How the Pistons went from the brink of a dynasty to over 10 years without a playoff win | Collapse

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • The Detroit Pistons and their president of basketball operations, Joe Dumars, had constructed a magnificent roster that went out every night and performed a beautiful hoops symphony of selfless ball with ferocious defense.
    They rode that to an NBA Championship, came excruciatingly close to repeating, leading to Dumars becoming irrationally impatient, losing his touch, and eventually trading his team’s leader and floor general for pennies on the dollar - and it sent them falling down a pit of despair of terrible hires, trades, signings, draft picks, even a mutiny against a head coach ... until they were nothing but unidentifiable rubble.
    Written and produced by Alex Rubenstein
    Shot by Michael Imhoff
    Edited By Jiazhen Zhang
    Motion Graphics by Michael Das
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Comments • 1 531

  • Billy Badass
    Billy Badass 2 days ago

    Motor City Mayhem, is what I called this team, was one of my favorite basketball teams of all time((and I'm not even from MI))who could most Definitely go toe to toe with the original Bad Boys... My problem with this vid and y i have to stop watching is SO MUCH Context is missing in this, context I feel is very important to the over all history of this era's team..

  • Nathan Neo
    Nathan Neo 5 days ago

    It's sad when nba legends come back as a disastrous executive....

  • Change The Game Network

    Joe need his azz kicked... He kept messing up by not Hiring Laimbeer and God cursed him...

  • Branden Gilbert
    Branden Gilbert 9 days ago

    I know it's not the same series, but PLEASE do a reminder of the 48 special

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo 10 days ago

    Bill for Iverson hurt this team a lot...

  • Odessy Baker
    Odessy Baker 10 days ago

    this sounds like brian windhorst

  • Hasade O
    Hasade O 11 days ago

    Damn they won a title but then they gradually switched up trying to model the Knicks lol

  • Red Durian
    Red Durian 11 days ago

    Lebron destroyed them all... 😁😁

  • Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval 11 days ago

    They should have shown a pic of Pop who helped his friend Larry Brown with which types of D to run against the Lakers

  • Carl Bra på basket
    Carl Bra på basket 12 days ago +1

    Rip Bill Davison

  • Carl Bra på basket
    Carl Bra på basket 15 days ago +1

    Rip Bill davison

  • David Buell
    David Buell 15 days ago

    This was so hard to watch. We were good for so long I said one season I think 06 or 07 that I wonder what it feels like to be a bad franchise. Little did I know we would turn into that franchise and are still barely treading water as a 8 seed caliber team. So many bad coaching hirings, free agency signings and draft picks. With today's big market fair weather climate in the league it makes me wonder will my beloved Pistons ever get back to this era again. Drummond will likely walk for a contender and Blake griffin is one injury away from retirement.

  • Z D
    Z D 17 days ago

    Dumars man.........Dumars............

  • KennyTheKid
    KennyTheKid 18 days ago +1

    If they picked Melo instead of darko they'd have been fine

  • Aric Cua
    Aric Cua 18 days ago

    If the Red Wings had Holland (now in Edmonton), then...


  • SoupTubeTV
    SoupTubeTV 21 day ago

    I love this series

  • JP Brown
    JP Brown 22 days ago

    “They’d *survive* the Jermaine O’Neal-Ron Artest Pacers in a six-game *slugfest*” heh

  • Stephen Thorbahn
    Stephen Thorbahn 22 days ago

    Waiting for the Phillies collapse ;)

  • Christopher ADOS Rosette

    Why they have to do Tracy McGrady like that?!

  • Terrence PERKINS
    Terrence PERKINS 26 days ago

    It always like that teams up teams down nothing new . I hope Zion be great cause when kd retire .. all these new player dnt have a indentity or style

  • Ray Scott
    Ray Scott 27 days ago

    Boston redsoxs 18 and 19 they went from winning all to bums

  • RoyFizzle
    RoyFizzle 29 days ago

    Man I remember that deandre Jordan dunk

  • bob loblaw
    bob loblaw 29 days ago

    It actually pisses me off when people criticize Ron Artest for going after that fan. Like, nobody says shit about how this guy provoked him. They act like it’s *only* Ron Artest who is at fault for responding.

  • Caleb Holliman
    Caleb Holliman Month ago

    That truck for ants though 😂

  • lalt1987
    lalt1987 Month ago

    Pistons biggest mistake was not to draft Carmelo Anthony

  • Peeta File
    Peeta File Month ago

    Shave the head bro

  • Paul H
    Paul H Month ago

    Why you doing me like that

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat Month ago +1

    And the Pistons haven't recovered since.

  • The Shapeshifter
    The Shapeshifter Month ago

    If only the Pistons didn’t draft Darko in 03

  • Ugly Kid
    Ugly Kid Month ago

    Billups Mr Big Shot A Denver Legend

  • Meloves toplay
    Meloves toplay Month ago

    Can't wait for Krispy to watch this

  • Moiz Velani
    Moiz Velani Month ago

    The 04 pistons were a great team don’t get me wrong. But they beat a stacked lakers team with insane chemistry issues. After Lebron they were never able to make it to the finals again... the sad part is those Cleveland teams lebron was on was garbage. The pistons were successful during the weakest era of already a consistently weaker conference. Again nothing to take away from Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace who I feel are HOFers but maybe the pistons just ran into good timing.

  • SparticusHun
    SparticusHun Month ago

    A great blue collar team....who ended up running into THE blue collar team and some guy named Duncan who dropped 23 & 12 on them for the 05 series

  • Step Back
    Step Back Month ago +1

    I don’t know why we complain about the warriors super team there was the pistons spurs and remember the 2015 hawks 4 all star line up

  • Travis Lindberg
    Travis Lindberg Month ago

    9:37 looks like dude punched the other guy 😂😂😂

  • Bluestar43 95
    Bluestar43 95 Month ago

    Oh how the mighty have fallen

  • Malaki727
    Malaki727 Month ago

    Crazy how GM build up there team to win and break them down then quit.
    Just quit and let someone else have nice start

  • Logan Rasch
    Logan Rasch Month ago

    Can you make a collapse video on the Bucks 2001 team and their rebuild to relevance?

  • Jon Epstein
    Jon Epstein Month ago

    What never gets talked about is how this changed the NBA and its tolerance for defense. They put in the new rules after this because they thought people were bored with defense. Suddenly scoring went way up and it became much harder to win with a team that just played harder and defended you. The NBA wants the stars to win. If they truly want parity, they would allow defense again; as its one of the only ways teams with less talent can actually win a 7 game series.

  • saintynomore
    saintynomore Month ago

    Bro this guy be talking so spicy LMFAO. One of these NBA guys gonna find you and make you answer to all of the descriptions you give about them

  • Kalen  Williams
    Kalen Williams Month ago

    Lebron At 22 was already a legend 😂😂

  • akvalues
    akvalues Month ago


  • calbastian
    calbastian Month ago

    Dumars will never have another GM position, that says it all.

  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams Month ago

    I ain't a Pistons fan but this hurt to watch

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele Month ago +2

    I miss Chauncey Billups for making the Detroit Pistons to win its 3rd championship, like the legendary Pistons players from the 80s: Isaih Thomas, Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman

  • Gary Grafia
    Gary Grafia Month ago


    • For the Sake of the Nationalist
      For the Sake of the Nationalist Month ago

      Actually, it was Flip Saunders caused Ben to get out of Pistons and sign with Bulls as he single handled make Joe Dumars to disabled the whole squad with three straight lose in ECF each year. Ultimately, the team never return back to their glory without a single win. Despite, Blake griffin and Andre Drummond share with the line-up.

  • Jared1C
    Jared1C Month ago

    That 2k14 Detroit team was unbeatable

  • zach bear
    zach bear Month ago


  • BrianThaGoat 27
    BrianThaGoat 27 Month ago

    13:25 MO CHEEKS😂😂😂😂

  • Tmack
    Tmack Month ago

    Dumars captured lightening in a bottle, then spent the following decade trying to do it again.

  • Stupid Google
    Stupid Google Month ago

    Even though I am supposed to hate everything Michigan, I guess, I liked that Pistons team just because of what it was - blue-collar, hard-working, defense-oriented, no stars, beating bought dream teams like the Lakers.

    It didn't last, and that's why I don't watch the NBA anymore. Sure it was fun watching the power dynamic change over to the young Lebrons/Cavs, but that too turned into an absolute joke. The NBA has a fatal problem. Too bad the fans go along with it.

  • Im Awesome
    Im Awesome Month ago

    they could have still thrive if they pick Melo over Darko

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago +1

    I fondly remember those Detroit Pistons teams. They were a ferocious, competitive, team and now they're shadows of themselves. All because they imploded from the inside out. What a shame.

  • Jeffry De Leon
    Jeffry De Leon Month ago +2

    I remember when they traded Chauncey. That was the end man. He held that team together.

  • gavin wolcott
    gavin wolcott Month ago +1

    What is their obsession with UConn guys?

  • fjames72
    fjames72 Month ago

    I think they had a win and an okay run but not a brink to a dynasty.

  • angel alfaro
    angel alfaro Month ago

    Tough to watch this! I remember all this as a Pistons fan :[

  • Norberto Niebres
    Norberto Niebres Month ago +1

    Maybe the Chicago Bulls will do the same thing the Detroit Pistons did. That is, be successful without a true superstar. I just hope the collapse does not happen.

  • Norberto Niebres
    Norberto Niebres Month ago +1

    Let it go.

  • Luis Enrique
    Luis Enrique Month ago

    Dumars drafted Darko instead of Melo🤣🤣