It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Alabama's senate passes the country's most restrictive abortion bill, San Francisco bans facial recognition technology and more.

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  • Versatile Gaming
    Versatile Gaming 3 months ago


  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver 3 months ago

    The Supreme Court will not even bother to hear this piece of shit and even if they do there gonna strike it down my prediction Roe vs Wade will still be the law of the land

  • meese 60
    meese 60 3 months ago

    why is it common for the the ones that support the murder of unborn children also support open borders n mass migration of 3rd worlders, , grow a nation by having big families!!

  • Narice Ferguson
    Narice Ferguson 3 months ago

    My heart hurts for Alabama ..

    • Scout Dog
      Scout Dog 3 months ago

      Mine hurts for the fetus that will never know how wonderful life is. I'm sure glad my mum did not opt to Abort.

  • Scott Knighton
    Scott Knighton 3 months ago

    Good Job Alabama, now if we can outlaw FMGM (Force Male Genital Mutilation) and joined the rest of the world in outlawing this barbaric practice. Every child has the right to genital integrity and we can join the world because the prepuce has a purpose it is not just dead skin.

  • datumzinememories
    datumzinememories 3 months ago

    There whole thing get it to the supreme court even though every states been roe v wade is law and they have to allow people acess to abortion and allowing them to make their own bodily choices. I get abortion is not for everyone no one forces you to do it but I also believe if your not in those shoes be quite and respectful abortions happen medically rape and incest if people find out they are to closely related if a baby dies while being carried. The thing is the mothers life has always come first because if not you leave people at risk of death if no one is allowed to intervene and unless a state plans to support fully everystage of life you cannot weigh in on making one person unequal of rights.

  • Diosdado Santiago
    Diosdado Santiago 3 months ago

    Including incest and rape??? Preposterous!!!

  • S.D.C.
    S.D.C. 3 months ago

    The only reason these churches are against abortions is because they need to keep the selection of kids in the orphanages full for their pedophile priests

  • S.D.C.
    S.D.C. 3 months ago +2

    Looks like Alabama women are left to coathangers and back alley butchers again and risking their lives again. Congrats. 🤮

  • S.D.C.
    S.D.C. 3 months ago

    Straight up, the republicans are trying to instate biblical law.

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 3 months ago +1

    It will be the new ghetto soon.

  • sharmila miranda
    sharmila miranda 3 months ago

    Thank you for raising your voice

  • Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!

    The technology capital " banning " technology that could lead to illegals arrested 🤔🤔🤔🤔 " regressive!"

    KiTT FOXXE 3 months ago

    Good Morning America and in news today Democrats are still trying to fuck up America and Trump is President and we're happy

  • 5KindsOfSmoke
    5KindsOfSmoke 3 months ago +1

    Good morning babies that won't be killed today. Enjoy the right to have a good day today!

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow 3 months ago

    Hey America! FUCK you!

    • KiTT FOXXE
      KiTT FOXXE 3 months ago

      Hey faget go kill yourself hahaha

  • Leslie Traveler
    Leslie Traveler 3 months ago +1

    So more Republican white men are going to decide to criminalize what women can do with their bodies. Regardless if it’s a case of incest or rape.

  • Reuben Handel
    Reuben Handel 3 months ago +1

    So the doctors were killing babies for no medical reason?

    • datumzinememories
      datumzinememories 3 months ago

      That is what they are claiming but there are allot of medical reasons that a person should be able to get a abortion and a fetus isn't considered a baby till a certain stage that normally is the stage where all body parts are or are close to being formed basically a viable premi baby. Though try to charge a Dr like a murder I can definitely see lawsuits on those grounds

    • Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!
      Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe! 3 months ago

      @Fury512 👈bu bu.. bullshit

    • Fury512
      Fury512 3 months ago +1

      0 medical reasons.

  • Ray Dugas
    Ray Dugas 3 months ago +3

    Great job Alabama!! Praying Texas follows your lead!! 🙏🙏

    • datumzinememories
      datumzinememories 3 months ago

      Texas has already one of the top heaviest sets of things a woman must do and comply with to get a legal abortion that includes the sea and clinics they are preformed they have a time weight reading material more than one insurance this is what you want all aimed to divert getting the abortion. There are also tone of state and government funded pregnancy clings that will test you are to give you options and pray with you and do not tell you they don't support all options of giving you all the options information. While yes they can be a comforting place what someone does with their bodies and the many valid reasons someone might actually need a abortion medical rape incest cancer baby dies in basically say the mothers life and the assurance of the future of her family is more a risk than her health and being able to safely expand her family.

  • Boss Anova
    Boss Anova 3 months ago +6

    So Alabama is going against the supreme court and knowingly breaking the law. Typical republicans.

    • Ian Frank
      Ian Frank 3 months ago

      @Boss Anova that's the idea dumbass.

    • Boss Anova
      Boss Anova 3 months ago

      @Ian Frank nice, but all you do is expose yourself as a fraud and a bully. Thanks for proving me right about you. Lol

    • Ian Frank
      Ian Frank 3 months ago

      @Boss Anova

    • Ian Frank
      Ian Frank 3 months ago

      Hey if you all get a chance head over to SJW Ben Der page and check out his sweet SJW songs he played on the piano in his mom's basement. He is super cool and not a bitch boy at all. HE IS CHANGING THE WORLD ONE SHITTY SONG AT A TIME. This is the kind of guy who doesn't think ladies can stand up for themselves and has to white knight his way to pussy. Thanks for the trolltopia. Lolololol.

    • Ian Frank
      Ian Frank 3 months ago

      @Boss Anova or I don't give a shit at all and I'm just here for the SJW memes. 😆

    SBRINKERHOFF 3 months ago +1

    Black non-Hispanic women have the highest abortion ratio. Black women’s abortion ratio has reached 444 abortions per 1,000 live births, while non-Hispanic white women’s abortion ratio is 124 abortions per 1,000 live births.

  • TheOffroader7458
    TheOffroader7458 3 months ago +1

    Your body is your own, fuck anyone who says you can't do what you want to it. Its so funny in America you fight so hard to bear arms so you can kill each other, but a woman can't have a abortion

    KHENZY 3 months ago

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  • John sweda
    John sweda 3 months ago

    Bolton pompeo would be war criminal so is Trump if they did anything with Iran they already legally put sanctions on them unjustifiably Iran have kept the deal it's America that's broken it under Trump . you should March on to Washington stop this happening they're pandering to Israel and Saudi Arabia nobody else agrees with America on this.

    • Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!
      Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe! 3 months ago

      Notice how john never had any issues with Obama being in 7 wars!

    • Terry Michaels
      Terry Michaels 3 months ago +4

      FIRST, your chicken little predictions are silly, they have not broken Iran's sovereignty, nor has Iran YET broken their own.
      SECOND, the sanctions were legal and we have EVERY right to NOT do business with Iran or its allies. ENOUGH, we owe them nothing.
      Iran kept the deal but skirted the spirit of it. WE HAVE EVIDENCE OPENLY that they were spreading war into Syria and other locations, funding terrorism.
      We're SICK of apologists for Muslim violence, jihad and terrorism, you CREEP!
      Time to boycott Islam and all things Muslim.

  • Crazy Chick Shena
    Crazy Chick Shena 3 months ago +1

    Well theses abortion laws are everywhere now getting support from the State

  • The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1

    I Have A Penis

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  • Heavens to Purgatroid
    Heavens to Purgatroid 3 months ago

    Is that thumbnail supposed to look like a court room?

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  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Good MORNING, friends!!!🇺🇸❤😄

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  • JA.
    JA. 3 months ago +4

    Sweeet home Alabama