Mike Falzone VS. Wuz Good - Body Language

  • Published on Mar 12, 2015
  • Watch your favorite TVcliprs compete in the BUZZR Body Language Tournament. In this episode, Mike Falzone and Wuz Good face off to see who will advance to the next round!
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    Mike Falzone:
    Elliott Morgan:
    Wuz Good:
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Comments • 108

  • Aleta Jean
    Aleta Jean Year ago

    baby Elliott normal Mike

  • The Pretty of the Odd

    Elliott in the background in the first round xD I also feel like Elliott was about to guess Hitler for Mummy

  • Kelsey Gunter
    Kelsey Gunter 3 years ago

    I love the body language.

  • Fiona Stapleton
    Fiona Stapleton 3 years ago

    this is just a copy of all star family fortunes

  • Joud AlFahad
    Joud AlFahad 4 years ago

    miranda sings

    MHDI ALIAMI 4 years ago

    فلم سكس

  • Bella Wilson
    Bella Wilson 4 years ago

    I wanna see:
    Latoya Forever,MysticGotJokes,Superwoman,MirandaSings and Trabass

  • Tayanna Patrick
    Tayanna Patrick 4 years ago

    I know I'm late but it would be cool if Kian lawley and Jc Caylen were on buzzr

  • Nat Noisin
    Nat Noisin 4 years ago +1

    put @nigahiga on here

  • Victoria Shea
    Victoria Shea 4 years ago

    Destorm and LianeV

  • Veani Smit
    Veani Smit 4 years ago

    eliot, why?
    Why did you leave source fed??????

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez 4 years ago

    roi and alex wasabi please have them on your show

  • Armani
    Armani 4 years ago

    King bach and mystic

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Andrea Russet!!!!

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Arden rose!!!!!

  • Angel Mull
    Angel Mull 4 years ago

    I love this so much

  • lilj00710
    lilj00710 4 years ago

    Prank vs prank jena and jessie

  • ladymika0206
    ladymika0206 4 years ago +1

    You guys should have #SpokenReasons on one of these shows and #BorderHammer

  • Anna’s a Carat
    Anna’s a Carat 4 years ago


  • Fran McAllister
    Fran McAllister 4 years ago

    Does she ever change clothes (the hostess)

  • char
    char 4 years ago

    I want to see MyLifeaseva\

  • EmA727
    EmA727 4 years ago

    Bring Ingrid Neilsen!!

  • Greg Palmer
    Greg Palmer 4 years ago

    It's not Body Language without puzzles! This show should be called Showoffs. #Showoffs

  • Vontz02
    Vontz02 4 years ago +1

    You goin back to ADD Cynthia?

  • Adrianna Aguilar
    Adrianna Aguilar 4 years ago

    Seeing @Elliott Morgan makes me very happy 😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆

  • Vava_voooom
    Vava_voooom 4 years ago

    The Lavigne Life I found this through their page

  • J Nguyen
    J Nguyen 4 years ago

    Roi from wassabi productions timothy delegetto ryan higa vs kevjumba ,chestersee and superwomen and the game is password

  • iamonlybetty eats
    iamonlybetty eats 4 years ago +1

    Ummmm so Cynthia left Add for this??

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith 4 years ago

    I want to see superfruit

  • America's Got Talent
    America's Got Talent 4 years ago +27

    Lol! Funny show!

  • American Idol
    American Idol 4 years ago +3

    Good fun!

  • Werloc
    Werloc 4 years ago

    Since you got Lana, you should invite Laina as well :) (the overly attached girlfriend)

  • Hannah Jeffers
    Hannah Jeffers 4 years ago

    Joey graceffa have him on the show

  • Ivar Pentecost
    Ivar Pentecost 4 years ago +3

    Kian and JC // Miranda and Joshua // Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran //Connor franta and Tyler oakley

  • kujmous
    kujmous 4 years ago


  • Jeannine Hadid
    Jeannine Hadid 4 years ago

    I wanna see Hannah Hart! (and maybe teamed up with Tyler Oakley?)

  • 438 Emily
    438 Emily 4 years ago

    i want to see lingo
    and i want smosh to be on this show

  • calix smith
    calix smith 4 years ago

    Wes sounds like he just sucked the helium out of a balloon. o_o

  • noni_mus
    noni_mus 4 years ago

    @10:26 Is that girl in the back texting?

  • Apple Top
    Apple Top 4 years ago

    dan and phil, jenna and julien

  • devious141
    devious141 4 years ago +1

    You left ADD for this shit, Cynthia???....better get your ass back to ADD

  • rodney1279
    rodney1279 4 years ago +2

    Cynthia you are a very good host.

  • Domy VS
    Domy VS 4 years ago +2


  • Domy VS
    Domy VS 4 years ago +4

    I like her! She's a really good host! :)

    • GageDaGamer
      GageDaGamer 4 years ago

      @XVJ0J0 wat happen wit the drop..they said she was sick then next thing u kno she never came back

  • Idme123
    Idme123 4 years ago

    I want more mike and Elliot!!

  • star j. s.
    star j. s. 4 years ago +3

    Please get them to be on this show:
    Smosh (both Ian and Anthony)
    Rhett and Link
    Dan Howell
    Joe Sugg
    Phil Lester
    Zoe Sugg
    Tanya Burr
    Niomi Smart
    Sprinkleofglitter (Louise)
    Jim Chapman
    Alfie Deyes
    Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi
    Lilly Singh
    Hannah Hart (especially on Family Feud)
    Mamrie Hart
    Troye Sivan
    Tyler Oakley

  • star j. s.
    star j. s. 4 years ago +3

    need to see more Mike..

  • Mike Clifford
    Mike Clifford 4 years ago

    You should have bf vs gf on the show 😊

  • GoodLadyJames
    GoodLadyJames 4 years ago +2

    Lee Newton and Joe Bareta ULTIMATE COMBO!!!!

  • Jacklyn A
    Jacklyn A 4 years ago

    I'll be on the show. Stahp asking...jeez.

  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez 4 years ago

    I just posted my first video anyone awkward go watch it😂

  • Min Hyerin
    Min Hyerin 4 years ago

    Merrelltwins please be next

  • Gidon
    Gidon 4 years ago +4

    Just keep having Mike and Elliott on the show. They're great!

  • Kim-swan
    Kim-swan 4 years ago

    We want to see roman and his girlfriend

  • Cassie Mulkey
    Cassie Mulkey 4 years ago


  • CardiganJane
    CardiganJane 4 years ago +1

    I'd like to see Matthias and Amanda Faye

  • Lydia Brown
    Lydia Brown 4 years ago

    i wanna hear for real how elliot and mike met.

  • FrequencyPanel
    FrequencyPanel 4 years ago

    In no particular order- youtubers to invite: Luan legacy, kina grannis, pentatonix, Laura Miller from vegan not gross tastemade, kid president just to name a few

  • Lydia Bryda
    Lydia Bryda 4 years ago


    • BUZZR
      BUZZR  4 years ago +6

      We'd love to have @Miranda Sings tell her to come on over!

  • Henry Molina
    Henry Molina 4 years ago +3

    Lool the shows host is hilarious, and the shows awesome too. :)