[NEW HERO - NOW AVAILABLE] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Meet the resourceful tinkerer that fights with an iron-clad mech: Wrecking Ball.
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  • Konstantin Vladimirov
    Konstantin Vladimirov 10 hours ago

    Is Miley Cyrus going naked on him?

  • Bloodwing Agent
    Bloodwing Agent 3 days ago

    Why call him Wrecking ball when we know the name is Hammond.

  • BagelBramble
    BagelBramble 4 days ago +1

    78,000th like

  • SammersM
    SammersM 4 days ago

    No political drive, no sides, no agenda; the most wholesome wee dude in Overwatch!

  • Chewbacca
    Chewbacca 5 days ago

    Richard Hammond in Top Gear is called Hamster! XD

  • DokScy
    DokScy 5 days ago

    Lands on australian wasteland
    Builds a war machine
    Becomes a popstar
    Gets frozen to death by a chinese pokemon.

  • Punct Punct
    Punct Punct 6 days ago

    Just imagine what people on junkertown react when they see a hamster on they door

  • pumpkoon
    pumpkoon 7 days ago

    Sigma hear bois

  • tactical turkey
    tactical turkey 8 days ago

    Loads bastion gun aim for the little guys head

  • Wired Geek Dad
    Wired Geek Dad 9 days ago

    Hammomd has WRECKED all the mechs in Junkertown

  • Marauder
    Marauder 13 days ago

    0:23 I know I’m a year late, but what’s on that screen Hammond is working behind really gives some interesting lore.

  • SGreyjoy
    SGreyjoy 13 days ago

    Its Hammond!

  • SilentSnow777
    SilentSnow777 16 days ago

    This sounds like an Overwatch OC trying to squish it's way into someone's canon backstory.

  • Michael Anishenko
    Michael Anishenko 17 days ago

    wouldn't it be cool if the entire narration for this clip was voiced by the hamster himself? i mean... the art that is representing the story in this clip is doing a good job visualizing his story :)

  • Terlinilia
    Terlinilia 19 days ago

    You know it's a good day when an abnormally intelligent hamster joins the fight against terrorism

  • Void Shen
    Void Shen 23 days ago +1

    The music is so adorable

  • John Battye
    John Battye 27 days ago +3

    Wow, a year already.

  • Ng You Bbbgi
    Ng You Bbbgi 27 days ago +33

    "I can't help but wonder what it is he's looking for when he gets out there"
    Probably sunflower seeds or something

  • Alex Jaimes
    Alex Jaimes 28 days ago +5

    Who's rewatching after Sigma

  • KrazyOldKatLady 19
    KrazyOldKatLady 19 Month ago +1

    “Area denied”😂

  • Eni Plays
    Eni Plays Month ago +1

    When the game started to die.

  • Matt B3ast
    Matt B3ast Month ago

    is wrecking Ball good or bad?

  • mr blue bearry
    mr blue bearry 2 months ago

    Man I remember playing this hero but now it’s only a memory on console

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple 2 months ago

    Exactly like my puppy, always escapes, smart, genius like hammond

  • Not Tracer
    Not Tracer 2 months ago

    Imagine being killed by a hamster

  • *Good Vibes*
    *Good Vibes* 2 months ago

    Lonely rolling ball

  • desu38
    desu38 2 months ago

    0:43 Hammond is so amazing, they already made a sign for him!

  • Muslec
    Muslec 2 months ago

    Welcome citron from Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • Falco Lombardi
    Falco Lombardi 2 months ago +2

    Love seeing the Queen here again, can’t wait for her to be finally playable!

  • Blundle
    Blundle 3 months ago +1

    Blizzard Logic:
    A hyper-intelligent hamster from the moon with the intelligence required to both construct and pilot a deadly mech made out of scrap and a busted escape pod: Completely plausible and realistic.

    • The Legend 28
      The Legend 28 2 months ago

      CORRECTION: A Hamster grown from genetics whom was experimented on and designed to be super intelligent Hamster, to see how the experiments would affect the primates.

  • AetherGamer
    AetherGamer 3 months ago

    Citron did it first

  • WARWICK Main!
    WARWICK Main! 3 months ago



  • Falco Lombardi
    Falco Lombardi 4 months ago +1

    I want the junker Queen to be a playable character...

  • ¿Jack?! ?
    ¿Jack?! ? 4 months ago

    Finally G Force joins overwatch

  • Flowey the flower
    Flowey the flower 4 months ago +2

    He should team up with Winston
    If that hamster totaly team up with Winston this will be happening
    *A talking gorrila that is smart* *A hamster that do not talk and smart*

  • Kazumi Puff
    Kazumi Puff 5 months ago +2

    Omg, he's so cute!!

  • Jared Hettenhouser
    Jared Hettenhouser 6 months ago

    I love this hero, but it would make more sense to just call him Hammond in-game (like on the hero roster or POTG) because Wrecking Ball is just the mech. In a way, you play more as Hammond operating the mech, like D.Va, than Wrecking Ball or the MEKA. Thats just my take on it tho... Hammond is amazing either way :D

  • Serious Blizz
    Serious Blizz 6 months ago

    0:56 if you turn your brightness up you can see junkrat no wonder he uses bombs and a riptire

  • P1LOT 1
    P1LOT 1 6 months ago +1

    Deadly overwatch hero: Hammond

  • SpiderProductionz
    SpiderProductionz 6 months ago +2

    He is the weakest character but has the best abilities

  • Alic garcia
    Alic garcia 6 months ago

    I love how people are complaining about the Furries taking over, but, I bet half of those complainers love Winston to death....Even tho he's an actual Furry/Anhro based character XD

  • Kartvelian Mapping
    Kartvelian Mapping 6 months ago

    so cute

  • Rrrush
    Rrrush 6 months ago


  • coolguy10060
    coolguy10060 7 months ago +2

    Somehow I feel that the name Hammond is a refference to Richard "hamster" Hammond

  • If have pedophilia please whoosh me

    When will Game Theory do an episode on this

  • Zia
    Zia 7 months ago


  • Brent Daelman
    Brent Daelman 7 months ago

    Is this the guy that lead the rebellion on the colony and murdered all the scientists

  • D I A V O L O
    D I A V O L O 7 months ago

    What backstory *IS* there?
    He's a hamster... *in a ball*

  • Loime // white rabbit
    Loime // white rabbit 7 months ago

    Don’t go ahead and think he’s cute he’s the one who killed dr Harold Winston because he started the rebel

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James 7 months ago

    Mom I missed the bus

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik 8 months ago


  • J0seph OW
    J0seph OW 8 months ago


  • Victoria Cagande
    Victoria Cagande 8 months ago

    Haha very funny, you pranked us all...this isn’t real...right?

    DAYBLADE14 8 months ago

    They give us a hamster with glocks instead of s good character?

  • Meat Dragon
    Meat Dragon 8 months ago +1

    Hammond is the one who released all of the scientists into the vacuum of space. He truly is an absolute scum bag.

  • Finlay Howe
    Finlay Howe 9 months ago

    “Journal entry: 1963/4. Harold Winston. Status update on specimen 8:
    By now, we’re all used to our super intelligent gorillas on the colony, but the hamster, hehe, we’ve named him Hammond, continues to be one of our biggest surprises.
    Even though he’s grown from the genetic modification, we have more trouble keeping track of him than any of the other animals. Somehow, he managed to get out of his cage, AGAIN. It took us days to find him.
    I can’t help but wonder what it is he’s looking for when gets out there. He’s shown impressive problem-solving skills and adaptability to new situations. And he’s overcome all the challenges that have been placed in front of him.
    I for one can’t wait to see what trouble the little guy gets up to next.”

  • Alex Spadge
    Alex Spadge 9 months ago

    They're taking shots at Richard Hammond from Top Gear because he's so short. First Jeremy Clarkson calls Hammond a hamster repeatedly, then Blizzard create a hamster character they call Hammond. Coincidence? I think not!

  • itay spitzen
    itay spitzen 9 months ago

    בלה בלה בלה

  • KoreanPanda
    KoreanPanda 9 months ago

    This is my new main, PERIOD.

  • IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ

    No, "1963-4" is not the year.

  • Dare Dog
    Dare Dog 9 months ago

    So good

  • The Gecko
    The Gecko 9 months ago

    The madmen at Blizzard added a f****** hamster

  • angelofdeath275
    angelofdeath275 9 months ago

    The salt this little hamster produced

  • erucae
    erucae 10 months ago +5


  • mina shams
    mina shams 10 months ago


  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar 10 months ago

    lol winston ain't his fav anymore

  • R T
    R T 10 months ago

    Intelligent hamster? Seriously blizzard?? At least pick an animal that's already intelligent. Replace the rodent with a corgi and rework the robot to be more pupper less hamster ball. Also plz add the ability to revert to previous versions of the game and server for version so we can escape every release and re work of the past year, thx form everyone who played during the first 2 seasons. Alternatively just remove Moria, Hampton, and Brigon from the game.

    CREEPY GENERALL 10 months ago

    highly evolved animals problem here

  • Portal Runner
    Portal Runner 10 months ago

    HE IS SOO CUTE!!! I think the next hero should be a pirate like hero

  • GamerUltra King
    GamerUltra King 11 months ago

    wait a minute , this is Ruckus from paladins

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708 11 months ago

      Ultra Flames that’s funny but seriously I can’t tell if your joking

  • V
    V 11 months ago

    It's the Rocket Racoon of Overwatch.

  • Kaio Gamez
    Kaio Gamez 11 months ago


  • Colby Barry
    Colby Barry 11 months ago

    Ok blizzard Im sorry, I commented on this video ripping on Wreaking ball a month back but I ended up loving him

  • IJN Atago
    IJN Atago 11 months ago

    Remember Citron from Garden Warfare 2? Well, here's his counterpart

  • Ama Animates
    Ama Animates 11 months ago

    His little body just pops out when he dies 😔