• Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I personally can't get enough of Bobino Rosino. So I finally caved and made a video following a Bob Ross tutorial but with... bleach and hair color. Which was anything but easy. Never again.
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  • Marisolms96
    Marisolms96 2 days ago

    It actually looks pretty decent!!!

  • Lisa Apodaca
    Lisa Apodaca 2 days ago

    It looks awesome to me

  • Marebear
    Marebear 2 days ago

    You did a great job!!! 🥰

  • Ashen Walls
    Ashen Walls 5 days ago

    Ok but this is anything but a fail!

  • Fatima clement
    Fatima clement 5 days ago

    to be honest i wouldnt be able to do what u just did with real paint so reaaaaaally you should be proud of urself

  • Gen Ipassou
    Gen Ipassou 6 days ago

    Brad is a live presentation of me in art

  • y'all mind if I *SCREACH*

    *wHeEzE* "I'm g o Nn a d i E"

  • Anna Witt
    Anna Witt 12 days ago

    Roflmao that's horrible!!!

  • Kieuria Schmidt
    Kieuria Schmidt 13 days ago

    Honestly you did really good!!! I love watching you! My fav TVclipr!!!!

  • Russelldi Foti
    Russelldi Foti 13 days ago

    OMG that’s amazing

  • Corissa Ferrara
    Corissa Ferrara 14 days ago +1

    "Stop trying to make painting happen, its never gunna happen" lol The Regina George of painting with hair dye 😂😂😂💜

  • I’m Bob
    I’m Bob 14 days ago

    Brad: there’s no such a thing as white creamy hair color
    * boomers has entered the chat *

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 15 days ago


  • Lil Bitch
    Lil Bitch 15 days ago +1

    It kinda looks like a good painting that was in a room when someone was being brutally bludgeoned to death with blood splashing everywhere... I’m sorry Brad

  • Creative Tarot
    Creative Tarot 16 days ago +3

    Did anyone else hear what sounded like Eric say "that evergreen is not happy" in the background 😭😭😂😂 great moral support

  • Creative Tarot
    Creative Tarot 16 days ago

    Okay, this is hysterical

  • Jessicka David
    Jessicka David 16 days ago

    I think its beautiful

  • Jaisa Stanley
    Jaisa Stanley 17 days ago

    I hate Bod Ross. He is one of the most hated painters in the art community for a good reason.

  • aoife glennon
    aoife glennon 17 days ago

    I was right with you until you put the last tree in and I lost it completely 😭😂😂 love it queen 💕

  • M J
    M J 18 days ago

    can u make more of these im literally crying and laughing harder than i have in years "MMMMMMM" "WHAT ARE U"

  • grandma walrus
    grandma walrus 18 days ago

    Next time, follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial with hair color on an actual wig😂

  • ImSoLament
    ImSoLament 20 days ago

    That tree’s branches saved the painting

    LIFE WITH B 21 day ago +1

    okay so this is very random but you look like Damon from vampire diaries

  • Tayla Bailey
    Tayla Bailey 22 days ago +2

    Brad is having a breakdown and im stunned cus mine would have been wayyy worse😂😐

  • ravan wayne
    ravan wayne 23 days ago +1

    brad mixing the primary colors don't make black they make a dark brown just so ye know

  • Lucila Flores
    Lucila Flores 23 days ago

    awesome video!!!

  • Ellie Montenegro
    Ellie Montenegro 24 days ago +1

    Why is Brad actually kinda good at painting tho

  • Savy Hurd
    Savy Hurd 24 days ago

    Wtf that’s so good

  • NAT Que
    NAT Que 24 days ago


  • Ríí-sàn Val
    Ríí-sàn Val 24 days ago

    How did I never get a notification for this?! You should definitely do more!! I love Bob Ross!!

  • Gizelle van der Westhuyzen


  • Cheyenne Hirsch
    Cheyenne Hirsch 28 days ago

    It didnt turn out that bad

  • Michelle Boedeker
    Michelle Boedeker 28 days ago

    For using hair color and bleach, that looks amazing! I want to see you use regular paint!

  • Zuha
    Zuha 28 days ago +1

    he's so beautiful, I'd do anything for him to be straight

  • Janet Lambert
    Janet Lambert 28 days ago

    Love it!❤️

  • Mary's Vida
    Mary's Vida 29 days ago

    When I have nothing to watch I rewatch all Brad Mondo videos and I'm sitting here at 3am laughing my ass off waking up people lol 😂😂😂😂😂 Thank you Brad for bringing me so much happiness

  • LKF
    LKF Month ago

    My Thursday night after xmas 2019. I have my kids, I need entertainment, so hi. I watched this video and you saved my night. I laughed so hard my kids were worried. It was not a recreation of an original Bob Ross, yet you were not using the same materials. I thought it was great, except it did look like a "murder forrest" as one of your followers suggested. I am totally behind your efforts to salvage the painting. You are so damn funny when you are frustrated and disappointed. Just thank you for the video tonight.

  • Lois Martens
    Lois Martens Month ago

    kinda like it

  • debbieakamj
    debbieakamj Month ago

    I don’t even hate it 🤣

  • KrisKitty
    KrisKitty Month ago

    Literally every time I have a family paint night with Bob Ross paintings. We start out like "woah. Slow down", "oh ok, this is working", "nope.....f#($ this. It sucks", "ok ok. There we go. I got this" and you just repeat all that till it's over. (30 mins of Bob Ross painting equals 2+ hrs of angry painting)

  • KrisKitty
    KrisKitty Month ago

    What about black?

  • Nieca Coley
    Nieca Coley Month ago

    Omg I love this! Brad you tried. Brad I love you, you are great.

  • Samantha Phillips
    Samantha Phillips Month ago

    It... it’s not horrible... like... I ALMOST love it.

  • Alx R.
    Alx R. Month ago

    This is the best thing I've seen in ages!!!! Thank you!

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose Month ago

    It doesn't look bad

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Month ago

    Roflmaoooo!!!! Best video ever!!!! #younailedit #paintingwithbobross

  • Sweet- Potato
    Sweet- Potato Month ago

    You no what it actually dosent look bad at only looks bad if you compare it to bobs 😒

  • Pxnk Qxeen
    Pxnk Qxeen Month ago

    i love the painting

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay Month ago

    its actually very nice. given the facts you use hair color. and the front tree looks great !

  • Δορινα Φαρριτσι

    That was so fujn to watch ... i hated the end result ... but i loved the process of making it... there is no mistakes only happy accidents

  • Keonia Jarrett
    Keonia Jarrett Month ago

    It is so good for hair color. There is a reason, we do not use oil paints for hair color and hair color for oil painting.

  • Erin Moore
    Erin Moore Month ago

    You did such a good job brad I love your mountains and the composition is fire. Way to go!

  • RueRose
    RueRose Month ago

    It’s honestly pretty good

  • Laural ローラル

    _A creamy white hair color doesn’t exist_
    Brad, have you ever heard of albinism, leucism, or Marie Antoinette syndrome?

  • Spoiled Lil Nugget
    Spoiled Lil Nugget Month ago

    You did SOGOODTHO

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise Month ago +1

    When you’re having a shi**y day .... Brad never fails to cheer you up 🤣🥰

  • zobothehobo
    zobothehobo Month ago

    that looks bomb though

  • darkessraven
    darkessraven Month ago

    Well Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies did this with Frosting and it took her all day

  • Rachel is SWAG
    Rachel is SWAG Month ago

    Why did I think he was gonna do this on a wig😂😂

  • Darian Ledbetter
    Darian Ledbetter Month ago +1

    You literally did a really good job considering that it was hair color, definitely impressed!!☺️💯