Overnight in the Lost Community - 32 Water Crossings

  • Published on May 3, 2019
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    This is Luke and Susie's most recent overnight adventure which involves the Lost Community where lives were lost in the 1916 flood.
    Enjoy the adventure and see what remains to this day over 100 years later!
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Comments • 370

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  4 months ago +22

    With this adventure going live it is time to film another one; that is going to happen on Monday and it is going to be a different type of trip;
    Pocket Super Shelter Survival Adventure.

    Ohhhhh yeaaaaah!

    Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the adventure and know that all of your are appreciated!
    - Luke

    • SIN_FuZe
      SIN_FuZe 4 months ago

      Will you do a review on the Eurohike bowland 1man tent? I'm on the fence of buying it but I can't find a review anywhere! So if you could then you will save me soooo many £££

    • smosesa
      smosesa 4 months ago

      I hunt off Long Bottom Rd all of the time, but live almost 2 hours from there. It makes it harder and harder to make It up there since there are so many brain dead people that hunt "upair".. I swear man.. Great video Luke. May the 4th be wif you 🤣

    • Swamp Rat
      Swamp Rat 4 months ago

      Microbursts are a Myth, the flat spot in the trees was from Bigfoot.

    • Tom Fehrenbach
      Tom Fehrenbach 4 months ago

      Luke have you all ever did a groups hike?

  • Henry Swope
    Henry Swope 4 days ago

    It was nice to see you with your wife.

  • DAVID Coombes-Pearce
    DAVID Coombes-Pearce 11 days ago

    Permit. Wtf. In advance what is with that ? I guess we're lucky in Australia. We have the biggest country and only 25 million people.

  • Mike Nixon
    Mike Nixon 11 days ago

    Luke, what is the water bladder and filter you were using on this trip and where can one be purchased or would you reccomend a different one.

  • Keith McCormick
    Keith McCormick 15 days ago

    So we did the Rails to Trails on White Mt. outside of Abington, VA...there was this Giant boulder about 5 feet above a creek...perfect camera shot up the creek w the Mountain Laurel on both sides...i get a couple of shots then inch out to get a “better” shot...you guessed it....slipped and went ass over teakettle into the creek! Camera busted...didn’t get any more pics the rest of the trip🙁

  • JanetI Holland
    JanetI Holland 16 days ago

    Got some news for you Luke spiders live in trees

  • GuitarGuruZac
    GuitarGuruZac 20 days ago

    This looks like a super fun trip! I can see you guys had a blast. Could you please provide the info for the location and number to call for this? Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to doing this trip,. As well as seeing what you guys wrote in the blue book!

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 25 days ago

    Permits? What's the deal?

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee 25 days ago

    I was wondering when your boss would come on an adventure w you.

  • William Cap
    William Cap 27 days ago

    Is the water filter pack you are using the one that gave you a ulcer ? Great channel love your reviews.

  • Charles Quick
    Charles Quick Month ago

    Susie is nicer looking then you!
    Remember the wife is always right...even if you are it doesn't matter.. Because if Moma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!
    It's never to late for coffee!
    You have a strange taste in coffee... Lol bad coffee and lukewarm? Yuck! Hot coffee! Or frozen for treat... Lol
    Great video... Great views...
    Thanks... Keep it up!

  • Rob Priestley
    Rob Priestley Month ago

    If Susie was to use a hiking pole, she may feel a bit more comfortable with those creek crossings. I see that she used a stick on the way down.

  • Skorp †
    Skorp † Month ago

    I wonder if Joe Robinet kicks back and laughs at this bullshit. So scripted and organised, I dont know why I keep bothering watching this wannabe bushman. He should be a Boy Scout Leader if anything.

    • Skorp †
      Skorp † 8 days ago

      @Jaz Mar Who is Joe Robinet?? LOL
      Yes, I am an advanced Bushman. I spend 200 days per year as a Dogger in Remote Australia.
      I can tell you one thing,You are not being fed meat and potatoes here. Go and learn from the guys who really know their stuff on advanced nutrition and true survival skills. But if you need to learn just how to go camping and sing Kumbya by the campfire this channel is for you.
      Have a nice night.

    • Jaz Mar
      Jaz Mar 8 days ago

      who is Joe Robinet and why would he say that?If you don’t like these vid's go away .Guess you are so far advanced camping you can thumb your nose at these nice people. Have a great day.

  • steve buckler
    steve buckler Month ago

    susie makes this vid great look forward to more vids with her thanks again

  • carls1959
    carls1959 Month ago

    You guys are great out there together. I hope you can include Susie in a lot more of your videos. I'm now looking up direction to that cabin area. Keep them coming.

  • Atholl McNicoll
    Atholl McNicoll 2 months ago

    Good to see Susie takes such an interest in where you go as most wives would gladly sit at home and do wifey things but your Susie though by the looks of her face she might rethink her next wee walk on the wild side - Cheers Guys.

  • Joan L
    Joan L 2 months ago

    Susie, give him a smack.

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy 2 months ago

    At 28:40ish Luke so you’re saying spiders don’t know how to climb trees?
    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

  • RIZE 2012
    RIZE 2012 3 months ago

    I thought it was sexy Suzie?.

  • neil Chapman
    neil Chapman 3 months ago

    It wasn't a microburst that knocked down those trees it was the Bigfoot

  • sue zaple
    sue zaple 3 months ago

    Beautiful trail, similar to the many with have here in Ontario as well as all of Canada in general , looked like an awesome adventure for you both, I love hiking and camping in the wilderness on Crown land it is free to residents in Ontario., but it is hard to find friends who enjoy it as much as me Roughing it that is., If it was hot out here, it would be humid as well, I would have cooled off in the stream along the way, I don't mind getting dirty . Awesome to see the remnants of the old ruins . love the cabin and history of the area . great video folks Ontario Canada

  • SJ S
    SJ S 3 months ago +2

    Creeks, rivers, streams, waterfalls, little creeks big streams, deep water, shallow water, rocky water, little streams big creeks, cross water water water, repeat. Then, damp washcloth or wet wipe. 😂

  • Andrej Mucic
    Andrej Mucic 3 months ago

    filtering water is a buzz kill

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy 3 months ago

    At 31:19ish shouldn’t that scale be be wipe to washcloth or visa versa
    At 36:38ish did you change your name “Luke Warm”
    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 3 months ago

    Come to Michigan We have Isle Royale, you have to catch a ferry over to the Island or fly in no motor vehicles, bears, wolves, Moose and plenty of other wildlife and then there's Porcupine Mts. You can drive to Michigan Wisconsin border same wildlife as Isle Royale beautiful scenery, must hang your food in the trees to keep away from the bears and what you carry in you must carry out

  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis 3 months ago

    In a tick area short trousers?

  • dzjc01
    dzjc01 3 months ago

    ..."Thank you for being a woman..." - only in the south

  • zekehooper
    zekehooper 3 months ago

    so agree about you take on Women.

  • alan b
    alan b 3 months ago

    Were is the phone number

  • gerald ross
    gerald ross 3 months ago

    Love your show, bare legs are you not worried about ticks?

    • SJ S
      SJ S 3 months ago

      gerald ross And snakes!!!

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 3 months ago

    What brand is Susie’s backpack?

  • Steven DeAtley
    Steven DeAtley 3 months ago

    I like the wash cloth.,I prowled all over the desert between Ft.Bliss and White Sands and I always had my wash cloth and small green towel no matter how hot it got I kept my little green towel around my neck if I had plenty of water I could soak the towel and keep it around my neck the wet towel kept the sun off your neck and it kept you cool also.

  • Steven DeAtley
    Steven DeAtley 3 months ago

    is there any trout in that creek ? it sure looks like a great place to cast a line in.

  • Despicable Me
    Despicable Me 3 months ago

    A bunny is leaning back against a tree pooping when a bear walks up. He leaned back against the same tree and asks the terrified bunny, "Do you have trouble with poo sticking to your fur?" Relieved he isn't about to be eaten the bunny replies "no".

    Suddenly, the bear reaches down snatching the bunny off the ground and wipes himself. "Good bunny"

  • Irene Weiler
    Irene Weiler 3 months ago

    Nice adventure to watch. Thanks for the great two pole tarp set up on one of your other videos I saw on TVclip. I can’t find it again to comment on that one so I’m mentioning it here. My husband an I just started car camping again. We needed a easy tarp set up for the rain. We used a rectangle tarp 9x12. with 8 foot adjustable poles in the front. It works great. We are seniors so we need easy set ups for camping. Thanks again

  • steve buckler
    steve buckler 3 months ago

    luved this need more with suzy in them

  • Linda Woods
    Linda Woods 3 months ago

    you guys are awesome..thank you for the video really enjoyed it.

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen 3 months ago

    I don't think I'd call Susie soft.

  • Vince Dancer
    Vince Dancer 3 months ago

    Wipe then washcloth..... Also Suzy has much better legs!

  • Oliver Janeba
    Oliver Janeba 3 months ago +1

    ,,And the rest of the day to you´´ is the answer to ,,Top of the morning to you´´

  • beeveedee
    beeveedee 3 months ago +1

    So often today we do not celebrate the differences between men and women. We are made to complement each other. Thanks for saying what you did. Your obvious love for each other and strong relationship is a refreshing part of your videos.

  • Mountain Homestead
    Mountain Homestead 3 months ago

    I saw quite a few good looking spots to do some fishing. Is that an option on this hike. Could you have gotten permission to fish? I really enjoyed the video. Kudos

    ELIZABETH MCKENZIE 3 months ago +1


  • Ronnie Meadows
    Ronnie Meadows 3 months ago

    I enjoyed this video more than any you have made in a while. Hope you mąkę more like it. Is this the same cabin that can be seen from an overlook on the parkway?

  • KAA902
    KAA902 4 months ago

    Combat Wipes, the absolute best for trail trash hikers. :)

  • MAINEiac in a KAYAK
    MAINEiac in a KAYAK 4 months ago

    I remember when Suzy was a bit camera shy, but she appears to have gotten over that. Great job for both of you.

    A tip-o-the cap to the feminine ladies out there. I do enjoy a touch of tomboy tho and my gal fits the bill nicely.

    On to the next adventure.

  • Bear track woods
    Bear track woods 4 months ago

    I have to tell you guys, you guys are an amazing couple. Thank you for sharing such of good information! My wife and I love to see you two doing hikes together.!!! We haven't been very active doing hikes you know life's circumstances, but we are working on to go back and start doing some hikes again by next year.

  • Sarah stevens-crain
    Sarah stevens-crain 4 months ago

    If i may ask what is the name of the tent there looks like a REI half dome 2p

  • joe greening
    joe greening 4 months ago

    Good one Luke and Susie !

  • R P
    R P 4 months ago

    The flashes in the sky were transformers burning up.

  • R P
    R P 4 months ago

    Why are you making fun of someone’s 90’s tv’s? Your sunglasses are from the 90’s!

  • Roger Balcer
    Roger Balcer 4 months ago

    Years back in Louisiana we had a pair of amorous armadillos run straight through our campfire while we sat around it drinking ! Another time in upper Michigan people from the adjoining campsite threw chicken bones in our fire ring when they left after we had turned in. I got out of the tent to answer nature in the middle of the night and heard rummaging in the firepit and figured it was racoons, so I walked over and yelled to scare them away...turned out it was the biggest black bear boar I'd ever seen. I froze, he looked at me turned tail and ran, thankfully in the other direction !

  • Andrew Boos
    Andrew Boos 4 months ago

    "I'd ride a bear before I ever mess with a spider.."

  • Don Little
    Don Little 4 months ago

    Take a drink every time he says super or cheers.

  • Don Little
    Don Little 4 months ago

    Damn. Are these two former Green Berets? Rocks in the water are slick. What knowledge.

  • Don Little
    Don Little 4 months ago

    Your a woman too.

  • Don Little
    Don Little 4 months ago

    The dam is there for erosion control...schmuck.

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 4 months ago

    For those interested here's a story from 2013 about the flood: www.ourstate.com/flood-of-1916/

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 4 months ago

    What's the phone number to call for the Bluff district office you said you were gonna post??

  • George Wamser
    George Wamser 4 months ago

    Really great video Luke and Suzy!