Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations


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  • krstn_grey
    krstn_grey 10 hours ago

    Why is everybody crucifying Adam Levine for this single lapse of judgment on his part. He has been a good coach ever since even paying Christina Grimmie’s funeral dont you dare forget that. R u kidding me? Fire out really?

  • Anoud3
    Anoud3 11 hours ago

    Pure talent and great voice

  • KimKnows EvenMore
    KimKnows EvenMore 13 hours ago

    Why did it take him to now , to do something DECENT ??? Maybe not knowing who he was , or letting someone else (meaning Adam) tell him who he should be. It just shows he's not READY , that is probably what Adam meant here (but I'm not a mind reader). But , if he was ready , he would have been choosing his own songs. Kirk Jay knows who he is , so making this a Racist thing only makes Nico look bad.

  • designdesign23
    designdesign23 17 hours ago

    This was one of DeAndre's best performances and one of the best instant save performances I've ever seen. The fact that his triumph was followed by Adam making this moment about Reagan is disgusting.

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade
    Matheus Santos de Andrade 19 hours ago +1

    I hope Kelly wining this season

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade
    Matheus Santos de Andrade 19 hours ago +1

    Love Kelly

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade
    Matheus Santos de Andrade 19 hours ago +1

    So disappointed with Adam

  • tonyapinkney34
    tonyapinkney34 19 hours ago +1

    This was a great performance and a great injustice was done to DeAndre. He needs to be asked to come back. If you are on a voice competition and can't use your voice you should be eliminated. #bringDeAndreback

  • Elen Carla
    Elen Carla 19 hours ago +1

    DeAndre, you're awesome, an incredible singer and I think, despite what happened, you're going to be really successful and famous.
    And Adam, if you do this kind of thing you are never gonna win again, because your past and present attitudes and decisions are making people not believe in you as a coach anymore. Quit sabotaging your best contestants!

  • Ron Allan
    Ron Allan 20 hours ago +1

    Adam acted unprofessional and unfair by endorsing Reagan due to a shallow reason that his closeness to Reagan is rooted from his daughters. The show is called "The Voice" and not the "The daughters' attachments". DeAndre was a 4-chair turn and he did not deserve Adam as a coach. Adam even said during the auditions that he will take DeAndre all the way - what a lie! Adam implied that DeAndre's bottom position apparently has become a constant thing. In the first place, it was Adam who chose a Bruno Mars song for DeAndre knowing that it was a difficult song. The result - an awkward performance of DeAndre! As much as Reagan is a sweet girl but Reagan's performance was really not impressive either. It is understandable why both Reagan and DeAndre therefore, fell at the bottom three. Adam should have been neutral at the very least and let the public decide accordingly. On the other hand, Kelly showed utmost professionalism by flagging the show to praise DeAndre for his last performance. It looked like Kelly felt how it became unfair for DeAndre when Adam made a polarizing critique. I used to admire Adam for his coaching but I think he is starting to deteriorate and becoming more subjective. DeAndre should have chosen Kelly during the blind auditions instead. Kudos to Kelly! Adam should leave the show for a while and have a self-reflection before even coming back to the show!

  • Sam Smacker
    Sam Smacker 21 hour ago +1

    Just look at Adam’s expression at 1:00 the guy isn’t even a minute in and Adam doesn’t seem into the performance. Seems like he already had his mind made up beforehand!!! Sorry to say this is the shady part of the music business!!!

    • Uche Udeh
      Uche Udeh 10 hours ago

      What I find interesting is why the producers cut that shot into the final video. The body language was bare for everyone to see. Adam was clearly fighting off any influence from DeAndre's performance. The network wanted some negative publicity to help raise public emotions and win some new viewers. Humans enjoy the feeling of being the first to do something new, like voting for an absent performance. The enlightened minds at the voice, are only tapping into this for the gain it has to offer. Yes, I know it sounds like some dark triad sh*t. Pity, it was at DeAndre's expense, but this a brilliant media strategy and it could have been anyone. Don't worry about the old viewers who swore to ditch the voice, a majority of them will not follow through on their threat. Again, it is basic social psychology combined with a little Bayesian theory.

  • kyle nicholson
    kyle nicholson 21 hour ago

    Dear America. When you have the chance to vote for someone who is deserving... THEN VOTE! America clearly doesn't understand the concept of voting.

  • mary ann smith
    mary ann smith 21 hour ago +1

    Sung beautifully...😂😂

  • Amii P
    Amii P 21 hour ago

    I am truly disappointed in the voice. Dave has an amazing voice. That I can listen to all day long on the radio. De'andre is talented as well. And to vote or choose someone who did NOT perform is insane to me. There is no way in this industry that this is aloud. I hope she feels better, but you have 2 amazing voices that were dismissed. And I believe they deserve a second chance. This is truly a heartbreaking, disappointment. And Adam should represent his whole team not just one person. That was totally disrespectful towards de'andre and his fans. I'm sorry, this is just CRAZY!

  • Harvest Reynolds

    I give it a 5 out of 10 pitch control was horrible

  • Blerim Shala
    Blerim Shala Day ago

    Not like john but good bro bravo

  • Marlene King
    Marlene King Day ago

    Omg what a soft voice! But it’s still strong 💪🏿 # Want you

  • Sara Laclair
    Sara Laclair Day ago


  • naturalnluvingit

    I can't believe Adam did what he did! Next season if I was a contestant would never choose Adam, will sell you out in the end...#shameshame

  • Simeon Taylor
    Simeon Taylor Day ago

    Can a soul/gospel artist (preferably a black woman) win the voice please!!???

  • Simeon Taylor
    Simeon Taylor Day ago

    After being #1 for 2 weeks, Regan probably thought she was safe again lol. Never get too comfortable young blood...

  • Melrose 143
    Melrose 143 Day ago +1

    Adam’s whole “I have daughters at home” reason is just plain dumb. If he had sons would he be asking people to vote for a guy?? It makes no sense.

  • H banks
    H banks Day ago

    Please sign the petition at change.rog to bring DeAndre back to the show on Monday.

  • Urandis7 Brazil
    Urandis7 Brazil Day ago

    o melhor de todos ...bem melhor que o original

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez Day ago +2

    Adam definitely lost his touch! Can someone get him the number to the voice retirement line? He needs to go!! If you agree please like this post! This is a voice competition, not a sympathy competition.

  • Stephanie Tejada
    Stephanie Tejada Day ago +2

    He deserves to be save and not Reagan I’m sry that’s my opinion. Yes, Reagan is an amazing singer but I feel like DeAndre took it to the next level. He even sang the song that I suggested him on the voice app.

  • Bryl Armero
    Bryl Armero Day ago

    He's one of the best contestant this season... How come he'd be out... It's just one of the worst thing ever

    • randy lavallee
      randy lavallee Day ago

      How is he one of the best contestant, when he is on the bottom 3 for the third time...correct me if I'm wrong...he is not getting the votes I guess..which means he is not that good or people don't bother to vote enough...JMHO!!! No hate just wondering!!!

  • Lisa Cyr
    Lisa Cyr Day ago


  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Day ago +1

    No point in Reagan staying this week when she's going home next week. DeAndre deserved to stay after this performance. DeAndre deserved a coach that was gonna ride for him.

  • Mar Adoma
    Mar Adoma Day ago

    Bcoz he is black

  • Jo Ry
    Jo Ry Day ago

    This guys famous in Texas.

  • Lindsay Zurla
    Lindsay Zurla Day ago

    Sarah Grace should of gone

    • randy lavallee
      randy lavallee Day ago to be kidding or tone!!!

  • Lindsay Zurla
    Lindsay Zurla Day ago

    Deandre Nico should stayed

  • JuliaWills
    JuliaWills Day ago +2

    Youwas robbed, Nico. Thanks for that a Judas kiss, Levine.

  • Skysaurous
    Skysaurous Day ago +1

    Adam is hands down the worst coach on the show. #adamsucks

  • ItzAn Opinion
    ItzAn Opinion Day ago +1

    He's got a pretty decent voice I'll give him that. But when you try and sing this song in the style of John Legend you better bring it vocally and unfortunately in my opinion he didnt. Now if want to hear a version of this song sung the way it should be when talking about making a song "yours", check out this dudes version:

  • SmokieHodge
    SmokieHodge Day ago

    Adam Levine is super wack for the pity story. That’s not the real world Sir a REAL star would have come through sick and all. He killed it

  • Carol Ali
    Carol Ali Day ago

    Just don’t get why this guy who is one of the best singer is on the bottom? And why would they put Reagan Strange to vote when she cannot perform? Unfair!

  • Daisy Molina
    Daisy Molina Day ago +1

    Deandre is so much better than Reagan 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • imhotep nixon
    imhotep nixon Day ago

    Wow now Deandre lives in Misery thanks for nothing Adam

  • Page Jenkins
    Page Jenkins Day ago

    I think Adam let his feelings about the NFL get in the way of his job on the Voice!!!

  • David Sastre
    David Sastre Day ago +1

    Adam is creepy for this

  • Gotsilk_gt Gt
    Gotsilk_gt Gt Day ago

    That was kinda stupid cause let's all admit it when it comes down to it no one wants to listen to a 13 year old sign. Can anyone agree it's just gonna be lame hyper high school music no one wants that.

  • Neka Raynor
    Neka Raynor Day ago

    Adam....Adam...Adam...tisk...tisk...tisk all I can say now is after this, if I was a contestant I would NEVER be choosing YOU as my coach....NO WAY, NO WERE my fav coach...operative word “WERE”

  • Prince
    Prince Day ago

    He trusted you as his coach from the beginning when you were begging for him to be on your team & you completely took his spot light like a sec after he performed with no care whatsoever for his performance Im pretty sure the whole time he was performing you couldn't wait to say what you had to say & your suppose to be his role model & coach he looks to not a good look as a professional judge or leader

  • Chioma Ubani
    Chioma Ubani Day ago

    Watch Adam at 1.00 to 1.03. He knew he was going to betray him

  • Josh Schang
    Josh Schang Day ago +2

    If ppl wanted DeAndre on the show then they should have voted for him..sad tho Adam was in the weong for what he did but still ppl should vote.

  • Ernest Sy
    Ernest Sy Day ago


  • Jenna BeHere
    Jenna BeHere Day ago

    I can't wait to hear more from him. He is only going up from here. Just not through the voice.

  • Jesus's OnTheMainLine

    Again, I feel like the producers, Adam cheated for Reagan. Plain and simple. Yes everybody deserves a second chance BUT they must earn it. She didn't sing to earn that win. The show has a live SINGING Save Vote competition for COMPETITORS who’s in the bottom. They ARE to SING to possibly win another chance to push them closer to the final. The coach aren't suppose to go against one just b/c they have a special relationship with the other one. You tell America vote for BOTH and LET them DECIDE who the WINNER should be. It WAS WRONG to ask America to VOTE her through just because he didn't want her heartbroken. Truth be told, that still WASN'T FAIR nor a Fair COMPETITION. IF the contestant couldn't sing then they automatically lose. You don’t sing…you don’t move forward to the next round. But, they could've made it right. They could've planned it better and went another route...I mean WHY? WHY WAIT for the Show to start and later decide she couldn't sing? I'm pretty sure they had plenty time to come forward before the show started. They could’ve let them know beforehand that she wasn't up to par & there's a possibility Reagan wasn't able to sing, then, the show could’ve/would've/should’ve taken another route and replayed the bottom three's performances from the night before & just skip the singing for the Save, and let them all sit out. Then America could’ve voted from those performances again. That would've been fair enough. Adam & the producers probably felt the votes would’ve went Dave’s/DeAndre’s way so they used the sick theory/"I don't want her heartbroken cause she's not able to redeem herself, please, please vote for her".

    • Jesus's OnTheMainLine
      Jesus's OnTheMainLine Day ago

      +Yulinda L Gaol Yeah, I Know...I thought maybe they could've did a way with the Save Me Stage part ONLY b/c they made a MESS of the situation. So, I'm going to do an about-face and say they shouldn't have to take another way out, because, that's the way it should be...The SINGING should've been enforced, if not done, then be disqualified, that's it!

    • Yulinda L Gaol
      Yulinda L Gaol Day ago

      Yeah, and it's called Save Me stage. You have to SING in order to save your position. SMH.

  • Salieri Amadeus
    Salieri Amadeus Day ago

    Stop this disgusting smoking 🚬 habit DeAndre. Your lips look awful.

  • loving densi
    loving densi Day ago

    I want to watch Adam struggle to get contestants next season, and curious to see who would choose him as a coach.

  • MusicaErika
    MusicaErika Day ago +1

    The Bruno Mars song choice was wrong. He is an amazing singer, he deserved to be in the finale.

  • Arizbeth Vazquez

    Oh gosh! People are so dramatic! I love you Adam! No one is perfect..

  • Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson Day ago

    Regan should have been dropped since could not compete. Adman through DeAndre under the bus. This was just wrong all the way around.

  • kojo tutu
    kojo tutu Day ago +1

    DeAndre Nico should take advantage of his new fan base and drop an album. ghost writers should take advantage

  • Trista Chandler
    Trista Chandler Day ago +1

    his vocals are shaky in this song. it's not balanced. it was boring could've done way better. he didn't even hit the high notes right. and those bridges weren't nessicary

    • Trista Chandler
      Trista Chandler Day ago +1

      Yulinda L Gaol haha not really they just sucked at singing otherwise he would've still been there

    • Yulinda L Gaol
      Yulinda L Gaol Day ago

      DeAndre was having lyngritis that time he sang, the news stated it. He took antibiotics before that. The lyngritis made his voice and his breathing were not in great condition. You could hear and feel the difference, right. However, DeAndre still got up to the stage and did what he HAD to do. Kudos for Dave and DeAndre! They are unfortunate victims here.

  • Craig Westlake
    Craig Westlake Day ago

    IDK, he's a good singer, but this isn't his type of song he should be singing. Should be singing songs that require higher and stronger pitches, which put to good use in the "all of me loves all of you" lines.

  • Jacob Mercer
    Jacob Mercer Day ago

    That loki good asf

  • Valeria Valdivieso

    This guy, Deandre, is really amazing! His voice is so smooth, I'm Fangirling.

  • Unicorn Beast
    Unicorn Beast Day ago

    Tsk tsk tsk.... common Adam.

  • Panic Manic
    Panic Manic Day ago +1

    212-644-4444 NBC channel, call and file a complaint. They will take your complaint into consideration. I just advised that I don't want Adam Levine on the show next season. I also advised that I believe they should disqualify Reagan strange and bring back DeAndre Nico. I also advised that if you're going to have a show called The Voice, if a contestant cannot use their voice they should be disqualified.

  • Panic Manic
    Panic Manic Day ago

    Low register sounds great

  • Ithaka Yakame'
    Ithaka Yakame' Day ago +1

    You will be Jennifer Hudson and he will be simon Cowell ..adams was wrong not watching no more.

  • DelayedGrati4cation

    Is it valid to pull the race card in this situation and say Adam Levine is a racist. He picked the little white girl who didn’t even sing to move forward in the competition over the black young man who sang his heart out. That was so Trump of him. What do you guys think? Was it races? Follow me on IG @educators_for_the_culture

  • Carmelita Ethridge
    Carmelita Ethridge Day ago +1

    I will no longer watch the voice if they do not bring this young man back and have Adam Levine do a apology.

  • Debra Garner
    Debra Garner 2 days ago

    It's a damn shame that these artists that has talent is ,over looked due to politic. It seems what the use especially when someone with the power like Adam, throws you under the bus and than backs up and run you over. Its enough that that you've to put in all this hard work, just someone to say hey give the other person a chance I'm good. Really Adam and who says she will win! btw, Adam why didn't you just sign the young lady? Would've made more since than publicly putting Deandra down or simply telling him forget your dream I've two daughters and they like the young girl and really, I dont want to let my daughters down. Everyone heard and sees this crap! Just doesn't make sense to me. What do you guys think?

  • Freda Williams
    Freda Williams 2 days ago


  • Just Curious
    Just Curious 2 days ago

    Marry me, Deandre!

  • Kuhlio99
    Kuhlio99 2 days ago

    wait can someone explain the situation to me?

    • AdeenPE
      AdeenPE Day ago

      Reagan Strange was put up for elimination against Dave and Deandre, however she could not perform during the instant saves because she was sick. After this performance, Adam decided to, instead of talking to DeAndre and congratulating him on how good the performance was, he told everyone that, even though he loves DeAndre, everyone should vote and save Reagan. Then when asked for his final thoughts on DeAndre just before the finals results arrived, Adam talked about how DeAndre should continue his singing career even if he got eliminated, then proceeded to tell everyone to vote for Reagan again! Very unprofessional

  • Kris Nemann
    Kris Nemann 2 days ago

    DeAndre wasn't one of my favorites this year on The Voice, but he sang the heck out of this song only to have his coach Adam, throw him under the bus.

  • Pedro Andreotti
    Pedro Andreotti 2 days ago +1

    Adam was disrespectful with him. He has an amazing voice and deserved to pass through. I really want to Adam stop to being a coach. A lot of times he made bad decisions and comments. I hope that he is out in season 16. Would be great that Blake, Alicia, Bruno Mars and Miley or Kelly or Ariana Grande as coaches next seasons.

  • Serenity Bound
    Serenity Bound 2 days ago +1

    Adam, Adam smh. She's not your daughter! Please.....such a sabotager you have become in my eyes. Well....the Blake and Adam thing has gotten old now and ready to see someone else replace you and take any apologies or defences with you.
    Ofcourse judges will have their favourites but how went about all of this ...The voice only singing show care to check but seems I will just stick to my UK version.

  • forhad karim
    forhad karim 2 days ago

    Ok it sounds stupid.

  • Joyce Davis
    Joyce Davis 2 days ago

    This MAN IS AWESOME..ADAM THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU....????????? Figure it out!!!

  • odis g
    odis g 2 days ago

    I don’t get why all the blame is on Adam. The voters are the ones who got on Twitter and didn’t vote for DeAndre for two weeks in a row! Reagan was sitting comfortable in a robe and slippers while those guys singing for their life. Come on people.

    • richard morabtio
      richard morabtio Day ago

      +odis g No people are swayed by sympathy. That is why young singers have an unfair advantage.

    • odis g
      odis g Day ago

      AdeenPE I get your point. But that in itself is a problem for this show. The focus isn’t on the artists and based on your comment it showed by how people are easily swayed by a celebrity coach rather than the performances these artists give.

    • AdeenPE
      AdeenPE Day ago

      Adam has influence on the viewers. It's his show and he's a celebrity, if he tells everyone to vote for Reagan, the vote would probably get swayed towards Reagan. Also, embarrassed and threw DeAndre under the bus, instead of commenting on the performance or fighting for DeAndre.

  • Delaney Hall
    Delaney Hall 2 days ago +1

    DeAndre Nico has so much soul where as Reagan seems to be pitchy most of the times would much rather listen to him sing he is truly an amazing singer

  • Adrian Klane
    Adrian Klane 2 days ago +2

    Tru this guy under the bus and save the little white girl who cant even hold a tune.
    Life is so unfair.
    DeAndre will be famous because if this.
    You go boy.
    Jamaica in the house

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 2 days ago +1

    America didn’t have to listen to Adam, so in a way, it’s not just on him. America chose to listen to Adam instead of picking the contestant that ACTUALLY performed. Just saying! Still doesn’t take a way the fact that he totally pushed Reagan over DeAndre tho!

  • david devore
    david devore 2 days ago

    Loser Levine actually did more harm to Reagan than help her. I don’t care how good she is, I would never vote for her. A vote for her is a vote for the single worst coach in Voice history. That is why it is soooo easy for Blake to make you look like a total idiot week after week. YOU ARE!

  • Justice Merchant
    Justice Merchant 2 days ago

    Shame on u Adam for putting Deandre Nico under the bus 🚌 that was a big injustice how can the little girl didn’t sing for the instant save but won the world saw ur shady move Adam

  • lexi dean
    lexi dean 2 days ago

    Felt like he didn’t get a fair chance because of Adam comment !

  • Sallie Mae
    Sallie Mae 2 days ago

    I am so sorry Adam Levine I have no right to be angry and disappointed with you.The VOICE entrusted you to be The Judge of that competition.According to my interpretation of Gods words when you are judging somebody if you are not sure about your decision ,pray to God and the Saints.My real father is a judge in my country.He went to school for 10 years.We dont have jury in my country.Whenever he has court cases he heard all evidence from both sides by himself.Sometimes the decision is not swift because he is praying to God and the Saints to guide him.Everytime he handed his decisions as far as I can recall nobody ever complained.FOR DeANDRE as I said in the past,winning a competition is not a gauge of success.Held your head up you were amazing.Continue to be true to yourself.God knows you were amazing he was listening and he likes singing/music too.God will take care of you.

  • Budi Sutrisno
    Budi Sutrisno 2 days ago

    Is this a "singing" competition anymore???

    • Lemrick Dime
      Lemrick Dime 2 days ago

      "The Voice" turn to -----------
      "The Special Relationship"

  • Alex Ch
    Alex Ch 2 days ago

    Meh not that good for being in a singing competition

  • jesufemua
    jesufemua 2 days ago


  • AggieAguilera
    AggieAguilera 2 days ago

    If you're angry about the Adam/DeAndre/Reagan situation, contact The Voice and NBC, but don't stop there. Call their advertisers too, and threaten to boycott their companies unless (1) Adam Levine gets permanently removed as a judge, and (2) The Voice will take responsibility for making sure that all competitors on the program receive unbiased, supportive coaching. Money talks.

  • Zac James
    Zac James 2 days ago +2

    Let's not forget. When this went down America still voted her through so whose really to blame?

    • AdeenPE
      AdeenPE Day ago

      Adam because he's the face of the show and is a celebrity so people listen and follow his influence.

  • Charlene Hardin
    Charlene Hardin 2 days ago

    Adam is a disgrace. He is a terrible and disloyal person. He might as well have said 'pick Reagan' because I like her. He certainly could not have meant pick Reagan because of her voice. Reagan is not a very memorable performer. I can't think of a single song that she has performed so far. Deandre was robbed and Adam was the thief. I boycotted the show for a couple of years after they robbed Amanda Brown. Will likely do so again.

    • Merri Cat
      Merri Cat 2 days ago

      I won't watch it if Adams on. I've been getting sicker and sicker of him and this is the end. I also boycotted for years too because I was so sick of the coaches. I only watch this your cuz of Kelly and Jennifer

  • Kylil Johnson
    Kylil Johnson 2 days ago

    Remove Adam Levine from the show he too bias

  • Meghan McCain Obama
    Meghan McCain Obama 2 days ago

    kinda CLEARLY hear that, Anita baker "differential" in Nick.... newish , like it !

  • Scott Hensley
    Scott Hensley 2 days ago

    All you people blamming adam should be blamming the fans. What adam did was stupid but the fans went along with it and saved her not deandre. Deandre was my favorite. Stupid fans

  • Matthew Cuoz
    Matthew Cuoz 2 days ago

    This is the 1st time i hear his voice , i dont even know him
    But for me hes really good , smoth n heavy 😂😂😂
    So im so jealous 🤣🤣🤣
    Wish i have voices like him
    Im no singer but i really love to sing 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
    Would you please give some advice to me 😂😂😂

  • Tynisha May
    Tynisha May 2 days ago +2

    He missed a lot of key notes and was flat during the song (not fully on pitch) If anyone has had vocal training, they would understand. But... unfortunately, emotions are the fuel for the Adam Hate Train..

  • Nass kc
    Nass kc 2 days ago +2

    America, y'all need to teach Adam a lesson next week... Otherwise, he'll think he'll still gets pay millions buck and get away with anything!!! Y'all the 38% voted her through has done nothing to make it right. Think about it!

  • Nass kc
    Nass kc 2 days ago

    Bring Deandre back but give a choice for him to choose another coach... If not, i don't think he wanted to comeback even if they call him back

  • Alexander Joy
    Alexander Joy 2 days ago


  • Mendes ARMY x BTS ARMY
    Mendes ARMY x BTS ARMY 2 days ago +1

    I love Adam as a singer but hell he's an awful coach. Reagan is good but Deandre is on a different level. This performance is great!

  • blue maven
    blue maven 2 days ago

    Next year I'd like to have either Alicia Keys, John Legend or Andra Day replace Adam. I'm not watching If that jerk is there next season.