6 Ways to Break Open a Safe!!


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  • Sam Cairns
    Sam Cairns 16 hours ago

    find the different's

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  • More Sneakzz
    More Sneakzz 20 hours ago

    (bobby) This is the worst safe in the world! (sentrysafe sponsers the video) (bobby) This is the best safe in the world!

  • Romain Lautard
    Romain Lautard Day ago

    You didn't take off the protector from the angle grinder

  • DoubleDeckerDilan

    One more look and ill forget everything Mamma Mia here I go again my my how can I resist you Mamma Mia does it show again my my how could I have let you go I've been broken hearted since the day we parted why why did I ever let go Mamma Mia now I really know my my how could i have let you go

  • DonutCATRanch Fries


  • Tito 123
    Tito 123 Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Molly Kinder
    Molly Kinder Day ago +1

    Bryan:"I can not work in a hot environment."
    Me:"Didn't Bryan say in the food flip challenge that he didn't mind the heat because he was a tropical man?"

  • Jaka Vasle
    Jaka Vasle Day ago

    Gunner suck and don't do any more videos whit him

  • Lucas Shipley
    Lucas Shipley Day ago

    they all were wearing shorts while using power tools

  • ThatRazorMonster

    You can tell they went to home depot

  • Caleb genesis
    Caleb genesis 2 days ago

    I had this safe and I forgot the code so I swung a sledge hammer at it once and caved the door In pretty easily

  • uzair786 gaming
    uzair786 gaming 2 days ago

    The store is indoor lumber yard

  • To Cool Gaming
    To Cool Gaming 2 days ago

    The hardware store is the indoor lumber

  • Caden Stover
    Caden Stover 2 days ago

    Indoor lumber yard is the hard ware store

  • LgBtQ_harley
    LgBtQ_harley 2 days ago

    The switching item thing wasnt fair.

  • Torin Lupo
    Torin Lupo 3 days ago

    I can't draw that good.

  • The real Joshua Martinez


  • The real Joshua Martinez

    J-Fred has a ram truck

  • Crowboi Mc epicness
    Crowboi Mc epicness 3 days ago

    Anybody else think conner looks like logic.?

  • Aysha H
    Aysha H 3 days ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing when he said yam yam lolly πŸ˜‚

  • Silver Neptune
    Silver Neptune 3 days ago

    Every time I watch this masterpiece I don’t . Because I am too busy laughing my butt off.

  • Jar ed Asf
    Jar ed Asf 4 days ago


  • Trenton Wolf
    Trenton Wolf 4 days ago

    its home depot

  • aiden riley
    aiden riley 4 days ago

    It took me a while to recognize Bryan's pink hair in the would you rather video and still has a cast.

  • Juaquin Hernandez
    Juaquin Hernandez 4 days ago

    You don't need a hammer a pipe and a crowbar to open a safe

  • TAREK sherif
    TAREK sherif 5 days ago

    Oh yaya

  • Waylon Perez
    Waylon Perez 5 days ago

    Do this again

  • flat4forthewin
    flat4forthewin 5 days ago

    Bobby gets a wood saw, tall skinny white kid get a grinder with a CONCRETE blade...... incompetence everywhere.

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 5 days ago

    thanks i was about to rob my neighbor

  • Richard Kelly
    Richard Kelly 5 days ago

    they dont want to name the store lol gets there store name at top of screen :)

  • sΓΈren Hulemose
    sΓΈren Hulemose 5 days ago

    never let people who have never learned to use tools play with tools

  • ImDraconLion
    ImDraconLion 5 days ago

    They avoid saying the name of the store but forget to blur the name when they are standing outside

  • Review GAMING Fiel
    Review GAMING Fiel 5 days ago


  • Dab Specticle
    Dab Specticle 6 days ago

    he said home depot lol

  • Isaac Mueller
    Isaac Mueller 6 days ago

    so first thought about gunner is he's an impulsive idiot who doesn't think. firstly the angle grinder was "stopping" because the cutting disk wasn't screwed on tight enough. second when he got upset he hit struck the safe the with the disk. If his grip or gloves had slipped the kick back alone could have spun the tool around and cut his unprotected leg wide open. Seriously people please don't put dangerous power tools in the hands of some one like that. I know I used some strong words to describe him but I honestly don't want to see him hurt because of lack of knowledge about the tools he's operating.

  • soopnotse
    soopnotse 6 days ago

    It’s obvious. Orange letters and curb, mouthed β€œdepot”. This hardware store isn’t Lowe’s, it’s the Home Depot.

  • Samuel Stanley
    Samuel Stanley 6 days ago

    1:54 Home Depot

  • Mitchell BURGESS
    Mitchell BURGESS 6 days ago

    You really appreciate your fan mail

  • Izzy Patty
    Izzy Patty 6 days ago

    how are you uploading stupidοΏΌ

  • Travis Tribble
    Travis Tribble 7 days ago

    There's a dial on the grinder to turn the blade speed up

  • Zander Ellis
    Zander Ellis 7 days ago

    This be stupid

  • Jon Quayle
    Jon Quayle 7 days ago

    The hardware store is lumber yard

  • Hayden Burns
    Hayden Burns 7 days ago

    Whene they blurred out the hardware store it was homedepote

  • Nicole D
    Nicole D 7 days ago

    Why cant u say H - D?

  • Phoenix Morrison
    Phoenix Morrison 8 days ago

    Where do you get your music

  • Matthew Wold
    Matthew Wold 8 days ago

    Have they never used power tools before?

  • Hey, its me the creator

    My guess

    They did the would you rather vid before this one

  • Kai07
    Kai07 9 days ago

    Oh hey, it's Home Depot(we have a garden so we frequent hardware stores all the time for supplies).

  • Wyatt Friend
    Wyatt Friend 9 days ago

    You guys forgot rpg, dynamite, c4, hellfire missies, satchel Charge’s, nuke, minigun, ap rounds, he rounds, torpedoes, β€˜nade launcher, plasma cutter, grenade, your welcome for bringing this to ur attention

  • Morocco Coey
    Morocco Coey 11 days ago

    There is a seventh way to open a safe and it is called thermite

  • Cyclops Eye2.0
    Cyclops Eye2.0 11 days ago

    I know what store they went to but I’m not gonna say it because I don’t know if will be okay but it’s in the video some where

  • Emma Sanford
    Emma Sanford 11 days ago +1

    We used one of these on rekt
    Replaced the blade with hundred dollar bills
    Every one else:
    Cut right through a coconut

  • Yeetling123 Dab
    Yeetling123 Dab 11 days ago

    It would help if they put a cutting disk on it and not a grinding (sanding) disk like come on for real?

  • Sondra Murphy
    Sondra Murphy 12 days ago

    what song at 432

  • Harris Cheung
    Harris Cheung 13 days ago

    Home Depot

  • brick clikers
    brick clikers 13 days ago

    Did team edge evolved in to rekt

  • Queen of Gacha Cringe
    Queen of Gacha Cringe 13 days ago

    I think plankton needs to watch this

  • Seth Zintak
    Seth Zintak 13 days ago

    The mystery is the 300$ that you spent

  • Cookie Cat Bros
    Cookie Cat Bros 13 days ago

    I never knew Bobby runs team edge

  • mohamed nasser
    mohamed nasser 14 days ago

    Omg my dad haves the same care

  • Just a Average boi
    Just a Average boi 15 days ago

    Home Depot

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 15 days ago

    Roses are red watches are gold now get on your knees and do what your told

  • Stephen Esposito
    Stephen Esposito 15 days ago +1


  • Dmitry Lipert
    Dmitry Lipert 15 days ago +1

    At 2:33 you can see evidence they went to home depot

  • Yana Fedorishina
    Yana Fedorishina 15 days ago

    You can tell they went to Home Depot be cause you can see jfred mouth it when they were walking out lol so much for keeping it nameless lol

  • Molly Kinder
    Molly Kinder 16 days ago +1

    Gunner:"Our weapons suck."

  • Daggour Plays
    Daggour Plays 16 days ago

    Whatever brand made those safes are terrible at making them.

  • collin goeree
    collin goeree 17 days ago

    Was it fun in the indoor lumber yard als the local hardware store?

  • Tek Nik
    Tek Nik 17 days ago


  • RJ Gamer_07
    RJ Gamer_07 18 days ago +1


  • Becky Harper
    Becky Harper 18 days ago

    Brian's hair is still a little pink

  • Tank W
    Tank W 18 days ago

    Indoor lumber yard

  • casey oatley
    casey oatley 19 days ago

    On 24 of July it was my birthday

  • Zak New
    Zak New 19 days ago

    I just thought shove a crowbar in it, and step on it

  • Henry Liu
    Henry Liu 19 days ago

    cool vid

  • Pac Man
    Pac Man 19 days ago

    Do a video on how to break into a Tidel side vault safe

  • Adriana Marquez
    Adriana Marquez 20 days ago

    That is a fake safe

  • amanda smith
    amanda smith 20 days ago


  • destroyer 145
    destroyer 145 20 days ago

    I watched all your videos and this one is the first video I watched to u

  • Henel Kimaru
    Henel Kimaru 20 days ago

    You went to indoor lumber yard

  • Ronin O'Connor
    Ronin O'Connor 20 days ago

    The last vid he was in uhh πŸ™„ idk

  • Hatoba Hashimoto
    Hatoba Hashimoto 21 day ago

    For this I would buy like those things you use to hear someones heartbeat. I would just turn the handle until it clicked with no axes of anything. So, seven ways to break open a safe?

  • Daniel Brendemuehl
    Daniel Brendemuehl 21 day ago +1

    Local hardware of home depot lol.

  • Daniel Brendemuehl
    Daniel Brendemuehl 21 day ago +1

    O yeah yeah

  • R.E.D
    R.E.D 21 day ago

    You just taught the safe robbers how to break into a safe

  • Aki Tenebricus
    Aki Tenebricus 22 days ago

    Does someone know the title of the song from the first three seconds of the video?

  • shannon lamkin
    shannon lamkin 22 days ago

    What happened to Bryan's hand

  • _kk.lizzy_
    _kk.lizzy_ 22 days ago

    They got all the tools from home depot I bet, also because I saw Bryan holding a home depot bag. :!

  • owen_wolf07 FT
    owen_wolf07 FT 22 days ago

    You guys went to Home Depot

    CHRISTIAN JUNO 22 days ago

    Do you

  • The Stupidest And Cringiest Channel On youtube

    Ya know they call them safes for a reason

  • Mrs Afia Ahmad
    Mrs Afia Ahmad 22 days ago

    What’s that powder coming out from the safe

  • Mrs Afia Ahmad
    Mrs Afia Ahmad 22 days ago

    Yes raylei dies bryan has some pink hair

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 22 days ago


  • Mrs Afia Ahmad
    Mrs Afia Ahmad 22 days ago

    Dose bryan has a broken hand???

  • sckuul the demon
    sckuul the demon 23 days ago


  • Hunter shore
    Hunter shore 23 days ago

    It was home depo

  • Adel Tooma
    Adel Tooma 24 days ago


  • Try hard 123
    Try hard 123 24 days ago

    The hardware store is home depot

  • Gwendolyn Apperson
    Gwendolyn Apperson 24 days ago

    It’s the indoor lumber yard