Whatcha Packin’: Plastique Tiara | Season 11 Episode 9 | RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • Michelle Visage sits down with Plastique Tiara, the eliminated queen from “L.A.D.P.!.”
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    RuPaul's Drag Race and Untucked return with more sickening styles, fierce challenges and backstage drama. Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews and celeb guest judges join RuPaul as she sets out to crown America's Next Drag Superstar in this Emmy Award-winning show.
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    Whatcha Packin’: SPOILER ALERT!! | Season 11 Episode 9 | RuPaul's Drag Race tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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Comments • 1 097

  • Antonia Rose
    Antonia Rose 4 days ago

    We all know that Michelle's low key rude to her because her sister's Laganja

  • wuju loona
    wuju loona 5 days ago

    one of the best queens that ever went through that competition

  • Onyx Bunny
    Onyx Bunny 6 days ago

    My favorite queen

  • Jimin Ssi
    Jimin Ssi 11 days ago

    Plastique Tiara is only a year older than me... I'm shookt

  • Pretty Puerto Rican
    Pretty Puerto Rican 11 days ago

    Question....was Michelle born biological a male?????

  • h d
    h d 12 days ago

    Plastique is an ANGEL no can do no wrong. She is the REAL winner of the season, hopefully she will win All stars.

  • Chaitali Ghosh
    Chaitali Ghosh 12 days ago

    Plastique out of drag looks like a kpop idol.

  • animageekgurlfan1346
    animageekgurlfan1346 18 days ago

    Probably watching Paris By Night or Asia Entertainment

  • Sean Speaks
    Sean Speaks 21 day ago

    What a beauty, plastique's complexion is goals.

  • Michael John Dennis
    Michael John Dennis 22 days ago

    Plastique’s Drag astethic is so graceful and beautiful, as is her movements on the main stage, even though she is a pageant queen, but she is also so like a precious, delicate and beautiful ornament - I wonder if she was inspired by the Ladyboys of Bangkok to have such sickening runway looks xxx

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 24 days ago +1

    Accents always slip through. It doesn't mean it's fake or played up. My friend's dad is Dutch, and while he does well to sound Americanised some of the time, if he gets flustered he can be near impossible to understand because his accent comes through THICK. Same with my friend from Australia. He sounds really American since living here, but if he gets excited about something he'll start slipping into his Aussie accent without meaning to.

    It's totally normal, and there's no "real" or "fake" about it.

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 25 days ago

    Poor girl. People will come for her, try to invalidate her, bully her... Just because she's gorgeous, young and sweet. Better toughen up in the drag world! Love ya

  • AndrogynousNel Nadres
    AndrogynousNel Nadres 26 days ago

    I love her. OMG I'm inloved

  • ԹօɾօՏհɑ
    ԹօɾօՏհɑ 26 days ago +1

    He looks so hot in that white shirt

  • Song Nguyen
    Song Nguyen 28 days ago

    Lol I’m Vietnamese, my English sounds normal, but I’ve been told I sound like I’m Chinese when I’m speaking Vietnamese

  • Jennifer Edgar
    Jennifer Edgar Month ago

    Ugh, Michelle so concerned about how much TV Plastique watched and telling her how she should feel about her own accent, 'twas kind of uncomfortable to watch. We get it, you never leave your bubble.

  • Nakkuru Shukuteki
    Nakkuru Shukuteki Month ago

    Is it me or he is so handsome lol.

  • Andrew Nissen
    Andrew Nissen Month ago

    Where's you Jersey accent, Michelle?

  • 피리 부는 사람Piper

    plastique for as5

  • Jacqueline Diep
    Jacqueline Diep Month ago

    My mom moved to Canada when she was 14 and she still doesn’t know even a quarter of pop culture; not even from her time. If you’re not an immigrant, you will never understand the struggles of adapting to a new culture.

  • Diego T.
    Diego T. Month ago


  • dolores pinzker
    dolores pinzker Month ago +1

    What really gets me is that A'keria is never called out. She is such a trouble maker. Example: in untucked when raja goes off on plastique that her stories don't add up it is A'keria who ran to raja and told her that she is lying. But if u re-watch and really listen to the boyfriend her said that her family will learn to love her and what she does in her drag. But A'keria tells Raja that her family supports her and she is making up stories. Then the next week on untucked plays dumb like she didn't know what was said on the video and what the story was. That is so 2faced. Then this week she's the one who started all the problems again running her mouth about what scarlet said and the Ariel wig thing. She's been like this since it started and yet nobody says anything. I hope it is brought up at the reunion by all the ones that it effected. Other than that this season is such a mess and I don't like all the choices. Scarlet should have stayed. Yes her dancing is not good but she tried in the challenge and did a decent job, then was very entertaining in the lip sync. Then shuga was good in the challenge and looked good. But yet was in the bottom and got eliminated. Don't get what rupaul had against her. Now silky was a mess, almost tripped herself on her outfit and was just sloppy. To me it should has been a nina save or a double elimination. Watch now this week silky will win challenges. Just like the week yvie called her untalented. Then next week silky won both challenges. Show is so transparent. The way things are set up for awhile now It has not been enjoyable seasons. These are just my takes from watching.

  • Thib ault
    Thib ault Month ago

    He/she looks so pretty and gorgeous in both genders STUNNING 🖤🖤

  • Thien-Kim Quach
    Thien-Kim Quach Month ago

    Girl, plastique, come to Asia and make your money. These ppl trying, but they just don't get it - "I know money is an issue over there."

    MILK KOOK Month ago

    he look like a ulzzang

  • Cybeliandiamonds
    Cybeliandiamonds Month ago

    I think she may have disliked kid syndrome. In other words she was rejected a lot as a child so she became a chameleon of what people wanted of her. I hope she finds the shades that work best for her and not just everyone else.

  • Carly the weird
    Carly the weird Month ago

    Happy birthday to you
    You are now twenty two
    I have a feeling
    We will see you soon

  • QuintessentialBlackBritChick

    Anyway ----------- Plastique is hands down the most beautiful drag queen that has even been on Drag Race. As a woman I envy her and Brooklyn's wardrobe and want their costumes.

  • QuintessentialBlackBritChick

    It would be great to see even more diversity, less drama and less stereotypical typecasting in drag race. This season we've had ( air-headed, ignorant and spoilt white ppl (Ariel and Scarlett); ratchet, angry and argumentative black ppl (Rajah and Silky); Loud mouthed and unintelligent Latin ppl ( Vanjie); illiterate, and timid village girl in the city nail technician type Asians ( Plastique). I know the producers must think this is a winning formula but its boring, discredits the show and undermines the talent of these amazing entertainers. More realness and less drama next season please because we see through productions shenanigans.

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper Month ago

    With the whole learning pop culture after arriving in the US at 10, I can understand the difficulty Plastique faces and don't think she is a pathological liar. I am a second gen immigrant with parents who speak the English fairly fluently that I can speak English at home but I struggle with idioms and knowing older pop culture/sports events. To have arrived in the US in late 2000s not knowing English, I'm not surprised people like Mariah Carey passed her by. She hit it big in the 90s!

  • s m b x
    s m b x Month ago

    when michelle asked “and what kinda heel?” i immediately thought probably the same strappy heels she wore on every runway while in the competition along with those stoned tights and no one... NO ONE clocked her for it?!? so crazy

  • treytrey 143
    treytrey 143 Month ago +1

    It seems to me michelle is threatened by plastiques beauty or something like girl why you being so rude for! We all no why she was bein rude 🙊 plastique is BEAUTIFUL girl no need to be a mean girl tho.

  • Justin G
    Justin G Month ago

    So Michelle. Thanks for encouraging our girl Plastique, but please don't tell her how to express her language. It's nonyabusiness.

  • leyline farlier
    leyline farlier Month ago

    Plastique tiara out of drag is much cuter! She looks like your boy next door cute guy that you want to get on bed! 😂😍 plus I didn't know that she's Alyssa's drag daughter! Beside gia every daughter of Alyssa is cute out of drag! 👍

  • Marie Meow
    Marie Meow Month ago

    He's AMAZING !!!

  • paulna85
    paulna85 Month ago

    why is she trippin' on plastique/plastik??? Her last name is french too, Visage! The pot calling the kettle black #whatchutalkinaboutwillis

  • zaddy musk
    zaddy musk Month ago

    Michelle is threatened by Plastique lolololololololololol

  • Daddy AF
    Daddy AF Month ago

    Nice looking guy.

  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew Cole Month ago

    He's so cute out of drag

    COATL Month ago

    I hope silki got a kick in his ass next week.

  • kevinng
    kevinng Month ago


  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye Month ago

    shes so boring

  • wigflew
    wigflew Month ago

    Her laughhhhahjajajlaaha

  • Mikaela Stasopoulou

    Plastique is my new idol. She is literally me and I love her to bits

  • Little alien
    Little alien Month ago

    He's so fucking handsome!!!!!! AHHHHHHH

  • Aaron’s 2nd Account
    Aaron’s 2nd Account Month ago +1

    No personality? Atleast she isnt like qweens who never stop talking *cough* Silky *cough*

  • Florence Ryu
    Florence Ryu Month ago

    Im a bilingual too (between Korean and English) but switching accent is involuntary. It just happens!

  • Selene
    Selene Month ago

    us bilingual ppl get you plastique!

  • rosegirlkay
    rosegirlkay Month ago

    Την δίκασε

  • J Dls
    J Dls Month ago +1

    well that was awkward

  • Steven Arguedas
    Steven Arguedas Month ago

    I feel like the moment Michelle told her to stop forcing her voice and to just be himself, we saw the real Plastique. Everything about how he spoke and looked shifted. I'm happy she did that.

  • sukiesoya
    sukiesoya Month ago

    Most fake queen ever

  • Jon Perry
    Jon Perry Month ago

    This was awkward.

  • perez chachki
    perez chachki Month ago

    Taylor Swift ass butch, pretty but all them lies makes her a lil snake

  • perez chachki
    perez chachki Month ago

    Exactly lying about an accent 🙄🙄🙄 always lying about something

  • perez chachki
    perez chachki Month ago

    Lol many years? Why’s is she always lying? I’m over her lying ass ! I don’t buy none of her bullshit anymore

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    In adore's voice 'listen to your mother!!!!' Cause the lying and trying to be something you're not has to stop! People will love you more and respect you if you're being your authentic self!!!

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    Love her looks.. But she definitely doesn't come off as an honest person.. She's lying all the time quote 'I've been trying out many years'.. 😂 As Michel corrects her and says 'Not true cause you're just 21, the minimum age you could try out'... Same with her accent that changes.. Naaah not here for it. Get real!!!

  • Anna Karina
    Anna Karina Month ago

    She is so cute with her jeans and snickers.!

  • Marcelo Gianbaptiste

    Age 10 to 21 living in the States : “I know nothing about pop culture.” Ok...
    She was filler queen to me.
    Just resting on pretty the entire time.

  • ExitDomina
    ExitDomina Month ago +1

    Gotta be honest; Plastique bored me this entire season (yes she had some moments, it just wasn't enough for me.) However, she's clearly a sweet girl with a huge future ahead of her. I'm excited to see where she goes in her career.
    Also, Michelle needs to sit all the way down with her commentary around accents and learning/speaking languages. Girl, let Plastique sound however she wants to sound. If you have never gone through the arduous task of learning another language, be quiet. Plus we all know this kind of criticism is just low-key racism (whether the critic realizes that or not), so juuuuuust let it go.

  • Gabby Ortiz
    Gabby Ortiz Month ago +3

    michelle's vibe was harsher than usual here. she didn't have the same warmth with plastique like she has with the other eliminated girls this season

  • Charvin Lim
    Charvin Lim Month ago


  • Khallid Graham
    Khallid Graham Month ago


  • C is for C Food
    C is for C Food Month ago

    Anyone else buy this season on TVclip? Episode 9 is still not up! WTF???

  • Valeria Gonzalez
    Valeria Gonzalez Month ago

    really, Violet ?
    calm down Michelle

  • neeekoru
    neeekoru Month ago

    my baby was eliminated too EARLY AJKFBAKDFGBAKDFGK

  • Denny
    Denny Month ago +1

    As an Indonesian, I understand Plastique's struggle about the accent. We try to speak in a proper grammar and want our words to be sounded right. But sometimes we go back with our Asian's accent when we were struggling with something. I am sure, Latin people also experience the same thing.

  • thedragbible
    thedragbible Month ago

    Plastique just lies all way through

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Month ago

    She’s adorable!! Loooved her music video and song!

  • goliaboi
    goliaboi Month ago

    That was stressful.

  • Lindsey 343434
    Lindsey 343434 Month ago +1

    I’m pretty surprised that Michelle is giving her POV about Plastique’s accent and how she’ll feel in her 30’s and 40’s. We all have our own experiences and it doesn’t seem like Michelle really has a relative experience. And she keeps calling her a baby. It’s just an interesting choice. Plastique absolutely has a huge future. Very excited for her!

  • Dan Wooki
    Dan Wooki Month ago

    She using jungkook realness

  • Cheap 'N Chic
    Cheap 'N Chic Month ago

    Love you!!❤️🥰

  • Wealoo
    Wealoo Month ago

    wow....... so beautiful i luv jungkook

  • kstar
    kstar Month ago

    Just a look queen and not much else.Boring

  • Sean M
    Sean M Month ago +2

    I think its so fucked up and rude to assume everyone should know pop culture. Not everyone is interested or cares about pop culture. The accent comment is also ignorant AF. I know many a person who can fake an "American" accent. He was born and raised in another country. It probably is work for him to talk without. So I would lean towards believing him saying "this is how I really speak" cause its probably is. I feel like some of the comments made towards him were hella prejudice

  • Aňđy 》
    Aňđy 》 Month ago +1

    She was, almost, always on the top and she was doing so good !♡ it breaks my heart to see her go, but i'm so freakin proud of her work and i will always support her in the future ♡ let's go queen !

  • Toira TV
    Toira TV Month ago

    Why do I feel like Michelle is being hella shady to her!?!? Girl she just lost give her a break!!

  • Corey Green
    Corey Green Month ago


  • Alan Contreras
    Alan Contreras Month ago

    I worked so hard to hide my accent as well because people would always make fun of the way I would speak and even to this day I sometimes slip into my accent without even realizing in conversation and my boyfriend sometimes calls it out jokingly but it still triggers me and makes me feel some type of way.

  • ciara rosalee
    ciara rosalee Month ago

    i love her so much oh my goodness

    TBWLMK Month ago

    now that plastique is not on the show... I’m not tuning in alrd. #diehardbias

  • Diego Meneses
    Diego Meneses Month ago

    it sounds like she's about to cry at any time during the interview

  • Uneica Garrett
    Uneica Garrett Month ago +17

    I'm really upset with how rude Michelle was to Plastique and the sad part is, due to her upbringing (which she discussed on the show) she didn't talk back or anything she just agreed with everything. I was raised exactly like Plastique except I'm African American. When someone older than you says something you don't necessarily agree with, you just respect their opinion and validate it. Plastique WAS waiting many years to be on the show Michelle. Just because she was only of age to be on at 21 doesn't mean she wasn't wanting it before then.
    Also, why were you grilling her on the whole "did you have a TV" issue? And why did you call her out on how her name could be spelled wrong?
    Idk if Michelle was having a bad day or just doesn't like Plastique but this REALLY turned me off from her and no I don't really like her for how she was treating Plastique Tiara.

  • Benevolent Ghoul Dad
    Benevolent Ghoul Dad Month ago +1

    I'm very confused as to why they keep saying she doesn't have an accent...

  • Nick Oxborrow
    Nick Oxborrow Month ago

    Gorgeous person

  • 草美
    草美 Month ago

    I can really tell Plastique got a South-Vietnamese accent all the time, from the moment she stepped into the first episode. The thickness of it just changes from time to time and I don't think Plastique is aware of it. It's pretty common for multilingual people and immigrants over the world.

  • Natalie Tang
    Natalie Tang Month ago +1

    idk this was the first whatcha packin that made me feel kinda uncomfortable... plastique is representative of not only gay asian kids but also asian kids in general, and for all michelle's drag and pop culture knowledge, i don't think she can really comment on the asian [immigrant] culture. while i can't speak for plastique, a lot of us aren't really "hiding" our accents so much as switching between them subconsciously, so it's not a shame thing? we're straddling two demographic groups, so it makes sense to be able to fade in and out accent-wise. also... asian countries often have their own thriving pop culture, so although plastique should have known to research more before going on drag race, an american show, it's not ridiculous for her not to know the life and times of western pop divas... just wanted to put this out there! lots of love for michelle and plastique both; i hope more asian queens get the chance to shine ♥

  • 11 Cween
    11 Cween Month ago

    Also a blue kkk ... she was like”choices”

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    I love seeing Michelle in a more lighthearted environment like this. You can tell she really cares about the queens. She’s rough on the girls on the show but I know it’s because she wants to push them to take their art to another level. I’m excited to see what plastique does in the future

  • Ryan Jace
    Ryan Jace Month ago

    I think Michelle no likey

  • Zevenen 70
    Zevenen 70 Month ago

    Is Michelle implying that she is Alyssa's mother??? What did I miss??

  • digitalgloop12
    digitalgloop12 Month ago

    Y'all are whack. Michelle more or less clarified she was specifically referring to the exaggerated accent. Which Plastique more or less says was exaggerated.

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago +1

    I am a little pissed at Michelle's comment about not needing to spend money on Drag Race and how that is Plastique's decision... like no... the bar is so ridiculously high these seasons that queens need to spend FORTUNES just to even have a shot at the crown.

  • AlienSchäfer
    AlienSchäfer Month ago

    She is the youngest Ru girl (now), and it's the first time im close in age with a queen, she's just 3 years older than me ❤️

  • MrBubblygoodness
    MrBubblygoodness Month ago

    She reminds me of Farrah Moan. Not the best at acting but always has a great eye for fashion. She is so great at serving looks, always visually on point, and fish!

  • Jeremy Ossandón
    Jeremy Ossandón Month ago

    Plastique Tiara more like Rented Tiara

  • Marnie Brumder
    Marnie Brumder Month ago +2

    I respectfully disagree with Michelle. People can go in and out of accents! I lived with a girl who immigrated to the US as a preteen. She goes in and out often.

  • John Huynh
    John Huynh Month ago

    I love plastique! She’s gonna win AS5 or 6