Amazing World Of Gumball - Then Vs Now - Evolution of Gumball (Tooned Up S6 E3) | Channel Frederator

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has been on for almost 7 years now and over that time it has seen many different changes to the show from tone, animation, and even voice actors. So here at Channel Frederator, we are going to take a look at the evolution of The Amazing World of Gumball in this weeks Then vs Now.
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    Researched by: Will Guy
    Written by: Will Guy
    Hosted by: Adrian Apolonio
    Edited by: Kyle Freudenberg
    Graphics & Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
    Programming Manager: Cade Hiser
    Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
    Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
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Comments • 1 628

  • ChannelFrederator
    ChannelFrederator  Year ago +564

    What other shows should we cover on the channel?!
    BTW We have an AWESOME video surprise for you tomorrow AND Sunday. Get hyped for a super cool weekend on Channel Frederator!! 🔔😉💯

  • Juanito Jr
    Juanito Jr 7 hours ago

    Gumballs my faverite

  • Memeysauce Lol
    Memeysauce Lol 2 days ago

    *peppa,what are you doing in the comments?*

  • Sobia Akbar
    Sobia Akbar 4 days ago

    Pin me

  • Sobia Akbar
    Sobia Akbar 4 days ago


  • Aynours World
    Aynours World 4 days ago

    I was born on 2011 ;-;

  • Pokii’s Gacha’s
    Pokii’s Gacha’s 6 days ago

    ;-; ok?...

  • 1000subswithnovid S
    1000subswithnovid S 6 days ago

    Who is just gonna watch the amazing world off gumball

  • Rynnofigs
    Rynnofigs 6 days ago

    What the what are you kidding

  • Pie GT
    Pie GT 7 days ago

    Favorite’s Of All Time

  • Damion Gordon
    Damion Gordon 9 days ago

    I know that this video was 1 year old but Nicole or doctor parents came into the show but just a tiny tiny bit and then they’re gone and never showed and then there’s a episode where actually people were on and anime started again but it was gone again

  • Katherine Daugherty
    Katherine Daugherty 9 days ago

    Gumball. Already ended in a episode called the inquisition where it ends where rob falls into the void again

  • Natalia Carballo
    Natalia Carballo 9 days ago

    Da list in my opinion
    1:amazing world of gumball
    2:mao mao Heros of pure heart
    3:unikitty(in till it begin not to show anymore)
    4:infinity train
    5:maybe teen titans go idk :l

  • Wendy Masters
    Wendy Masters 9 days ago

    I love this show so much but I keeps playing the same eqisode

  • Ayumi Hinata
    Ayumi Hinata 9 days ago

    THe old one was creepy

  • hatsune Pico1233
    hatsune Pico1233 9 days ago +2

    the voice actors are just so talented and delivers the humor well! I mean, theres been a lot of voice change but the quality of the show never once faltered

  • Monika Moon
    Monika Moon 9 days ago

    i sub

  • WOW Taser ZZ
    WOW Taser ZZ 10 days ago

    Gambeuls is the best shoe ever!!

  • The Gaming Potato
    The Gaming Potato 10 days ago

    I thought the guy who is speaking was the voice actor for gumball

  • Tiziana
    Tiziana 11 days ago

    who he is I don't remember his name
    Ps scuse me for the bad english

  • Birdkingthegamer Pen
    Birdkingthegamer Pen 11 days ago

    Don’t hug me I’m scared is in gunball

  • cell
    cell 12 days ago

    I actually feel like their personalities have matured. They seemed a lot more childish in season 1

  • The only cat Mylone
    The only cat Mylone 12 days ago

    The eyes big eye now small eyes :0

  • GD Landon
    GD Landon 12 days ago

    Clarence is funny and cool because the actor of Jeff plays in adventure time too

  • numberblock zero and negative zero

    :D I thought there was a mystery

  • DotNet
    DotNet 13 days ago

    In Dutch the voies also change (enen once more °_°)
    And that is what I like at the amazing world of blue cat to, that if someone copy's it, they don't get angry or annything, they just copy, the copy :D

  • Emine Hikmet Sencer
    Emine Hikmet Sencer 13 days ago

    7 seasons

  • Axel In the house
    Axel In the house 14 days ago

    Now don't get me wrong here I LOVE season 1 but the eyes...just the eyes

  • Leah Richardson
    Leah Richardson 15 days ago

    In the old design: Darwin has a black top

  • •.Gacha_Moonłįght Ninja.•

    In the start of the video it looks like Gumball is talking instead of you😂

  • LpsLover11
    LpsLover11 15 days ago


  • marge j ocampo
    marge j ocampo 16 days ago


  • Sean & DJ
    Sean & DJ 16 days ago

    8:01 Don’t worry, we got you covered.

  • The gaming Waffle
    The gaming Waffle 17 days ago +1

    Gumball is the main character

  • Hank McCoy
    Hank McCoy 17 days ago

    8:18 what kind of animation is this old animation?

  • Hank McCoy
    Hank McCoy 17 days ago

    I Like Season 1

  • Angry Goku
    Angry Goku 18 days ago

    Why did
    Please don’t hug me I’m scared
    Work with them
    It wasn’t scary but there videos is much scary

  • flames with dust
    flames with dust 18 days ago +1

    Now its nothing

  • Joanna Alessa
    Joanna Alessa 18 days ago

    Can you stop talking I just want to see the drawing before dork
    Stop talking OMG so annoying

    ZIZ ZLE 19 days ago

    I like it because it’s actually funny, unlike..... ugh.........

    *teen titans go*

  • Earth Circle
    Earth Circle 19 days ago +13

    2011: normal creative show

    Now: I will eliminate the middle class

  • Remix Pro
    Remix Pro 19 days ago


  • Remix Pro
    Remix Pro 19 days ago


  • Spongedubs Old
    Spongedubs Old 20 days ago

    #billieelish #spongebob #badguy

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston 22 days ago

    He went from perfectly square head to perfectly round head

  • Hnnh Bnc Brrnts
    Hnnh Bnc Brrnts 22 days ago

    You forgot to mention the Gumball's grandparents on Nicole's side on Season 5

  • Cole Man
    Cole Man 23 days ago

    7:27 *BUT* *THERE* *IS* *NO* *FUTURE*

  • foxy fnaf fnac
    foxy fnaf fnac 24 days ago


  • foxy fnaf fnac
    foxy fnaf fnac 24 days ago


  • Davey Raymond - Games And Other Stuff

    I Wanna See The Then Darwin

  • my daddy loves me
    my daddy loves me 24 days ago

    It arlready ended

  • WulcNTV
    WulcNTV 25 days ago

    One od the new voice actors in Gumball Has a yt channel. Its called JunkyJanker

  • Oliver Gamer
    Oliver Gamer 25 days ago


  • Oliver Gamer
    Oliver Gamer 25 days ago


  • Demon Bendy
    Demon Bendy 25 days ago


  • vivo Ponyo
    vivo Ponyo 26 days ago


  • RykerWrite
    RykerWrite 28 days ago

    I hate Gumball

  • Daygo Tube
    Daygo Tube Month ago

    But it’s said because Cartoon Network canceled The Amazing World Of Gumball

  • Texting Stories101
    Texting Stories101 Month ago

    Fun fact : it takes 9 months to make an episode