The Struggle of Wearing Glasses

  • Published on Mar 8, 2017
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    who else wears trusty spectacles
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  • MiniTerror 152
    MiniTerror 152 10 months ago +19719

    Glasses Squad Assemble!!!

  • SLy Fox
    SLy Fox 2 hours ago

    I used to live in the UK and it sucked, but then I moved to Dubai so yeah I don’t face to many problems

  • Amelie Kooistra
    Amelie Kooistra 5 hours ago

    0:56 Jungkook ! lol biass

  • Member of the Phandom
    Member of the Phandom 9 hours ago

    Omg the into alone made me subscribe 😂

  • Old Man Jenkins
    Old Man Jenkins 11 hours ago

    Glasses can kiss my white ass, i might as well be wearing a telescope

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown 13 hours ago

    That’s why there are Contacts

  • Pineapple Channel
    Pineapple Channel 14 hours ago

    First time I watched a video on your channel died 😂

  • krauzž
    krauzž 15 hours ago

    My eyes have good Wi-Fi but a small screen.

  • Daddy Trash
    Daddy Trash 16 hours ago

    Did you know, TheOdd1sOut lives in the same area as me?

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 20 hours ago

    My eyes are about 480p without glasses

  • Brinsley Blair
    Brinsley Blair 20 hours ago

    jungkook is a beautiful thing on this earth lmao

  • Fizzyhirry Ahmed
    Fizzyhirry Ahmed 22 hours ago

    *0:06** why does he look like ricegum when he used to wear glasses*

  • Jaxx SIO
    Jaxx SIO 22 hours ago

    i gave a guy my glasses once bc bad prescription and he said he felt high. then he would constantly ask for them (EVEN GOING AS FAR AS STEALING THEM FROM MY FACE) bc he “wanted to feel high/drunk during school.” i hated that guy so much

  • Marin Milevoj
    Marin Milevoj 23 hours ago

    I wore 9 glasses so far. Three times cause I needed better one. Other 6 times I managed to break them.

  • Serg.i0 _
    Serg.i0 _ Day ago


  • a very nerdy Pikachu

    One perk of glasses litrelly being able to fu###ing see when there on

  • Bernardo BR
    Bernardo BR Day ago

    4:38 name of the song please!
    *EDIT* : Forget it, just realized it is Sadness and Sorrow, from Naruto (oh god, why am I crying).

  • Do the flop guy
    Do the flop guy Day ago

    I wear glasses but I prefer contacts lenses

  • Darth Bart
    Darth Bart Day ago

    I feel you, bro.
    I live in sunny south Florida, but recently a bunch of arctic air got pushed down the east coast of the United States and it got so cold that I had to wear a scarf under my trusty spectacles while trying to navigate through the crowd of Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on New Years Eve. Now I understand the problem with that.

  • Queen. A
    Queen. A Day ago +1

    I have been wearing glasses since I was 10😭. And lemme tell you NOBODY I mean nobody in my school knows I wear glasses cos I’m too nervous to take them only 1 of my friend knows & I have been passing grades &’ not repeating a grade level with my terrible horrible vision like I can’t even see what’s 2 feet away from me 😭.

  • TIᑎY_TEᗰ
    TIᑎY_TEᗰ Day ago +1

    Im short and.....
    Person: HA UR SO SHORT
    Me: No 💩 sherlock -_-

  • a grape is a veggie

    Little Asian boi

  • EL HA empire
    EL HA empire Day ago


  • Knuckle Chuckle
    Knuckle Chuckle Day ago

    When ever someone asked to try my glasses they would hold it by the LENS (it leaves a mark) and when they give it back I have to clean it with my shirt

  • SimplyRainbow Is Bae

    why dont you try contacts?
    (I wish i could get contacts but nope, i have to get new lenses literally twice a year so it would be a wasteeee)
    this is also so relatable, since i have glasses and i'm half Asian since my mom is from the Philippines.

  • Max Animations
    Max Animations Day ago

    I know the struggle of wearing glasses I've had to wear glasses since I was four and I had to wear them all the time so I understand your pain

  • Ruika-Kun o.o
    Ruika-Kun o.o Day ago

    LEGAlly blind without glasses, and autistic so I can't wear contacts without having a sensory overload. Also, had glasses since I was in year 3 so... 2nd grade if you have that

  • waffle playz and more

    1:40 copying domics lol but love your vids

  • Charles Barnett
    Charles Barnett Day ago


  • Nya nya
    Nya nya Day ago

    Amazing also....

  • Des Draws
    Des Draws Day ago

    every morning i get up to use the bathroom but usually i forget my glasses. my vision is about as bad as yours. it doesn't help though that the floor on my side of the bed is completely covered by my stuff. so when i get up and forget my glasses, everything is a hazard. so id get up, sometimes trip over everything and then get out the door. but after that i have to cross the tiny sliver of ground in front of a flight of stairs that ive fallen down at least twice. then i possibly get to the bathroom. everything in the bathroom is white so id have to go to the toilet and search for the toilet paper because its never in the same spot. sometimes i cant find it and then id have to end up going BACK to the room to get my glasses

  • James Bend
    James Bend 2 days ago


  • Quadril
    Quadril 2 days ago


  • Michael awdry
    Michael awdry 2 days ago +1

    My flarfing god.
    I were glasses and I live in the UK.
    And its winter.
    My glasses Steam up a lot

  • DeathPlayz
    DeathPlayz 2 days ago +1

    Uhhh contact lens?

    • Des Draws
      Des Draws Day ago

      DeathPlayz are you INSANE?! i will nOt tOuch my friGGiN EyEbAll
      plus, contacts require way more care than im willing to give

  • Raymond Nelson
    Raymond Nelson 2 days ago


  • A Ferris
    A Ferris 2 days ago


  • A Ferris
    A Ferris 2 days ago

    Me to👓👓

    BAGS OF MILK 2 days ago

    00:57 I see my man junkook he is truly one beautiful human being 👌

  • Not_A_Normal_Gal
    Not_A_Normal_Gal 2 days ago

    Just try contact lenses...jeezuz

  • Zain Vellani
    Zain Vellani 2 days ago +1

    Erold is aomine

  • Koral Noland
    Koral Noland 2 days ago +1

    And the worst thaing pluss glasess is uhh WaTEr

  • Koral Noland
    Koral Noland 2 days ago +1

    I know how it feels because winter

  • Dog Bork
    Dog Bork 2 days ago


  • heidi rivera
    heidi rivera 2 days ago

    I also have *Trusty specticales* this video was os relatable

  • Lupita The Potato
    Lupita The Potato 2 days ago

    0:54 Tru Tru you will never see Jungkooks beauty

  • cj anderson
    cj anderson 2 days ago

    Yea I'm blind to

  • brassknives34
    brassknives34 2 days ago

    Why do you not where contacts

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 3 days ago

    Ahhh I also have glassesss.......

  • Kiluluchi Tora
    Kiluluchi Tora 3 days ago

    I relate xD

  • Sam Conner
    Sam Conner 3 days ago

    I got a glasses ad on a video about glasses.

  • DyleenVlogs G
    DyleenVlogs G 3 days ago


  • Number One
    Number One 3 days ago

    0.57 i like how you put momo twice (as in two times) pun not intended

  • XxGaming CutiexX
    XxGaming CutiexX 3 days ago

    I've had glasses since I was 6... I thought glasses would make me smarter, because all the smart kids in movies and books wear them. I faked my eye test when I was 5, and wearing these lenses that made my vision look so blurry. My vision started adjusting to this change. So now, age 17, I have these trusty spectacles I would've of had if I wasnt so gullible 12 years ago.

  • Muhamed Azeez
    Muhamed Azeez 3 days ago

    Same tho

  • SaVz_ EvL
    SaVz_ EvL 3 days ago +1

    "cool guy points -1000"
    Me: Previous points: 0
    Current points: -1000

  • TheEmerald King
    TheEmerald King 3 days ago


  • best minecraftz
    best minecraftz 3 days ago

    I was dying 😂😂😂

  • Good mythical afternoon

    Glasses are perfect in Arizona cuz it never rains and they don’t fog up when u walk in a room cuz it’s hot

  • Run Zou
    Run Zou 3 days ago

    You can rub solid soap on the lens and it won't fog up

  • Aiko Yumi
    Aiko Yumi 3 days ago

    I took a permanent marker and drew a little dot in the middle of them, so when they fogged up, i would have Saitama eyes. I couldn't really see the dot, so it was all good.

  • Pusheen
    Pusheen 3 days ago

    So true I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 3

  • Zoe Prior
    Zoe Prior 3 days ago

    Yeah, people who live in hot places don't deal with that. *queue jaiden and james*

  • andres BOOSS
    andres BOOSS 3 days ago

    😢😢😢 4:20

  • A.H.A.S Plays
    A.H.A.S Plays 3 days ago

    Know the pain fam

  • PlavitPOi90
    PlavitPOi90 4 days ago

    Have you heard of lences

  • BTS girl
    BTS girl 4 days ago

    I had these glasses that are black and white and well
    1: The right holder broke from a stupid pencil case
    2: It broke again with a basketball being smashed to my side
    3: I hit myself with a volleyball and both broke
    4: The same as the 3rd one
    and after my dad rage quitting from gluing them to the glasses I got new red ones

  • A Slice of Toast
    A Slice of Toast 4 days ago

    I have glasses but I never where them because I don't like wearing them at all and my vision is already good enough without them so I just don't use them.

  • LinkIsHere
    LinkIsHere 4 days ago

    4:35 Oh shit Soldier 76 is Kermit confirmed

  • lightningod 19
    lightningod 19 4 days ago +1

    I've had glasses since I was 4 my vision is -7

  • shaima frc
    shaima frc 4 days ago

    this is so funny omggg its one of the best channel in the universe

  • Palak Shergill - James Potter PS (1517)


  • Nicole The Tomato
    Nicole The Tomato 4 days ago

    My vision is negative sooo HAAAA
    contacts are a gift from god

  • darkstarQgt
    darkstarQgt 4 days ago

    I feel your pain

  • Fox Craftz
    Fox Craftz 4 days ago


  • Taavi Rannaküla
    Taavi Rannaküla 4 days ago

    I Aldo habe glasses

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 4 days ago


  • Antoneko Arima
    Antoneko Arima 4 days ago


  • Luna Piropa
    Luna Piropa 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't wear glasses but watching this anyways?

  • Mitchell Van Empelen

    Relatable, Not anymore tho since i've got my eyes lasered

  • Shiro Kyoto
    Shiro Kyoto 5 days ago

    *Balls to the face*

  • JeffPines
    JeffPines 5 days ago +2

    So true glasses 👓 :I

  • T-roy ya boi
    T-roy ya boi 5 days ago

    Flying spaghet monster

  • Loretta Balder
    Loretta Balder 5 days ago

    One perk of having glasses is when you are playing a card game that you have to put the card on your head you can put it in yo glasses and it looks halariass

  • Kerra Jean
    Kerra Jean 5 days ago

    Some one needs to get this boy contacts

  • TheLovingNarwhal
    TheLovingNarwhal 5 days ago

    The man. The myth!
    *T H E L E G E N D*

    Scott Stirling.

  • Pink Suspect
    Pink Suspect 5 days ago

    KOOKIE AH HELL YA *nuts*

  • bliss
    bliss 5 days ago

    oh you think your weather struggles are bad?
    go to the netherlands and you see

  • Helena Canielo
    Helena Canielo 6 days ago

    Gosh, only 7????? How old are you? I'm 11 years old, and alredy had 4!!!!!( i no, i'm careless😭)

  • MsParanoiaX
    MsParanoiaX 6 days ago

    I was trying so hard not to laugh on the train

  • Zachary Frye
    Zachary Frye 6 days ago

    When you mentioned the scarf thing it fuuucked me up how true it was

  • saske _nightcore
    saske _nightcore 6 days ago

    0:14 you look like Daichi, guess you'll be dead-chi because of that volleyball hitting you're face

  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central 6 days ago

    I can relate to this

  • Honey Kojongian
    Honey Kojongian 6 days ago

    Wait jaiden and james are in arizona is that why she and he are in the picture

  • Teddy RBLX
    Teddy RBLX 6 days ago

    I wear glasses and i have loads of problems with them,

    1) when i cry, the glasses all of a sudden steam up the lenses and leave speckles of dried tears on them
    2) when i try to lay my head down, my face feels uncomfortable with them on, so i really wish i had contacts!!
    3) Sometimes my glasses get dirty for no reason what so ever and i don’t touch them a lot, so i clean them constantly about 5 or more times a day
    4) i really hate it when the students at my school try to wear my glasses, it’s so hard to say no since i’m so nice to them, half of the time i think they are so blind themselves for touching the lenses with their whole hand and getting them dirty.
    there’s more to the story but i won’t say a lot ahah

  • lifewithmia
    lifewithmia 6 days ago

    i totally relate to this vid ; u ;

  • Oakley_14
    Oakley_14 6 days ago

    I love my glasses ;-;

  • Jagg Infiniti
    Jagg Infiniti 6 days ago

    Glad im not illegally blind

  • IntertemporalWarfare

    "People don't throw things in chess" You've clearly never 1v1'ed my father in that game. He will get you f*cked up quicker than you can say "THAT'S NOT A LEGAL MOVE DAD"

  • Ava Basciani
    Ava Basciani 6 days ago

    Just got glasses today