Desk PC Water Cooling Maintenance Vlog

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
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    It's been 16 months since we built the desk PC... And it's been running nonstop ever since. What horrors await Linus when he cleans it?
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Comments • 2 695

  • Bryan Ortiz
    Bryan Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know how many times a year you have to maintenance your prebuilt pc

  • hacksteakcookie #love_da_lafamilia

    *blows radiator*
    *get‘s wet*
    Yeaaah, seems about right ;)

  • JackoTJK
    JackoTJK 15 hours ago

    I recently had to do maintenance on my loop. It's a bit of a pain but unlike air where it degrades fairly quickly for even worse cooling, watercooling works so good that temps aren't even the reason you maintain it. And the fact that it's as quiet at full noise as an air system at idle is always a plus ;)

  • AJ Lao
    AJ Lao 22 hours ago

    You haven't seen anything yet

  • Joe Jackman
    Joe Jackman Day ago

    would distilled water be a better option?

  • MDethCKR
    MDethCKR Day ago

    But you can blame mfgs for cheap plating, and plating stupid metals ;).

  • jaguar warrior
    jaguar warrior Day ago

    That's an ugly case

  • Gill Harshgill
    Gill Harshgill Day ago

    Yes we had a moment when we think yo gonna eat it

  • John Nickle
    John Nickle 3 days ago

    Don’t say Lordy queer

  • darthcookiejar
    darthcookiejar 3 days ago

    Yoooo you had some killer innuendo in this one.

  • error idk
    error idk 3 days ago

    Linus without using advertising-voice-attracting-viewers kind of thing

  • Kieron Wiltshire
    Kieron Wiltshire 4 days ago

    Here's an idea, make a computer work in a vacuum chamber. Obviously you'll have to work out how to cool it. :)

  • Martin Geidobler
    Martin Geidobler 5 days ago

    where do i get a desk like this

  • Glenn Ford
    Glenn Ford 5 days ago

    Iron-oxidizing bacteria won't make you sick

  • Firnien Arya
    Firnien Arya 5 days ago

    So many innuendos in one video lmao XD

  • Babak Firoozi Fooladi

    Some chemicals like potassium sorbate are good for germ. Add it before hand on very small dosage like half a percent and there will be no germs!

  • Crixus The Gaul
    Crixus The Gaul 7 days ago

    Weird... I clean plexi reservoirs with isopropyl all the time. Linus man.. got to start just using coolant... water with biocide causes so many issues!

  • Manav Lachhani
    Manav Lachhani 8 days ago

    Some s9's....S9's.......WHATTTT

  • Rex Starlight
    Rex Starlight 12 days ago

    So loud mhm, my computer is almost as loud as my vacuum cleaner but oh, right Linus that's agonizing loud, it was in need of maintenance, but it's not screaming at you like my computer does under normal and cleaned circumstances

  • Daniel Gabriele
    Daniel Gabriele 12 days ago

    Why not just run a replaceable filter in the loop....retrofit a refrigerator water filter you can replace once ever 6 months

  • LordHakai
    LordHakai 12 days ago

    xD all this work on a watercooling... I just bought a cpu that will not reach its limit for YEARS (so no OC is needed) and put a strong aircooler on it. BOOM once a year i have to blow it out with compressed air. Takes 5 minutes to clean, isnt as loud as a watercooling, has the same cooling then a watercooling that is dobble the price and the only thing that can break is one of the fans (that i can swap out in 1-2 minutes and costs under 30€).
    There is realy no reason for a watercooling than that it looks cool...

  • JP Lowe
    JP Lowe 12 days ago

    Its thicc

  • ricardo chu
    ricardo chu 14 days ago

    i would not use water cooling

  • patrick hallyburton
    patrick hallyburton 16 days ago

    those makita air compressors are pretty awesome though right?

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan 17 days ago

    Do yourself a favour and go to the ollar shop. Buy some cheap squeezy bottles with water funnels, spouts and importantly funnels/nozzles. Then use those to blow air into the loop (to avoid micro organisms) and to safely pour water in without spills, and to get into complex and difficult angles. Use the funnels to actually get water into the thing you are pouring it..
    Honestly it would save you hours of pain for a few dollars bro...

  • Xr8eM _
    Xr8eM _ 17 days ago

    ahahah i like ur vids there funny as at the start

  • Sung Cung
    Sung Cung 17 days ago

    Linus Hits The Bong At 3:22

  • boebab
    boebab 17 days ago

    this episode is basically "Things you can say about your PC but not your girlfriend"

  • Emerald13
    Emerald13 18 days ago

    Did he say the air bubble caused discoloration?? How does that happen and is there any way to prevent it?

  • André Kristensen
    André Kristensen 19 days ago

    I'm having second thoughts about buying a Water Cooling system now! :O

  • Samuy Wardell
    Samuy Wardell 20 days ago

    That is the coolest PC I have ever seen. In the table!? Absolutely fabulous. I’m gunna have to make one when I have the money.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 21 day ago

    thats not loud, thats quiet.

  • JazzyNazzy _
    JazzyNazzy _ 21 day ago

    0:02 I think it needs a little more cleaning

  • Jimmy 6300
    Jimmy 6300 22 days ago

    This helped reinforce my personal policy of only having air-cooled systems lol

    BLOCKER BLOCKER 23 days ago

    7:23 now we know you don't have a long stiff object/balls

  • Luke Paluso
    Luke Paluso 23 days ago

    I never found maintenance to be more difficult then the original build, however I do feel like it's unnecessary work. And it also costs money (although typically not much assuming you don't need to swap parts). For me it comes down to actually noticeable performance in games, watercooling and overclocking really doesn't give me that.

  • CommonSoul
    CommonSoul 23 days ago

    Where do u get the compressed air from?

    JOSEPH ASWATH 23 days ago

    We all make fuss about the dirt..
    Well its wise to maintain the whole room dirt other things in the room will also be clean

    JOSEPH ASWATH 23 days ago

    This was as grossy as watching a forensic department at work

  • Nathan Barrett
    Nathan Barrett 24 days ago

    when the rad pours on the floor xD

  • Paniel Gt
    Paniel Gt 24 days ago

    The jokes though lol

  • Pepe's bodega
    Pepe's bodega 24 days ago

    "I don't recommend blowing in it because of microbiomes, but we are going to clean it thoroughly" - Proceeds to spit in it as lube after cleaning it, WAT

  • Daco Games
    Daco Games 25 days ago

    can you be my dad?

  • Astro GeoMancer
    Astro GeoMancer 26 days ago

    Next time try some liquid glass cleaner :)

  • Cheshire Grinn
    Cheshire Grinn 26 days ago

    What was the tiny vacuum he used?

  • 12112 11111
    12112 11111 26 days ago

    Sooo Many Sex jokes.

  • Fabian
    Fabian 27 days ago

    So many adult jokes

  • TheEverythingShow
    TheEverythingShow 28 days ago +1

    0:25 Cover it with Galaxy S9’s” Ha Ha Linus...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Johannes Steenkamp
    Johannes Steenkamp 28 days ago

    7:53 Linus, whats on your belt ?

  • Ethan Kennedy
    Ethan Kennedy 29 days ago

    "it's okay to blow into it because we are gonna clean it out" *uses spit to slip on tube immediately after cleaning*

  • Evil Gypo
    Evil Gypo 29 days ago

    Spit also holds nature's bacteria just super for a water cooling lol

  • Tiernan Emilsson
    Tiernan Emilsson 29 days ago

    Lmao badminton nerd I’m with there my guy

  • dominic kaigai
    dominic kaigai Month ago

    I think deionized water will prevent electrolysis of the nickel plating

  • Alex Pana
    Alex Pana Month ago

    open frame design is the stupidest thing on the planet. Especially if you have pets in the house....

  • Jake Pachuau
    Jake Pachuau Month ago

    I don't have water cooling, but i feel every bit of that process

  • Marvel2R
    Marvel2R Month ago

    Blue filter floss? Try pet stores (fish department) you can get black or white filter floss.

  • TheSkruer
    TheSkruer Month ago

    you allways need more lube.. Eww thats dirty

  • Christian Oshiro
    Christian Oshiro Month ago

    That sounds like my kitchen sink

  • Darice Davis
    Darice Davis Month ago +1

    10:50 -- As a smell and corrosion etc. protectant -- why isn't anti-freeze used in liquid cooled rigs? The smell in water generally comes from microorganism organic matter development. Even when distilled and finely filtered water is used, there is still some level of microorganisms present. 91% Isopropyl alcohol and/or anti-freeze might solve this issue. I do not know this for a fact, but whatever works on high performance racing car engines should be fine for high performance rig use.
    Any feedback on this topic would be most appreciated.

  • Avatart
    Avatart Month ago +3

    you know it's a safe and effective solution when linus says "and for my next trick"

  • James Frearson
    James Frearson Month ago

    08:57 - Where've I heard that before?a

  • Guds777
    Guds777 Month ago

    Just build a water cooling system and year later instead of cleaning it you just build new one.

  • Samuel Lord
    Samuel Lord Month ago

    Linus, why dont you try using mineral oil instead of water based coolant? your pump is more than good enough to maintain the flow so the temp difference will be within one or two degree celcious, and the entire system will be completely maintenance free! (unless you have rubber O-rings which is very unlikely)

    • JayJapanB
      JayJapanB 24 days ago

      Unlikely? They are pretty much always rubber. On blocks and fittings. Oil would be a bad idea.

  • 0Awesome_Gamer0
    0Awesome_Gamer0 Month ago

    Hell...brought you by Thermaltake!

  • Nicolae Alexandru Coman

    nice fans

  • Thoughtful Thoughts
    Thoughtful Thoughts Month ago +1

    Im just watercooling because it looks cool

  • Vincenzo The Gamer
    Vincenzo The Gamer Month ago

    Linus my hard drive is louder than that

  • Fanus Coetzee
    Fanus Coetzee Month ago

    Hi Linus
    I'm from South Africa and watch all your videos and like them a lot. Lots of interesting stuff and new things to learn.
    A question I have is the following, do they only use water inside water cooling systems or do they sometimes use a different kind of liquid and could one for example use something like the antifreeze that they use in vehicles , it's got a nice neon color to it :-)

  • brad the tank main
    brad the tank main Month ago

    Add a make up water system to it with a pressure charged tank and a automatic air vent at the high point then it would be virtually maintenance-free you would never get an air bubble trust me im a pipefitter lol it would be a neat add on build and easy just call a hvac guy he can give you a run down

  • Warrior of Sunlight

    Sandals with socks? why? 4:46

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen Month ago

    You should have designed it with maintenance in mind from the start, instead of as an after thought. Not to mention that you shared the design with all of youtube to replicate -- Seriously irresponsible.

  • Magix
    Magix Month ago

    denmark!!!! :)

  • lolidop rink
    lolidop rink Month ago

    0:23, or with ads on the bottom of my screen.

  • Martin Delira
    Martin Delira Month ago

    i thought this pc was filtered

  • Abelardo Acevedo
    Abelardo Acevedo Month ago

    I love how you bring up ads. I always trying guessing when you are about to drop one. Haha.

  • Asparaguy 8a2
    Asparaguy 8a2 Month ago

    7:24 linus does dirty talk...hahah!!😂

  • Azew
    Azew Month ago

    Anyone know what specs linus is rocking ?

  • Ghost Sadowz GR
    Ghost Sadowz GR Month ago

    Linus The Plumber

  • Temptør Gaming & Hardware

    the water block companies should spray them with Teflon or something so they don't get gunk stains on them.

  • Aser
    Aser Month ago

    yeah nah i would just stick to fan cooling thanks

  • Juan pedro Minaudo
    Juan pedro Minaudo Month ago

    i don't think rust is normal. At least in cars is NOT normal. Maybe the incorrect coolant is being used

  • Aayan Ajmal
    Aayan Ajmal Month ago

    To cover them by hoodies and GALAXY S9's lol

  • luqmanr
    luqmanr Month ago

    PCs have become more and more like a car or a motorcycle lol

  • Andrew Jarvis
    Andrew Jarvis Month ago

    Using automotive coolant might help c: it has anti corrosive additives and its so toxic you wont get microbes, or add pool chlorine

  • Jon Nichols
    Jon Nichols Month ago

    Has Linus ever done a water cooling video WITHOUT a spill?

  • Wayne Miles
    Wayne Miles Month ago

    So whats the monitor? I like the color

  • Николай Йорданов

    The erosion on the plate is not caused by the wather, actually is caused by the cavitation in the water. If you fill up all the loop, and remove the air it will be mutch safe for the metal parts. But you have to solve the temperature expansion of the fluid.. May be with presurized membrane expansion tank.. Just suggest :)

  • Mira
    Mira Month ago

    -why dont you just buy another one-

  • Jexx Raptor
    Jexx Raptor Month ago

    So many innuendos in this video 😂

  • BliZZard6994
    BliZZard6994 Month ago

    Hey why not just add a quick connector on one of the tubings on the bottom on the tabel?

  • Scott LaVine
    Scott LaVine Month ago

    a pc inside of a desk... thats badass

  • GamingGrizzly
    GamingGrizzly Month ago

    This guy getting sponseeed everyday

  • LOL PRO Replays
    LOL PRO Replays Month ago

    why you don't make dust resistant

  • Philip Myers
    Philip Myers Month ago

    I know this was probably a ball ache for you, but I liked this " behind the scenes" look at computer maintenance as I dont have a water cooling system this is some good knowledge to have.

  • Smart but stupid
    Smart but stupid Month ago

    You know I just cover it with hoodies and galaxy S9s lol

  • Tolis Norris
    Tolis Norris Month ago

    LIDL maintenance

  • Chub Yub
    Chub Yub Month ago

    This is why water-cooling is stupid.

  • Canada Arrow
    Canada Arrow Month ago

    Should have just gotten a pump

  • PsYchO *Army*
    PsYchO *Army* Month ago

    3:22 bong lesson

  • savpeeps
    savpeeps Month ago

    I love how he causally throws 2 galaxy s9's