Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED


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  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom 3 hours ago

    I never figured out the Russian accent because the first Russian friend I made mastered a Canadian English accent in 2 months time.

  • Jennifer H.
    Jennifer H. 4 hours ago

    hope to have voiced implosives one day, at least I have aspirate-tions. this dialect expert now looks like he should be on the cover of a box of 'Just for men' with his beard, it's fitting him

  • Chelsea Belle
    Chelsea Belle 5 hours ago

    good luck doing new zealand accents, actors. lmao.

  • David Aarón Arredondo


  • Kim BlaQue
    Kim BlaQue 7 hours ago

    Ok Erik.....we see you zaddy 🧔🏻😍👅

  • Ashlan Kemp
    Ashlan Kemp 8 hours ago

    “Southern Irish”

  • Fire Punch
    Fire Punch 10 hours ago

    The linguist and surgeon are all fantastic; I wish I could subscribe to content of purely them doing these videos. Thanks for producing this!

  • tagalongkandie
    tagalongkandie 12 hours ago

    Didn't know the pnw had an accent???

  • Lauren Bolster
    Lauren Bolster 13 hours ago

    You can simply say “the Irish accent” not the “southern Irish”

  • Kael Zant
    Kael Zant 13 hours ago

    I grew up in Mexico but was born in Britain so I literally sat there for like 5 to see if I exhaled or not... I didn't.. But.... my Mexican friend did.... I don't understand 😂

  • Alex Byron
    Alex Byron 13 hours ago

    Would like to hear him discuss a scouse accent 👍🏼

  • killigeo samsung
    killigeo samsung 14 hours ago

    Do some Tim Roth stuff

  • Eva de Kunder
    Eva de Kunder 14 hours ago

    Has he looked at dutch accents yet?

  • JVB
    JVB 16 hours ago

    Hey, could you show Northen Europe some love in this accent series? I would love to hear Erik talk about the Finnish accent/s (naturally, being a Finn myself) as well as Swedish, Norweigian and Danish accents as well, since those languages are so similar yet quite different. Which makes me want to hear about Estonian accents as well, since it's similar yet quite different to Finnish as well. A lot of shared words, but with different meanings. In modern Finnish the word "linna" means castle. But, in Estonian, and to my understanding old Finnish, "linn" and "linna" mean/meant a town or a city (see Tallin/Tallinna the capital of Estonia)

  • CodyAlushin
    CodyAlushin 17 hours ago

    Is this Dennis?

  • Amy Edwards
    Amy Edwards 17 hours ago

    Talk about orphan black

  • Amanda Dilla
    Amanda Dilla 18 hours ago

    Austin and Corpus is not east Texas . Those are in central Texas. East Texas is Houston and Tyler.

  • Piper Smythe
    Piper Smythe 18 hours ago

    You forgot Griffin McElroy’s stunning performance as The Final Pam

  • ChubbyBunnyCosplay
    ChubbyBunnyCosplay 19 hours ago

    That was Captain America: Civil War. Not The Winter Soldier.

  • Trinh Hieu
    Trinh Hieu 19 hours ago

    As a Vietnamese who’s raised in a Westernized environment, I really want him to review my accent. I don’t even know what accent I have since I’m so accustomed to it now.

  • soapy bubbles
    soapy bubbles 20 hours ago

    As a Scottish person, I can honestly say most actors Scottish accents are terrible and that is not how we say immortal

  • millsense
    millsense 20 hours ago

    How about a Gary Oldman special? That would be fun to analyze. ^_^

    MJ PARK 23 hours ago

    he's hot

  • Hela S
    Hela S 23 hours ago

    He should do that But just with Tom Hardy Movies

  • Elizabeth Bacuyag

    I would sooo pay to listen to him have a conversation with Tom Hiddleston. That would literally be a dream come true.

  • Drew Samagaio
    Drew Samagaio Day ago

    James Gandolfinni Italian-American accent? Or is it just a jersey accent

  • Ally Mae
    Ally Mae Day ago

    Someone suggested I watch this video because of my love of analyzing film/television, and I’m so glad they did! Such an intriguing topic to get sucked into. As the video went on, I found myself being able to pick a part accents the way he does. Brought me back to speech therapy when I was in elementary school, but in a much better light! Absolutely loved this video and can’t wait to watch the others(:

  • meg !
    meg ! Day ago

    i got ... irrationally angry over ‘southern ireland’ lmao

  • Margarita Kulyapina

    As a first gen immigrant, I can say that the Russian accenr was indeed wrong. It almost sounds French. But his attempt at a Russian accent wasn't correct either.

  • Yumidori Iro
    Yumidori Iro Day ago

    Game of Thrones accents

  • aesthetic artist

    That was Civil War, not Winter Soldier

  • Aquwert
    Aquwert Day ago

    Wow Winslet nailed it

  • Bianca Lennon
    Bianca Lennon Day ago +1

    I'd love for him to take a look at Jodie Comer's accents in Killing Eve!!

  • Sophie Nguyen
    Sophie Nguyen Day ago

    I was waiting for the aussie ones

  • Mackenzie Bryson

    Awww I love that Australia is finally getting some love

  • Liliana Clark
    Liliana Clark Day ago


  • Sebastian Vzla
    Sebastian Vzla Day ago

    People talking about how knowledgeable he is, but instead I'm focusing on how attractive he is lol

  • Star Valeri
    Star Valeri Day ago

    I don’t like Jennifer Lawrence, am I the only one?

  • cheery yu
    cheery yu Day ago

    he broad

  • adrian v
    adrian v Day ago

    i hope u get a netflix series, i could watch this for hours

    LITSFSMS Day ago

    listening to the Chilean accent is funny especially when you're Chilean. I can say that when he speaks in Spanish he does not sound like a Chilean or a Mexican accent, his way of speaking is very robotic.

  • Harriett Banish
    Harriett Banish Day ago

    Ok, I love Jennifer, but as a Slav I must in my hard Slavic accent confirm, that she absolutely butchered it. Honestly I did not assume it would be this bad. I'm very disappointed.

  • B. Hollow
    B. Hollow Day ago

    Jlaw accent was so bad I didn't want to watch that movie.

  • Debtish isVodka
    Debtish isVodka Day ago +1

    This guy knows his stuff

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra Day ago

    what is this dip thong that you speak of

  • jodie oddie
    jodie oddie Day ago

    Dev Patel sounded really British to me but then some words were so Australian haha

  • Sloth Ball
    Sloth Ball Day ago +1

    “Wakanda accent” *circles South Africa*
    What I love most about Black Panther is the fact that I managed to understand some of the isiXhosa because it’s very similar to isiZulu, which is a language that I’ve learnt since about grade 2, even though I’m a native English speaker in South Africa

  • procrastinator99
    procrastinator99 2 days ago +5

    If CrashCourse does a Linguistics class, I really want this guy to teach it.

  • Amanda Delgado
    Amanda Delgado 2 days ago

    I would LOVE to hear you review each accent while speaking in said accent.. like you did with the Russian accent.. then switch into Texan, then Australian etc as you go along so we could hear what it really should sound like as you're explaining the technicality of each. I'm sure it would be so hard to do but it would be sooo cool to watch! Awesome videos tho!

  • Elizabeth Steiniger
    Elizabeth Steiniger 2 days ago

    I LOVE dissecting accents. I just watched The Dark Knight again and listened to Gary Oldman (UK) and Heath Ledger (AUS). Ledger had the subtle New York accent down, but Oldman's British accent came through quite a bit when his character got upset and started yelling. I've noticed that happens in quite a few non-Americans doing American accents. Cool stuff.
    ... and I'm just sitting here making strange vowel sounds at my computer :D

  • Madelyn Williams
    Madelyn Williams 2 days ago

    Okay but Texas can’t have its own accent because it’s so massive

  • willow0520
    willow0520 2 days ago

    Do K.J. in Riverdale

  • Savannah Singleton
    Savannah Singleton 2 days ago

    People don't talk like that in the north west? I mean we have slight varying drawls but that chick sounded more eastern

  • athenaskid
    athenaskid 2 days ago

    Videos like these really make me want to major in linguistics. It’s fascinating how much goes into saying a few words

  • Meghan LR
    Meghan LR 2 days ago

    Does anyone else notice at around 14:10ish the way he says detail sounds SO australian to me

  • I’mADiscrace2MyFamily

    Tom Hanks in Forest Gump?

  • Mellie Claire
    Mellie Claire 2 days ago

    I LOVED this video, I love accents. Buuuut Penelope Cruz's accent unfortunately stays spanish even as Donatella Versace... Spanish "r"s are stronger than Italian ones, for example.

  • JhopeIsMySuga
    JhopeIsMySuga 2 days ago

    Did he do Alan Rickman in Die Hard yet? I need to go back and watch immediately. Really interesting.

  • Emmanuel E
    Emmanuel E 2 days ago


  • BrunstigElg
    BrunstigElg 2 days ago

    You need to do Brad Pitt in 'Snatch'

  • Livvy FuiFui
    Livvy FuiFui 2 days ago

    Thank you for the Australian segment, was really fun and I appreciate it! :)

  • rfdzn
    rfdzn 2 days ago

    Record him doing accents of his choice please

  • rfdzn
    rfdzn 2 days ago +1

    This guy's knowledge in this field is so vast.
    He comments with no hesitation, words just rolls out

  • no wavvez
    no wavvez 2 days ago +1

    All the russian accents were bad. - a russian.

  • Joanna Lee
    Joanna Lee 3 days ago +2

    Please do Karen Gillan doing an American accent In Selfie!

  • MOGAN!!!
    MOGAN!!! 3 days ago +6

    I love how these videos always make me very needlessly aware of how I say words.

  • Andrew Zeng
    Andrew Zeng 3 days ago +1

    As an Aussie, I was really happy to see the bit about our accents. Thanks! Really awesome, and you know more about my accent than I do, so it was super enlightening. Definitely want more of these videos!

  • Katrina Dunn
    Katrina Dunn 3 days ago +1

    thank you for not picking on Brendan Fraser,

  • fangir.l x
    fangir.l x 3 days ago

    can you do another one of these and review Taron Egerton accent in 'Kingsman', it seems like a hard accent to do and it would be great to see how he did it

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner 3 days ago

    I could never tell the difference between Australian & New Zealand accents. They sounded exactly the same to me. Then I met my ex-boyfriend who is born & raised in New Zealand. Listening to him talk every day for months I picked up the difference.

  • The Dudess
    The Dudess 3 days ago

    I hate Benedict Cumberbatch doing any american accent. Not saying he does it badly, I just hate it.

  • Your Average Delinquent

    As an Australian I think Kate Winslet is the only non-Australian actor that has done a good Australian accent.

  • boiniq
    boiniq 3 days ago

    this guys is really cool

  • Petra Ragdoll
    Petra Ragdoll 3 days ago

    English canadian and french canadian accents please~

  • Angela Trzeciak
    Angela Trzeciak 3 days ago

    How does one man know so much 👀

  • xoOoBunnyoOox
    xoOoBunnyoOox 3 days ago

    Liked for the beard! 🌹

  • Evelin Gerter
    Evelin Gerter 3 days ago +3

    I really like how the accent expert does not bash the actors when they do an accent wrong but rather focuses on what they, in fact, did good and then explains how they could've done it better or how an accent is right. Very genuine and kind :)

  • astrid martinez
    astrid martinez 3 days ago

    What about KJ Appa doing an American accent 🤭

  • Scootrix
    Scootrix 3 days ago +1

    I think my australian accent is broken I'm 100% australian born here and never left the country but every time I speak to someone new they think I'm american I might need to rewatch this and retrain my tongue to sound aussie again haha

  • Chill Gamer
    Chill Gamer 4 days ago +1

    I admire this guy and his videos. I'm an aspiring actor and I'm currently learning how to do an Italian accent for one of my characters, so I know how challenging accents are for actors and when they're pulled of well, then that just adds to the skill the actor has.

  • Giuli Snikers
    Giuli Snikers 4 days ago

    As an Italian I do think Penelope’s Cruz interpretation of Donatella linguistically speaking was awful. Choosing a Spanish actress to play an Italian role is, well something not to do.

  • Adrien Miller
    Adrien Miller 4 days ago

    The Australian accent for Lion wasn’t that good, it was almost overdone.
    Kaye winslett on the other hand, was great.

  • Dan S
    Dan S 4 days ago

    More! Make more!

  • lesly nunez
    lesly nunez 4 days ago

    My linguistics professor would be proud of me

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez 4 days ago

    I LOVE these. So incredibly interesting to hear and learn.

  • Duncan Drummond
    Duncan Drummond 4 days ago

    Thanks for some Australian Accents.
    It's a joy to hear it in all the other accents (well and poorly done) in TV and movies.

  • edaciousellis
    edaciousellis 4 days ago +20

    He could have an entirely different accent and we'd never know...

  • Molly McIntosh
    Molly McIntosh 4 days ago

    matthew rhys is great at the accent, he was similarly great in brothers & sisters. i never even knew he wasn't american till i saw him in a british thing

  • Vyas
    Vyas 4 days ago

    'Ferra Lemkova' in Real Steel. Don't know what she was trying to achieve but would love to see his analysis on that

  • Luke Gard
    Luke Gard 4 days ago

    This is a deep cut ... Nobody's Baby - Gary Oldman's accent. I think it's pretty solid?

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 4 days ago

    which one does he talk about Tatiana Maslany?

  • Jaime
    Jaime 4 days ago

    I was wondering if you were going to do a new zealand one, I feel like people always have a hard time doing it

  • Donovan
    Donovan 5 days ago

    Why am I so attracted to him rn

  • September2004
    September2004 5 days ago

    I've always said that my favorite part of Highlander is the fact that the Egyptian-born Spaniard (played by Sean Connery) has more of Scottish accent than the *actual* Highlander.

  • Gigi W
    Gigi W 5 days ago

    Good god is this guy is hot!

  • Hortência Lopes
    Hortência Lopes 5 days ago

    I'm in love

  • TheClockworkSolution

    I'm not saying her performance wasn't good or how the real person actually talked, but I've lived in the Northwest my whole life, and I don't think I've ever hear anyone that sounds like that. I don't know, it could be because I live in the city, and she's supposed to be more redneck but huh...

  • nehemiah hall
    nehemiah hall 5 days ago

    nobody can do a Baltimore accent and there r two versions. the white and black one. white people say Balmor, black people say bawdamor

  • Totally a white president

    he is hot

  • Mariah Critchelow
    Mariah Critchelow 5 days ago +1

    You should do a break down of all American states accents!!!