The Fastest Smartphone in the World.

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Let's see what the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip is truly capable of...
    Find out more about the Snapdragon 865 here:
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Comments • 6 170

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Month ago +738

    Thanks for watching!
    I made a mega comparison featuring every Google Smartphone ever, you can check that out here:

  • KITE TVr
    KITE TVr 18 hours ago

    865 is going to be on the OnePlus8

  • ere grevous
    ere grevous 23 hours ago

    No one:
    *iJustine's sister randomly appears in the vid*

  • Ron Allen
    Ron Allen Day ago

    Is it recommendable to buy one just to play Candy Crush level 5000?

  • Magical 801
    Magical 801 2 days ago

    Now we just need to fix my internet connection.

  • tal ion
    tal ion 2 days ago

    I just got my razor phone 2 for 300 USD ;-;

  • フタロ - P
    フタロ - P 2 days ago

    Me, who just bought the OnePlus 7T: 🙃

  • alirwandy masrin
    alirwandy masrin 3 days ago

    Waiting for snapdragon 1000

  • Anupom Ghose
    Anupom Ghose 3 days ago

    Imagine 5 years later you are watching this video on a much faster midrange device

  • Ashfak Ashu
    Ashfak Ashu 3 days ago

    Worst processor is exynos

  • Karan Jadhav
    Karan Jadhav 3 days ago

    0:22 Game Name ???

  • Genaro Cejudo
    Genaro Cejudo 4 days ago

    6:45 the beautiful Jenna Ezarik 😍

  • Daize Bryant
    Daize Bryant 4 days ago

    What phone is this?

  • Dana W
    Dana W 4 days ago

    Pity that’s not what the benchmarks are saying.

  • Noli sobremesana
    Noli sobremesana 5 days ago

    Maybe next month snap dragon 875 is the verry fastest chip.hehe.

  • Noli sobremesana
    Noli sobremesana 5 days ago

    Here in philippines we dont need that fastest chip we need fastest NET.. ;D

  • Max de Boer
    Max de Boer 5 days ago

    Too bad Samsung S20 will have Exynos 990 in Europe...

  • Paranormal activity
    Paranormal activity 5 days ago

    This isn t a phone

    It s a Nasa computer

  • reza F
    reza F 6 days ago

    i always wonder why people spend lots of money to by a phone based on it's camera and gaming power while they can buy a real good quality camera and a playstation or gaming laptop both together around the money their going to pay for that special phone eventough the phone won't give them half the of the experience

    BIGBRO 6 days ago

    Wait..... I just spend $600 on OnePlus 7t and now I have to save money again

  • Rock Roller
    Rock Roller 7 days ago

    I love how all these companies are collaborating together and making devices packed with amazing features and functionalities. It's sad that Apple got left far behind. I was a big big Apple fan but after using my friend's Galaxy S10+ I quickly moved towards Samsung and I don't think I am going back to Apple anytime soon.

    • Rock Roller
      Rock Roller 4 days ago

      @Dana W well I have used both phones and to be honest I don't really see a difference in speed in both devices. Samsung note 10+ that I'm using right now is a heck lot better in every aspect compared to my old iPhone x.

    • Dana W
      Dana W 4 days ago

      Rock Roller That iPhone is so much faster than your 10 it’s not even funny

  • Lucy
    Lucy 7 days ago

    But can it play doom?

  • shiva kallem
    shiva kallem 7 days ago

    What is the phone he is using....

    BIG POPA PUM 7 days ago

    Well i jst bought redme k20 pro
    And they launched another better processor 😆

  • YT domsimpsn
    YT domsimpsn 8 days ago

    Click bait

  • Rafael Dwayne
    Rafael Dwayne 8 days ago

    Sadly it won't be coming to my favourite phone Samsung S 11 in my region so I dicided just to switch to 1plus now with the current generation 855 chip and say my goodbye to Samsung. Sad though!

  • ___
    ___ 8 days ago

    The iPhone 11 is still faster.

  • prathapsingh nenavath

    Wich phone this sir ?

  • Shaahzaad Kaleem
    Shaahzaad Kaleem 9 days ago

    Fastest phone is a waste with a bad internet connection bruh!

  • CrunchSix
    CrunchSix 9 days ago

    R.O.G 3 incomin

  • Accursed Nature
    Accursed Nature 10 days ago

    Looks as if the 855 is the culmination of the past 5 years of tech. Top of the line as of now. The 865 is the start of the next 5 years of tech. Bottom of the line for the future. The modem being a separate chip is proof enough of it being the turning point for me. I'll buy a 865 phone even with a separate modem because not everything I do on a phone require the internet running. Also, it has 5G and wifi 6 so for me it will last many years. I'm looking at the OnePlus 8 if it indeed has a 2k screen at 120hz and 8/12gb Ram. With a 64MP camera.
    I had an Lg G3 and the next time I bought a phone it was the LG G8 so I look for future proofing. I still require a windows laptop, not everything can be done on a phone.

  • I'm original
    I'm original 10 days ago +1

    My nokia 5.1 have some of those cameras options

  • Aayush Shah
    Aayush Shah 11 days ago

    Which smart phone are you using???

  • meni poco
    meni poco 11 days ago

    Thank you very much for The great video I would like to hear more about 5G thank you

  • Luke Helton
    Luke Helton 12 days ago

    Did you forget the iPhone exists when you made that title?

  • belal hosain
    belal hosain 13 days ago

    backpart there is a sign dolby vision what is the name of that phone?

  • Squanchy FapFap
    Squanchy FapFap 13 days ago

    *Apple 14 bionic will probably be 2X faster than this which breaks my heart😔.*

  • Dastin Das
    Dastin Das 14 days ago

    Whats is the mobile name

  • Omoniyi Oluwashogo
    Omoniyi Oluwashogo 14 days ago

    Still gonna be slower than the a13 chip

  • Venom 8
    Venom 8 16 days ago

    The question is, ĆÁŃ ÍŤ ŔÚŃ MÍŃÉĆŔÁFŤ

  • Mudassar Awan
    Mudassar Awan 16 days ago


    WATCH ME! JUST WATCH! 17 days ago

    Imagine if Snapdragon created its own phone company.

  • Sanie Tariq
    Sanie Tariq 17 days ago

    That taking photo while shooting video feature is already available on my old LG V20. HOw is this a new feature??

  • kdmp
    kdmp 18 days ago +1

    Can SD 865 run Roblox?

  • Sebastián Moreno Leal

    Que salto tan grande en una sola generación. Gracias por la información.

  • LoxLoz
    LoxLoz 18 days ago

    goodbye rog phone

  • Travel Together
    Travel Together 18 days ago!!

  • AJ Aro
    AJ Aro 19 days ago

    Thats a lot of a lot of things
    Hmmm I hope the battery can power this up and hoping no exploding phones this 2020

  • Moshibur Rashid
    Moshibur Rashid 19 days ago

    What is da name of ball game?

  • idan124
    idan124 20 days ago

    when a mobile chip is stronger than my pc

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya 20 days ago

    Dont try
    Apple still beast

  • Giovanni Emanuel
    Giovanni Emanuel 20 days ago

    COUGH asus rog phone 2 COUGH COUGH

  • Haris Zaheer
    Haris Zaheer 21 day ago

    This is HUGE. I remember being this much excited when they introduced little big configuration.

  • Jeff The Ripper
    Jeff The Ripper 23 days ago

    Is it the time to replace my 855 chipset phone?

  • Ricardo Delacruz
    Ricardo Delacruz 23 days ago

    I got the first iPhone 10 that came out I’m glad I waited for 2020 and I might wait a little longer like before this summer to get a new phone.

  • Muse
    Muse 23 days ago

    You can do most of this on an iPhone...I can shoot photos on a video now.

  • Royston D'Souza
    Royston D'Souza 23 days ago

    Waiting for OnePlus 8

  • Tikboy08 azodnem
    Tikboy08 azodnem 23 days ago

    Fastest smartphone or fastest chip set?

  • Earl
    Earl 23 days ago

    It still slower then iPhone 11 even phone with sd875 gonna be slow then A13 bionic Android is 2 generation behind apple in term of processing power.

  • FoxyBox336
    FoxyBox336 24 days ago +65

    A13: I can record 4K 60fps

    Snapdragon 865: That’s Cute

    • Steven White
      Steven White 20 hours ago

      @ere grevous well what do you know about the history of chipset?

    • ere grevous
      ere grevous 23 hours ago

      Sd865 is next gen thats why you didnt see flagships using the the chip in 2019 did you? So its going to be in the same gen as a14 and not sd855

    • Steven White
      Steven White 6 days ago +2

      @Yoloyang GG They are belongs to same generation!