[NEW HERO - NOW AVAILABLE] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Meet the resourceful tinkerer that fights with an iron-clad mech: Wrecking Ball.
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  • Bobitotime
    Bobitotime 17 days ago

    What irresponsible parents... tsk tsk tsk

  • RayanialOwO
    RayanialOwO 18 days ago

    Yay OwO

  • .•*Hala Taibi*•.
    .•*Hala Taibi*•. 26 days ago +1

    My brother got a hamster and named it Hammond didn’t know I would be the one taking care of him 😌

  • Grace Deocaris
    Grace Deocaris Month ago

    ... I need this one

  • Xρήστος Παράσογλου

    My fav player🔥

  • Ayd4n
    Ayd4n Month ago +1

    Why are there so many dislikes?

  • Sara Daniels
    Sara Daniels Month ago +1

    just swing and hope for the best

  • Timothy Gantt
    Timothy Gantt Month ago +1

    I wonder what's in that ball of his

  • Terlinilia
    Terlinilia Month ago +1

    'Super Intelligent Gorillas'

  • Not Te Moai XdXd
    Not Te Moai XdXd Month ago

    1:01 I nutted

  • Derrick Bachmann
    Derrick Bachmann Month ago

    He’s my favorite omnic

  • The Legend 28
    The Legend 28 2 months ago

    This makes me realize that Wrecking Ball (The Mech) doesn't get much credit after looking at these comments

  • Salem Saleh
    Salem Saleh 2 months ago

    So are we eventually gonna talk about how Bilzzard shitposted a hero into the game?

  • Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti

    I wanna be friends with him and roll him around like a snowball.

  • jason_YT_ROBLOX jasongoodyu


  • M. P.
    M. P. 3 months ago

    and there goes my idea for a race of hyper intelligent spacefearing
    Hamsters for my upcoming Comic :/ now i have to think of something else,
    otherwise people will scream "YOU STOLE THAT FROM OVERWATCH"...*sigh*
    Still i really love to play him in Overwatch

  • M. P.
    M. P. 3 months ago +1

    and there goes my idea for a race of hyper intelligent spacefearing
    Hamsters for my upcoming Comic :/ now i have to think of something else,
    otherwise people will scream "YOU STOLE THAT FROM OVERWATCH"...*sigh*
    Still i really love to play him in Overwatch

  • XO HO
    XO HO 3 months ago +1

    I came in like an wrecking ball

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine 3 months ago

    Is Miley Cyrus going naked on him?

  • Agent Boi
    Agent Boi 3 months ago

    Why call him Wrecking ball when we know the name is Hammond.

    • Name
      Name 3 months ago +1

      Because if he was called Hammond in the game, he would separate Genji and Hanzo. The devs didn't want that.

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708 3 months ago

      Bloodwing Agent because wrecking ball is his nickname

  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble 3 months ago +1

    78,000th like

  • SammersM
    SammersM 3 months ago

    No political drive, no sides, no agenda; the most wholesome wee dude in Overwatch!

  • Chewbacca
    Chewbacca 3 months ago +1

    Richard Hammond in Top Gear is called Hamster! XD

    • Chewbacca
      Chewbacca 3 months ago

      @Romero Turner I think the only similarity is the size, lmao

    • Romero Turner
      Romero Turner 3 months ago +1

      However, This Hammond Doesn't crash, Or Isn't a "Blithering Idiot."
      I watch too much Top Gear/The Grand Tour.

  • DokScy
    DokScy 3 months ago

    Lands on australian wasteland
    Builds a war machine
    Becomes a popstar
    Gets frozen to death by a chinese pokemon.

  • Punct Punct
    Punct Punct 3 months ago

    Just imagine what people on junkertown react when they see a hamster on they door

  • pumpkoon
    pumpkoon 3 months ago

    Sigma hear bois

  • James Preedy
    James Preedy 4 months ago

    Loads bastion gun aim for the little guys head

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 4 months ago

    Hammomd has WRECKED all the mechs in Junkertown

  • Marauder
    Marauder 4 months ago

    0:23 I know I’m a year late, but what’s on that screen Hammond is working behind really gives some interesting lore.

  • McGreyjoy
    McGreyjoy 4 months ago

    Its Hammond!

  • SilentSnow777
    SilentSnow777 4 months ago

    This sounds like an Overwatch OC trying to squish it's way into someone's canon backstory.

  • Michael Anishenko
    Michael Anishenko 4 months ago

    wouldn't it be cool if the entire narration for this clip was voiced by the hamster himself? i mean... the art that is representing the story in this clip is doing a good job visualizing his story :)

  • Terlinilia
    Terlinilia 4 months ago

    You know it's a good day when an abnormally intelligent hamster joins the fight against terrorism

  • Void Shen
    Void Shen 4 months ago +1

    The music is so adorable

  • John Battye
    John Battye 4 months ago +3

    Wow, a year already.

  • Ng You Bbbgi
    Ng You Bbbgi 4 months ago +83

    "I can't help but wonder what it is he's looking for when he gets out there"
    Probably sunflower seeds or something

  • Alex Jaimes
    Alex Jaimes 4 months ago +6

    Who's rewatching after Sigma

  • KrazyOldKatLady 19
    KrazyOldKatLady 19 4 months ago +4

    “Area denied”😂

  • Eni Plays
    Eni Plays 5 months ago +1

    When the game started to die.

  • Matt B3ast
    Matt B3ast 5 months ago

    is wrecking Ball good or bad?

    • Matt B3ast
      Matt B3ast 5 months ago

      thank you

    • Zack Oliver
      Zack Oliver 5 months ago +1

      Matt B3ast he’s fun to play but hard to master

  • mr blue bearry
    mr blue bearry 5 months ago

    Man I remember playing this hero but now it’s only a memory on console

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple 5 months ago

    Exactly like my puppy, always escapes, smart, genius like hammond

  • Not Tracer
    Not Tracer 6 months ago

    Imagine being killed by a hamster

  • *Good Vibes*
    *Good Vibes* 6 months ago

    Lonely rolling ball

  • desu38
    desu38 6 months ago

    0:43 Hammond is so amazing, they already made a sign for him!

  • Muslec
    Muslec 6 months ago

    Welcome citron from Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • Falco Lombardi
    Falco Lombardi 6 months ago +2

    Love seeing the Queen here again, can’t wait for her to be finally playable!

  • Blundle
    Blundle 7 months ago +1

    Blizzard Logic:
    A hyper-intelligent hamster from the moon with the intelligence required to both construct and pilot a deadly mech made out of scrap and a busted escape pod: Completely plausible and realistic.

    • The Legend 28
      The Legend 28 6 months ago

      CORRECTION: A Hamster grown from genetics whom was experimented on and designed to be super intelligent Hamster, to see how the experiments would affect the primates.

  • AetherGamer
    AetherGamer 7 months ago +1

    Citron did it first

  • JM Vicente
    JM Vicente 7 months ago



  • Falco Lombardi
    Falco Lombardi 7 months ago +1

    I want the junker Queen to be a playable character...

  • Jack Campbell
    Jack Campbell 8 months ago

    Finally G Force joins overwatch

  • Flowey the flower
    Flowey the flower 8 months ago +2

    He should team up with Winston
    If that hamster totaly team up with Winston this will be happening
    *A talking gorrila that is smart* *A hamster that do not talk and smart*

  • Kazumi Puff
    Kazumi Puff 9 months ago +2

    Omg, he's so cute!!

  • Jared Hettenhouser
    Jared Hettenhouser 9 months ago

    I love this hero, but it would make more sense to just call him Hammond in-game (like on the hero roster or POTG) because Wrecking Ball is just the mech. In a way, you play more as Hammond operating the mech, like D.Va, than Wrecking Ball or the MEKA. Thats just my take on it tho... Hammond is amazing either way :D

  • Serious Blizz
    Serious Blizz 9 months ago

    0:56 if you turn your brightness up you can see junkrat no wonder he uses bombs and a riptire

  • Pilot
    Pilot 9 months ago +1

    Deadly overwatch hero: Hammond

  • MoneySpider
    MoneySpider 10 months ago +3

    He is the weakest character but has the best abilities

  • Alic garcia
    Alic garcia 10 months ago

    I love how people are complaining about the Furries taking over, but, I bet half of those complainers love Winston to death....Even tho he's an actual Furry/Anhro based character XD

  • Kartvelian Mapping
    Kartvelian Mapping 10 months ago

    so cute