Jake's Perfect Sandwich [HD]

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  • Mr. Turtles
    Mr. Turtles 18 hours ago

    what was the use of the carrots

  • A. D.
    A. D. Day ago +1

    Jakes wonderful words are precious to all talking dogs.

  • The Legendary Super Sandwich

    Not as perfect as me...

  • Devin Wade Dare
    Devin Wade Dare 5 days ago +1

    1:19 guys look at the picture frame *kid friendly authorized*

  • Space Ninja
    Space Ninja 5 days ago +1

    Magic man took it though

  • Rayfee Trono
    Rayfee Trono 6 days ago

    It looks yummy

  • Joseph Paluzi
    Joseph Paluzi 7 days ago

    RIP bird from the window

  • Michael A-L
    Michael A-L 7 days ago

    The perfect sandwich by Jake

  • Sketch,Draw,Animate Thats how I do it

    . . .how did Jake. . .get that bird meat and eggs. . .in such. . . a short amount of. . .time

  • kittitara 0303
    kittitara 0303 9 days ago


  • Jay Stone
    Jay Stone 9 days ago

    It probably glowed because of the lobsters soul

  • Stacey Clifton
    Stacey Clifton 9 days ago

    Who else searched up lobster soul

  • FourSh4dow
    FourSh4dow 10 days ago


    yeeeesh :|

  • Viridiana Soto
    Viridiana Soto 11 days ago

    Bird from the window

  • Tanisha Toombs-Wiks
    Tanisha Toombs-Wiks 12 days ago


  • Anisah Foreva
    Anisah Foreva 13 days ago

    Dat is won beautiful sandwich...

  • Alex White
    Alex White 13 days ago +1

    Feel a little bad for the bird, the sandwich is probably good though

  • Caleb Hamilton
    Caleb Hamilton 13 days ago +1

    "I know you wanna eat the whole thing and I'm cool with that" I need friends like that

  • It'sCyan
    It'sCyan 15 days ago

    *B I R D F R O M T H E W I N D O W*

  • Wert Gamer
    Wert Gamer 16 days ago +2

    I'm literally eating a burger right now...🍔

  • Doge 1009
    Doge 1009 16 days ago +1


  • Jonathan Luu
    Jonathan Luu 16 days ago

    Sweet yellow onions! (ORGANIC.)

  • kyle feldt
    kyle feldt 16 days ago

    Sub way eat fersh

  • The luck Of One
    The luck Of One 16 days ago +1

    Chef Ramsey would be proud

  • Deadlock mccoy
    Deadlock mccoy 16 days ago +1

    poor bird from the window

    TORRIE CREAMER 17 days ago +1

    I thing jake said the ingredients to make the sandwich so we can make the sandwich to

  • Itz Ghostly
    Itz Ghostly 17 days ago +1

    I really wanted the satisfaction of jake eating that

  • IaMaPh1991
    IaMaPh1991 18 days ago +1

    Who else is here from Binging With Babish?

  • Yvonne tg
    Yvonne tg 18 days ago

    Jake is not a dog

  • xamunas
    xamunas 19 days ago

    Binging with Babish made this...

  • Pizza man
    Pizza man 19 days ago

    My mouth legit watering

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia 20 days ago +1

    Only Jake is capable to turn sandwich making into art.

  • Lobster !
    Lobster ! 21 day ago

    WHY ME!

  • Skint G
    Skint G 22 days ago

    What season and episode is this

  • Charles E.
    Charles E. 23 days ago +1

    And then magic man comes in and steals it like a douche

  • Tony the Tiger
    Tony the Tiger 23 days ago +1

    If Jake planned all this, did he wait for the one time that bird would be at that window?

  • Jhonny Zhang
    Jhonny Zhang 23 days ago

    Subway eat fresh

  • MJ Salvaña
    MJ Salvaña 24 days ago

    0:29 jake washing some carrots but never really used carrots in the sandwich. What in the actual fuck was the carrots for?!

  • Jani_Bunny :3
    Jani_Bunny :3 24 days ago

    *“Ramsay would be proud“*

    *Wipes imaginary tears away*

  • Jason_20 Football
    Jason_20 Football 25 days ago

    I guess all sandwiches need bacon

    MILK AND KOOKIES 25 days ago +1

    Tired of copying the sandwich of Jake?
    Tired, No More!!!!
    Introducing the "Jake's Sandwich Maker"!
    And it has a bottle opener too!
    And a built-in Cellphone!!!!!!!
    You can buy this for $99,99,99

  • Modern Wolf
    Modern Wolf 25 days ago

    That's me every time when I start doing a build on Minecraft

  • Purple Puppy Animations

    Mary Sue Sandwich

  • Art Diamond
    Art Diamond 27 days ago

    Idk why this satisfy me lmao

  • Nefes alan yunus
    Nefes alan yunus 28 days ago

    Bird from the window XD

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner 29 days ago

    Babish brought me here.

  • Boring_ Tired
    Boring_ Tired 29 days ago

    Does anyone know how to put a soul into a sandwich preferably the soul of a chicken

  • Storm Is Lit
    Storm Is Lit 29 days ago +1

    So the lobster became a sandwich??

  • Jose Villalta
    Jose Villalta 29 days ago +1

    Did he just added the bird from the window??? Well he is a dog it's logical

  • Kusoki Koyoka
    Kusoki Koyoka Month ago

    I miss this show.

  • Joe Arnold
    Joe Arnold Month ago

    To be continued...

  • Roma Tomato
    Roma Tomato Month ago

    Um did he just say sliced Roma tomato?

  • Liam Prince
    Liam Prince Month ago

    Jakes sandwich or Rigby’s drink

  • Xander Velasco
    Xander Velasco Month ago

    Lobster souls

  • elite 1017
    elite 1017 Month ago +1

    fun fact it taste great!

  • Build and Click
    Build and Click Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that after way that sandwich I was told it was almost like a 3 course keep but the man who replicated it used lobster alioli, lobster soulie alioli he calls it

  • josueangelo2011
    josueangelo2011 Month ago

    He over complicated it

  • Noscope Hokage
    Noscope Hokage Month ago


    100% no one can catch that

  • Wash_ Dogs
    Wash_ Dogs Month ago +1

    "Im open use me" -_- thats what she SAAAAAAAAAAAID

  • XWarlock Bane2016X
    XWarlock Bane2016X Month ago

    Holy Shiz im scarred after watching him put that harmless bird from the window

  • muneem islam
    muneem islam Month ago

    Can I have your lobster?

  • Tkillz 21
    Tkillz 21 Month ago

    I like bmos sandwich better

  • Soflosports
    Soflosports Month ago +1


  • Zaki A
    Zaki A Month ago

    1:39 top 10 photos taken seconds before disaster

  • imnot subscriber
    imnot subscriber Month ago +1

    I wanna make sandwiches
    Like no one ever was

  • Captain BOOM
    Captain BOOM Month ago +1

    Only at subway

  • oscar rocks 2
    oscar rocks 2 Month ago

    Americans diet

  • Matt Sound
    Matt Sound Month ago

    Jake is my spirit animal

  • patrick rampersad
    patrick rampersad Month ago

    XD finn knows jake so well

  • Do you know da wae?

    I get hungry watching this

  • PoliWreckerH2O Gaming

    I haven't watched Adventure Time in ages...

    BARTOL CHERRY Month ago

    i dont remember scene with cancer

  • Noob 9000// DiamondRadar

    i prefer my pb and j better that that

  • Aidansreviews
    Aidansreviews Month ago

    I like the clip, but adventure time sucks

  • Allen Pomarejos
    Allen Pomarejos Month ago

    Wow Jake just killed a bird on the window

  • lLiquid
    lLiquid Month ago

    A dude called Binging with Babish re-created it lol 😂 it was lit

  • M Adityarahman
    M Adityarahman Month ago


  • Pure. K
    Pure. K Month ago

    Anyone notice the torn nude wallpaper behind Finn?

  • B S
    B S Month ago

    A guy actually made the sandwich

  • Letam Thanh
    Letam Thanh Month ago

    I need a Lobster

  • Duck4Ducks Brandoneisa


  • Trieu Hoang Ky
    Trieu Hoang Ky Month ago

    Fuck physic and vegan in this video

  • 박현희
    박현희 Month ago

    What???bird from the window?!?!?lol

  • Eduardo Diosdado
    Eduardo Diosdado Month ago

    I accidentally spit a little laughing at the lobster soul part XD

  • Okey
    Okey Month ago

    Top 10 anime cliffhangers

  • Bleck aj
    Bleck aj Month ago +1

    Soul food taken to the next level

  • COLE cartoon
    COLE cartoon Month ago

    i thing jake make SANDWICH GOD!!!!

  • ShadowStorm 2.0
    ShadowStorm 2.0 Month ago

    Ahh back when Adventure Time was still good and ACTUALLY ABOUT FINN AND JAKE

  • BrotherZael
    BrotherZael 2 months ago

    That moment when Finn truly is the most ultimate bro: Literally the greatest sandwhich ever has just been and he IS WILLING TO LET JAKE IT EAT ALL BY HIMSELF!
    Mad respect

  • ChibiTails
    ChibiTails 2 months ago

    Who else Autoplayed here from Binging With Babish?

  • James-no-more Bond
    James-no-more Bond 2 months ago

    Binging with babish!!!!!!!!

  • Charged Electronic Concepts

    *Soul Food*

  • Christian Carlin
    Christian Carlin 2 months ago

    can anybody explain how this is a kids show?

  • imanoK/Big Eyes
    imanoK/Big Eyes 2 months ago

    "I am open. Use me."

  • Shiro Shunsuke
    Shiro Shunsuke 2 months ago

    Lobster sou... Wait... He boiled it alive? Jesus

  • 陳一元
    陳一元 2 months ago

    I need to get into the zone~😂😂

  • 보겸 TV
    보겸 TV 2 months ago

    Fucking magician

  • Duncnan Williams
    Duncnan Williams 2 months ago +1

    For those who haven’t seen the rest,
    The sandwich ends up not tasting that good lol

  • WavyVibes
    WavyVibes 2 months ago

    The food looks so bomb lmao