We're the Gang Stalkers (Official Video) - Rusty Cage

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • "We're the Gang Stalkers" (Official video) by Rusty Cage.
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    I called my baby just the other day,
    I called my baby but she’d gone away
    I called my woman and she didn’t reply
    I wanna be with her all the time
    I’m a gang stalker baby and I do just fine
    I followed my baby to the county line
    I seen my woman with another man
    My heart went cold so I thought up a plan
    We’re the gang stalkers, buddy, and we’re everywhere
    When you see a gang stalker than you better beware
    We follow you around in our bright red cars
    We’re all gang stalkers and we know where you are
    I’m a gang stalker, but I ain’t the only one
    I know a gang stalker who’s a hired gun
    He followed my woman, dressed all in black
    And now my baby ain’t coming back
    We’re the gang stalkers, buddy, and we’re everywhere
    When you see a gang stalker than you better beware
    We follow you around in our bright red cars
    We’re all gang stalkers and we know where you are
    I know a gang stalker in the secret police
    He burned all the records of the recent deceased
    Two weeks later, and the time has passed
    Nobody missing, no questions asked
    We’re the gang stalkers, buddy, and we’re everywhere
    When you see a gang stalker than you better beware
    We follow you around in our bright red cars
    We’re all gang stalkers and we know where you are
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Comments • 2 598

  • Rusty Cage
    Rusty Cage  9 months ago +1631

    Hey, Ryan. This video is specifically for you.

    • jteece128
      jteece128 10 days ago

      My name ryan but im using a dif count

    • DIOhydrogen Monoxide
      DIOhydrogen Monoxide 12 days ago +1

      my name is ryan
      thanks rusty i like the song

    • Naglixas
      Naglixas 13 days ago

      shit they got me

    • rexxed757
      rexxed757 21 day ago

      i found the one group that could beat the gangstalkers their called the steampunk giraffe

    • wolftheslayer1
      wolftheslayer1 25 days ago

      This is one of my favorite songs of yours rusty!

  • Joachim Macdonald
    Joachim Macdonald 15 hours ago

    Now this is real fucking blues

  • Jenkins T V Show
    Jenkins T V Show 17 hours ago +1


  • Mr. Puffy
    Mr. Puffy 21 hour ago

    I didn’t know Tini Rodger and Elliot were gangstalkers.

  • Wild Child
    Wild Child 2 days ago

    I tried showing this song to my friends, but they hear it and make fun of me for liking "country" guess they don't understand the whole gang stalkers thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Mike’s Life
    Mike’s Life 2 days ago

    Remember when rusty was always number one on trending

  • Pizza Burger
    Pizza Burger 2 days ago

    When you see a red Ferrari...SHIT A GANG STALKER

  • BlessedbyYAH
    BlessedbyYAH 4 days ago

    What's wrong with you people? People have/are killing themselves over this! I guess you ppl are to cool to care, dam. You's can all be indie/ cool while your burning in the lake of fire together loool.

  • Don’t worry, im not a hair.

    *no1 trending?*

  • Exploding TV
    Exploding TV 7 days ago

    TF is a gang stalker

  • Heck bent
    Heck bent 7 days ago

    Good song. I like it

  • Bonkerz
    Bonkerz 9 days ago +1

    When some guy is stalking your steam profile just send this to em and they'll run away

  • Toaster Penguins
    Toaster Penguins 9 days ago +1

    Who noticed Elliott Roger and tinny

  • crimsonpirate9
    crimsonpirate9 9 days ago

    When was rusty cage on trending g let alone #1

  • Tim Richards
    Tim Richards 9 days ago +1

    gang stalkers are confidential and government informants.

  • exodus K
    exodus K 10 days ago

    Your demons are making a fool of you buddy. Jesus loves you and doesnt want this for you. Theres always time to turn back and let this stuff go before its too late

  • Medium chungus ‘
    Medium chungus ‘ 10 days ago

    Watches this album. Gets depressed. Then watches the Christmas knife game song.
    Me: all better noe

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 10 days ago

    This song is, like, four layers of madness, all piled up into a big fat sandwich of paranoia and fear.
    ...oR Is iT?!!?!??

  • JustImpact
    JustImpact 11 days ago

    ill follow this guy home

  • Quete Importa
    Quete Importa 11 days ago

    Yes its a song with a true hidden message. We are ALL under surveillance. All communities has a neighborhood watch program. Spyin on each other.👀 A bunch of human 🐭. 😆

  • Communism Doggo
    Communism Doggo 12 days ago


  • Olaf Modzelewski mulyk

    Stop exposing our fucking secrets rusty
    Im surprised the council haven’t taken this video down and removed you

  • CodenameHPE CodenameHPE

    I really hope this video having zero comments is a bug that only I'm having

  • mariwym & nastxha
    mariwym & nastxha 18 days ago

    those damn red cars

  • Della Allert
    Della Allert 18 days ago +1

    Watching this the o shit I see a red car I am going to keep an eye on it

  • Thomas Goff
    Thomas Goff 18 days ago

    Rusty should ask for this to be put on the radio like if u agree

  • yuki x
    yuki x 19 days ago +1

    HE actually found out his girl was a Jude and mercenary(SS-officir) burnt her and the secret police(Gestapo)burnt the files.

  • Sconosciut0
    Sconosciut0 19 days ago


  • Gir Affe's T.V
    Gir Affe's T.V 21 day ago

    I think that is actually is GF in the vid see "brittany cc"

  • Adrew 2929
    Adrew 2929 21 day ago

    I love thise glasses

  • Quete Importa
    Quete Importa 22 days ago

    Say no to drugs and evil.

  • GoodGuySceri
    GoodGuySceri 22 days ago +1

    Mr.mailman please stop following me to my house every day! Iam going to call the police on you for gang stalking!

  • emily M
    emily M 24 days ago +2

    This song is actually really catchy

  • A Man With No Hat
    A Man With No Hat 26 days ago

    The starting tune reminds me of meet the engineer

  • A Man With No Hat
    A Man With No Hat 27 days ago +1

    This song was a lot darker than I expected but damn it’s catchy

  • Cole !
    Cole ! 28 days ago


  • Diamond Cannon
    Diamond Cannon 28 days ago +1

    I love this song so much keep it up rusty

  • maxbosskiller 95
    maxbosskiller 95 28 days ago

    Best song ever

  • The Bunnygamer
    The Bunnygamer Month ago


  • Noodle Nug
    Noodle Nug Month ago

  • Faze P3ngu1n
    Faze P3ngu1n Month ago +1

    Stalk me daddy *moans loud*

  • Opod Apod
    Opod Apod Month ago

    holy shit I got an ad

  • Sundae_Poptart brb
    Sundae_Poptart brb Month ago

    "Hello?! Fbi?!"

  • Gagol753
    Gagol753 Month ago +1

    How is this still #1 trending in germany?

    • Reiter
      Reiter 20 days ago

      He puts #1trending as a joke. He's a self proclaimed z list youtuber

  • Michaelflash123s stuff

    Unusually calm

  • Sean Lynch
    Sean Lynch Month ago

    save mumkey

  • dankerous 101
    dankerous 101 Month ago

    My favorite Gangstalker is the one is bright colors with the tambourine. 11/10

  • Thanks for the angst
    Thanks for the angst Month ago +2

    0:33 you got ghosted man. Happens to the best of us

  • Kailyn Renee
    Kailyn Renee Month ago

    Free replay? 0:01

  • GamingWessel
    GamingWessel Month ago

    Is better at 2x speed

    but that's just me

  • d mar
    d mar Month ago


  • Chapólee 2.0
    Chapólee 2.0 Month ago

    1:43 geek

  • John Davis
    John Davis Month ago


  • Gamin an Art
    Gamin an Art Month ago

    Hey I noticed u put your interpretations of your friends from your,"stolen slushie machine," vid, is that a hint to anything

  • bingus dingus
    bingus dingus Month ago

    Rusty is very intimidating.

  • Blastoision
    Blastoision Month ago

    yes I understand

    ENTITY _X Month ago

    Baby was slain

  • Ya Boi Diglett
    Ya Boi Diglett Month ago

    Message to tseries

  • platy pus
    platy pus Month ago +1

    1.25 speed makes it even better man 👌

  • Waffle Iron
    Waffle Iron Month ago +2

    Watching this at 666k views. Marvelous.

  • xXBUTTERXx 13
    xXBUTTERXx 13 Month ago

    You can follow me around in a bright red car

  • xXBUTTERXx 13
    xXBUTTERXx 13 Month ago


  • 5K subs with no video challenge

    Who watching on 666k views?

    EZB_VLOGING Month ago

    Me: *sees red car* shit shit shit shit shit shit.
    Guy: *looks at me funny*

  • Spike Slice
    Spike Slice Month ago

    I want that hat

  • Saul686
    Saul686 Month ago

    this is amazing!

  • me hat
    me hat Month ago +1

    Rusty Cage
    Sexy Singer Boy

  • Ore Ore
    Ore Ore Month ago

    So... Am I a Gang Stalker because I drive around with a bright red car?

  • Gacha CyxnKxtten
    Gacha CyxnKxtten Month ago

    When you make rusty upload a video

  • S. O.
    S. O. Month ago

    100 block
    I 💘 my LIFE!

  • S. O.
    S. O. Month ago

    And u dont intimidate a flea on my doggs ass.

  • S. O.
    S. O. Month ago

    U waisting everybody's time.

  • S. O.
    S. O. Month ago

    I played this to kill a few minutes of TIME.
    ( I agree... So the positive time input was my commentary oppertunity... This song says cowards.
    And u look like the hamburgler 🍔 demon. Not no vigilanty queer neighbor hood geek watch hacker. )

  • S.1.3. 7.6.S.
    S.1.3. 7.6.S. Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • David's Zoo
    David's Zoo Month ago

    Great song your a nice guitars

  • Quete Importa
    Quete Importa Month ago

    Fuck u gangstalkers. U aint shit. A bunch of mind controlled, mk ultras slave pieces of shit. We dont fear u. U fear death n prison. Youse are natural born slaves who will all burn in hell. Youse are not self thinkers. A bunch of slave losers controlled by ur Master. Believe me nobody fears ya. U are scared of T.I's. Youse are down to earth rat pac tac losers. Watch all u want until u find urself in a Fema concentration camp questioning what happened to you. Gangstalkers are cowards n losers. Ya fear death. Youse need to be governed by a master or government cuz youse r not free thinkers. 😂😂😂 T.I.'s are empowered free thinkers thats why u follow them bcuz u are afraid of their master intelligence. An animal is much smarter than a coward ass gangstalker.😜

    • b b
      b b 12 days ago

      Do you know that this is only a song?

    • Too Much Sus
      Too Much Sus 28 days ago

      Did you take your meds this morning?

    • Quete Importa
      Quete Importa Month ago

      U don't know how to read?

    • Eli’s Dun
      Eli’s Dun Month ago

      Quete Importa ...Honey, what were you trying to say?

  • Totally not a gangstalker

    How did you know?

  • dont care
    dont care Month ago +1

    So catchy !!!

  • exodus K
    exodus K Month ago

    Man this shit is pretty lame.

    • Saul686
      Saul686 Month ago

      your pretty lame

  • Madison Alice
    Madison Alice Month ago


  • Random User
    Random User Month ago

    those glasses are epic

  • Ryan Mickelwait
    Ryan Mickelwait Month ago +1

    Was the start pure humming or was it kazoo?

  • rachael oneil
    rachael oneil Month ago

    Oh one more thing! They are testing frequency on you.

  • rachael oneil
    rachael oneil Month ago

    The funny thing is you are all geographically challenged. Space and timing seems to be an issue.

  • Mister McCool face
    Mister McCool face Month ago +1

    Thank u Rusty, very cool.

  • BOGDAN Gamer 47
    BOGDAN Gamer 47 Month ago

    you are the best

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro Month ago

    ok, this is epic.

  • Dan Tebasco
    Dan Tebasco Month ago

    You need a spotify bro, ace song

  • Just A Normal Guy
    Just A Normal Guy Month ago


  • Snowbro 22
    Snowbro 22 Month ago

    This is so fricking catchy.

  • Gibbs 456
    Gibbs 456 Month ago +1


  • Red
    Red Month ago +1

    this video is a living aesthetic in motion

  • Kidger1432modsout
    Kidger1432modsout Month ago +2

    Play this at 2 and it will sound like a whole new and more up beat song

    MIHNEA FORTNITE Month ago +1

    Does everybody agree that Rusty is so badass

  • xXBUTTERXx 13
    xXBUTTERXx 13 Month ago +2

    I saw Rodger

    • Eli’s Dun
      Eli’s Dun Month ago

      xXBUTTERXx 13
      Elliot, Roger, and Teeny is in this video.

  • RadHunter360
    RadHunter360 Month ago

    Where can I join the Gang Stalkers #RustyCage


    Oh no no

  • Bennie
    Bennie Month ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Eli’s Dun
    Eli’s Dun Month ago

    Sounds like something we’d sing in church

  • Wasiliki Meier
    Wasiliki Meier Month ago

    Britney Spears blachout