I Can BREATHE UNDERWATER in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • Ceanne Herron
    Ceanne Herron 34 minutes ago

    Dolphins can’t breath underwater Dan

  • Emily Hudspeth
    Emily Hudspeth 54 minutes ago

    You killed the dolphin because It needed to breathe

  • da big boi emrald
    da big boi emrald 13 hours ago

    dolphins cant breath under water

  • Tara Lyons
    Tara Lyons 18 hours ago

    You cant have smite and sharpness on the same sword!

  • Stanley Animations ツ
    Stanley Animations ツ 22 hours ago +1

    18:32 *_naruto theme intensifies_*

  • 100 subscribers without any videos?

    It's a mammal, dan...

  • victoria dobbs
    victoria dobbs 2 days ago

    Look at all the carrots I got yo!
    Boi if this was jacksepticeye all of these would be potatoes because we have a LOT of those in Ireland

  • Gheb Gsk’s
    Gheb Gsk’s 2 days ago

    Dolphins need the air to breath so you can’t put a lead on them

  • big fishboi
    big fishboi 2 days ago

    the dolphin needs air dummy

  • René Jacques L'Heureux

    dolphins need air

  • Mason Epic Gamer
    Mason Epic Gamer 2 days ago +1

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    DanTDM:”SAL MON”

  • Bianca and SleepyKarma

    DanTDM: Where is the evil cat?
    Me: *Remembers in one episode you put her/him to guard the villager pit and told her/him that he/she is cute and better than skinny.*

  • Youtube Is my life
    Youtube Is my life 3 days ago +1

    Place wet sponge 🧽 in the nether to automatically make it dry.

  • The Crazy Gall
    The Crazy Gall 3 days ago

    Dolphins need air

  • Makaneek
    Makaneek 3 days ago

    dolphins are mammals, not fish. they will drown if you trap them underwater. any second grader could tell you.

  • Peanut Hugger
    Peanut Hugger 3 days ago

    23:04 Play in back speed 0.5 to see a weird eye-shaped guardian

  • Lawrence Tanui
    Lawrence Tanui 3 days ago

    Dan a dolphin is a mammal it cant drown on land

  • PooCobra THE ONE
    PooCobra THE ONE 3 days ago


  • Eckleo
    Eckleo 3 days ago

    that animal crossing resetti music at 19:05!!

  • Nicole Spivey
    Nicole Spivey 3 days ago +1

    They need air or the dolphins die

  • Mohammad Aman
    Mohammad Aman 3 days ago

    USE IT AS YOUR BASE!!!!(jk)

  • Robot crow43
    Robot crow43 3 days ago

    Make the sea temple a guardian prison to get revenge on the lead he broke, I mean the dolphin!

  • Aadya Raghavan
    Aadya Raghavan 3 days ago +2

    Dan: Jumps off the top of his house into the water, risking it without his boots.

    Bubble elevator: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • Aadya Raghavan
    Aadya Raghavan 3 days ago

    My heart was beating out of my chest when Dan zoomed in on him disenchanting books, bows and crossbows. I thought he was going to disenchant le shoot since he zoomed it on it. PHEW

  • JWHero123
    JWHero123 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who sees the conduit and has flashbacks to Lord of the rings?

  • Sol Shim
    Sol Shim 3 days ago

    Also, when he found the treasure room, the background music is from Legend of Zelda XD

  • Sol Shim
    Sol Shim 3 days ago

    DanTDM = AIZEN!!!!

  • Idiotic Lizard
    Idiotic Lizard 3 days ago

    Make chest rooms

  • octopouzz
    octopouzz 4 days ago


  • Joshua Gao
    Joshua Gao 4 days ago

    Dan u know there is protection v 5

    TNEG UKRAM 4 days ago

    26:45... tHE GUARDIAN...


  • Maya Weebean
    Maya Weebean 4 days ago

    Dolphins need air!!!!

  • Kaidyn Kong
    Kaidyn Kong 4 days ago +1

    Another way to repair your enchanted gear is by combining the same type of gear but not enchanted version of it in a crafting table

  • Ellie Pedron
    Ellie Pedron 4 days ago

    Dolphins Die if kept underwater for to long that's why they jump...

  • Lil_Nate 123YT
    Lil_Nate 123YT 4 days ago

    I saw a baby pigman

  • Limek
    Limek 4 days ago +1

    11:08 hes on the bed with the red bracelet thingy on his head * facepalm *

  • Master-ish Gamer
    Master-ish Gamer 4 days ago

    31:52 really the naruto flute theme?

  • Kazam Ryouta
    Kazam Ryouta 4 days ago

    *Leaded the dolphin to get dolphin grace*
    Dan: +500IQ
    *Dolphin died*
    Dan: -600IQ

  • Cornelia R
    Cornelia R 4 days ago

    Dolphins needs air

  • EmojiDogeRBLX
    EmojiDogeRBLX 4 days ago

    Use the temple for a XP farm

  • Aleksandras Fox49
    Aleksandras Fox49 4 days ago

    Um 😐 dan i’m not sure if you know but you’re being sued by peta right now for dolphin abuse

    It’s a joke don’t take it seriously 😐

  • Anoosh Soni
    Anoosh Soni 5 days ago

    every time dan sells paper i can imagine him on a receptionist desk saying ¨dunder Mifflin, this is Dan

  • Bob
    Bob 5 days ago


  • Rose Random Cx
    Rose Random Cx 6 days ago

    i think you forgot that dolphins need air to breath somtimes lol.

  • Creeeper craft
    Creeeper craft 6 days ago

    A dolphins need air

  • Justin Viola
    Justin Viola 6 days ago

    dolphins are mammals and they need to breathe air.

  • Slushicer GD
    Slushicer GD 6 days ago


  • Hamdi Batara
    Hamdi Batara 6 days ago

    Dolphins can't breathe underwater for long time.

  • Amanda Krampota
    Amanda Krampota 7 days ago

    I live in one of those in minecraft

  • macbookcmaster
    macbookcmaster 7 days ago +1

    did you realise DanTDM is using Naruto soundtracks now

  • Chanda Gatdula
    Chanda Gatdula 7 days ago

    9times8is 72

  • nashsd nashsd
    nashsd nashsd 7 days ago

    8:57 can anyone hear the sound

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 7 days ago

    why does he always play my music in his videos

  • Iscrem YT
    Iscrem YT 7 days ago +1

    Remember you gave evil cat the red collar? Yup, red collar is Evil Cat

  • Itz_Kenneth YT
    Itz_Kenneth YT 7 days ago

    Dan:I will conquer this ocean monument
    Me:I will conquer this ocean

  • Jakson
    Jakson 7 days ago +6

    -DanTDM 2019

  • Krystina Chainey
    Krystina Chainey 7 days ago

    Why is dan always using Naruto music for deaths R I P dolphin 🐬 2019-2019

  • Riptide 46
    Riptide 46 8 days ago +1

    Dan: needs new anvil
    Also Dan: ignores iron on the ground

  • TheJeweledWolf
    TheJeweledWolf 8 days ago

    Dan: *has a nether portal and a bucket*
    Also Dan: *uses wood as fuel for furnace*

  • Climbing up Bear
    Climbing up Bear 8 days ago

    He’s wearing the same shirt as this video