Joe Rogan Experience #1349 - David Sinclair

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • David Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. His new book "Lifespan: Why We Age And Why We Don't Have To" is now available.

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  • thetdy1
    thetdy1 6 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure Joe knows more about nutrition than this guy lol

  • Bear8Photo
    Bear8Photo Day ago

    David is more smug that Joe. Amazing.

  • Glenn McEnroe
    Glenn McEnroe Day ago

    One problem with taking resveratrol is that while it is well absorbed in humans, it is rapidly metabolized so that only 1% bioavailability is achieved. So if you take 1 g only 10mg is available to provide any benefit.

  • Joe Musashi
    Joe Musashi Day ago

    David Sinclair is an awesome guy. I met him at his 95th birthday party.

  • Leather Rebel Justice

    Rapid smile shifting.
    Anyone else notice this?

  • Jamie
    Jamie 2 days ago

    They just had the conversation from the podcast they did lmao

  • Stupid Fool
    Stupid Fool 2 days ago

    That drives me crazy when smart people do dumb shit.

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart 3 days ago

    This guy sounds like the star of a bad Dr. gone evil movie. I'm pretty sure he"s doing experiments on captive old people in his basement..... Just sayin

    JASON ROBERTS 3 days ago

    "I'm here for a good time not a long time you know I " - Drake

  • Chris Gerard
    Chris Gerard 4 days ago

    Yeast isn’t used in making Sourdough. Grapes obviously would spike your blood sugar they are filled with sugar. Same with blueberries. You want to be at 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent fruit

  • llTRASHll
    llTRASHll 4 days ago

    So, which resveratrol are you taking Joe?

  • gkopij
    gkopij 4 days ago

    Fascinating, refreshing, hopeful , exciting, name it. That's the world I want to live in. The progressive thinking makes me feel alive. I want to die off when I listen to the old farts in politics.

  • at me
    at me 5 days ago +1

    This was great, I love it, gives me hope for humanity ❤

  • Diego Llamas
    Diego Llamas 5 days ago +1

    David " You can blow me" Sinclair

  • fmrl productions
    fmrl productions 5 days ago

    My grandmother is 99yrs old. she is an art therapist, she likes to dance, write poetry and hike Ireland once a year. Probably a good subject for David Sinclair to interview.

  • Kieran Rossbotham
    Kieran Rossbotham 5 days ago

    In America your dairy sucks. Here they test on the vat and if there if there is any antibiotics or... you have to dump your product and you have to go to a process.

  • Boundless Boxing Talk
    Boundless Boxing Talk 6 days ago +2


    • Phil Rodgers
      Phil Rodgers 14 hours ago

      @Boundless Boxing Talk omg I got right to the end... he mentions a company he is involved in that focuses on senescent cells at 2hrs 16mins...

    • Phil Rodgers
      Phil Rodgers 2 days ago

      @Boundless Boxing Talk try his book because I know he has talked about it somewhere

    • Boundless Boxing Talk
      Boundless Boxing Talk 2 days ago +1

      @Phil Rodgers No mention in either of the two Joe Rogan podcasts is my understanding. Would like him to talk about Cohbar and other exciting projects.

    • Phil Rodgers
      Phil Rodgers 2 days ago

      Am I going mad? I've come back to this podcast because I'm sure he was talking about his companies on it... nothing yet as of 1hr 9mins...

  • UHFStation1
    UHFStation1 6 days ago +1

    HGH is a totally controlled substance for reason. It has given people cancer. I assume that has in part to do with older bodies not being able to process it quickly and efficiently. Which is why I find NAD+ research interesting. I would like to think that many of our chemical levels that drop with age would head up again when the cells get more powerful.
    Is there anything that gets rid of CD38 and the chemicals that eat our NAD+?
    Would NMN have any benefits to persons who have ALS? I know in mice anyway it really helps out muscles.
    Can these potential retina treatments clear scar tissue? I worry that if stem cells were involved they would replicate the scar tissue instead of the useful cells.
    50 year olds better than 20 year olds? Doubtful. I am nearly 40 and after 35 everything turned to shit including my retina. Research says we basically start dying after 26.
    I think he meant RAW milk many of the times he said whole milk, which for as best as I can tell is available everywhere. But 65% of the world is intolerant anyway so I don't know what his obsession is. lol.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 6 days ago +2

    Joe "I didn't listen to anything the first time so i'll just ask the same exact things when you're on the next time" Rogan

    • Neal Joslyn
      Neal Joslyn 3 days ago

      Seriously. At least half of this podcast was repeated from the last time he was on.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 6 days ago

    This guy is a chad in a virgin body.

  • Mats David Ranaxe
    Mats David Ranaxe 7 days ago

    But David says it seems effective to hit the body hard just now and then. So one day a week might be the perfect balance for him.

  • Keyo Penny
    Keyo Penny 7 days ago +1

    I love this guy so much, just watching this interview alone gives me so much hope and joy that our future is something to feel good about and look forward to. Keep up the good work and here’s to a better healthier world for us all :)

  • Pradyumna Shetty
    Pradyumna Shetty 7 days ago +2

    Joe "I wanna be young again really bad" Rogan.

  • Cognitive Dissident
    Cognitive Dissident 8 days ago +7

    I have juvenile Glaucoma, diagnosed at 19 years old. I lost around 40% of my vision from damage to my optic nerve before I had surgery to stop the damage. I can't imagine having my sight restored, that would be mindblowing. (I also talked my 70 year old parents into taking NMN and Resveritrol daily after listening to the first show with Dr. Sinclair, it seems to be having a great effect.)

    Just wanted to say thanks for everything to Dr. Sinclair, and Joe.

    • Cognitive Dissident
      Cognitive Dissident 5 days ago

      @at me That's very kind of you, thanks.

    • at me
      at me 5 days ago +1

      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏼

  • Juan Urbina
    Juan Urbina 8 days ago

    1:24:54 how many years has it been? Maybe this is why Joe does DMT, to deal with the PTSD he suffers from this experience.

  • fb6nocrustninja
    fb6nocrustninja 9 days ago

    my/our research!!!!!
    our exiistance is the theory youre after

  • Colson Customs
    Colson Customs 9 days ago

    world war z was a shit movie. They absolutely butchered the book.

  • Mathew Davis
    Mathew Davis 9 days ago

    So this guy wants to stop and reverse the aging process and yet he consumes baby calf growth formula? Right 😏

    • Hans Avdem
      Hans Avdem 7 days ago

      Right! Raw milk is healthy as fuck! But yoghurt should be pasteurizied. 35C is ideal for them dangerous bacteria.

  • Jeffrey Bonner
    Jeffrey Bonner 9 days ago

    The healthiest, most vibrant seniors I know all took/take cod liver oil. They didn’t take a bunch of other supplements. Just fish oil.

  • Juznik
    Juznik 9 days ago

    David is obviously on something right now. Too bad it can't come out ;)

    THE_KINGDOM 10 days ago

    Looks like David Sinclair is on some thermogenics either that or they need to crank the AC

  • Erick
    Erick 10 days ago

    I wonder how a podcast would go with both, Dr. Rhonda Patrick and David Sinclair, together in the studio. And just let them interact with Joe’s perspective on their common medical pursuits. ...Make it happen Joe !

  • KingMike
    KingMike 10 days ago +9

    SERIOUSLY this is LITERALLY the EXACT same conversation they had on their first JRE podcast 8 mths ago. I thought I was going crazy for a moment but it’s almost word for word on some points.

    • Epoplo martian
      Epoplo martian 6 days ago

      I'm sure you do the same thing, you just don't have a way to play it back and realize you're doing it

  • Jedi 511
    Jedi 511 10 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan's podcasts set the benchmark. Huge variety in guests, super interesting topics, and humor/entertainment.

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 10 days ago +1

    Joe " nasty coyotes killed all my chickens " Rogan

    • Bryan Garvia
      Bryan Garvia 7 days ago

      I was doing some side work when I heard that, couldn't help but Laugh 😂

  • Thomas Cameron
    Thomas Cameron 11 days ago +4

    Hey get Valter Longo on the show, I'm sure he'd be happy to come.

    RLVVEED XCII 11 days ago +9

    "the virus is the best way to reprogram genes"
    get ready for the T Virus

  • Bobby Firouz
    Bobby Firouz 11 days ago

    Hi Joe,
    Please, please, please share with your followers how we can find reputable NMN manufacturers.
    (ProHealth Longevity & Alive by Nature) both sale NMN
    Both have third-party certificates, but the test that the company conducted to define the purity of the product NMN, is listed as (MQLTM-1126 by HPLC), MQL is micro quality labs, not sure what the TM-1126 by HPLC stands for? Would you please explain the testing method that companies conduct to find the purity of NMN for example “Alive by Nature” and ProHealth Longevity”.
    Is Micro Quality Labs and accredited lab or just a phony!
    We did search NSF International and for reputable companies with no luck! or “Alive by Nature” and ”ProHealth Longevity” to see any accreditations and was not able to find any.
    How do we find accredited 3rd party lab please share with us who is accredited, if you can’t recommend a source!
    Your help is greatly appreciated I know a lot of your followers are trying to find reputable sources to purchase NMN!!!
    Thank you,

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info 11 days ago

    I watched this on September 11, 2019!

  • Sotirios Karagiannis
    Sotirios Karagiannis 11 days ago

    So aging ,if is genetic aging (DNA) why should we read your book ?

  • Real Donald Trump
    Real Donald Trump 11 days ago

    Aging is related to shifting microbial demographics and fatty acid deficiencies.

  • Cynthia Aiken
    Cynthia Aiken 11 days ago

    well, i thought it was funny

  • G Ortanez
    G Ortanez 12 days ago

    Amazon sells NMN and Resveratrol?!

  • KingMike
    KingMike 12 days ago +1

    1:02:37 Joe glitches in the Matrix

  • Marco Vimercati
    Marco Vimercati 12 days ago

    This guy looks like Genievive from Brooklyn 99's brother

  • Safiri Jorgensen
    Safiri Jorgensen 12 days ago

    South America aboriginal Africans were in the Americas 40 to 60 years ago. 16k is oldest in North America.

  • Darth Vadar
    Darth Vadar 12 days ago

    ill let him experiment on my spine, its fuxed up im perfact canidate

  • William Goodwin
    William Goodwin 12 days ago

    Looking for an affordable/high-quality trans resveratrol powder. Any suggestions??

  • Might B Fire
    Might B Fire 13 days ago

    I will listen to everything this guy has to say, but I'm not a fan of a bunch of animals suffering for this knowledge. I would choose to go without the knowledge and just leave the animals alone.

  • Robert Hulsebusch
    Robert Hulsebusch 13 days ago +1

    dude looks 30 when hes 50, the stuff he says is probably true

  • Wimpy Wimpz
    Wimpy Wimpz 13 days ago

    Joe shut the fuck up and let the guy speak. Loads of interesting sounding topics he started talking about to get interrupted about World War Z..

  • yashicat5
    yashicat5 13 days ago

    The reheating potatoes thing. Definitely happens with pasta

  • Jake Ackerman
    Jake Ackerman 13 days ago

    Are frozen fries better for you then fresh!?!?

  • Asusa Susa
    Asusa Susa 13 days ago

    some studies suggest that long term use of Metformin may increase the potential for Alzheimers... age reversal with dementia...i dunno

  • swites
    swites 13 days ago

    It will be used for good, until the military of one country or another weaponize it and kill off millions of humans through gene warfare.

  • Altu Loghin
    Altu Loghin 14 days ago +2

    I think it would be cool to see a podcast with Jaron Lanier. Anibody else agrees?

    • SoilentGr33n
      SoilentGr33n 11 days ago

      Fuck yeah I agree. From VR to social media.

  • Raul Gabriel Flores
    Raul Gabriel Flores 14 days ago +1

    Man, right off the bat and Sinclair is all yeah you can blow me but you may have to do it a few times.

  • Shariq Mohammad
    Shariq Mohammad 14 days ago +4

    Hey Joe, i loved the conversation, i thought being a Muslim myself i should add the information about Kaaba and black stone you were discussing. Kaaba is the black cloth covered building in mecca, it also has stone lying in a dish like structure which many believe was a meteorite. Muslim dont worship either kaaba nor the stone. They make revolution around it as Abraham did. Also its not the continued uninterrupted walk that they keep doing, each set of worship is the 7 revolutions, sometimes people make more than that, but its not like that the same person keeps doing it for hours and hours. Thank you for the lovely podcast. ❤

  • Scott Pryhocki
    Scott Pryhocki 14 days ago I guess Sinclair is making a few sheckles more then he led on in the interview.

    PWN HUB 14 days ago

    I think Joe is confused about people in their 50's when he was 20, like did athletes not exist? Does he not understand the people 70-80-90 right now all fit the bill, and were probably super active in their 50s? Seems really short sighted.