Desk PC Water Cooling Maintenance Vlog

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
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    It's been 16 months since we built the desk PC... And it's been running nonstop ever since. What horrors await Linus when he cleans it?
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Comments • 2 929

  • Trent Kersten
    Trent Kersten Day ago

    your sponsor plugs make me wanna die

  • Daniel Gwilt
    Daniel Gwilt Day ago

    How many hours did this all take?

  • faab007
    faab007 2 days ago

    bzzzt 8:39

  • Scratch Shot
    Scratch Shot 3 days ago

    How much do these kind of builds cost?

  • Brayden Parker
    Brayden Parker 3 days ago

    *Casually throws galaxy S9*

    MEK'N'ISM BEATZ 3 days ago

    You and bitwit should compete in a PC sexual innuendos contest

  • m3m3zFORlife 123
    m3m3zFORlife 123 4 days ago

    linus is the only man on TVclip to have a sponsor in every video.

  • Anticclown
    Anticclown 6 days ago


  • Alex Kirgan
    Alex Kirgan 7 days ago +1

    *boop Doop*
    Linus: YAY \_(0o0)_/

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf 8 days ago

    jesus christ the amount of dirty/sexual references is Alot

  • Resike
    Resike 9 days ago

    Say the airflow is fine, while there are 5 kg of dust in the thing.

  • Tawé Lo
    Tawé Lo 9 days ago +1

    *1:42* Craig Pelton get out of Linus’s body ! 😲✝️
    ** 😂😭

  • Colin Mahoney
    Colin Mahoney 10 days ago

    We get it. You're incompetent on PC building, and too lazy to clean your system every half a year. And ohoho boy I bet that noctua NH D15 looks mighty nutty covering 50% of your system.

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 10 days ago

    Why didnt you make a loop flusher? You shut down the system and you hook up a large resviour and a larger pump up to it with a waste resiviour and just pump it til its clean. You do it once a month and you dont ever have to take it apart.

  • Dan the great
    Dan the great 10 days ago

    Of course opening the block voids your waranty they dont want you to clean it so you have to buy a new gpu after yours dies from overheating

  • FunKingjim
    FunKingjim 11 days ago

    Give us petscope 2

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 11 days ago

    You only get IPA in your eye once, trust me on this one.

  • Comments.
    Comments. 12 days ago

    Galaxy s9's and that *yeet*

  • Leonelalto14
    Leonelalto14 14 days ago

    alguien que hable español ¿porque tiene mucho hardware?

  • Annex
    Annex 15 days ago

    The sexual innuendos in this video are insane.

  • Markob98
    Markob98 16 days ago

    How did the whole vlog suddenly turned into a talking about penetration and loob?

  • Obv1ous04
    Obv1ous04 17 days ago

    5:12 Cool you have the same toothbrush as me

  • PackLord21
    PackLord21 18 days ago +2

    And this is why water cooling is... Better? Seriously, air coolers cool better (at least for cpu's) and they don't cost hundreds, and require waaaaaay less maintenance, and there are near SILENT air coolers soooooooooo... How exactly is water cooling better? Instead of water cooling why don't we just go air cooling FTW add some more RGB and save a few hundred.

    • Adreus Farrington
      Adreus Farrington 5 hours ago

      +PackLord21 In terms of performance watercooling is better in certain cases. (Pends on alot of what you use) Yes air cooling is cheaper, but what you get with air cooling is what you get. Whereas with watercooling you have alot more involved into it. Certain topics such as liquid inside the system. Parts to make sure water flow is good. How much heat you generate and how you can bring that down.
      Air cooling has gotten much better, but in terms of performance temp wise? Give me watercooling any day. It's quieter, gives me better thermals, and looks slick as fuck if you do it right.
      Alot of pc building is in terms of what you want as a consumer, and that is the same for cooling. You CAN go into sub zero temps, but SHOULD you? It really depends on what you want, and what you're looking for.

    • PackLord21
      PackLord21 9 days ago

      +Colin Mahoney At every price-point air beats water for cpu cooling. Gpu cooling is another story. As for looks I'm gonna have to say air can look just as sick.

    • Colin Mahoney
      Colin Mahoney 10 days ago

      Air coolers often do not compete with watercooling in terms of temperature. CPU temps are closer, but with GPU temps there is no contest. Also, some people are willing to clean their systems every half a year or even longer to have a system that appeals to their cosmetic tastes.

  • Shantanu Karn
    Shantanu Karn 20 days ago

    5:10 did anyone noticed that the bottle was labelled linus alcohol when he was dipping the brush in the bottle

    TAKA DRGN 21 day ago

    1. Linus recommends to not get microorganisms in the loop.
    2. Linus spits at the loop

  • Frantremb
    Frantremb 21 day ago

    What happen if i put real prestone in my watercool setup?

  • Ian Petrie
    Ian Petrie 22 days ago

    Hey Linus, I was wondering if you've considered a steam punk style cooling system and using a Stirling engine to run fans and possibly the pump as well.

  • Slazenger Beats
    Slazenger Beats 23 days ago

    oddly satisfying

  • Gayman2000
    Gayman2000 26 days ago

    "Casually frows a glaxy s9 away"

  • Timur Zavidov
    Timur Zavidov 26 days ago

    This is why I never want to do water cooling, unless it's prebuilt radiator such as Corsair H100

  • Mike Dalhus
    Mike Dalhus 27 days ago

    hehe that T-Shirt in the back Ground

  • Josiah
    Josiah 28 days ago

    Vodka is superior liquid for cooling put in freezer and it never freeze put in cooling and cool very nice

  • Three Shot
    Three Shot 29 days ago

    Linus rocking them socks and sandles

  • Hamzii ronaldo
    Hamzii ronaldo 29 days ago

    sandels and socks omfg

  • Jameel Malik
    Jameel Malik 29 days ago

    Linus's first time actually cleaning something... xD

  • Sadman Sakib Alam
    Sadman Sakib Alam Month ago

    Buy a toothbrush on Amazon? Really?

  • robert moore
    robert moore Month ago

    anyone else watching this on a desktop with water cooling that hasnt been touched in 6 years?

  • PapaP86
    PapaP86 Month ago

    Yeah, this video just confirmed me never wanting to do a custom loop unless I just have a bunch of extra time and money. I'll still to CLC CPU coolers or air. That looks like a bigger pain than most of my motorcycle maintenance.

  • Peter Clark
    Peter Clark Month ago

    this video is hell. brought to u by thermal take in the most enthusiastic voice

  • Gabrielius Kačinskas

    You dont know what loud pc is

  • IgnoranceIsBliss
    IgnoranceIsBliss Month ago

    They don't call it the universal solvent for no reason, lol.

  • Max Violence
    Max Violence Month ago

    I wonder if you use a car cooling liquid on it

  • Mr. Youtube
    Mr. Youtube Month ago

    They are distilled water right?

  • LV70Mage
    LV70Mage Month ago

    just saying blowing dust into the air is not cleaning where does the dust go

  • Jmsetyawan Fps
    Jmsetyawan Fps Month ago

    5:56 Dyson vacuum spotted

  • Austrailian Mate
    Austrailian Mate Month ago

    Someone should make a desk pc with a pullout like a keyboard but the whole pc

  • Lewis Hallowes
    Lewis Hallowes Month ago

    If that’s loud ummm, i don’t know what mine is...... maybe a jet

  • Diy Guy
    Diy Guy Month ago

    Maybe the pool cleaning guy can add you to his route?

  • cornspace
    cornspace Month ago

    Talk to a hydronics expert to issue you a, brand new , automatic air vent, at the top of your highest loop.

  • Jocrispy gaming
    Jocrispy gaming Month ago

    and.... thats why i use aio :)

  • Danno
    Danno Month ago

    Blew bacteria into loop

  • John kenley
    John kenley Month ago

    Bleach cooled pc

  • Aidan303
    Aidan303 Month ago

    My kink is watching LTT videos with my eyes closed.

  • Flex seal
    Flex seal Month ago +2

    Water cooling is too riscky...

    • Terminian Link
      Terminian Link 29 days ago +3

      Unless you use flex seal. It's so powerful... It even works underwater

    GHOST NINJA RAID Month ago

    Something in ur eye ;)

  • Captain_Colelsaw
    Captain_Colelsaw Month ago

    How long does a AIO watercooler last then? They are factory sealed, so i imagine they last a long time, but still?

  • Ninjacus NoVA
    Ninjacus NoVA Month ago

    There are drill brushes that could have been used to clean them tubes and pumps almost instantly if linus somehow sees this he would be upset

  • Austin Forester
    Austin Forester Month ago

    could you pass down one of those galaxy s 9's ?!

  • Lucas Huynh
    Lucas Huynh Month ago


  • Pogaspm
    Pogaspm Month ago +1

    I'm such a boring person that I'd actually enjoy doing this maintenance.

  • Javier Guillem
    Javier Guillem Month ago

    Now i need a blowing linus cooler for my rig... do u have an RGB version of it??

  • Randomly Entertaining

    Meanwhile, when it comes time to clean my desktop (once its built), all I need to do is grab the air compressor and pretend my desktop is a house, the dust is fire, the air is water, and I'm a fireman.

  • Viv Wallace
    Viv Wallace Month ago

    spring cleaning for computer geeks

  • Gee Giu
    Gee Giu Month ago +1

    I don't want to rune this, why did this all sound extremely sexual? Like without the video, my imagination just went the WRONG WAY! WROOOOOOG

  • Boomer8824
    Boomer8824 Month ago +1

    Nice lööp

  • laughinwhale
    laughinwhale Month ago

    Fun game, try to catch Linus' watch and see how long it's taken to move between sequences.

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed Month ago

    is water cooling even worth all this trouble

  • devansh gupta
    devansh gupta Month ago

    this is a very sexual video. for anyone who came to learn, RUN.

  • Church of Absinthe
    Church of Absinthe Month ago

    God damn Squarespace.. Stealing work from webdesigners..

  • Matt Dicus
    Matt Dicus Month ago

    You should use a different filter that would be similar to a hepa and or a 3m, something like the expensive HVAC filters you can buy from your local home improvement store...That type of filter would hold the dust at a smaller particle.

  • Sondre Mydland
    Sondre Mydland Month ago

    Do any of these systems have filtration? its common in alot of other applicaitons, but never see it in these systems..

  • borny hitch
    borny hitch Month ago

    wow, he's amazing at blowing. I wonder where he learned that :o xD ;d

  • Mayank Jariya
    Mayank Jariya Month ago

    get it bead blasted and re nickel coated....

  • Richard Herring
    Richard Herring Month ago

    You know, something you could have done to make your life much easier is drilling a hole in the glass the same diameter as a top fitting and using a square reservoir or two. Find the low point of the loop and put a 3 way junction there with a way to access that from under the desk.

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli Month ago

    Well, that's what happens if you use that stupid pea method and if you don't use enough.
    X/+ method ftw.

  • Dane Killian
    Dane Killian Month ago

    Wouldn't taking the desk to the parking lot, and an blowing out with a compressor be far simpler?
    Also cash saving tip.... a simple compressor costs about as much as 3 cans of compressed air.... :p

  • Jairo Farinas
    Jairo Farinas Month ago

    Playing this video while doing other stuff in the background sounds waay too sexual lmao

  • TheRealSeiferoth
    TheRealSeiferoth Month ago

    Are those real motherboard's on the wall?

  • crimmzi
    crimmzi Month ago

    8.99 electric toothbrush from dollar store and an ultrasonic cleaner would make that an easier task.

  • Green Strqfe
    Green Strqfe Month ago

    oh shit i just ordered a watercooled prebuild

  • Adam Melton
    Adam Melton Month ago

    I’m a professional brewer and computer repair technician and I’ve developed a way to combine brewing techniques over to water cooling that can take care of the needs of any computer you have all in one system if your interested?

  • Noctilent
    Noctilent Month ago +2

    2:42 "I take kind of a yolo approach to watercooling" makes me think of the time he spills water all over a board while testing a new block, and then the next half of the video becomes about him cleaning it up :)

  • justin decastro
    justin decastro Month ago

    So many dirty jokes this video I love it

  • A. B.
    A. B. Month ago

    LOL linus and his dick jokes lol. some times i wonder about you boy lol

  • AJ Galzote
    AJ Galzote Month ago


  • MH C
    MH C 2 months ago

    Using wet vaccum?

  • n
    n 2 months ago

    Of course everyone has a desk covered of galaxy s9

  • Spiring Movie
    Spiring Movie 2 months ago

    3:24 How many people would like to see Linus hitting a bong?

  • Feariøn
    Feariøn 2 months ago

    fuck!! i love this motherboard wall!!!

  • Anton Heidebrink
    Anton Heidebrink 2 months ago

    linus why dont u use acrylic uv gleu to fil the cracks with a vacuum bag machine if Tanked from Discovery channel uses it why dont you use it on all your acrylic i think that whut be a huge money saver in the end run

  • Razal Mind
    Razal Mind 2 months ago

    Building is easy, Maintenance is pain in the ass.

  • KDingo81
    KDingo81 2 months ago

    Running a thermaltake all in one water cooling set for 6 years now without doing anything to it besides removing dust from the radiator once in a while. Once this system is going to be replaced i sure as hell open up the system to see what kind of "water" awaits me in there.

  • ItzJack 3674
    ItzJack 3674 2 months ago

    Use vodka cooling

  • Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg 2 months ago

    you have to PH balance your water to get its acidic down.

  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here] 2 months ago +1

    linus: galaxy S9s
    is he flexing?

    • Lawson Kerr
      Lawson Kerr Month ago

      [insert name here] weird flex, but okay

  • Miguel J. Lammens
    Miguel J. Lammens 2 months ago


  • Dee Duncker
    Dee Duncker 2 months ago

    8:13 facts

  • Trampo Boys
    Trampo Boys 2 months ago

    No we need vodka cooled pc

  • GonioVR
    GonioVR 2 months ago

    Awesome.. you have a Peter Gade Shirt in the background.. one of our national badminton heroes