Is Toy Story 4 the Best Toy Story Movie? | Spoiler Review

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Today J and Ben dive into the wonderful world of Pixar and give their full spoiler review of Toy Story 4 to try and determine if it is actually the best Toy Story movie ever.
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Comments • 3 558

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  7 months ago +928

    How does Toy Story 4 Rank in your opinion?? Best? Worst?

  • Iron-Avenger
    Iron-Avenger Hour ago

    Toy Story 4 takes place one year after three, just to let you know.😉

  • scoople6
    scoople6 Day ago

    12:30 Bonnie isn't Andy though. I thought it was fine how she didn't care about Woody because she's a kid and has a LOT of toys. I actually liked how Woody's supreme loyalty to his kid gets questioned by how Bonnie treats him.

    14:48 I interpreted that as more like they used to care for each other in a romantic way and it can be awkward to meet that person again especially when it comes to physical connections like hugs, it's kinda "sparky". It reminded me the scene in Chamber of Secrets when Hermione reunites with Harry and Ron. Harry and Hermione hug no problem because they are just great friends (buzz) but hermione and ron act kind of awkward when they go to hug because they have romantic feelings that make them second guess themselves a bit (Bo and woody)

    27:30 I think kids are meant to be portrayed as villains just more of the reality that kids don't know their toys are sentient and therefore usually don't treat them too well. I like that it also shows that Andy was a really special caring kid.

    29:20 I agree the Woody being "lost" theme brought up at the end wasn't super laid out. I mean he's definitely in a bad spot with him struggling to accept that Bonnie isn't like Andy, but I never really felt like that meant he was lost.

    30:00 I really don't see it as Woody abandoning Bonnie. Bonnie and Woody just had a bad relationship, Bonnie really seem to care for Woody anymore and mostly ignored him. If his job is to make his kid happy, and he can't do that because his kid doesn't like him, I don't think he should just stick around and get ignored for 10 more years. It makes sense to me that he realizes he can't make Bonnie happy but can go on to make OTHER kids happy. It isn't abandonment it's moving on. Like if you were in a bad relationship or in a bad job, I wouldn't call leaving that to find something healthier for you abandonment

    35:30 YES I really wish Buzz and Woody had... more? For their ultimate departure and the last time these two life long friends will ever see each other... it felt a bit flat for how deep it should have felt.

    I'm not screaming by the way! I just like to pretend that I'm talking along with you. Loved your review!

  • ysBecca
    ysBecca 13 days ago

    Broes before Boes Woody...

  • jonteozzy
    jonteozzy 13 days ago

    I liked this one more then the 3rd one the 3rd one is The one i liked the least and I didnt feel anything at The end. But i did in this movie

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 14 days ago

    Name a franchise with 4 films that are all this good, wait you can't.

  • MRdaBakkle
    MRdaBakkle 16 days ago

    Toy Story 1-3 is all about toys defining their purpose against a kid's enjoyment. In Toy Story it is about convincing Buzz that his only purpose is to be a Toy and be there for Andy. In Toy Story 2 it's about the meaning of being broke, and is it better to preserved than being broke by a kid. In Toy Story 3 it's about mortality and the death of a toy when their purpose end (aka their kid grows up, and throws them out). Throughout the entire series we thought that toys were brought to life by a kid's love. But is that true? If a kid's love brings toys to life, than why has Gabby stayed alive for so long? She has been alone and never played with in the store. And Bo Peep, has been on her own for 7 years. Now I guess Bo Peep still gets played with sometimes, or all of the other toys in the store?

    But Toy Story 4 showed us that a toy does not need to define themselves against a kid. It's muddy, because they do say the most noble thing a toy can do is to give love to a child. It's kind of depressing in this and to me it almost feels as if the toys are slaves simply to be discarded until they discover their freedom.

  • Cha_Cha_ Grace
    Cha_Cha_ Grace 23 days ago +1

    Can we put focus on to minor characters from all 4 movies that barely got screen time like Rex,Hamm,Mr & Mrs Potato head, Slinky, HAMM

  • Chaotic Peace
    Chaotic Peace 23 days ago

    Okay they really need a podcast because I love hearing them talk

  • Ryan Choong
    Ryan Choong 25 days ago +1

    I think that what Ben said that the toys personality should resonate with his kid is true, but it could be a purposeful, because this whole movie is trying to show that Woody is feeling left out... that Bonnie doesn't really care about him... and that really, Woody's kid isn't Bonnie, because she doesn't play with, or really pay attention to him at all, Woody is still truly Andy's, and this is him overcoming the fact that Andy is gone, and that Bonnie doesn't care

  • IamDragonFury
    IamDragonFury 25 days ago

    I tried to be conflicted, I tried to _pretend_ to be conflicted, but...I'm not conflicted, I do love Toy Story 4, yes, more than 3. I'm not surprised that some people don't like it as much as the others, even as I watched it, I could tell there was stuff that bother people. But, I enjoyed it so much, I was more invested in the ending in this movie than the ending to Toy Story 3, because, in my eyes, the ending to Toy Story 3 isn't exactly "heartbreaking".

    Honestly, I'm surprised there was no mention of the fact that there was no "surprise" villain, like some people were speculation. I feel like I'm the only person who isn't bothered by the "surprise" villain thing, it just doesn't feel like a problem to me.

  • Sofia S.
    Sofia S. 25 days ago

    when i watched it and woody said goodbye, i swear i started sobbing so hard i think i ran out of tears

  • Jess McConnell
    Jess McConnell 29 days ago

    Stuff that!! Favorite part of the movie.

  • Beatriz Alves
    Beatriz Alves Month ago

    In the antique store there's a scene that a woman is passing by and Woody has to stop so that the woman doesn't see him moving and he mimics a old Mickey Mouse phone.

  • Beatriz Alves
    Beatriz Alves Month ago

    There is something strange that I noticed wile watching the film. In Toy Story 3 Andy didn't want to give Woody to Bonnie but she wanted him so Andy gave Woody to Bonnie, but in Toy Story 4 Bonnie didn't even noticed Woody at all.

  • BloxyBuildz
    BloxyBuildz Month ago

    My order rrom best to worst is 2, 3, 1, 4

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake Month ago

    I think Gabby Gabby's just complex just like Lotso. I'd like to say anti-villain but she isn't a villain (because villains are downright evil like Maleficent) but I guess more anti-hero leaning with good intentions (make a child happy; it's the most honorable thing a toy could do) but did it in questionable ways (hurting other toys, Woody specifically) but poised to be the antagonist because she's manipulating the protagonist and that's a selfish thing to do. I'm actually glad she wasn't taken by Harmony. It makes her more relatable/humanizes her more.

  • Mega Frost
    Mega Frost Month ago

    I agree, this was not the best Toy Story (3, 2, 1, 4 is my ranking)...and I 110% agree with Ben's rewrite of the was perfect!

  • Paladin JN01
    Paladin JN01 Month ago

    Literally the best part of this movie is the part where Buzz catapults himself off of the carnival ride, and it's only because of the nostalgiagasm that the music gave me.

  • M Smiley
    M Smiley Month ago

    I do think is a good movie for Woody. Like... Toy Story 3 is a good way to end Toy Story. BUT Toy Story 4 is a good end for Woody.

  • Lora 100
    Lora 100 Month ago

    Bonnie is so cute when she like
    I finished kindergarten!!!!
    And her parents are like
    *ohh.. um.... not yet sweetie*

  • mary nelson
    mary nelson Month ago

    I thought it was funny that they kept talking about trash and no one had any traumatic flashbacks to when they ALMOST DIED

  • Ashley Podojil
    Ashley Podojil Month ago

    To be fair pretty much ALL the movies were The Woody Movie. Part One is about his fear of being replaced and becoming friends with his "enemy" and then second one is ALL about him really. Where he originally came from his show origin meeting the other characters in that show his feelings about being thrown away if he gets torn up. The choice of being in a museum and being admired and never being played with again vs being with Andy and maybe being destroyed. We also get a Buzz meeting his "Dad" and Jessie added into the gang but the main focus is Woody. The third movie is maybe the least Woody specific focus of all of them but still about him pushing to be with Andy even though the kid is grown and hasn't played with him in years. Staying in the daycare and being loved or returning to Andy to maybe sit in the attic forever. So really it's not that weird that this movie focused on Woody. Though I definitely would have liked more involvement from the other toys and maybe cut out useless characters like plushes from the carnival. But I give them props for muddying the essential plot as little as possible I guess. 🤷

  • Grainne Fennell
    Grainne Fennell Month ago

    i cant agree with the no emotion but that might be because i just left primary school and then i watched it with my 2 best friends that were going to different schools and we weren't going to see each other again for a really long time so.........

  • Megan Sparenberg
    Megan Sparenberg Month ago

    I'm joining this conversation late so forgive me if I repeat things already said, but I ultimately hate this movie and it ruined Toy Story for me. It's a really funny movie, but the ending ruined it. I agree that it should have just been called Woody. But it also completely goes against his character for the whole series. In the first movie, he had to deal with not being played with and jealousy of Buzz, but ultimately realizes he is Andy's toy and he has to bring Buzz back. In the second movie, he is going to leave for Japan because of Jessie's history with her kid, but ultimately realizes that being played with for however long that is, is better than being in a museum, and he goes back to Andy. In the third movie, he is going to get to stay with Andy, but again decides that it is better for "Andy's toys" to stay together and again be played with and bring joy to another child. Basically the same theme 3 times. It should have ended there. Why on Earth did they make this movie so that after not being played with by Bonnie for a WEEK suddenly Woody would decide to leave her and his friends and become a lost toy??? It does not make sense. My only cynical explanation is that Tom Hanks has decided that he no longer wants to do any more Toy Story movies, shorts, etc. and this was his way of saying goodbye so the rest of the cast can continue making movies without him.

  • John Chessant
    John Chessant Month ago +1

    My biggest concern is just a logistical one. Before this one, Toy Story was my favorite series to marathon because I could get through it in one sitting. Star Wars and Harry Potter are next to impossible. Four films is doable, but it's getting there.

  • Dulcimer Man
    Dulcimer Man 2 months ago

    I thought your "Hey Brother came from, Avicii song "Hey Brother"

  • Jane K
    Jane K 2 months ago

    Toy Story 1 and 2 had compromise-y endings. Buzz _and_ Woody share the #1 toy spot, Andy welcomes the new toys and Andy still loves them all.
    Toy Story 3 & 4 are about the messy complicated endings, where there are goodbyes. Toy Story 4 being the most messy.

  • Hannah Rodriguez
    Hannah Rodriguez 2 months ago

    With forky would it be the fact that bonnie made forky with the intention of to have him as a toy or maybe possibly the name she wrote on him or maybe just her love as a child? Regarding Woody since he doesnt have his pull string he doesnt have a "tie to a child" maybe as a metaphor since Gabby gabby kind of put the notion in his head that he isnt playable since he no longer has his voicebox . I also noticed that little nod to pinnochio since there are no strings on Woody anymore essentially he is now a "free toy"

  • Rapolas RA
    Rapolas RA 2 months ago


  • The Stupicide
    The Stupicide 2 months ago

    Just watched the movie for the first time, and boy am I glad I watched till after the credits!

  • Helga Gunnarsdóttir
    Helga Gunnarsdóttir 2 months ago

    I love Toy Story 1 and 2. I think Toy Story 3 way too sad so you can't watch it more than once, because you cry so much. I think this number 4 is the least of them all. Still, I found it hard when Woody was saying goodbye to all the other toys, I don't understand why they didn't just all go with Bonnie.

  • Kool Wraith
    Kool Wraith 2 months ago

    *Shouts at J*

    J: They're all screaming by the way
    Me: You Wizard...

  • Amanda Hubbard
    Amanda Hubbard 2 months ago

    I have always loved dolls and have recently started collecting and restoring vintage dolls. The way they portrayed Gaby Gabby is perfect imo. The fact that's she's vain and her voice box is broken and she steals Woody's voice box is exactly how I would expect a vintage doll to act.

  • Abby McCarthy
    Abby McCarthy 2 months ago

    I really liked the movie but I was surprised that you guys missed the point that I felt. Toy Story 4 was the ending of childhood and a nice bookend for a generation of Toy Story fans, it just made sense for the ending but I do agree with the lack of buzz/woody ending and the stupidity buzz carried in the movie.

  • Facade Underground
    Facade Underground 2 months ago

    Toy Story 1 theme: what if toys were sentient?
    Toy Story 2 theme: what happens when a toy is forgotten ?
    Toy Story 3 theme: what happens when a child moves on?
    Toy Story 4 theme: let's go back to being sentient and have *ambitions*

  • Ben Stannard
    Ben Stannard 2 months ago +1

    Man, I’ve never found myself disagreeing with you guys so much! I thought this film was amazing, and whilst it was basically all Woody, I would argue that the sentiment behind the film is the most hard-hitting and important that Toy Story films have explored yet.

  • Jackivision
    Jackivision 2 months ago

    Not every good movie has the same vibe like its ancestors. Toy Story 4 reveals how hard it is being toy. WOODY EVEN SAYS IT HIMSELF WHEN WATCHING FORKY. Toy Story 4 is revealing how toys age mentally but not physically. About love, sacrifice, and memory (remembering their past owners). It's just a kid movie turning to an adult.

  • Kewtie
    Kewtie 2 months ago

    Honestly, my biggest confusion was why Gabby Gabby was a bad guy in the first place. Why were they even on opposing teams? It was confusing...

  • Valerie Linares
    Valerie Linares 2 months ago

    I think the reason Bo Peep keeps Woody at a distance is because maybe she felt he broke her heart when he stayed behind the first time. Even her little Polly Pocket friend could tell Bo Peep had feelings for Woody, but Bo Peep clearly didn't want to admit to herself, much less anyone else, that any feelings were there. But, by the end of the movie, clearly Bo Peep had acknowledged and accepted that she did indeed have feelings for Woody.

  • Mappy Castro
    Mappy Castro 2 months ago

    No... the point of the is to show that Woody's whole life he has chosen the child over his own life even if it means losing the love of his life. so that even through the movie when he's no longer a loved toy he's still trying to chose the child but his purpose to a cild is fully done so he can chose love with no guilt (IMO)

  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones 2 months ago

    It's called "Toy Story" not a "Kid and their toys "

  • Stephanie Vogel
    Stephanie Vogel 2 months ago

    Woody in Toy Story 1 cries: I'm a lost toyy!

  • SithLord Gam3r112
    SithLord Gam3r112 2 months ago

    If the purpose of a toy is just to entertain a kid , whya are they alive?
    When the kids play with them , the lose their ability to come alive so if the purpose is just to entertain , why are they alive?

  • Randall Ascot
    Randall Ascot 2 months ago

    I've just seen this movie and I'm so sad... the characters felt completely, well, out of character for me... idk maybe it's because I love toy story 2 so much. The movie by itself isn't bad I'm just so disappointed.

  • Jamie Dawn
    Jamie Dawn 3 months ago

    The weird thing is, this movie made super emotional.

  • Abigail McGuire
    Abigail McGuire 3 months ago +1

    I feel like we are all missing the moral that you shouldn't NEED someone to be happy, you should be happy WITH someone because they care about you. Also did you guys hear the original score in the background?That BROKE me!

  • Ruth M
    Ruth M 3 months ago +1

    finally after about four month's I've watched the movie and can now watch this review

  • Izabella
    Izabella 3 months ago

    Easter Egg you didn't mention

    Boo from monsters inc is in Bonnie's class and at the carnival

  • Aaron Sorensen
    Aaron Sorensen 3 months ago

    I agree, it was unsatisfying. It felt disconnected from the original trilogy

  • daniel dunbar
    daniel dunbar 3 months ago

    ha, it's easily the worst toy story movie

  • Jacob Klopfenstein
    Jacob Klopfenstein 3 months ago

    Did you seriously not see BOO in there?? That was the best Easter egg!

  • My Thoughts Exactly
    My Thoughts Exactly 3 months ago

    idk it was a great film that made me cry but I can't help that it ruined toy story 3 for me

  • Woman of Steele
    Woman of Steele 3 months ago

    They didn’t even mention Boo from Monster’s inc.?!?!?!?

  • Michelle Johansen
    Michelle Johansen 3 months ago

    No're right. About it all.

  • Dwayne Philpot
    Dwayne Philpot 3 months ago

    Toy story 1 and 2 are my favorite.

  • Bob Bones
    Bob Bones 3 months ago

    I think the onward Easter egg is on a jolly jumper in the carnival

  • datspoon0
    datspoon0 3 months ago

    Instead of helping toys at the carnival, I think that woody and bo should have traveled with the carnival to go see the world as bo originally wanted to do

  • Tito Hernandez
    Tito Hernandez 3 months ago

    What about Combat Carl?? from Toy Story of Terror?? Anyone????

    • Tito Hernandez
      Tito Hernandez 3 months ago

      I just realized the video is from 4 months ago, I'm just here because I finally saw the movie.

  • Tamara Naomi
    Tamara Naomi 3 months ago

    There are so many aspects of the movie that I loved! Seeing all the characters come back made me really sentimental. I personally think that the ending of toy story 3 was more satisfying for me because I thought that all the toys would have a new owner that also loved them unconditionally and that they would finally be played with again. In toy story 3, Bonnie promised to take care of Woody and I believed her (I think we all did).
    So when they showed in toy story 4 that Woody is not her favorite toy and that she doesn't treat him like Andy did, that really hurt. So I think Woodys decision in the end makes sense, since he actually belongs to Andy and doesn't have the same feeling of belongingness towards Bonnie.
    But the fact how Pixar created the goodbye scene really disappointed and crushed me. It was way too short and I wish we would have seen more of their friendship and experiences together, especially with Buzz. I know it is the right ending for Woody but it still doesn't really satisfy me because it feels so rushed and. So I am happy that this movie exists, but it still makes me very sad how it ended. A lot of depth from other characters got lost and their connection didn't seem special or valuable anymore.