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  • cuck
    cuck 31 minute ago

    the one wipe charlies are named after critikal btw

  • Tipsy Traveler
    Tipsy Traveler Day ago

    One wipe omg the future is here

  • Shi Min
    Shi Min 5 days ago

    yes omg i love captain disillusion

  • Otto is not My real Name

    I quit shaving because I’m lazy

  • Dank memes r Dank
    Dank memes r Dank 8 days ago +1

    I didn’t know casually explained was subscribed to Sam Onella

  • Raj Agrawal
    Raj Agrawal 8 days ago

    S A L L Y C A P S L O C K

  • Jon
    Jon 9 days ago

    Are you joji?

  • Mista_Fur
    Mista_Fur 11 days ago

    I don't shave anymore, it's cheaper to grow it out and look the way man was intended to look.

  • Disabled Whales
    Disabled Whales 12 days ago

    Now who would move to canada from the best country in the world? Nice australian accent though.

  • Mutant Spartacus
    Mutant Spartacus 12 days ago

    TVclip chat is where people go to experience sociopathy, from all sides.

  • Paul Logemann
    Paul Logemann 13 days ago +1

    3:22 Killed me
    I love your videos

  • xX squeaker Xx
    xX squeaker Xx 14 days ago +1

    R.I.P poptropica hack tutorial videos

  • jamesvzfighter
    jamesvzfighter 16 days ago

    LMAO "thats not what i fucking asked for"

  • 240pixel
    240pixel 16 days ago

    Fully automatic buttwipe magazine. now that's ingenious.

  • Aidan O'Neill
    Aidan O'Neill 17 days ago

    I subscribed because you said you imagine Charlie as a guy in the office eating granola

  • Victor Unbea
    Victor Unbea 18 days ago

    Stop using buttwipes you asswipes! They're not as degradable as toilet paper and you clog the pipes and make a mess of the filtration system

  • Bleach Dome
    Bleach Dome 21 day ago

    Decent Aussie accent lol XD

  • Winman Video
    Winman Video 22 days ago

    casually explained is Ian from h3h3 I swear

  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 23 days ago


  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 23 days ago +1

    *Why do you show up in Animation recommendations?*

  • Cris Mora
    Cris Mora Month ago

    You should do stand up!

  • let'sNotMakeThisPersonal

    About the discovery on you tube. I watch stuff like this all the time for years. About 3 videos ago was the first time any of this channels content was suggested. Wtf TVclip? I remember years ago you could get lost find somewhat relevant videos starting from "history of the f word" and 6 hours later be watching Ted talks about dinosaurs. The suggest video section was like Stumbleupon (r.i.p.). Now it just the same shit over and over.

  • Javier g
    Javier g Month ago +1

    Best joke ever

  • Miroslav Gencur
    Miroslav Gencur Month ago +1

    the "one wipe charlie butt wipes" joke at the end was the best XD

  • Darius Beril
    Darius Beril Month ago

    1:35 ozzymanreviews anybody?

  • avhunter94
    avhunter94 Month ago

    I like how you still are laughing at your own joke! Makes it ten times funnier to me!

  • Jossy Beth
    Jossy Beth Month ago

    Omg i remember that rubiks cube vid! I remember dying when one of them broke into a million pieces unexpectedly.

  • Ludwig Höh
    Ludwig Höh Month ago

    I actually like Kitchen Nightmares...

  • ThazRuler
    ThazRuler Month ago

    This channel is the only one that makes me want to watch the sponsoring part ahahaha! Great job Casually Explained!

  • andrzej sielaszuk
    andrzej sielaszuk Month ago

    -watch video of Logan Paul
    -yt suggests to watch 100 more
    -google suggests to stop breeding

  • Cuzzi Sama
    Cuzzi Sama Month ago

    the accent holy shit

  • Alpha Core
    Alpha Core Month ago

    sally capslock lol

  • Flawless
    Flawless Month ago

    This dude sounds like Joji from Filthy Frank and his English accent sounds like Maxmoefoe

  • IncomputablegamingYT

    I assume Charlie makes dad jokes also.

  • William Berry
    William Berry Month ago

    Shoutout to chill lofi beats to study to

  • Colin Amos
    Colin Amos 2 months ago

    the dollar shave club bits and the end made me laugh out loud. good stuff

  • William Eblen
    William Eblen 2 months ago

    As a fellow male that cannot grow a beard I almost skipped to your next video when the product placement at the end started but since TVclip measures retention I stayed all the way through.

  • chip skylark
    chip skylark 2 months ago

    Here's an ad for condoms

  • Chopperman
    Chopperman 2 months ago

    Wait, 3:07, he's subscribed to YSAC. They're the same person confirmed.

  • Creaven
    Creaven 2 months ago

    I ordered that shit and it wasn't a mix tape give me my money back

  • Sogeking
    Sogeking 2 months ago +2

    never forget the typing in the notepad before commentaries

  • Jeff Trinkle
    Jeff Trinkle 2 months ago

    the super secret future channel has 50k subscribers lol somn killin it bro

  • Pwnership
    Pwnership 2 months ago

    Dude you actually killed that advertisements though, I've seen the dollar shave club ad before and you're the only one besides jacksfimls (Dack Jouglas) who brings attention to the ad while still mixing content into it.

  • Poly_G
    Poly_G 2 months ago

    It blows my mind you can manage to not laugh at some of the things you said during the Dollar Shave bit at the end, because my sides were on Neptune.

  • Ahmed Samir
    Ahmed Samir 2 months ago

    Face reveal

  • Alex Chu
    Alex Chu 2 months ago

    Can we make another website where TVclip was back in 2007.

  • BluVortechx
    BluVortechx 2 months ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • PersonMan1
    PersonMan1 2 months ago

    ~you thought~

  • Jaycob Arbogast
    Jaycob Arbogast 2 months ago

    This is so accurate! Yes.

  • Katherine Jeanes
    Katherine Jeanes 3 months ago

    1:36 Hey guys Slazo here

  • Name Less
    Name Less 3 months ago +1

    I think vitamin water is actually pretty ok

  • Anders Wøien
    Anders Wøien 3 months ago

    How many subs did he have when posting this video? lol

  • RyanHannaMusic
    RyanHannaMusic 3 months ago

    all of the suggested videos on the auto play after your videos is giving me vsause videos? what happened to the next suggested video being another one from the creator you just watched? this is annoying as fuck

  • dinamo flams
    dinamo flams 3 months ago

    0:25 thank you

  • Nurg
    Nurg 3 months ago

    Can’t not love these videos

  • He-Shyan Balnave
    He-Shyan Balnave 3 months ago

    Most realistic Australian accent by a Canadian, ever.

  • a a
    a a 3 months ago


  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor 3 months ago


  • Minemaster 101
    Minemaster 101 3 months ago

    Wow u just earnt a new subscriber

  • Claire S.
    Claire S. 3 months ago

    I wonder if casually explained wants to marry me

  • Crisis Confession
    Crisis Confession 3 months ago


  • Axe BurningFire
    Axe BurningFire 3 months ago

    Someone stop those killer clowns. ***wtf***

  • Jarrod Munis
    Jarrod Munis 3 months ago

    That Australian accent is fucken great mate

  • Andreas Munte
    Andreas Munte 3 months ago

    First creator who managed to make me actually watch the advertisement at the end... Not buying a dollarshaveclub razor from dollarshaveclub to dollarshaveclub shave my non-dollarshaveclub beard... but they should give ye a dollarshaveclub bonus for this dollarshaveclub achievement. Congr... *cought* dollarshaveclub congratulations...

  • The Comment
    The Comment 3 months ago

    That joke was actually funny 😅😂😂😂

  • fan plagusa
    fan plagusa 3 months ago

    4:59 did you just assumed that lord and savior matpat us bad cobtent?!!!!

  • Pedro Soares
    Pedro Soares 3 months ago +1

    5:19 triggered my Google assistant lmao

  • JeyeNooks
    JeyeNooks 3 months ago

    First joke is brilliant hahaha

  • soloxcan
    soloxcan 3 months ago


  • Oh NotMeAgain
    Oh NotMeAgain 3 months ago

    The Lofi beats still stand to this day.

  • WildlyEthnic
    WildlyEthnic 4 months ago

    grade A *UNDER* *_A_*

  • W
    W 4 months ago

    we have milk in bag in america too, its everywhere

  • otedah
    otedah 4 months ago

    Ahh stickman animation..

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Your "1sy" joke is funny af

  • Gabriel Yusuf
    Gabriel Yusuf 4 months ago

    Sub for the shout-out to captain d

  • robert
    robert 4 months ago

    Oh my god the hells kitchen video randomly appearing is not just me

  • mufasas1lion
    mufasas1lion 4 months ago

    whaddaya know... low fi beats 2 study to is in suggested.

  • DinoSawce
    DinoSawce 4 months ago

    Is it bad that I laughed at the milk bit?

  • Brandon Haffeman
    Brandon Haffeman 4 months ago

    The milk joke actually got a few good laughs from me. Not hearty laughs, but good ones

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 4 months ago

    My only problem with TVclip is that it demonitized one of my videos of which it had some music that I got from a website that swore all of its music was royalty free but then the music finally got copyrighted and they didn't like that so it had a strike.
    They also demonitized it for being inappropriate which well that one wasn't a problem I understood that.

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 4 months ago

    Canadians don't say bag. They say beg. Or did they not then? What happened to their pronunciation these days.

  • Adidev Vinaik
    Adidev Vinaik 4 months ago

    I remember those days of music anime amvs. That, and the Beatles and Smosh.

  • DeAndre Wilson
    DeAndre Wilson 4 months ago

    If all content creators did sponsor spots like you, more people would watch ads, more products would be sold. Great video ❤❤❤

  • Didi
    Didi 4 months ago


  • SCfrenzy 7
    SCfrenzy 7 4 months ago

    Milk bag joke was great idk what you’re talking about

  • Vinny uwu
    Vinny uwu 4 months ago


  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang 4 months ago

    Damn lookin back on kevjumba

  • Sunpliy
    Sunpliy 4 months ago

    Say your stupid to me

  • Asce Blayze
    Asce Blayze 4 months ago


  • Anki
    Anki 4 months ago

    I thought the dollar shave club was a joke, because every damn video I stumble upon seems to be sponsored by them xD
    But it might be a great product

  • Aiden Kofoed
    Aiden Kofoed 4 months ago

    I really hope zucc makes a good video platform

  • Pedro Acosta
    Pedro Acosta 4 months ago

    Don't you laught at what you say?

  • Vu Dinh
    Vu Dinh 4 months ago

    Casually explained Australian sounded really adorable

  • Hariyama
    Hariyama 4 months ago

    Can anyone find that video of him making that joke as a kid?

  • Cheese
    Cheese 4 months ago +2

    P O O T E T I N E B E H G

  • Dick Leonard
    Dick Leonard 4 months ago

    “45% for me, Human Mark”

  • PHGamer
    PHGamer 4 months ago

    lol the lofi channel

  • TheDarkever
    TheDarkever 4 months ago +1

    I never watch commercials, but yours was *really* well done! But well, I bet you know already :)

  • mawthecringelord
    mawthecringelord 4 months ago