• Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Comments • 388

  • Karla Bo Funch
    Karla Bo Funch Day ago


  • Nikhil Kaul
    Nikhil Kaul 23 days ago

    What happened to “thots use bots”

  • Freddy Jackson
    Freddy Jackson 26 days ago

    ‪WTB f3‬

  • FrijoleroSamurai
    FrijoleroSamurai 26 days ago

    Cop bot sponsored!? Really!? That’s fucked up man. You know how bad these bots are fucking the culture and resell and
    You out here promoting it. Sold out, fucking over your very own fan base. Unsubscribe.

  • Ronny Lopez
    Ronny Lopez 26 days ago

    Fuck this guy and fuck ppl in this community are that make ppl feel like they need to buy all this unnecessary shit to make ppl in suits billions. Let’s promote more artist driven companies that show care and love to streetwear and fuck this guy and Supreme’s bullshit products

  • xrizbira
    xrizbira 27 days ago

    And you fucking skip skateboard?

  • Desmond Chua
    Desmond Chua 29 days ago

    qias bouta cop bot the entire supreme company

  • Alex
    Alex 29 days ago

    opinions on the bots? like is he getting paid for it or is worth it even though he get paid to recommend the bot

  • jorge tinoco
    jorge tinoco Month ago

    It’s just a regular jacket with a supreme box logo tho? Wtf is going on .

    • Jk Jk
      Jk Jk 26 days ago

      jorge tinoco he has money he isn’t broke , let him buy whatever the fuck he wants simple. If you have money you can buy it but if your ass is broke and buys it then it’s your fault

  • Aervun pelätyin
    Aervun pelätyin Month ago +1

    Bots are for thots

  • Adam Carlucci
    Adam Carlucci Month ago

    is the website legit

    • Nava
      Nava Month ago

      No sir

  • Theodyn
    Theodyn Month ago

    completely skipped the decks..for a skate brand lmao

  • Rage Mobile Legends

    Big thumps down for promoting bots..

  • YeezyBounce 350
    YeezyBounce 350 Month ago +2

    Thank you qias for giving me yeezy pirate black man.

  • Juan Alvarado
    Juan Alvarado Month ago

    promoting bots? fuck you

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago

    Why you let this bot sponsor you. This bot is a legit scam and your scamming your viewers. DONT BUY COPBOT read reviews on chrome. ITS A SCAM

  • Jeff Vilaysane
    Jeff Vilaysane Month ago

    Bro bro you’re promoting bots now? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Bots ruining it for the “guy” that buys to actually rock their gear. You want a copbot user to have a full size run when you don’t have a single pair of something? How would your younger self feel about this? Just saying man

  • Mike Sodano
    Mike Sodano Month ago

    Fire banger bruh. This is painful.

  • n c S y
    n c S y Month ago

    we are more waiting for qias to do a diet more than a yeezy drop

  • xGhxsted
    xGhxsted Month ago

    bandana hoodie is so fire

  • Cabral7o2
    Cabral7o2 Month ago

    Homo use cop bot facts

  • Cabral7o2
    Cabral7o2 Month ago

    Cop bot these nuts

  • Cabral7o2
    Cabral7o2 Month ago

    Fuck your cop bot

  • Darren Wee
    Darren Wee Month ago

    If copbot works, he wouldn’t be here Sharing it to you decreasing his chances of copping for himself. This dog is a legit scammer

  • MAX
    MAX Month ago

    Song plzzzzz

  • scubawithatuba
    scubawithatuba Month ago

    The Carlyle Group ruined Supreme for me....

  • Chumlee.500
    Chumlee.500 Month ago +1

    CookCove GANG

  • Glambert Nathan
    Glambert Nathan Month ago

    Copbot’s garbage.

  • Glambert Nathan
    Glambert Nathan Month ago

    Where did the 100 days of summer lol?

  • Alex Pennie
    Alex Pennie Month ago

    Feels like every video you make is just to add some content to a sales pitch

  • NoelVincent
    NoelVincent Month ago +1

    "Bangers" Bang-gers" lol he saying Banggers a log this days😂

  • M_SZN
    M_SZN Month ago

    Thecopbot is the worst bot is not worth it at all waste of money

  • Hugo Sandoval
    Hugo Sandoval Month ago

    11:04 "little post it notes so you can put them on paper" yeah no shit. What a terrible video. Should have at least slept through the morning to maybe get a better video out.

  • gsxr2fst498
    gsxr2fst498 Month ago


  • Damien Daes
    Damien Daes Month ago

    Every look book review picture looks like a dick is coming into there mouth

  • Geo
    Geo Month ago +2

    “I need this measuring cup to water my plants” 🌱 -Jacob Starr
    “I need this measuring cup to make cupcakes and cakes” 🧁 -Qias

    YEAH IGHT Month ago +1

    Getting my first box logo hoodie🎉🎊very sad

  • Supreme Rey
    Supreme Rey Month ago +2

    Bruh theses fake reaction making me cringe 🥴

  • Supreme Rey
    Supreme Rey Month ago +1

    Bruh theses fake reaction making me cringe 🥴

  • Malolo the Producer

    I hope supreme blocks bots this season bruh

  • Noah Morse
    Noah Morse Month ago

    “PING..PONG..PADDLE!!!” Shit had me dead

  • Brenna Kern
    Brenna Kern Month ago

    You're such a sellout. This was made just so you could advertise copbot. YOU ARE A FUCKING BOT!!!

  • Just a Regular Nurd

    Bruh why tf would you buy supreme accessories? Like aw man I really want a supreme MEASURING CUP! What a waste of money

  • B3RT
    B3RT Month ago

    Supreme bot is gay

  • simon estrada
    simon estrada Month ago

    The scheduling doesn't work btw I have used it for a while and when I would schedual it the bot wouldn't work.

  • King James
    King James Month ago

    Haven’t watched a vid in a while quas promoting a bot, damn things have change d

  • Jesal Patel
    Jesal Patel Month ago

    great vid

  • Money Maker09
    Money Maker09 Month ago

    Wow never actually seen a person get so excited for all this it looks funny😂

  • Brain Ramirez
    Brain Ramirez Month ago

    Y’all hate on qias to much why 😂

  • amirul hafiz
    amirul hafiz Month ago

    Why your voice little bit weird at the end

  • harsh bhadouriya
    harsh bhadouriya Month ago

    i need supreme honda bike

  • Gerard Ramos
    Gerard Ramos Month ago

    qias can you show us you using copbot and if it actually works? all reviews on it so far are bad fam..

  • ShawnG-617
    ShawnG-617 Month ago

    I want to see you use copbot then ill buy it

  • I’ll be back
    I’ll be back Month ago

    Supreme is shit

  • Tonytube
    Tonytube Month ago

    Bro you live in la

  • 7kuba
    7kuba Month ago

    You don't do supreme videos. Rrrrrright. Right. Right

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming Month ago

    You an Oregon ducks fan?

  • Greg A
    Greg A Month ago

    get the fucking dirtbike ooooommmmmgggggg

  • Winston Soto
    Winston Soto Month ago

    Oh little post it you can put them on paper....WOW. MUST COP! FLAMES FAM, STRAIGHT GAS BRUH! 🤦‍♂️

  • CiscoSneaks
    CiscoSneaks Month ago

    And for promoting CopBot....UNSUBSCRIBE!!! ✌🏽