10 Avengers Who Could Have Used The Infinity Stones Instead Of Tony

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Who could have done the Snap at the end of Avengers: Endgame instead of Iron Man?
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    We’ve all kinda of accepted it now -- Iron Man made the ultimate sacrifice, outsmarting Thanos, gathering the Infinity Stones and making the snap to eliminate him and his army for good. But WHY exactly did if have to be Iron Man? If the snap eliminated Thanos and ended the war against him, why couldn’t another hero use the Infinity Gauntlet instead? We’re mostly asking this question to Doctor Strange and his multiple visions of the future.
    Either way -- there could have been multiple Avengers who used the stones instead of Tony and a majority of them could have prevented their own death, along with the loss of Iron Man in the process. We’ve seen the power of the Stormbreaker bust through a full-fledge stone attack during Infinity War so if he held the axe in the opposite hand, maybe the weapon would have absorbed some of the energy instead of it directly impacting Thor.She carried ships. She destroyed ships. She glowed in the night. She got a haircut. She’s Captain Marvel and she clearly showcased why she is one of the most powerful superheroes in all of the MCU! When Captain Marvel returned from her mysterious adventures in outer space, she was all fight, barely breaking a sweat as she on a massive Thanos headbutt. Star-Lord could have worn the Infinity Gauntlet and stopped Thanos -- becoming the ultimate hero in Avengers: Endgame. Done laughing? Well, don’t go to the next video yet -- just hear us out for a moment. Watch to see all these heroes and several others to learn who could have used the Infinity Stones!
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Comments • 1 984

  • Corky Corny
    Corky Corny 3 hours ago

    You forgot batman

  • Rashid adel راشد عادل

    I think that most of the superheroes are not worthy to use the infinity gauntlet to snap:
    Thor: because he wants to revenge from
    Thanos; because he killed loki and it may make something worse.
    Captain marvel: because she doesn’t know that nick fury is alive and she wants to revenge from thanos because she saw what did he do in the other plants and galaxies.
    Starlord, nebula and groot : he is not fit to snap because he wants to get revenge from thanos through killing gamora.
    Captain America: because black widow sacrificed herself to get the soul stone.
    Winter soldier and war machine: because they can’t handle the power of the infinity stones and they are not so ambitious to snap.
    Ant man: because he’s so impulsive to be the hero and show the people that he is the hero.
    Scarlet witch: she wants to get revenge from thanos because he killed vision.
    So that, I think that ironman is the best one to snap.

  • Soulplexis
    Soulplexis 5 hours ago

    I swear to God if I see another nobody comment

  • Joseph Gallardo
    Joseph Gallardo 8 hours ago

    Tony did it because he retired so they had an idea to have him quit so the fans worry that much

  • BlakeC Scott
    BlakeC Scott 9 hours ago +1

    silver sirfer could have snapt

  • Ethan Rossignol
    Ethan Rossignol 9 hours ago

    Disney: his contract was up😑

  • Freak Show
    Freak Show 15 hours ago +1

    did you forget that nebula is adopted

  • Sour Lyme
    Sour Lyme 15 hours ago

    See, it's been long since confirmed that Fat Thor wasn't in the physical condition necessary to handle such power. If he was in shape and up to his full potential, maybe, but he wasn't.
    Moreso, it's also been long since confirmed that Stormbreaker isn't actually more powerful than the blast from all of the stones. He just caught Thanos off guard

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller 22 hours ago

    Umm no because doctor strange said that there was only one way that they would win and he didn’t tell iron man because he wouldn’t do it......

  • Purvis_19952013
    Purvis_19952013 23 hours ago +2

    Hold up Bucky's arm is left handed the infinity gauntlet in the nano Tech is a right handed

  • Batman Beyond08
    Batman Beyond08 Day ago

    bruh u missed one of the most overpowered avengers.......BLACK PANTHER....HIS VIBRAINIUM SUIT COULD JUST ABSORB THE BLAST OF THE GAUNTLET

    MAJDI ZEBIAN Day ago

    Why can’t they just go back in time and let groot snap

  • Anas Mohmmed
    Anas Mohmmed Day ago

    Tony stark💔💔💔💔

  • A Fifa Noob
    A Fifa Noob Day ago


    The thing is, Dr Strange said there was only one chance so he gave away the stones to save Tony. If he hadn't Thanos would've killed Tony there and then. So if anyone else was to do the snap, Iron Man would be dead anyway

  • Hero Teodoro
    Hero Teodoro Day ago

    Iron man/Tony stark was gonna leave the MCU after endgame thats why he was the one Who snapped

  • Zac Balourdos
    Zac Balourdos Day ago

    Dr strange

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 2 days ago

    Iron man doing it made the most sense

  • Þorsteinn Gísli Jónsson

    Screen Rant you forgot
    Dr. Strange

  • Joshua Baatjes
    Joshua Baatjes 2 days ago +3

    Btw Nebula is an ADOPTED child of Thanos.They have no blood relation

  • Fiza Shakoor
    Fiza Shakoor 2 days ago

    Ant man can’t snap he’s not strong enough

  • Brianna Evans
    Brianna Evans 3 days ago +3

    So your telling me

    captain marvel could have died and not tony?!?! This is an actual joke

  • Jahmal Paulino
    Jahmal Paulino 4 days ago

    I never other stand that. if shes the strongest why didn't she use it she liaraly stop the gauntlet with 6 stone

  • Johnybeam
    Johnybeam 4 days ago +1

    Tony was like a dad to Peter

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony 5 days ago

    The reason it had to be Iron Man was that Robert Downey Jr. was the highest paid actor in all the MCU, and if you had to kill off someone, might as well be the one who costs the same as any 3 others salary. That's the real reason, or we can look at comic book threads to try to reconstruct another...

  • Sarah Esbaum
    Sarah Esbaum 5 days ago

    Literally just let endgame be how it is like he used the stone just let it go we’re all sad about Ironman dying

  • #AnimalLover 2024
    #AnimalLover 2024 7 days ago +1

    Anyone stronger then Iron man idk

  • Jennifer Erdosy
    Jennifer Erdosy 7 days ago

    IMO, the best choice for the story would have been Quill. It would have been a good arc for his character, whether he lived or died. I really hate them killing Tony just because RDJr's contract was up and he made too much money. He also MADE THE MCU WHAT IT IS TODAY! (stipulated with huge amounts of help)
    EDITH 3K

  • Leon Rushton
    Leon Rushton 7 days ago

    It had to be iron man because he started the MCU so he needed to finish it.

  • extreme gaming
    extreme gaming 7 days ago +1

    Didn't gamora die from the other gamora

  • PeachBlock 15025
    PeachBlock 15025 8 days ago

    No Tony was the only one who had nano tech on so he was the only one steal the stones. And the snap wasnt planned by the heroes, the original plan was to get it to the van

  • Don Foley
    Don Foley 8 days ago

    Santa Claus should've made the ultimate sacrifice. Nice intro to the MCU.

  • PowerPlayZ
    PowerPlayZ 8 days ago

    Screen rant: The hidden meaning behind the salad that Frigga told Thor to eat

  • Wayne Munta-Wakil
    Wayne Munta-Wakil 8 days ago

    Dr Strange's bitch ass should've made the snap, the Avengers were fine without him.

  • Erick Eudave
    Erick Eudave 11 days ago

    I believe Dr. Strange went beyond the events of Edngame and realized that something horrible would happen should Tony survive. Think about it, the smartest man on Earth discovered time travel. Who knows what other devices he would be able to develop with this new knowledge, but whatever he would create, it could prove devastating for their universe and even other universes, who knows.
    My vest guess, is that the only way Dr. Strange found to prevent the power of time travel to fall into the wrong hands, was for Tony to die, thus killing two birds with one stone

    • Erick Eudave
      Erick Eudave 11 days ago

      Besides, at Tony's funeral, pretty mich everyone is looking rather sad (Tony died, after all), but if you look at Dr. Strange, he doesn't look sad at all, as if it was something that had to be done

  • Deanna Flores
    Deanna Flores 11 days ago

    I did not see that coming when thano shak his but

  • Corrine Kelly
    Corrine Kelly 11 days ago

    SR: “Why Not Nebula”
    Me: Nobody cares about Nebula

  • its plumpydogs
    its plumpydogs 11 days ago +1

    You truly are forect but Tony is now 54 and he is getting old. The cause of how iron man died was because he was either getting old and retiring or starting a new series. We all will miss Tony Stark. We all know Tom Holland as his character spider man will miss Stark. As known on TVclip for all the music videos as in the Lovely song by billie eilish ft. Khalid, where it shows clips of Stark and Peter's memories the good and bad. Other heros still could've snapped the infinity stones but instead the marvel creators decided Stark was to do it

  • JRNexGen
    JRNexGen 11 days ago

    Or all the heroes could have formed a human chain on both sides of Tony just like what the Guardians of the Galaxy did. Problem solve and everyone gets to live.

  • BladeDx
    BladeDx 11 days ago

    im sorry but im kind of really mad at you guys. its the directors choice not yours. this is just opinion. attack me all you want. every opinion is correct. even yours

  • T Series Sucks
    T Series Sucks 12 days ago

    Why do you want war machine to snap cuz hes black????

  • Candy Hamilton
    Candy Hamilton 12 days ago


  • Candy Hamilton
    Candy Hamilton 12 days ago


  • Penda Bayo Sanneh
    Penda Bayo Sanneh 13 days ago


  • the cool amazing awesome JJ and belle bautista

    And if starlord dies from the snap then how is he gonna come back too life

  • the cool amazing awesome JJ and belle bautista

    It could not be starlord because he is gonna have a guardian's of the galaxy movie 3 in 2021

  • the cool amazing awesome JJ and belle bautista

    It could not be captain marvel because iron man aka Tony stark was retiring

  • Tristan Walsh
    Tristan Walsh 13 days ago +1

    THANOS: I am inevitable *snaps* GROOT: I am Groot *snap*

  • Jason Baughman
    Jason Baughman 14 days ago

    Wait if theres over 7 billion people on the planet then whats the half of that?

  • revin hatol
    revin hatol 14 days ago +1

    If Groot could have used the gauntlet on Thanos, he would say this.
    "I am Groot. (You should have gone for the head.)"

  • revin hatol
    revin hatol 14 days ago

    White Wolf = Tarsa-tor

  • Ricky Madeira
    Ricky Madeira 14 days ago +1

    Screen rant: why did it have to be iron man

    Me: cuz he's the main character bitch!!!!

    KING OF STYLE 15 days ago

    Am i the only one who saw Thanos twerk on Ant-man's part. I mean come on rlly

  • TheRealDoctorJC
    TheRealDoctorJC 16 days ago +1

    Screen Rant: *What Professor Hulk’s dab really meant*

  • Slaternator
    Slaternator 16 days ago

    Thor can fend of 6 infinity stones,
    Scarlet witch can break 1 infinity stone while fending off 5 others

  • Benjamin Leasiolagi
    Benjamin Leasiolagi 16 days ago

    There would be no story

  • gavin west
    gavin west 16 days ago

    it had to be iron man his movie contract was up

  • Arman Bigas
    Arman Bigas 16 days ago

    It was the movie screen rant.

  • Adam ElBaba
    Adam ElBaba 16 days ago

    Whats the point of the people who got snapped using the gauntlet. They literally waited for 5 years and then just died using it

  • Shaimon Mishra
    Shaimon Mishra 17 days ago

    ItIt should be iron because he’s more smarter

  • 999 Psychopath
    999 Psychopath 17 days ago +1

    Nobody here:
    Dude I said nobody:
    Screen rant: Why Thor’s fat rolls could’ve saved the universe

  • Lani
    Lani 17 days ago

    I know captain marvel is the “strongest hero” but actually there someone more powerful that captain marvel is name is blue marvel ...look him up people

  • Molly Cherry
    Molly Cherry 17 days ago +1

    Actually thanos is a villain

    • Molly Cherry
      Molly Cherry 17 days ago

      Someone else (NOT ME!) : no he’s a superhero >:(

  • jan vidrih
    jan vidrih 17 days ago +1

    Is Iron man your favourite super hero? He is my favourite.

  • VTX Burrito
    VTX Burrito 17 days ago

    Not a soul:
    Screen rant: why our prediction of ant man going up thanos’s rear end was wrong

  • Mohammed Garmavi
    Mohammed Garmavi 17 days ago

    thor is the best

  • babysneaky loot
    babysneaky loot 17 days ago

    In 5:17 thats nasty

  • Lama Abdelmotaal
    Lama Abdelmotaal 17 days ago

    The only reason tony died is because Robert Downey Junior wanted to be iron man for 10 years and ten years was over so they made him die instead

  • Kamri and Paisley
    Kamri and Paisley 17 days ago +1

    I hate war Machine! I wish he snapped his fingers

  • Gia May Gallaza
    Gia May Gallaza 18 days ago

    absolutely nobody:
    me not finishing the vid yet:Nick fury could've worn it

  • Kerbeus Kid
    Kerbeus Kid 18 days ago +1