot about this tvclip.biz/video/EFlbrjOSgzo/video.html

  • Pablo Deuliand
    Pablo Deuliand 11 days ago +2

    Marvel = videogames kids movies.
    DC = Adult movies, more real and trascendental,
    Batman has the best villians.

    • LucasIsNotAToy
      LucasIsNotAToy 9 days ago +2

      Thanos went from geek circle name to household name cause of marvel.

  • nertoni
    nertoni 11 days ago

    I really liked the darkest version of Batman, that's the real Batman!

  • Praveen Reddy
    Praveen Reddy 11 days ago

    what about thor Ragnarok they changed thor completely

  • Wildan A. Nugraha
    Wildan A. Nugraha 11 days ago +1

    Just hire nolan for dceu and hope he made another dc masterpiece

  • TaeTae LOVE
    TaeTae LOVE 11 days ago

    Plot twist:
    They made a secret deal.

  • Info Pisang
    Info Pisang 12 days ago

    Marvel = Anime Style
    DC = Cartoon Style

  • Iron fudger Stark
    Iron fudger Stark 12 days ago +1

    Eventually like marvel dc will lose the rights to their superheroes

  • Fariston
    Fariston 12 days ago +1

    DC just throw their famous characters into the theater. batman, superman, literally everyone knows who they are but they doesn't make a reason why people should care. groot "death" hit more audience in the feels than superman's death. that says a lot.

  • BoBBlehead-ASMR ASMR
    BoBBlehead-ASMR ASMR 12 days ago

    Merval is for kids and dc is for adults that’s why it doesn’t do will and it’s Disney they can pay people to say shit about movies look at how batman did before merval

  • Michael Montana
    Michael Montana 12 days ago +1

    I have always thought DC/Warner bros just wont spend the time to invest in single movies to build their characters... in 12 years marvel literally lost one character they had to replace Rhodes/war machine... dc keeps losing people and directors... tried to rush out batman vs superman instead of building their story... dc has the more iconic characters and they still can't win... DC's thanks should of been darkseid after multiple justice league and single movies... instead they flop then lose batman superman flash.... only the 3 biggest characters that should be the ones they are able to hold down... Warner bros sucks

  • Adrian van der have
    Adrian van der have 13 days ago +1

    Then phase 4 was announced and now they will crash their own success

  • 404_Hawke
    404_Hawke 14 days ago

    DCEU is Idealistic, while the MCU is realistic

  • Garrett Littleton
    Garrett Littleton 14 days ago

    This video should actually be titled, “why does DC make movies that suck so bad that Marvel has no competition?”

  • John Watt
    John Watt 14 days ago

    YES! This is exactly it! I would go further and say that MCU characters, with the exception of Hawkeye, are very close to their comic characters. And they keep reinforcing the traits of the characters. Bale and Affleck give decent performances, but where did Batman, the detective go? The DC animated Batman series gets it, so why can’t DCEU?

  • coulson mcfallon
    coulson mcfallon 14 days ago +2

    Welcome to 2019 for all those criticizing DC. Rotten tomatoes DC vs Marvel..
    1 . Captain M 64%vs Shazam 70%
    2. Dark phoenix X men 24% vs Joker 88%
    Endgame out of picture.

    • coulson mcfallon
      coulson mcfallon 11 days ago +1

      @emperor palpatine i said endgame out. For spiderman its sony's power now

    • emperor palpatine
      emperor palpatine 11 days ago +1

      What about 94% of endgame and 90% of spider man far from home

  • Daniel YellowOwl
    Daniel YellowOwl 14 days ago

    They made Superman so liked, and Batman so disliked. This was certainly a huge mistake. The Justice League movie also said" you can't save the world alone" what the fuck makes anyone think you ever say that in a nerd film. I'm currently somewhat pestimistic and even I think that's awful. You can't. You're a loner. Well might as well give up🌩🔫💊
    now. Instead put a positive note such as "know you are not alone" this could support Batman's personality to not want any help to save the 🌎, and struggle in leading the team. This could also build up Superman..Superman... the fact he's an alien in all.

  • Frankie Jr
    Frankie Jr 15 days ago +1

    It's telling when Iron Man and Captain America, two heroes who were honestly C/D-List Heroes before the MCU, who are now arguably the two most popular superheroes in the world, are loved and cared for more than Superman and Batman, the Big Two Superheroes of all time.

    MAC VENA 15 days ago

    Better writing, direction, vision, continuity, casting and humor.

  • Zoro's Bankai
    Zoro's Bankai 15 days ago

    DC cinematic universe is just trash, they don’t even know how to make a serious character have funny moments
    The Justice League cartoons had a serious Batman, and yet they made so many funny moments

  • iZendo
    iZendo 15 days ago

    The Dark Knight: Am I a joke to you?

  • GalaxyKane
    GalaxyKane 15 days ago

    There were so many better versions of Batman/Superman stories than Snyders

  • Will Walker
    Will Walker 16 days ago +2

    You have 2,100 dc fans mad as hell...while 53,000 of us marvel heads smile and shake our heads at the 2,100 dc fans..😂😁

    • MR X
      MR X 13 days ago

      Will Walker what

  • Bingo
    Bingo 16 days ago +1

    1 Thing i gotta say, Iron Man didnt retire in iron man 3, hes "turning over a new leaf" as he said, basically a fresh start

  • Nepo Nepo
    Nepo Nepo 16 days ago

    Steve Rogers was my favourite Marvel character, but after Civil War I could no longer stand him.

  • One Above All
    One Above All 16 days ago

    I will never get what the obsession dc fans have with grim and dark edginess, as if that's what makes a movie good.

  • Keira Harris
    Keira Harris 16 days ago +1

    Also justice league is about God's trying to be like humans (apart from batman) whilst marvel is about humans trying to be gods (apart from thor) because who doesn't want to live forever?

  • Daniel Clover
    Daniel Clover 17 days ago

    Marvel movies are a lot more logical than dc

  • Daniel Clover
    Daniel Clover 17 days ago

    Finally I am home!!! Have a good day Marvel fan!!!

  • LumiNyte
    LumiNyte 18 days ago

    Well... Just watch The Avengers, then Justice League and see which is better.

  • West Side is da best
    West Side is da best 18 days ago

    DC has been trying too hard to mirror Marvel.

    Hopefully the Joker film kick-starts a shift in tone for DC films, more emphasis on characters and story than flashy CGI.

  • Kalyan Sharma
    Kalyan Sharma 18 days ago +1

    I am putting it simple
    Marvel is mainly for entertainment
    DC is mainly for story..

    • Nolan Cook
      Nolan Cook 18 days ago +1

      I think they’re both for story but marvel makes characters’ stories more interesting therefore making it more entertaining

  • jonathan foster
    jonathan foster 19 days ago +1

    On the topic of character continuity like batman, marvel did the same thing to thor, making him go from the clueless and serious fish out of water to the sarcastic nonchalant one from ragnarok on. For marvel it just worked, dc not so much

  • jerry mouse
    jerry mouse 19 days ago +1

    I've always prefered Marvel over DC since I started reading their comics in the mid 1970s. I always felt that DC were standalone stories, Batman fought The Penguin one week, then The Riddler the next but Marvel built their stories over several issues. I'm of course speaking from a UK viewpoint, Marvel released numerous comics that reprinted US editions but in the British tradition of breaking up stories into 4-5 page episdodes.

  • Bryan Gleason
    Bryan Gleason 19 days ago

    Because Marvel movies cater to normies who've never picked up a comic book in their lives.

  • marcos felipe Silva
    marcos felipe Silva 19 days ago

    And still after twenty something Marvel movies and tv series. They’ve not been able to beat some Dark Knight. And I’m counting now with some Joker. And sure, better movies like Iron man 2 and 3. And Thor 1 and 2. And the 90% of end game. Nothing to do with the content of the video of course. Just picking up meaningless fights with hardcore fans.

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 19 days ago +1

    Think Deadpool said it best, "Soo dark, you must be from the DC universe"

  • Nick Anastopoulos
    Nick Anastopoulos 19 days ago

    In 20 years from now when the dc reboot will be completed all of you will say why dc is better than marvel