Desk PC Water Cooling Maintenance Vlog

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
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    It's been 16 months since we built the desk PC... And it's been running nonstop ever since. What horrors await Linus when he cleans it?
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Comments • 2 590

  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme 21 hour ago

    Happy Fathers Day Linus!

  • Sithum Dissanayake

    jay would not approve of the way u made the loop

  • Ákos Angel
    Ákos Angel 2 days ago

    3:23 Linus be givng dat S U C C

  • Zion Puzon
    Zion Puzon 2 days ago

    My pc is more dusty

  • Gery Jonathan
    Gery Jonathan 5 days ago

    You nerd !

  • A c i d C a t
    A c i d C a t 7 days ago

    my boy Linus smoking a bong uniquely

  • Scott Greene
    Scott Greene 7 days ago

    We're only blowing into the pipe because we're cleaning the loop *uses spit to lube new pipe* somebody forgot the horrors of full room cooling 😂

  • Fauzy Rahmanto
    Fauzy Rahmanto 8 days ago

    may you give me that s9?

  • dandp13
    dandp13 8 days ago

    Why I bought a 120l rgb from coolermaster

  • Randy Pol
    Randy Pol 10 days ago

    Is the water free of lime?

  • Weasle 65
    Weasle 65 10 days ago


  • Zeno
    Zeno 11 days ago

    *sees dust everywhere on the motherboard + GPU*
    throws up

  • Unstable Development
    Unstable Development 11 days ago

    for a tech company you would think that they would be organized...

  • The Real Android Hacks

    Is mdf illegal in Canada as well

  • Muamer Taronovitch
    Muamer Taronovitch 13 days ago

    I put purified distilled water in my loop and foam didn't form, I think that would've worked better than tap.

  • Lis Lisior
    Lis Lisior 15 days ago

    From all i've seen, watercooling just seems to be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.

  • SebastianC
    SebastianC 16 days ago

    My names sebastian

  • JohnPaul Sein
    JohnPaul Sein 17 days ago

    So honest question here... when it comes to AIO coolers how often do you suggest the water is replaced (if possible) or replacing the entire cooling system? (AIO)

    BIOSHOCKFOXX 19 days ago

    When you plan to clean your very dusty PC, and you know it's going to be a hard work, you start look on the positive side, about how good it'll be after cleaned, it will perform better, reduce sound, and it's just going to be clean again... After you have cleaned you think you can ignore it for some years again maybe, but you accidentally checked your PC after 2 months and you are like this - "Wait....hold on a sec.........I recently cleaned my PC, but what the fuck is that now?!"

  • matti1337
    matti1337 19 days ago

    This is just painful to watch.

  • GROF. Venom
    GROF. Venom 25 days ago

    Why in the hell u blow out the dust IN the office its gonna fill up the pc again

  • Olliver Aira
    Olliver Aira 26 days ago

    Why did he replace the liquid and clean the inside of the liquid storage thingy?

  • Obi Juan
    Obi Juan 26 days ago

    I died a little when i saw sandals and white socks O_o

  • jaden dennis
    jaden dennis 27 days ago

    I want a desk PC because it would ok nice

  • Mauro Tamm
    Mauro Tamm 27 days ago

    I'll just stick with a closed loop for a CPU to remove that large massive air cooler hanging from my motherboard heating up the air inside the case recycling even hotter air from GPU.

  • The8bitGamler
    The8bitGamler Month ago


  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan Month ago

    Yep, I deal with coolant all day at work. Every. Year. we have to clean out the tanks and it is completely disgusting. I am happy not using a water-cooling system. It also inserts another thing to fail into computers.

  • Aditya Huria
    Aditya Huria Month ago

    Anyone else noticed Linus's beefed up arms 💪
    He's been workin out

  • Commander Tone
    Commander Tone Month ago


  • TheNoble Brit
    TheNoble Brit Month ago

    I just watch this video whenever somebody gloats about having water cooling in their pc and laugh for there future pain XD

  • Caleb Hawn
    Caleb Hawn Month ago

    My gosh, that's a lotta maintnence. Is it worth it? I'm sure it is.

  • Raven1024
    Raven1024 Month ago

    Shoulda added in a drain "T" or two on the tubes below the desk by the reservoirs for next time :P

  • Coolcat/Powin
    Coolcat/Powin Month ago

    New drinking game. Every time Linus makes a sexual innuendo you drink :P

  • Bechen
    Bechen Month ago

    thumbs up for the denmark shirt

  • Music
    Music Month ago

    3:22 LinusBongTips

  • Sellyei
    Sellyei Month ago

    So he cleaned his table desktop while making everything around him dirty :D

  • Peanut butter jelly
    Peanut butter jelly Month ago +1

    Linus porn Tips 😂😂

  • Saksham Shrestha
    Saksham Shrestha Month ago

    Did i just watch linus scrubbing a video card?!!!
    I'll live with that

  • BeABetterFistfulOfGothnogs

    Linus, when are we gonna get a build for this p90 you keep advertising (and bench mark s)

  • Flykope
    Flykope Month ago


  • Rothank
    Rothank Month ago

    Gunked up desk PC video being sponsored by TT with their open case that's going to gunk up even worse. LTT at it's best.

  • Anurag Trivedi
    Anurag Trivedi Month ago

    Is it possible to replace water with mineral oil in liquid coolers?
    What problems will it produce? (If any)

  • blablagame produktions

    That was uploaded on my birthday... I want to have a good pc as well ._.

  • dot muggridge
    dot muggridge Month ago

    So many innuendos 😂

  • Giobassdrop
    Giobassdrop Month ago

    im so jelly

    KHALONE Month ago

    i wonder if ltt team masturbates looking at 1080ti sli setup or smth XD

  • Paul T
    Paul T Month ago

    If it's just distilled water your using, a couple teaspoons of colloidal silver water will also keep any funky stuff from growing in the systems loop.

  • i am not here but i am

    well this is going to be redone in 1 to 2 years Desk PC Water Cooling Maintenance Vlog #2 is going to come next year or 2 year

  • Mondoblasto0
    Mondoblasto0 Month ago

    Linus: "Oh, it smells! **long sniff** (Holds out to Max) Ugh, you wanna smell it?"
    Max: o~0; "No..."
    Jeff Foxworthy spoke of this once. It's a phenomenon that occurs among men, which he calls the 'courtesy sniff', because one day, your buddy will find a smell even worse to share with you.

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago

    Water cooling sucks when it's time to clean it.....

    • Olliver Aira
      Olliver Aira 26 days ago

      But why do you replace the liquid and clean the inside of the liquid storage thingy?
      Will I have to do it with my Kraken X62?


    Water cool they said I’ll be fun they said

  • Tip Turkey
    Tip Turkey Month ago

    I can just see Jay watching this and wanting to die lol

  • Lit Flamingo
    Lit Flamingo Month ago

    So many possible "that's what she said" jokes. I couldn't contain myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes Month ago

    that collected more dust than your computer dust experiment

  • blackjackcountry
    blackjackcountry Month ago

    and you still thit not make it easier tho clean

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez Month ago

    Extra thicc

  • Dave Pedu
    Dave Pedu Month ago

    The water cooling cleaning part of this is either exaggerated or a symptom of a bad build (mixed metals, poor coolant choice, etc). I have not opened the loop of my water cooled rig in 2 YEARS. Not even to top it off. When building it I purposefully chose identical metals and "non conductive" / "anti-bio" coolant cut with distilled water. My reservoir and all of cooling blocks have clear, acrylic(?) tops, meaning I can see that there's no gunk caught in the fine cooling fins.
    The dust, on the other hand, I can totally see. BTW, did you put a silver coil in the loop?

  • TheTragicMagicGuy Gaming

    "I just need a really long stiff object. *wink*"
    I was laughing my head off.

  • Eirik Havre
    Eirik Havre Month ago

    Didn’t have an urge to try water cooling before. This video did not change that. :P

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan Month ago

    Linus, you're pretty snappy at your staff.

  • Uthixo bringeroflight

    water, electricity, air and dust........ run away ...... hehehehe

  • gameflux
    gameflux Month ago

    Awesome !

  • Adam Evans
    Adam Evans Month ago

    Some caps that are slim and fit the hoses for maint would hep

  • zulisfar jaya
    zulisfar jaya Month ago

    Peter gade...
    I'm taufik hidayat..😁

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer Month ago

    1:00 That sponsor ... I dare to say that this case is not closed, yet

  • Tyler Christian
    Tyler Christian Month ago +3

    This made me not want to do water cooling

  • kevin licht
    kevin licht Month ago

    Total noob question about water cooling here. Could you purge the loop with some type of gas, like CO2, to prevent the growth of mold or what ever else might grow inside the loop?

  • TheFerdi
    TheFerdi Month ago

    This is why I will always stay with air cooling.

  • Catalina Gearbox
    Catalina Gearbox Month ago

    you need a water with no minerals in it

  • NZ WilCo
    NZ WilCo Month ago

    Sure, don't blow through the tubing, it could introduce a ton of micro-organisms. *proceeds to use spit to lube it up*

  • Ry Lanfersieck
    Ry Lanfersieck 2 months ago

    just has galaxy S9s laying around to cover his desk

  • Lustmolch
    Lustmolch 2 months ago

    I'm from Germany and I feel honoured that Linus wears socks with sandals. Feels good man

  • BBagent 6
    BBagent 6 2 months ago

    I fucking love how Linus goes from serious topic to sponsor so fast.

  • SeungWon Rha
    SeungWon Rha 2 months ago

    what is the size of the monitor?? 34"? 38"?

  • Ashes
    Ashes 2 months ago

    Ok so I can give one advice here - CLEAN a Desk PC every month ATLEAST once or twice, every person I know that has a desk PC does it and it NEVER gets that much dust in. Plus he said it, they were creating a whole lot of dust and particles when cutting the wall so thats a factor too for making it that durty. The point is - regular cleaning of a desk PC is a MUST every month.

  • Gmoney Inthebank
    Gmoney Inthebank 2 months ago

    3:22 Linus is using the water cooling loop as a bong

  • Paolo F.
    Paolo F. 2 months ago

    Hey Linus have you ever thought of keeping water samples from your drained reservoirs and sending them in for trace analysis testing? Over time they may give you an idea of how well the parts are doing over their service life / warn of component failure being imminent, kind of like how is brass is detected in motor oil you know something bad is going to happen and it's time to do an overhaul.

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood 2 months ago

    Stop being such a dick to Jacob

  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 months ago

    I just skipped the water and used pure Vodka in my loop. Never gets dirty, and works amazingly. I thought it would destroy the system, but it's gone strong for 8 years. Even upgraded a few times in that period without any problem.

  • Ashton K
    Ashton K 2 months ago

    could you do an updated home server video?

  • Bassick
    Bassick 2 months ago

    My pc is like this after 3 months
    get way to much dust in my room

  • FrankyBoy
    FrankyBoy 2 months ago

    9:40 (ish): There shouldn't be a sharp corner there but a rounded bend. Someone gotta run fluid dynamics simulations on their designs!

  • William Schultz
    William Schultz 2 months ago

    Just buy mayhems pro cleaning kit mate.

  • Sascha Kuhn
    Sascha Kuhn 2 months ago

    I stay at air cooling.

  • PandarenRubio
    PandarenRubio 2 months ago

    So with the issue you had with the water cooling, how would you position it so that it's more convenient for maintenance purposes rather than the cosmetic purposes of it?

  • Sanco
    Sanco 2 months ago

    The have really put a link to a Toothbrush in the description. :P

  • Nick Heyart
    Nick Heyart 2 months ago

    Do a water cooled build using an air conditioner as a radiator.

  • pumkin head
    pumkin head 2 months ago

    Hey Linus, I noticed you were wearing an insulin pump. Was wondering if you were a fellow type 1 diabetic?

  • Joel Rufiange
    Joel Rufiange 2 months ago

    maybe you should get a air filter for you're work space

  • John Ansolini
    John Ansolini 2 months ago

    Are those cracks from pump cavitation? You said you had a lot of air in the line and at 90 degree fittings cavitation will take a toll on components of pump over time???

  • Realm Changer Plays
    Realm Changer Plays 2 months ago

    Who else wants to build a new pc with Linus

  • Khoomn
    Khoomn 2 months ago

    This may seem like a stupid question and i think i remember someone saying dont do it but i cant remember. If i turn my pc off, turn off the power supply as well, even unplug it from the wall, can use a vacume to clean my 120mm fans? Not the motherboard and cpu and gpu shit but just the fans, even when they are still screwed into the pc

  • darknessblade
    darknessblade 2 months ago

    lol why buy a deskpc.
    a diy version:
    a thermaltkake mozart tx
    a ikea linnman desk some MDF woord painted black.
    and alex cabinets (optional)
    and its easier in maintenance.

  • dazaspc
    dazaspc 2 months ago

    your water cooling loop is a perfect spot to grow "Legionnaires bacteria"
    I would be using a few drops of bleach in the water when cleaning the non see through components. The see through stuff in the hottest water I could handle in the sink with some dish soap. Then once dry flush with ipa.

  • 2 months ago

    I've met plenty of girls on

    USPATRIOT99 2 months ago

    I rather go to jail then maintain that PC.

  • TheMarUlberg
    TheMarUlberg 2 months ago

    How is the buildup in AIO coolers? Is it possible to clean them or should it just be swaped out?

  • asa barzani
    asa barzani 2 months ago

    michael scott's favorite episode :)

  • Ju Hwan Kim
    Ju Hwan Kim 2 months ago

    how about AIO(all in one) water cooling maintenance?

  • Tautvydo arc.
    Tautvydo arc. 2 months ago

    "it should hold for a while "
    two weeks later : "Desk PC water cooling leaking"