Timothée Chalamet Reveals His Date for the Golden Globes


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  • MissMiia
    MissMiia Month ago

    Probably thinking about that sparkling harness.

  • Chesca y
    Chesca y Month ago +2

    He sounded so British at the start haha

  • Dan Jago
    Dan Jago Month ago +2

    Saw him and his mom on the red carpet. How adorable. Pity he didn't win (again) though I wasn't too surprised.

  • MyName IsRamen
    MyName IsRamen Month ago +9

    1:30 OMG I've never seen such an expression from him !!

  • choix libre
    choix libre Month ago +2

    So, "Call Me By Your Name" will be filmed in Paris, interesting!

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago

      Huh? Where in the video did he say that? Maybe I missed it.

  • gelisa rollins
    gelisa rollins Month ago +6

    he should bring his girl lilly rose

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +9

      If she was his girl, then of course he would. He didn't, because she isn't.

    • Dan Jago
      Dan Jago Month ago +1

      +Kelly Wijaya He takes them in turn.

    • Kelly Wijaya
      Kelly Wijaya Month ago +1

      +Dan Jago He brought her sister last year

    • Dan Jago
      Dan Jago Month ago +7

      But he chose his mother. Interesting choice.

  • chana ss501
    chana ss501 Month ago +21

    So cute when he says "yeah, yeah, I know " ❤️

  • moon lover
    moon lover Month ago +11

    He talks fast

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +4

      It's because he has a fizzing brain which works faster than most people's.

    • ClueSign
      ClueSign Month ago +4

      I think it's nervousness.

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K Month ago +20

    did he say 'steve ferrell' ?

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 Month ago +25

    She did a good job interviewing Timothee 👍🏼🙂

  • Kindness
    Kindness Month ago +1

    He's gonna be back every time his movie comes out 💛

  • ana
    ana Month ago +20

    What Was that 1:30 OMG cute but weird

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Month ago +1

      He was very excited because he knew he would wear a striking outfit which would make headlines -- his sparkly sequinned bib/harness.

    • you are deep and I love drowning
      you are deep and I love drowning Month ago +1

      Not weird at all he's just cute as f

  • Michelle Cai
    Michelle Cai Month ago +14

    Cutest thing in the world

  • AS AS
    AS AS Month ago +19

    “You busted “😂😂😂😂 HAAHAHAHAHAH

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez Month ago +41

    1:30 videomark to replay an insanely amount of times. He is a kitty 🐱

  • snjmriguy1
    snjmriguy1 Month ago +10

    Mom 💓

  • Becca Styles
    Becca Styles Month ago +60

    He always mentions Armie 😉😍

  • Ariela Werner
    Ariela Werner Month ago +20

    He is beautiful💜

  • theJOKER isME
    theJOKER isME Month ago +9