Hypocritical Owner Tries to Criticise Gordon Ramsay For Swearing! | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • And Gordon reads out community feedback. It can't be easy to hear...
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Comments • 2 084

  • NumberJ42
    NumberJ42 10 hours ago

    What a little bitch this rat is

  • Creepy Toxic
    Creepy Toxic 2 days ago

    Lol cursing is in gordons DNA. He wouldn't be grodon without cursing.

  • Chillum X
    Chillum X 2 days ago

    If y’all have a nose like that fucking guy don’t fucking speak

    BADD1ONE 2 days ago

    "Controlling and assertive " are bad for the owner, but fine for Ramsey. What this shows is you can only behave like Ramsey does, when your wealthy and successful.

  • canonviewer
    canonviewer 3 days ago

    Criticising Gordon for swearing is like criticising the pope for being catholic

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 5 days ago

    "I don't expect that language from an English gentleman"... Swearing is basically the language of the land now. Brits are no where near as polite as the 'tip-your-top-hat' victorian days

  • Finthefish 1701
    Finthefish 1701 7 days ago

    Puritanical yank hypocrite

  • no comment
    no comment 7 days ago

    Tell this little bitch to stfu

  • Rixxalight
    Rixxalight 9 days ago

    i think this is the first time ive seen gordon NOT swear in a video

  • Lewis Baools
    Lewis Baools 10 days ago

    "Watch your fucking language, you fucking shit stain!"

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 10 days ago

    Guarantee this dude is a pussy ass liberal😂

  • finlay s
    finlay s 10 days ago +1

    He’s not even fucking English

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz 12 days ago

    "My angel of a mother".... you faggot!

  • Kross Raven
    Kross Raven 12 days ago

    "Oh, I'm sorry 'bout that, what language did I use?"

    *like Gordon Ramsey don't know* XD

  • Harley Buffington
    Harley Buffington 14 days ago +1

    Hey! Don’t you dare swear in front of my mom. That shit doesn’t fucking fly here

  • Adam Dergham
    Adam Dergham 16 days ago

    I like the way how this kid says gordon I dont like appreciate when you cuss then after few seconds he says sh***

  • tweetie pie
    tweetie pie 16 days ago +1

    'Your language isn't what I'd expect from an English gentleman '
    He's fucking Scottish ya bawbag.

  • jillian rodriguez
    jillian rodriguez 16 days ago

    owner: I just don't like your language, the language that you used wasn't that of an English gentleman like I'd expect.
    owner 30 seconds later: please you don't know ****.
    Gordon: did you just curse? that's disgusting behavior, young man.
    a taste of your own medicine, well done Gordon.

    FREAKSHOW 16 days ago

    LOL what a clown. It’s as if he didn’t even look up Ramsey prior to meeting him

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter 17 days ago

    Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!

  • Gary Tesla
    Gary Tesla 17 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a leader.

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me 18 days ago +3

    'Angel of a mother'

  • Kate Lamb
    Kate Lamb 18 days ago

    What a putz...🤣🤣🤣

  • ItsCamatrix
    ItsCamatrix 21 day ago

    He's Scottish so ? Britain isn't just England you know

  • Trev Moran
    Trev Moran 21 day ago

    Norman Bates, eat your Mum out.

  • Euan Stout
    Euan Stout 22 days ago +4

    Gordon’s Scottish not English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • RiderofStorms
    RiderofStorms 22 days ago

    "its not the language i expect from an English gentleman" .... do you think we all sit in velvet chairs with the newspaper on our lap whilst we sip tea in a dressing gown/house coat, of course we cuss, we aren't an alien breed, in fact id say we are quite known for it, we are an offensive nation.

  • big gay
    big gay 24 days ago

    He's not fucking english you twat waffle

  • Shannon Curry
    Shannon Curry 24 days ago

    This is like my mother saying “don’t fucking curse in my fucking house”

  • Forbes Hutton
    Forbes Hutton 25 days ago

    Gordon should have knocked him out when he called him an Englishman. Little fucking french brat.

    • Forbes Hutton
      Forbes Hutton 23 days ago

      @steve gale You'll notice there's two "t"s in Scottish when it's spelt properly. If they are of "Scotish decent" then they'd know not to insult a Scot by calling him English. So if I'm a moron that makes you a sub-moron and it's a miracle you don't drown in your own drool.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 25 days ago

      They are Scotish decent you moron.

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 25 days ago

    He’s not even English bro

  • 3nzo.
    3nzo. Month ago

    No swearing in his christian server!

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk Month ago

    What a fucking stupid piece of shit of human being. His mother should've aborted him.

  • drdassler
    drdassler Month ago

    People who curse (or English gentlemen who swear) are generally more intelligent & have bigger vocabularies.
    For the record.
    What a cunt. 🤣

  • Michael Conner
    Michael Conner Month ago

    Norman Bates ALERT

  • Zeniak
    Zeniak Month ago

    what a loser, that guy hahaha

  • James The Flamez
    James The Flamez Month ago

    No swearing in my Christian Hotel

  • jamie morrison
    jamie morrison Month ago

    What a cunt

  • andrew ayres
    andrew ayres Month ago +13

    “Not the language of an English Gentleman I would expect.”
    We do not go round talking like “Chip chip cheerio tea Queen Palace Scones London”.
    We do not say that. Come over to England and I will show you.

    • AdeptPaladin
      AdeptPaladin 22 days ago +1

      Well, that was his first mistake. Gordon Ramsay is neither English nor a gentleman. He’s proudly Scottish and has made no bones he comes from a troubled family.

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin 23 days ago

      ehutch 123 I don’t think you’ve ever met an Englishman

    • ehutch 123
      ehutch 123 24 days ago

      You aren't a true English man if you've never said "chip chip" when you want to swear

    • thedfv
      thedfv 27 days ago

      He probably thought most Englishman spoke eloquently. Like Enoch Powell, for example.

  • Georgi
    Georgi Month ago +3

    3:11 “I try to be friendly to people, I treat them like I would treat a Jew”

    Turns out he’s half German.

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin 23 days ago +1

      Brett Mitchell he said ‘treated you’ not Jew

    • Brett Mitchell
      Brett Mitchell Month ago +1

      Georgi astonishing that he exhibits such casual racism.

  • Georgi
    Georgi Month ago

    1:02 Amen gOrdOn aMeN

  • Ethan Donnelly
    Ethan Donnelly Month ago +1

    They must of had a new cinematographer for this episode as its filmed amazing

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Month ago +1

    The retards Gordan encounters is something out of Dr. Phil.

  • Pr3d4t0R6sic6
    Pr3d4t0R6sic6 Month ago

    0:52 "You see it as it is, you have to call it how it is". And that is the way us English work. We offend a lot of people because people from other countries because people don't like and can't accept the truth. We swear, why? Because it gets your attention.

  • brandon paterson
    brandon paterson Month ago

    The son looks like the laughing guy working for the joker in the dark knight 😂

  • Aaron Rooney
    Aaron Rooney Month ago +1

    I love how he thinks that British people don’t even think to utter a swear word

  • Jeff Crompton
    Jeff Crompton Month ago

    He's worried about language, he should be worried about the restaurant failing. Don't criticize Gordon for help.

  • barbrathea
    barbrathea Month ago

    hii can anyone tell me what season and episode this is?

  • WMM M
    WMM M Month ago +1

    Heard the hotel owner’s real name is NINNNOOOOO

  • Evan Garcia
    Evan Garcia Month ago

    What season is thiss

  • It’s Doug Sup
    It’s Doug Sup Month ago

    I read the full title b4 watching this an I was damn sure I was gonna see a murder cause DUDE this is Gorgon Ramsey have you seen any show on his shows on fox lmao

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick Month ago +7

    #1 rule: NEVER criticise Gordon

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 2 months ago

    What a dork. My angel of a mother. What a fruit cake

  • M P
    M P 2 months ago

    One question: Why are we here watching this?

  • Set Qesu
    Set Qesu 2 months ago

    That pussy is the epitome of a snowflake.

  • Deth I am The LAw
    Deth I am The LAw 2 months ago

    Owner: I don’t appreciate you using that language
    Also owner: I don’t give a *shit*

  • The ZomB
    The ZomB 2 months ago

    I hate these male feminists.

  • Annie Edits
    Annie Edits 2 months ago

    mE nO liKe tHe f wOrD

  • dumbcreaknuller
    dumbcreaknuller 2 months ago

    i think that swearing have a negative effect on people and can make them explode. it can bring out the worst in people. its ok to be mad but one can respond in a way without offensive language. i feel gordon try to make weight by bad language but i think it does not work as good as he thinks. if he want them to want help, he must be like the exampe of the comunity in this case that want to help the business. in this case it didn't seem like the people in the resturant had any clue how they are doing and probably just needed guidence but not by wrecking their feelings. he must make them like him and they will do what ever he wants. when people feel safe, and have faith in others, they are more easy to work with as they will follow voluntarily without hesitation.

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 2 months ago

    Beautiful hotel location too

  • Mr. Scuz
    Mr. Scuz 2 months ago

    The guy critisizing Gordon looks high on Cocaine or Meth.

  • Jm firelord
    Jm firelord 2 months ago

    Asking Gordon Ramsay to stop swearing is like Asking Karen if you could see the kids

  • Doublediamond92
    Doublediamond92 2 months ago

    Gordon is Scottish, not English.

  • EnderMatter
    EnderMatter 2 months ago

    Yeah nu swear pwease.

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper 2 months ago

    It was within 30 seconds of him saying that he didn’t want Gordon to swear in front of his mother that he swore in front of his mother, what a cunt

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 2 months ago +1

    Asking Gordon to stop swearing is like asking Mario to stop making remakes

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley 2 months ago

    He criticises Gordon for cursing 🤬 yet he ends up cursing infront of his parents.

  • I hate myself
    I hate myself 2 months ago


  • The_Neon _Flash
    The_Neon _Flash 2 months ago

    Ok so, who's Nino?

  • La llorona
    La llorona 2 months ago

    I swear I read sweating instead of swearing and I was outraged! Then I realized he was being criticized for swearing and then I got even more outraged! How dare him!

  • Josh Foster
    Josh Foster 2 months ago

    The way he says shit is so feeble

  • Megan Dulaney
    Megan Dulaney 2 months ago +3

    “I don’t like your cursing”
    Two seconds later…

  • Julio De León.
    Julio De León. 2 months ago

    The owners son is hot!! 😍 🍆 😈 ❤️

  • Alexfolledemoi
    Alexfolledemoi 2 months ago +1

    Well, he'd not an English gentleman, he's Scottish...so he swears !! It's in his DNA 😂

  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 2 months ago +1

    %99.6 sure that dude has killed at least 5 people.

  • Beppo
    Beppo 3 months ago

    that intro was like a god damn horror movie

  • John Normal
    John Normal 3 months ago +2

    Why do you Yankee Doodle Dandies get so fucking upset about fucking swear words. Get fucked.

    • lmeloni78
      lmeloni78 2 months ago

      I have no fucking problem with it! :D

  • Lawrence Hau
    Lawrence Hau 3 months ago +1

    Jokes on you, Chef Ramsay is a Scott, not an Englishman.

  • Jules Akers
    Jules Akers 3 months ago

    He is not an English gentleman. GR is a Scot.

  • pbruc brooks
    pbruc brooks 3 months ago

    Tough love, because it's a tough business. Sure he has the cameras, but the point is they wanted him there. So eat crow or get out of the business.

  • Quincy
    Quincy 3 months ago

    3:11 Did he say like I would treat a Jew? Lmao wtf

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong 3 months ago +2

    I'm feeling kind of a Normal Bates vibe.

  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 3 months ago

    Mormons.. clearly

  • Swurvin Creations
    Swurvin Creations 3 months ago +24


    Did he just ask to throw hands out back later?

    • Alberto Sanchez
      Alberto Sanchez 2 months ago +1

      Yupppp!!! Thats what you say when you dont want it to come off hostile or threatening. When you wanna fight someone say at work. You look em dead in the eyes and say lets have a drink after work.

  • Vianka Reyes
    Vianka Reyes 3 months ago


  • Sara
    Sara 3 months ago

    this guy obv never watched anything related to gorden ramsy lmao

  • Dymino
    Dymino 3 months ago

    “you dont know shEit”

  • Justin Hester
    Justin Hester 3 months ago +2

    That dude looks like he's tweaking

  • Yona
    Yona 3 months ago +3

    Best part is that Ramsay can destroy him without needing to swear.

  • AJ 1978
    AJ 1978 3 months ago

    The moment I hear the phrase 'my angel of a mother', I want to reach through my screen and punch him in the face. Who talks like that?

  • A C
    A C 3 months ago

    Gordon does it right

  • Paul Doyle
    Paul Doyle 3 months ago +1

    What a pussy ass beta hahaha

  • Flakey
    Flakey 3 months ago

    Who’s Nino?

  • Dr Matsuda Kato
    Dr Matsuda Kato 3 months ago

    Hi 2019

  • Salt
    Salt 3 months ago


  • B & A: BEAUTY & ART
    B & A: BEAUTY & ART 3 months ago

    "You see it as it is, you call it as it is." Ok Gordon but there are so many ways to be blunt and honest than to be swearing. Anyone can get to the point without swearing. It's not rocket science and it is not very difficult. I'm not trying to start a fight here or anything but it's not hard for Gordon to open his fat mouth and for once stop swearing for once in his life. Maybe people won't see him as a dickhead. Point is you want to be fair and tough with people but at the same time don't make them to the point they want to cry or make them feel bad because swearing at someone is a very bad thing.

  • ghostrider
    ghostrider 3 months ago

    Actually, he could cut it down a bit with the constant swearing

    BAT-TALK! 4 months ago

    Cool thumbnail

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia 4 months ago

    Zak is a hypocrite then a suck up to his mum

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant 4 months ago +1

    Most awkward family in the world