One Change That Would Make Pacific Rim a Classic

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • Pacific Rim was so good, we can’t believe they didn’t do this one thing to make it freaking perfect. And no. That one thing isn’t “Add more swords.”
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Comments • 1 239

  • CallmeMoonMan828
    CallmeMoonMan828 Month ago

    ...And then the sequel did not live up to it at all, but thanks for the good times Cracked. 21 like Salute! Unsubscribe

  • Stoned Song
    Stoned Song Month ago

    can/did someone make this? i love pacific rim (i just call it giant megaman, even cued up the theme song for the big battle first time i saw it), but this would be so much better. also, why cant we have an awesome megaman movie? it'd be like kid friendly terminator. loved that movie as a kid!

  • TheLegendZordon
    TheLegendZordon 6 months ago

    I always thought that if they invented 'drift' technology AFTER dissecting a Kaiju and seeing it had two brains..that would have made the whole "this robot is too big to be controlled by one person" thing, way better.

  • iridium248
    iridium248 7 months ago

    This is all irrelevant, because the sequel kills off Mako just like that.
    *snaps fingers*.

  • Matthew Graey
    Matthew Graey 8 months ago

    Actually _being_ an anime would have made it 97.3% better.

  • Krzysztof Piasek
    Krzysztof Piasek 8 months ago

    Lord Vetinari has that good old saying _Si non confectus, non reficiat_ or in English _If it ain't broke, don't fix it._ The Pacific Rim is good as it is, I like the exposure a lot more and to be fair Mako actor wasn't a great one and it would be even a bigger hit for the movie.

  • Dr. Kaos
    Dr. Kaos 8 months ago

    YES!!! Turn this into a Reddit post on Fixing Movies, full length if possible.

  • Rex Transformation
    Rex Transformation 10 months ago

    Whadeva: still a crappy movie! xD

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 11 months ago

    Much better movie

  • The Daydreamer
    The Daydreamer 11 months ago

    elbow rocket..

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez 11 months ago +1

    Pacific Rim is a classic in my book just as it is!

  • mr albrecht
    mr albrecht Year ago

    77 + 27.3 = 98

  • Celestial Salamander

    hay is it just me or did cracked just suddenly stop uploading stuff?

  • Diego P
    Diego P Year ago

    Ummm it already is

  • Epok97
    Epok97 Year ago

    The sequel will suck. There’s nothing they can do about it. It’s the golden rule. Unless we’re talking Godfather, Terminator 2 or Aliens.

  • LadyDeadpool
    LadyDeadpool Year ago

    S C R EA MS
    Because YOU'RE FUCKIN' RIGHT!!!

  • Orpheus
    Orpheus Year ago

    It would've been a great anime tho. Maybe they should make this into an anime...

  • brooksdanielgary
    brooksdanielgary Year ago

    Nahhh. An instant classic would be if they invaded monster land only to find that the portal is really a time portal too. There are still monsters but they are all midgets in comparison. The heroes decide to get retribution and kill thousands of the monsters before they realize that they are in the past. As such, the monsters grow up to hate humans and build a genetic engineering program to engage them. Full circle.

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia Year ago

    Fuck you guys for firing all the important people(some of you guys that weren’t fire are important too)

  • blazn0
    blazn0 Year ago

    You made 2 big errors.
    1 not an American lead. USA might not like that.
    2 a female (super hero) lead.... tough sell.

  • Rex Transformation

    Whatever, still a crappy movie. :/

  • SeanBellWrites
    SeanBellWrites Year ago

    I love this movie but damn, I really think you're right.

  • Curttehmurt
    Curttehmurt Year ago

    the only problem is the studio never would have let Del Toro have Mako as the main protagonist, too much of a risk for an already risky project

  • Lucio F Adaime
    Lucio F Adaime Year ago

    Definitely agree with this while also making chuck (the aussie) have more of an explicit crush on Raleigh (which canon-wise he probably had as a kid and was totally heartbroken when Raleigh disappeared). This way we get super badass and awesome female lead that's comrades with the white boy with ptsd while the other white dude has tons of daddy issues and internalized homophobia WHILE THEY ALL FIGHT SUPER CRAZY ALIENS. Honestly, the story liberals want.

  • KM L
    KM L Year ago

    I'm gonna chime in. So, let me get this straight. Earth spent a lot of their resources to build giant robots for close quarter combat to defend against giant monsters. Couldn't they just make projectile weapons that can target monsters from a distance(to kill or atleast weaken them) before using robots? It's like sending in your main battle tanks before artillery or airstrike bombardment. You will lose more tanks than usual and it would cost more to replace. Yea, its a sci-fi movie but we don't have to sacrifice common sense and great writing.

  • MadGameBoy
    MadGameBoy Year ago

    my. fucking. god. someone re-edit the movie to follow this videos plot points

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Year ago

    I didn't watch this, as I expected it was another reason to kill a childhood love, i.e. Battleship.

  • Blake Crawford
    Blake Crawford Year ago

    Hi ,Also play The Big O Theme Just once as a ring tone ,We all were thinking it.

  • Reina Merrick
    Reina Merrick Year ago

    "And she gets saved by Idris Elba, just like that dream we all keep having."

  • Will 88
    Will 88 Year ago

    No way dude, Hollywood Is going to put an unknown Asian female in an action blockbuster lead role over Jax from Sons of Anarchy? Even if they were going to do a female lead, with an Asian background, they would have cast Scarlet Johansson in the role instead of the Asian girl, and say Scarlet is Asian. Call me jaded, I am just talking from experience of what I have seen over 60 years of Hollywood casting practices.

  • Grae Hall
    Grae Hall Year ago

    Pacific Rim is a classic. There's many ways to skin the cat of improvement. Many of the ways are deeply & fundamentally subjective to the person suggesting them. It could be much better, it could be much worse. The suggestions laid out so effectively here would, I believe, make it much better. There are no changes required to make Pacific Rim a classic, however. Because Pacific Rim is a classic.

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Year ago

    this is 100% right

  • IKMNification
    IKMNification Year ago

    1:27 "Screw that child, SAVE THAT CAR!!!" - Every Car Enthusiast

  • Maaark Leee
    Maaark Leee Year ago

    How the fuck do you only have 1.9M subs?!?!?!?! Have people not seen 'Agents of Cracked'?!?!?!

  • Jonathan Maclean
    Jonathan Maclean Year ago

    "Dumb names" and "Might secretly be an anime" are the same thing.....and should be on the good side

  • John Rosebush
    John Rosebush Year ago

    Pacific Rim already is a classic, fool

  • TESI303
    TESI303 Year ago

    That makes less sense. I would expect childhood trauma to be more potent than that of an adult, a trained soldier in this case, who has already faced these monsters before.
    What did not make sense was the whole two pilot system which they wrapped half of the movie plot around.

  • ziljin
    ziljin Year ago +1

    Delete the stupid government building a wall plot. Damn government's always so stupid. Just like transformers

  • Chris Sandoval
    Chris Sandoval Year ago

    as much as i love pacific rim, this would be a better take. no way in hell the studio would've approved it at the time but after wonderwoman... may be we can get a similar arc for part three.

  • Aipe97
    Aipe97 Year ago

    100% agree, Mako should have been the protagonist, instead of boring dude that I cant remember his name even though you just said it in the video like a minute ago.

  • Lorenzo Torres
    Lorenzo Torres Year ago

    I admit that probably would have been a welcome change but I feel like the movie still has some glaring flaws that would have needed to be addressed before getting a 98% score. I know some people are dissing on Cinema sins lately but if you watch their video review of this movie they do point out some of the obvious flaws.

  • Nick Murphy
    Nick Murphy Year ago

    I would agree with this. Although I wonder what your reasoning that it might be masquerading as an anime makes it bad.

  • OhMyGlob SoCliche189

    damn, the movie would be a lot better if it was like this

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik Year ago +1

    I did it !

  • Jazzer995
    Jazzer995 Year ago

    Unless someone has already pointed this out I will say it, if you did swap the characters and go with your idea, then the movie would have been 100% a cliché.
    Reason: Because what you said happens in a large majority of anime out there, young main character in trouble, saved by secondary older hero, loses said hero to overwhelming odds, avenges said hero despite injured and facing worse odds, sometimes saves the world.
    There, I've just written every shouen anime plot out there.

  • Midnight x3x
    Midnight x3x Year ago

    agreed, but still it will leave huge problem... it means, an Asian girl gets to be the protagonist... and that is what Hollywood can't accept ( in a big sci-fi big budget movie )

  • LadysavagexXxX
    LadysavagexXxX Year ago

    “She gets rescued by Idris Elba., just like in that dream we all keep having.” 😂🤣 you were there????

  • Grren
    Grren Year ago

    See, you lost me at "Made by cracked"

  • alphanum001
    alphanum001 Year ago

    So, Pacific Rim should have a Rogue One opening?

  • Tropsmoo
    Tropsmoo Year ago

    What about the idiots that decided not to just camp the rift the monsters came through. Oh that was every country in the movie.

  • Cheyenne Reid
    Cheyenne Reid Year ago

    I have always thought that her as the lead makes a much more compelling story. The fact that screen writers and producers and directors couldn’t see that is bullshit.

  • Calico
    Calico Year ago

    This is exactly the change that Zootopia made during production

  • JackTradesman
    JackTradesman Year ago

    evangelion was awful, and seeing this total rip off of in theaters made me want to vomit.

  • rayreineu
    rayreineu Year ago

    Mah-ko Mori. Mahko. Not Macko.

  • ReklawLah
    ReklawLah Year ago +1

    This is absolutely correct. The problem is, Hollywood isn't going to feature an asian woman when they could feature a white man. That would take too much guts.

  • Anish Madan
    Anish Madan Year ago

    I dunno. His bro dying just hits me every time and was the thing that pulled me in the first time.

  • David
    David Year ago

    How to make it cliche*

  • Ty S
    Ty S Year ago

    Pacific rim has all this technology. Why doesn’t everyone just move to the moon?

  • Synthetic Happiness

    "Sir, my punches aren't doing enough damage!"
    "Why don't you use your sword at the start of the fight then?"
    "But sir, it doesn't look as good. I prefer to drag on the fight and then when my Jaeger is damaged I'll finish it off with better weapons. The techs can fix it for me in no time!"

  • Lars Thorsen
    Lars Thorsen Year ago

    So very YES!

  • Midwinterain
    Midwinterain Year ago

    ...fuck. I adored Pacific Rim but always felt that something was missing - and you've hit the nail on the head. This would have been fucking fantastic, plot-wise.

  • Duncan Coltharp
    Duncan Coltharp Year ago

    Oh man, you are so right! I would watch that movie twice as much as I watch the one we got.... which is already a lot.

  • Lanoira13
    Lanoira13 Year ago

    I wanna watch this instead of Pacific Rim. But I can't. Because it doesn't exist.
    Why are we still here? Just to suffer??

  • Sentay0
    Sentay0 Year ago

    This seems like the sort of thing that editors could arrange (like how there's multiple edits of the star wars and lord of the rings movies).

  • Thomas Hester II
    Thomas Hester II Year ago

    I love this but studuos wouldn't back an Asian woman over a White male unfortunately

  • britshell
    britshell Year ago

    Another movie "fixed" by switching the male and female lead....

  • KyoPewz
    KyoPewz Year ago +1

    Wait, you're telling me that one of Cracked's 2 minute usually filler videos was actually good and I agreed with it?

    Surely this is proof the robots have taken over.

  • johnmburt1960
    johnmburt1960 Year ago

    I did wonder why they buried the lead in that film ( _ba-dump CHING!_ ).

  • Jonathan Lebon
    Jonathan Lebon Year ago

    I am really picky when it comes to my movies but this film ticked the following boxes.
    Shizzload of good CGI.
    Giant Robots VS Giant Monsters.
    check check check.
    If it is a good story people want, go watch the notebook... :)

  • Dech Nourtide
    Dech Nourtide Year ago

    Well it's still the second best damn anime-live-action adaption ever, and that's what counts.

  • CelestialVulpes
    CelestialVulpes Year ago

    Except that was probably the original cut.....

  • Jacob Soderlund
    Jacob Soderlund Year ago

    I 100% agree with this

  • Rua O'Neill
    Rua O'Neill Year ago

    hmmm, I agree that that would have made the story better, though it's still a fucking classic: It's monsters vs. robots!

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys Year ago

    "Elbow Rocket Engage!"

  • Anthony Martines
    Anthony Martines Year ago

    That made so much sense!

  • Guillermo Lopez
    Guillermo Lopez Year ago

    Holyshit! you're so right! that would have been way better!

  • Evan Crossland
    Evan Crossland Year ago

    Holy shit, I wanna see that movie so bad!

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Year ago

    can't have a female lead though, let alone an asian one

  • Ser Winzzalot
    Ser Winzzalot Year ago

    very awesome video!!!!!!!!!

  • Allen Lark
    Allen Lark Year ago +1

    I AGREE!

  • DabIMON
    DabIMON Year ago

    That dream we all keep having...

  • adam
    adam Year ago +1

    Completely agree. They wouldn't have had to edit much for marketing material either, they could have just switched the leads and played a "gotcha" moment on everyone thinking Mako was the side-kick and whitey mc white boy (i honestly forget his name) was the lead. Would have been really good.

  • zack israel
    zack israel Year ago +1

    I need a link to that fan edit.

  • C. R. S.
    C. R. S. Year ago +1

    Agreed. I hadn't even thought of that before.

  • Opu Ofbengal
    Opu Ofbengal Year ago

    Nooo! Spoiler warning comes before the damn spoiled!!!!! I know this movie is freaking old as hell but I work a fucking full time job and work overtime so I was holding out on watching this movie til I had some free time. I really really hope you could be more considerate. Damn it!

  • Kaizo Kurry
    Kaizo Kurry Year ago +2

    didn’t uh Cinemasins propose this in their EWW?

  • See What I Did There?

    So then you'll watch anything? 🤢

  • Adam Smasher
    Adam Smasher Year ago

    Pacific Rim is classic.
    Shut up and go home.

  • James Rae
    James Rae Year ago

    1:27 That's an RX-7. Your argument is rendered invalid and the movie is instantly a 10/10 classic.

  • Drey Double
    Drey Double Year ago

    One change that would make Pacific Time a classic?... Leonardo DiCaprio

  • "Memelord" Murphy

    One change that would make Pacific Rim a classic: this time, make it good

  • Rosa
    Rosa Year ago

    still probably an anime tbh

  • videoguyinfinity
    videoguyinfinity Year ago

    Damn, he's right.

  • thebachu786
    thebachu786 Year ago

    Aren't kaijews a bit antisemitic, I mean monsters that come out of the sea and destroy cities...

  • jk7 00
    jk7 00 Year ago +1

    They need to stop with white guy and asian girl couple. It's starting to be gross and cringey how much Hollywood like to pair Asian females with White dudes.

  • chaz murdoch
    chaz murdoch Year ago

    That would totally fix it but I wouldn't get a prequel that I really want to see. If nothing else then for the scene where the guy goes "I know how we fight these monsters...giant robots". I dare you to find an actor that doesn't make that sound like they're having some kinda brain injury

  • Nate Aaron
    Nate Aaron Year ago

    If you switched Obi-Wan and Anikan in Attack of the Clones it would have been way better. Anikan would have had more trouble being polite to the cloners (Obi-Wan had zero issues) and it would be more plausible Padme falls for Anikan after hearing his mentor talk him up than sandy conversations. Plus Obi-Wan failing to save Anikan's mother and rescuing him from Dooku woulda been way more interesting.

  • Den888 999
    Den888 999 Year ago

    I think its better the way it is.

  • Max Ejnar
    Max Ejnar Year ago

    okay i never understood that film. Why the big robots ? Seems to me a single missile battery at the shore could have fuckt those big ass critters up no sweat

  • AriesMale88
    AriesMale88 Year ago

    Omg your right!