10 Marvel Villains Who Are Stronger Than Thanos Ranked From Impressive To Unstoppable

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • These Movie And Comic Book Villains Could Easily Defeat Thanos
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    The world just can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe, thanks in large to the popularity of all the movies that keep being released. Avengers: Infinity War saw the likes of Thor trying to stop big bad Thanos from destroying the world with the Infinity Gauntlet, but Thanos has been wreaking havoc in the comic books for years. He’s incredibly powerful and almost unbeatable, but the Marvel Comic Book Universe is huge. There’s a lot of despicable beings out there that are just as powerful as Thanos… and a fair few who are even more formidable. It might be difficult to grasp, but these guys have powers so vast that it’s almost inconceivable. Prepare to get your geek on as we take you through 10 Marvel Villains More Powerful Than Thanos Ranked From Impressive to Unstoppable.
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  • Assassin Hit
    Assassin Hit 3 hours ago

    People need to read comics again
    No one even knew thanos until infinity war

  • Echø_Verified
    Echø_Verified 14 hours ago

    Immortal he says... HA!

  • 6digit
    6digit Day ago

    i think MCU is now going to kill Thanos once this characters enters on the big screen

  • Starsmores YT
    Starsmores YT 2 days ago

    You missed Kang

  • Fred G.g
    Fred G.g 3 days ago

    Mephisto could

  • ma refelynda waerness

    Where is freeza?

  • Matt C
    Matt C 3 days ago +1

    No one punch man ?

  • Badass Jr
    Badass Jr 4 days ago

    He's not immortal tf

  • Chris Kaline
    Chris Kaline 4 days ago

    Thanos casually destroyed half the life in the universe. Seems a bit over the top for power. Not sure how some mortals are going to kill him.

  • SadlakesXD
    SadlakesXD 4 days ago

    Phoenix will disintegrate thanos

  • sithlrd70
    sithlrd70 4 days ago

    It is not often I give a thumbs down,but this video is bad.

  • Lex Proctor
    Lex Proctor 4 days ago +1

    Anti Man is pretty dope as well... but I guess he's not as well known...

  • the Orca
    the Orca 4 days ago

    This depends of whether Thanos has his Infinity glove. When he first had it he grabbed Mephisto by the throat and started strangling him like a common mortal. And he defeated every character who tried to take him on, even Galactus. He was only stopped when he got careless and Nebula grabbed the glove off his hand.

  • jphons duality
    jphons duality 4 days ago

    Dr. Doom? really? How about put Squirrel Girl too eh?

  • Rick Thomas
    Rick Thomas 5 days ago

    Beyonder is the only one who stands a chance with Hart of the universe on Thanos side

  • Rick Thomas
    Rick Thomas 5 days ago

    He beat two or three here

  • dbrianlovingood30
    dbrianlovingood30 5 days ago

    How dare you not rate Doom as the most powerful. Doom is supreme above all!

  • DemiGodHyper
    DemiGodHyper 6 days ago +1

    Mikaboshi🤨tf num 9
    This is actually dum

  • Silton Buendia
    Silton Buendia 6 days ago

    Technically Thanos is Stronger because he created and attained the Infinity Gauntlet so its only fair to rank him as such. It’s a matter of also the power you attain that should count as some of the characters on this list attained their power also.

  • Michael McGee
    Michael McGee 7 days ago

    This list is bogus

  • xanthanx
    xanthanx 7 days ago

    Captain Underpants wins hands down. His fart alone can defeat Thanos easily. 😁

  • Mena101 Fortnite
    Mena101 Fortnite 7 days ago +1

    Galactus:fine I’ll do it my self

  • Isaiah Alzola
    Isaiah Alzola 7 days ago +1

    If some of these villains are connected to Greek gods/ Olympus wouldn’t marvel be connected to dc cause of Wonder Woman

  • kendrick schwartz
    kendrick schwartz 8 days ago

    Basically mankind is the most powerful villain and super hero in the world

  • rjanis123
    rjanis123 8 days ago


  • Amadon Meng
    Amadon Meng 8 days ago

    the beyonder in not a villiane

  • The Original American

    Dr Doom smarter than Thanos? 😂😂😂😂😂 ok April fools is over

  • GogetaUltra
    GogetaUltra 8 days ago

    Dormmamu is bargaining

  • ttv los gaming
    ttv los gaming 9 days ago

    Thanos was the first to collect all stones on earth 99999 so show him a little respect because people were not thinking of talking people who could beat thanos until he actually beat the avengers + doctor doom is powerful but cannot beat thanos idc how smart u are

  • Geb Reyel
    Geb Reyel 9 days ago

    Can you make a video about top 10 heroes (avengers excluded) who can beat thanos? I had to say "avengers excluded" to let off a real challenge

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check 9 days ago

    Mad Jim Jaspers
    Odin Destroyer
    Space Punisher Hulk

  • Mr bendy and Ninja toon

    Fact:thanos can just snap his fingers and kill everyone in this list

  • Avinash Garlapati
    Avinash Garlapati 10 days ago

    But how were they stoped in the comics.

  • Jason Boeshore
    Jason Boeshore 10 days ago

    ITT: a normie tried to explain Marvel villains.

  • Elder Vordimore
    Elder Vordimore 10 days ago +1

    As some of these characters could defeat thanos, if thanos ever got the infinity stones even just one of them it is game over. It does depend on which one he gets though.

  • Tim Bird
    Tim Bird 10 days ago

    Can thanos have incredible superhuman strength if he's not human? Wouldn't it just be incredible strength??? :(((

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh 10 days ago +1

    I reported this video as *MISLEADING*

  • Hitanshu Sharma
    Hitanshu Sharma 10 days ago

    O my god. This video was launched on my birthday. And you missed one of the best ones. Door mamu!

  • kitcar2000
    kitcar2000 10 days ago

    Two words. The Void.

  • moo moo
    moo moo 11 days ago


  • moo moo
    moo moo 11 days ago

    If phoinx could kill Galactus how come Galactus is top of the list

  • Joel Castro
    Joel Castro 11 days ago

    Dr Doom? Gtfoh

  • bindhu sagar
    bindhu sagar 11 days ago

    i thought stan lee and his drawing kit would be no 1

  • Donovan Cho
    Donovan Cho 11 days ago

    Where is HELA?????

  • kemuael
    kemuael 12 days ago

    I like Thanos for his personality not power.

  • Bunyon Snipe
    Bunyon Snipe 12 days ago

    Doctor Doom's not even in the MCU, yet!

  • Frank Blythe
    Frank Blythe 12 days ago

    What about..,............

  • modern combat
    modern combat 12 days ago

    What about ghost rider?

  • Zane  Potter
    Zane Potter 12 days ago

    Ummmmmm there's a hundred yard long list of characters that could take him on..... but not with the IG? What's this guy on?

  • J. Arce
    J. Arce 12 days ago


  • Kay Gee
    Kay Gee 12 days ago

    Thanos top 5

  • IntendedPlayz
    IntendedPlayz 13 days ago

    Didn’t silver surfer kill galactus in 2 seconds....

  • Jerome Cordeau
    Jerome Cordeau 13 days ago

    Alot of butthurts on here AHAHA

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 13 days ago +2

    There's that one time Galactus was eaten by zombies 😁.

  • senjugudin
    senjugudin 13 days ago

    adam magus

  • Jacky Cui
    Jacky Cui 13 days ago

    Wtf!! Nonsense!

  • ????????????
    ???????????? 13 days ago

    Here is a BROKEN VILLAIN:

    Kaosidun The One Before All, the creator of creators and herald of the flames of creation.

  • ????????????
    ???????????? 13 days ago +5

    You do know that The Chaos King did destroy 98% of the Marvel Multiverse right?

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 13 days ago

    Mephisto is basically marvel's satan

  • V WorldWide
    V WorldWide 13 days ago

    Thor beat the brakes off of Surtur tho

  • cheyenne anderson
    cheyenne anderson 13 days ago +1

    the one thing i thought about when i watched infinity war was how doctor strange could've made thanos a baby with the time stone and also destroyed the gauntlet with the time stone like hes a very smart surgeon and im an 8th grader like 😐😭

  • Rambabu Ojha
    Rambabu Ojha 14 days ago

    Where is gravity man and dormamu and apocalypse

  • Sudarshan Agarwal
    Sudarshan Agarwal 14 days ago

    Where the hell is dormammu

  • O mglom
    O mglom 14 days ago

    Just snap your fingers

  • Shifty Christopher
    Shifty Christopher 14 days ago

    Are you saying MCU for Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU for Marvel Comics Universe? Nobody uses the term MCU for the Marvel comics, which is why I’m confused.

  • Jennifer Johann
    Jennifer Johann 14 days ago

    Galactus is nothing compared to at least 50 other beings in the universe lmao

  • G.G
    G.G 15 days ago

    Dr doom stronger then beyonder wtffffff

  • AkshAy Rathore
    AkshAy Rathore 15 days ago +6

    Seriously how you placed Beyonder on 5th position clearly say you have no idea what you are talking about. He is equal to the living tribunal and only below to TOA.

    • AkshAy Rathore
      AkshAy Rathore 8 days ago

      +Hadi Winata I mentioned TOA = The one above all

    • Hadi Winata
      Hadi Winata 9 days ago

      What about one above all, ?

  • Hiawatha herschel
    Hiawatha herschel 15 days ago

    You forgot about Kronos .

  • Angel cavalera
    Angel cavalera 15 days ago +3

    No shuma-gorath, are you mentaly insane?

  • Jay A
    Jay A 15 days ago

    Epic failure just bloody epic

  • Mike Pritchard
    Mike Pritchard 15 days ago

    Molecule Man is one you missed.

  • Greggatron
    Greggatron 16 days ago

    Is this for real? Mephisto was Thanos's bitch the entire infinity gauntlet story just so he could get it for himself and he still didn't succeed!
    Galactus also got whooped along with everybody else Adam warlock used in his plan including the rest of the Celestials...

  • Emad Cadbury
    Emad Cadbury 16 days ago


  • lorenzo oemraw
    lorenzo oemraw 16 days ago

    My nuts should be number one, can create new beings and while the face of the universe

  • J
    J 17 days ago

    With the infinity gauntlet he’s unstoppable only Thor can take him with stotmbreaker

  • Just Glorious
    Just Glorious 17 days ago +1

    To many debates about each character. Beyonder as said, also got down powered.

  • Just Glorious
    Just Glorious 17 days ago +2

    Galactus and the Beyonder is not evil villains. They split a bit of reality to watch what the other have to do. Both characters are from outside the Universe. Then Galactus, got down powered completely. We don't even know how his real form looks. Just what he wants everyone to see.

  • DrLucifer
    DrLucifer 17 days ago

    thanos is weak he doesn't stands a chance against the ruler of hell

  • Roja Satish
    Roja Satish 17 days ago

    What about dormamu, man?!!!!

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 17 days ago

    Most powerful is the cell layout, and story line makers for the business. No artists, no comics.
    Of course AI should make all these characters real but, hey. Comic book readers can keep reading until that happens.
    Should have Sophie design the comics most powerful good and bad folks. See what AI comes up with.
    My, here's one. One..reverse octopus limb, housefly eye, God.
    1 Reverse octopus limb. The limbs are nothing but visible light, but actual alternate universe portals. With the glow from them being midway between the there and here. So as they octo-reach around, where ever One is around, all space time reality is in flux and all that go or are reached are immediately in alternate universes. With each limb being a different alternate. And it's houseful eyes make it impossible for it to be attacked from any place( this or any other universe.

    SURIAN M 17 days ago

    This is crap, obviously you are not a real fan. Do your research.

  • shaun simmons
    shaun simmons 17 days ago

    Just let the directors do what they do live another 20 and see it all unfold

  • Quiet Nerd
    Quiet Nerd 17 days ago

    “Eater of worlds.” “Devourer of worlds” sounds more terrifying.

  • JakeDAmazin g
    JakeDAmazin g 18 days ago

    I don’t understand the point of this list it’s idiotic

  • Pranav Sreekanth
    Pranav Sreekanth 18 days ago

    what are you talking man, just what the hell are you talking?

  • Tshepo Marunyane
    Tshepo Marunyane 18 days ago

    This guy have a mind of a rat

  • lobostang1
    lobostang1 18 days ago +3

    Cyttorak should be on the list. mephisto is afraid of him and he depowered the phoinex force when it was used against him

  • zual lal
    zual lal 18 days ago


  • Ken Tucky
    Ken Tucky 18 days ago

    Isnt there a difference between killing someone and erasing them to kill means you ended their life theyre heartstopped beating erase is just gone never existed not dead but not alive

  • jerald blake
    jerald blake 18 days ago +2

    Legion, Morningstar, Sentry , Nate Grey Franklin Richards

  • Mikey
    Mikey 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Thanos would beat everyone on here if his goal was to win, no matter what.

  • JJFsix
    JJFsix 19 days ago

    Before I watch. I'm guessing Kang the conquer and Galactus are there and Dormomu or however you spell his name

  • Jeanfrancois Campo
    Jeanfrancois Campo 19 days ago

    And What about Sentry or Mar Vell

  • Kaycee Obingene
    Kaycee Obingene 19 days ago

    Doctor doom? Phoenix? People like the One above all or one above all should be in this list

  • Fernanddi S
    Fernanddi S 19 days ago

    A bad breath is stronger than all these!

  • Thanos
    Thanos 20 days ago


  • yafet tuwanakotta
    yafet tuwanakotta 20 days ago

    Are u the variant guy?

  • surya sethuraja
    surya sethuraja 20 days ago

    where is warlock?

  • Chemical X
    Chemical X 20 days ago

    Thanos would beat thanos