My Sister Ruined My Wedding

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • I always hated my sister. She was selfish and a buIIy. Growing up, she kept screaming at my mom over everything.
    But my mom is a very sensitive and quiet person. She tried to avoid conflicts at all costs. And when my sister screamed at her, she often just cried and took it.
    Of course, I didn’t like that and tried to defend my mom. I said to my sister “you are a terrible daughter. No one wants you in our family, you are nothing but a parasite.”
    And she hated me for it. She often went into my room and stole my money or whatever she could find.
    But that wasn’t all. I grew up rather insecure because I didn’t have any friends. One day, I made myself a Facebook account and posted a picture on it.
    No one commented or liked it. But then my sister told her friends to write mean stuff under my photo and I cried for hours. I guess you get the idea what kind of person she was.
    Anyway, at age 24 I was about to get married. But when I invited my mom to my wedding, she told me to invite my sister too.
    I said “no”. But she said “come on, you know she always had some mental issues, but it’s not her fault.” And stupid as I was, I send her a wedding invitation.
    I didn’t think she would show up, but she did. Now, getting married was a big deal and I loved my boyfriend a lot.
    I was in a great mood until, my sister came up to me. She said “hey sis, I can’t believe you are getting married. Your husband actually seems ok.”
    Oh yeah, my sister was back and trying to cause trouble. I said to myself “this is my wedding, this is my big day and I won’t let my sister ruin it.”
    So I just ignored her, but after I got vowed, I heard my sister making more and more noise. It was obvious that she was drunk.
    And things escalated when my mother was giving her wedding toast. My drunk sister interrupted her and screamed “Now let me tell you a real story about my little sister. After I got my first boyfriend at 16. She asked me if I thought she would ever find a boyfriend herself. Of course, I tried to be a good sister and told her the truth: “I said “Probably not.” But hey, today she got married and it really shows that everyone can find a partner.”
    I had enough and screamed back “so why can’t you find someone?”
    People started laughing and my sister got so angry, she took her piece of cake, threw it at me and screamed “I could find a husband within seconds if I wanted to!” The piece of cake missed me by a long shot. And then my uncle lifted her up and brought her outside.
    I said “that’s my sister. I hope we can still enjoy this wedding!”
    Everything was good again, but then my sister came back into the wedding hall, sneaked at me from behind and pulled my wedding dress down.
    Luckily, I was wearing a bra. And my uncle kicked her out again, but the damage was done and my mood was ruined.
    Well, at least until I started dancing with my husband. Suddenly, everything was good again. And at least I can tell a good wedding story now.

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