6 Ways to Break Open a Safe!!

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
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    Hey guys! Do you think Bobby bought the wood saw on purpose? What other safe challenges should we do? Let us know below! Have you seen our GIANT Minesweeper In Real Life!? Check it out here: tvclip.biz/video/3vFp4FtlyaM/video.html

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Comments • 7 184

  • Hakan Barr
    Hakan Barr 16 hours ago

    this should be a rest vid

  • Yesunge Tsogbuyan

    The midgets vs the giants

  • Joe Andriac
    Joe Andriac 2 days ago +1

    But at least Bryan and j Fred won

  • Joe Andriac
    Joe Andriac 2 days ago +1

    That was a awful plot twist😡

  • [bot] Iamcristian
    [bot] Iamcristian 2 days ago

    The cover is on the angle grinder blade

  • Karl Wright
    Karl Wright 2 days ago +1

    They said TIME 9 TIMES

  • The _
    The _ 2 days ago

    They went to Home Depot

  • wiletheridge88
    wiletheridge88 3 days ago

    Could of just drilled the dial lol

  • Amanda Cox
    Amanda Cox 3 days ago

    It looked like bryan peed his pants like if you agree

  • GiRrAfE Girrafee
    GiRrAfE Girrafee 3 days ago +1

    Thanks this will be helpful for um.....something

  • PalkiaGamer217
    PalkiaGamer217 3 days ago

    The hardware store was home depot

  • Starr Proppa
    Starr Proppa 4 days ago

    bobby did you know you guys have to swich

  • The Doll Show
    The Doll Show 6 days ago

    Bryan is always smiling

  • ryan gaming3010
    ryan gaming3010 7 days ago

    I feel bad for Gibson

  • Hoisum Im a old granpa pa

    WTF how do u break a safe are u gonna safe someone then your gonna break there arm!?!?

  • My Little Brony
    My Little Brony 9 days ago +4

    Bobby: I don't think he knows I have a backup cam.
    J-Fred: He has a backup cam.

    • T.J. Miller
      T.J. Miller 2 days ago

      My Little Brony oh boy do I love stolen commenys

  • Ultra Nicronic
    Ultra Nicronic 9 days ago

    Poor gibbson

  • Betty Samuel
    Betty Samuel 10 days ago

    0:20 Bryan getting REKT.

  • Penguin God God
    Penguin God God 13 days ago

    Home Depot

  • Jonah Upchurch
    Jonah Upchurch 13 days ago

    Are they just at home depot

  • Jadin McGlosson
    Jadin McGlosson 13 days ago

    Hehe you didn't know you where going to switch XD

  • Glassman 1
    Glassman 1 14 days ago +1

    Joey: the local hardware store shall remain nameless
    2 mins later shows the store name on camera

  • gd sqwishy
    gd sqwishy 15 days ago

    j-fred is gud at driving

  • Vera Fedorova
    Vera Fedorova 15 days ago

    Get rekt Rekt

  • Lexi Ring
    Lexi Ring 15 days ago

    Bryan still has his purple hair! (Only true team edge viewers would understand)

  • frank kizy
    frank kizy 15 days ago

    They are at indoor lumber yard store

  • Ze actual pepew Plet
    Ze actual pepew Plet 16 days ago


  • Ze actual pepew Plet
    Ze actual pepew Plet 16 days ago

    Joey + brian = jorian

  • KittenLover
    KittenLover 17 days ago

    This video was published on my ninth birthday!

  • Wyatt Hagenbeck
    Wyatt Hagenbeck 17 days ago

    Bryan still has his pink hair....

  • Janice Reichert
    Janice Reichert 18 days ago

    punishement roluete challenge

  • C4 Toad
    C4 Toad 19 days ago

    3:18 Bobby was smirking that's how u know he knew

  • Donna Martin
    Donna Martin 19 days ago

    Sa fly?

  • DillerKiller19 Fortnite

    I think gunners last team edge video was heeles

  • Naeem Akhter
    Naeem Akhter 22 days ago


  • Anton Malhin
    Anton Malhin 22 days ago +1

    You used a diamond disc which is made for block and concrete, you were supposed to use metal disc.

  • Dāvis Aizpurietis
    Dāvis Aizpurietis 23 days ago

    9:34 that fas rude for fans

  • Nash Attack
    Nash Attack 23 days ago

    Does j-Fred have a ram rebel

  • Dalton Moody
    Dalton Moody 24 days ago

    They know it says indoor lumber yard

  • sis and bro
    sis and bro 25 days ago

    Gunner was in Giant Toy destructin challenge

  • Pinecone Warrior
    Pinecone Warrior 26 days ago +2

    Bryan is left handed!?! I never knew! I'm a lefty too

  • Special Bloxy
    Special Bloxy 27 days ago

    Me:Let's try it outside

  • Vsevolod Akhunov
    Vsevolod Akhunov 28 days ago

    Thanks now i can finally open the safe I stole from my next door neighbors

  • Gunstudios
    Gunstudios 28 days ago

    got Payday vibes...

  • Marcos Isaacs
    Marcos Isaacs 28 days ago

    Press F to pay respects

  • Jessica Chaples
    Jessica Chaples 29 days ago


  • Dä Wîttłè Wéîrdø

    2:00 the name of the store is TOTALLY NOT and i mean NOT able to see in the top left corner or anything, like duhhh 🙄

    Read more

  • Halvblodsprinsen100

    That is not how to use an angle-grinder safely. Nor is the disc for metal. -Blacksmithing knowledge.

  • Meme Golchin
    Meme Golchin Month ago

    Hey did anyone notice Bryan’s hair is kinda still pink?

  • Mason Jackson
    Mason Jackson Month ago

    I saw the plot twist coming a mile away

  • Jenny Doan
    Jenny Doan Month ago

    I hate when gunner is in the videos

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow Month ago

    I missed Gunner. Glad he's back.

  • TheSupremeSwift 1
    TheSupremeSwift 1 Month ago +1

    Guys, the thermal drill go get it

  • Dylan Bloom
    Dylan Bloom Month ago

    I think they did the would you rather first then this video

  • natlikethat
    natlikethat Month ago


  • Jacopo Sta ana
    Jacopo Sta ana Month ago

    Im left handed too


    There at Home Depot

  • A Steelman
    A Steelman Month ago

    I love your hair Brian

  • carmen drain
    carmen drain Month ago

    They said they don’t want to say the name of the store AND IN THE BACKGROUND YOU SEE THE NAME!

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang Month ago

    Lol no

  • Caterina Manicardi Settle

    You can literally see the mane of the hard wear store

    • Abdul Kholil
      Abdul Kholil Month ago

      Hard wear???
      Did you ever go to school?

  • Caterina Manicardi Settle

    Lol Bryan’s hair is still pink

  • DjArmen
    DjArmen Month ago

    “Local hardware store” It was Home Depot 😂😂

  • Ernesto Lopez
    Ernesto Lopez Month ago

    Girls with power tools 👎🏽

  • Alex Starkman
    Alex Starkman Month ago

    Search backwards by Matthias please

  • Mr Cow
    Mr Cow Month ago

    Plot twist to the plot twist : you could have said no


    Home depot

  • callum hall
    callum hall Month ago

    7th way dont forget the code du dum chushhh

    BUH BUH Month ago


  • Mr anything
    Mr anything Month ago

    Or use the code

  • Team Lamplo Guy
    Team Lamplo Guy Month ago


  • Bradlee310
    Bradlee310 Month ago

    Who tf taught you to swing an axe..?

  • Marnie C Evans
    Marnie C Evans Month ago +2

    That is definitely Home Wardware. I live in Canada and my mom loves woodworking. I should know

  • Joshua Anderton
    Joshua Anderton Month ago +2

    Why does Brian's hair look purple

  • Drag0nMast3r21
    Drag0nMast3r21 Month ago

    my dad loves going to home depot too

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    Won’t say the name of the store, walks out with a ridgid 😂 Home Depot maybeeeee????

  • Pups Doge
    Pups Doge Month ago

    Anyone notice Bryan's hair is slightly pink?

  • Grizzle_04
    Grizzle_04 Month ago +1

    I know where they got the safes

    A safe place🥴

    That’s a knee slapper😅

  • Bucket Head
    Bucket Head Month ago

    Joey:The Local Hardware Store. *pauses video* looks at the back,(indoor lumber yard)

  • Ad challenges raw Maraya

    That Pink hair tho 😎

  • Ze actual pepew Plet

    A vlog

  • Christina Bolton
    Christina Bolton Month ago +6

    Bobby: I don’t think he knows I have a backup cam
    J-Fred: He’s got a back up cam
    Gunner: I don’t think so either
    J-Fred: *Waves to the back up cam*

  • Aj Luck
    Aj Luck Month ago

    Home Depot we all read your lips

  • Leinahtan Niram
    Leinahtan Niram Month ago

    Is Bryan’s hair purple and if so why

  • Ash Van Beek
    Ash Van Beek Month ago

    Nuke that safe that's an idea everybody should they use a nuke to open it ?

  • Julia Linford
    Julia Linford Month ago

    Spot the odd one 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕🙁😕😕😕😕

  • Seat Cookie
    Seat Cookie Month ago

    Lol Bryan has pink hair

    RMRNATION Month ago


    RMRNATION Month ago

    Gunner said we did a rest vid we used a money last

  • gennaro gerrard
    gennaro gerrard Month ago

    it proves that safes are not safe

    MAKE OUT HILL 17 Month ago

    Y’all put the shop name in the shot😂😂👎🏽

    • Oswald Cobblepot
      Oswald Cobblepot Month ago

      MAKE OUT HILL 17 No he didn’t. Try looking up ‘outdoor lumber yard’ 😂😂👎🏽

  • •¿Üñkñøwñ Mÿštėrÿ¿•

    Rule 1: never give Joey a drill
    Rule 2: never give joey a safe
    Consequences: possible world destruction

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith Month ago

    Bobby, Brian....why wouldn't you just use the grinder on the pin instead of the actual hinge itself? you get that pin out and the hinge will swing right off just like a door....I would think anyways unless there is something special about safe pins and hinges

  • Autumn Warden
    Autumn Warden Month ago

    In the thumbnail it looks like Joey is going to kill someone

  • An Chau
    An Chau Month ago

    Best utilities in the world

  • Epic Gorilla Marquart

    milwakey looks down upon you

  • Daniel Chai
    Daniel Chai Month ago

    I'd say guns but y'all are in cali

  • DeMox
    DeMox Month ago

    Damm this hurts to watch. If dudebro #1 had done any kind of research or listend to dudebro #2 he would've just used a magnet and popped that thing open in 5 seconds. It's a fire sentry safe which means they use coils als a closer, but whatever I guess that's to sophisticated. Two other options to break into that thing quickly : use the drill to knock out the holders of the pins and the drag them back using magnets. Second option: use the angle grinder to cut out a rectangular piece out of the top, then dig out the cement amen voila ur in. If you need a bit more flash for a good thumbnail, use termite to melt the upper layer and then smash trough the fireproofing. There are a million better ways to get in and a million ways to make a better, more entertaining video. You guys just kinda failed

  • Molly Kinder
    Molly Kinder Month ago +1

    Gunner:"Our weapons suck"