SUMO Wrestler Food! Hot Pot With Meatballs in Tokyo Japan

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • Today I try the legendary sumo wrestler hot pot in Japan!
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Comments • 708

  • mosssider
    mosssider 2 days ago

    30 sec intros in 2018

  • Jossah Quiros
    Jossah Quiros 5 days ago

    I am watching every single video wooo

  • RoisinV
    RoisinV 13 days ago

    I bet that soup is so good when you have a cold 🤤

  • beatnix99
    beatnix99 14 days ago

    Is Shaha Okinawan?

  • KraussHelmut
    KraussHelmut 20 days ago

    This was you perfect opportunity for a FOOD CHALLENGE!!

  • Cecille Perez
    Cecille Perez Month ago


  • Jenni Annelieze Mellow

    lol I would choke to death I ever tried to inhale the ramen like that. So I always eat it with a calm disposition :D

  • NiiMay Trickey
    NiiMay Trickey Month ago

    Looks healthy

  • 리 왕야샤하라
    리 왕야샤하라 Month ago +1

    Yes i recommend i went there a couple weeks ago thxs for the info of the place the noddles were so amazing and genuine

  • Nerio
    Nerio Month ago

    That Chanko looks SO GOOD.

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 2 months ago

    I mean, I COULD be sleeping at 5:48 am BUT I could watch ANOTHER video by Mikey

  • Ingrid Matthews
    Ingrid Matthews 2 months ago

    I'm sorry to curse, but that looks f*cking delicious. OMG. I want so bad.

  • Michael Patricio
    Michael Patricio 2 months ago

    Wow.. Jumbo!

  • asadk
    asadk 2 months ago


  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson 2 months ago

    I bet that sumo soup is great if your sick. It would cure what ails you.

  • Kym Lysaght
    Kym Lysaght 2 months ago


  • Hrituparna Deb
    Hrituparna Deb 2 months ago

    That sumo bowl is calling my name!!

  • Boxer Blake
    Boxer Blake 2 months ago

    Did you have any food in Japan that you didn't enjoy?

  • JM_04
    JM_04 2 months ago

    SUMOl things come in...burp* *hurl, food coma***

  • Becky Parker
    Becky Parker 2 months ago

    Had to stop watching cos of the slurping again it’s THE worst noise in the world

  • Frances Brooks
    Frances Brooks 2 months ago


  • Pt0wN973b0iI
    Pt0wN973b0iI 2 months ago +1

    You need to use smoother music, the music is too upbeat for your type of content.

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr 2 months ago

    Damn, now I'm hungry

  • Survivor21// 4Jejemon4
    Survivor21// 4Jejemon4 2 months ago

    i was in japan last 2016

  • vincent valentine
    vincent valentine 2 months ago

    $27? damn that's cheap

  • daniel giampa
    daniel giampa 2 months ago

    Am i the only person who noticed the swastica when he looked on the map at the begining

    • C P
      C P 2 months ago

      The swastika is actually a religious symbol dating back thousands of years. It was co-opted and corrupted by Hitler and is now widely misunderstood and misinterpreted, especially in the West.

  • Destinie Majied
    Destinie Majied 2 months ago

    You look loke the guy version of the kpop star amber.

  • Pandas AKA Lovelyloser33

    Anyone here watching in bed right now?

  • The Hungry Black Panda
    The Hungry Black Panda 2 months ago

    Hot pot is my middle name! You killing me here mikey! So good!

  • John Pierre
    John Pierre 2 months ago


  • gottfer
    gottfer 2 months ago

    noow we are talking

  • Victor Fong
    Victor Fong 2 months ago

    Great vid Mike! You have any ties to Long Beach, CA?

  • JustNess78
    JustNess78 3 months ago

    Cool! You've got on a Long Beach, CA shirt... that's where I'm from! When were you here? Did u make a video at one of our fabulous restaurants? :)

  • WizardOfOss
    WizardOfOss 3 months ago

    I've been 15 times to Japan, I've actually been to a sumo tournament, but somehow I've never tried chanko nabe. Big mistake....

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 3 months ago

    Slurping is considered very bad here just fyi chen

  • Schaun Proctor
    Schaun Proctor 3 months ago +1

    Where can I buy one of them spoons

  • Narcissus
    Narcissus 3 months ago

    Looks delicious! Also, you need to ground the sesame until it becomes powder! That way it will mix with the broth perfectly

  • Dorene Bonafilia
    Dorene Bonafilia 3 months ago

    Wow! No chili spice?

  • theacp127
    theacp127 3 months ago

    I've never eaten sword fish before. It looks amazing.

  • Hannah Martinez
    Hannah Martinez 3 months ago

    Mikey, where did you get that Long Beach shirt? I need one. 🤗

  • uta kitsune
    uta kitsune 3 months ago

    Dang that bowl is huge but everything looks so yummy!

  • Healthy Foods
    Healthy Foods 3 months ago

    not only healthy but also tasty !

  • Hồng Trần Thị
    Hồng Trần Thị 3 months ago

    can you teach me how to making chinese noodle?

  • Jagdeesh Kumar
    Jagdeesh Kumar 3 months ago

    You should come to pakistan you'll definitely enjoy spicy food here.

  • MzFulfigdBeauti
    MzFulfigdBeauti 3 months ago


    GULLWORKS LTD. 3 months ago

    Mike “Hey, you gonna finish that?” Chen

  • Carlos Razo
    Carlos Razo 3 months ago

    this is irrelevant but have you ever eaten mexican pizza it sounds weird

  • Skegsy
    Skegsy 3 months ago

    Always end up on your videos stoned with a plate of food in front of me..

  • Flowers and Love
    Flowers and Love 3 months ago

    Please willyou come to the uk as i know alot of good places that i think you will really like e.g cosmos idk if thwy have it in america but i think you should try t

  • Łysy Z Rifta
    Łysy Z Rifta 3 months ago

    you look like jackie chan

    SALAMANDER 3 months ago

    Ive been watching all your videos lately and i love them all i love your personality i love the food you show and eat and i love everytjibg in general just keep up making these great videos and stay hungry❤

  • nervi taralin
    nervi taralin 3 months ago

    I think i watched plenty of your videos and i notice you have never been to Indonesia?? Whyyy (;o;)

  • Amith Rao
    Amith Rao 3 months ago

    U should probably make a video on food in new York

  • L
    L 3 months ago

    Sardine meatballs... okay I'm off to scout for recipes.

  • Geo 250
    Geo 250 3 months ago

    Dude please go to America California and go to Shikoku sushi it’s really good place please make a video on its not like your tipical Japanese restaruant everything is good please go there I would appreciate it

  • MrZombie
    MrZombie 3 months ago

    Sumo's like to make a meal of a meal ;p

  • stabarke
    stabarke 3 months ago

    This is just a few minutes from my apartment. But I’ve only gotten the hot pot once in 2 years of being here 😂

  • Novena Sterlington
    Novena Sterlington 3 months ago

    Food network should hire you.

  • Emmit Winchell
    Emmit Winchell 3 months ago

    Mikey I'd say find a sumo or yokazuna and eat with them.

  • Enigmatic Atheist
    Enigmatic Atheist 3 months ago +1

    He's a chopstick master! I wish I had my technique down like he does...

  • Ozzy Hooper
    Ozzy Hooper 3 months ago

    Hey Mike next time you are in Japan you should try giant rainbow lobster

  • Tingle lingaling
    Tingle lingaling 3 months ago

    I have never been an overly adventurous eater. I will try things if other people get them, but wont order something I don't know on my own. Partially because I don't want to spend money on something I do not like. I love going to family style eating places with friends because I can then taste things I may not have tried otherwise. Same with buffets. I can put a little bit of something new on my plate but still have the safety of favorites. Ya I know I'm a pansy lol.

  • Miguel Patxot
    Miguel Patxot 3 months ago

    Do you have any recommendations in NJ?

  • the great all mighty G
    the great all mighty G 3 months ago +1


  • Kitkatcitty19
    Kitkatcitty19 3 months ago

    Love your channel! Could watch it for hours except it makes me hungry for foods I don't have access to😭 I've watched your videos in the states and was wondering if you could a video in Duluth, GA. Huge asian city with k-town, vietnamese food markets and many more, its a huge melting pot. I think you'd have fun there! Best banh mi's, korean food, and dim sum I've ever had came from there. Highly recommend the city.

  • Adam Master
    Adam Master 3 months ago

    U sound depressed

  • japro
    japro 3 months ago


  • ladydacious
    ladydacious 3 months ago

    I know what I'm doing for my next birthday. I'm going to my first Hot Pot. You make it look sooo delicious.

  • Wirley Daviondyll Valdez

    How come you can eat a lot and don't get hemorrhoids?

  • Sepehr Shams
    Sepehr Shams 3 months ago

    Im sitting here with a recovering broken jaw and I'm dying!!!

  • Huda Jamal
    Huda Jamal 3 months ago

    i missed you so much 😍i didn't have internet for a week and you are the only one that i miss ❤

  • Reo Queen
    Reo Queen 3 months ago

    And here I am,eating my cereals without milk...

  • Desmondstillapranks
    Desmondstillapranks 3 months ago +3

    How do you eat so much food I made 2 packs of ramen and couldn’t finish it like if u agree he can eat a lot 😂

  • aaliyah ramsaran
    aaliyah ramsaran 3 months ago

    mikey you should come to TRINIDAD and TOBAGO it have awesome food

  • Rom Cabatz
    Rom Cabatz 3 months ago

    cool food vid

  • natalie m
    natalie m 3 months ago

    I love your videos so much, they are so wholesome and well done.

  • MerrySims21
    MerrySims21 3 months ago

    Mike, get a new phone. My Galaxy S9+ can translate written languages with BixbyVision. It's. So. Awesome.

  • romain zhang
    romain zhang 3 months ago

    Im actually disappointed its not the real sumo size....

  • Max McFarlin
    Max McFarlin 3 months ago

    That sardine meatball sounds and looked so freaking good😭🙌🏻

  • MyDearKyoKun
    MyDearKyoKun 3 months ago

    The waiter seems so nice~! (o^^o)

  • Microbe proto zoa
    Microbe proto zoa 3 months ago

    All the food you eat looks delicious I'm jealous keep up the good work

  • Arthur Wilkinson
    Arthur Wilkinson 3 months ago

    You should do a "How to use chopsticks video" I know how to use them but I can't cut food in half like you do. Would be awesome thanks!

  • NY ́s Finest
    NY ́s Finest 3 months ago

    No stereotype but anyone ever tell you that you look like Jackie Chang ?

  • siekensou77
    siekensou77 3 months ago

    next time youre in hk, go to ma on shan one of the last rail stops and look for 喜多浪. ask for summer seasonal red bean milk tea.

  • neelaayaannn batuu
    neelaayaannn batuu 3 months ago +4


  • Aggie S.
    Aggie S. 3 months ago

    wowwwww!! greetings from Surinam and i'm craving for hot pot now. looks soo delicious!!

  • Truepicasso
    Truepicasso 3 months ago

    Nice one Jackie!

  • Gusti Ngurah Dwijaksara

    You're my go to channel when I'm eating

  • Exploring Alabama
    Exploring Alabama 3 months ago

    Rule Number One:
    "Don't ever judge a hot pot by it's appearance"

  • Nimori Kandara
    Nimori Kandara 3 months ago

    I love these kinds of foods.
    If i were to choose from Asian, Western, Mexican, Italian, and the rest for my favorite “genre” of food... I’d choose asian. Its healthier and tastier in my opinion c:
    Of course, all in moderation though!!!
    I love Phở, Ramen, Udon, Sushi, Bánh mì, Eggrolls and Springrolls, and a bunch more!! Noodles are great, but anything meaty and has rice is even better!! Fried rice with chicken and shrimp and pork ^w^
    This is making me wayyy too hungryyy

  • Debasish Patro
    Debasish Patro 3 months ago


  • RetroExotica
    RetroExotica 3 months ago

    Great video as usual, Mikey! The timing of this video's posting is wonderful, too, since the July Sumo Tournament (Sumo Basho) is currently underway in Nagoya! You can follow sumo year-round on NHK World-Japan in the United States online or on selected cable systems (I see it on AT&T U-Verse). I recently learned that sumo is an all-year sport, with tournaments held in Japan every two months. The current July tournament is in the city of Nagoya, the next one is in September, in Tokyo (the January, May, and September tournaments are held in Tokyo; the March tournament is held in Osaka, the July tournament in Nagoya, and the November tournament in Fukuoka).

  • Ghazali Rafiq
    Ghazali Rafiq 3 months ago

    Huge fan of ya

  • Ghazali Rafiq
    Ghazali Rafiq 3 months ago

    Ur awesome Mike

  • Ghazali Rafiq
    Ghazali Rafiq 3 months ago

    First I was shocked that the sumo wrestlers would drink so much sake

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 3 months ago +1


  • Dian Andriany
    Dian Andriany 3 months ago

    I like you add english subtitle on this video , I hope all videos have english subtitle 👍

  • Steph19
    Steph19 3 months ago

    You look like colt Luger kind of

  • Maxprison
    Maxprison 3 months ago

    Man I wish I could make my job be traveling around the world for food btw nice vid

  • Blueberry Pitbull
    Blueberry Pitbull 3 months ago

    Mikey! The new Pokemon movie is out now in Japanese theaters. You should go see it.