Is Toy Story 4 the Best Toy Story Movie? | Spoiler Review

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Today J and Ben dive into the wonderful world of Pixar and give their full spoiler review of Toy Story 4 to try and determine if it is actually the best Toy Story movie ever.
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Comments • 3 431

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  2 months ago +896

    How does Toy Story 4 Rank in your opinion?? Best? Worst?

  • Thunder King 24
    Thunder King 24 8 hours ago

    why did this feel like finding Dory, like finding nemo was amazing but then finding dory just wasnt as good and abit more silly. this is exactly how i would explain my feelings towards the film.

  • Disney Kaspar
    Disney Kaspar 4 days ago

    Best movie of all time

  • Sigrid Bjergbakke
    Sigrid Bjergbakke 4 days ago

    Could you tell me why there wasn't any Pixar shortfilm before Toystory 4 in Cinema? Cause I was disappointed by it.

  • maryducks
    maryducks 4 days ago

    Finally saw the film as they only released it in Finland.....
    I absolutely loved how there was no absolute baddie in this film! It's so much more realistic, people aren't just good or bad.
    Also this film just really got me. As a last year early childhood education student, there was so much that resonated with why I want work with kids, I was crying my eyes out. I ended up thinking "I'm a toy" :D
    As a Toy Story film compared to the earlier films, it wasn't the best film, no. Yet this was super special to me right where I am now. Still growing up with Toy Story films🧡

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Did anyone else catch the Taxi Driver reference?

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Toy Story 4 is tied with the first one to me for my favorite in the series. I don't know why people don't like the ending, I personally loved it.

  • artifice
    artifice 7 days ago

    Your version toy story 4 sounds so much better

  • Kayleigh O'Donnell
    Kayleigh O'Donnell 12 days ago

    There’s a shot of a toy at the carnival with sully fur. AND ARE WE NOT GOING TO DISCUSS THE GIRLS THAT LOOK LIKE BOO? There was one that I spotted in the classroom and there was also one at the carnival with PIGTAILS AND A LONG PINK SHIRT

  • Marja Pasanen
    Marja Pasanen 14 days ago

    I had to wait to watch this video for 2 months because Toy Story 4 came in Finland today. Loved the movie, cried only 3 times...

  • AwesomedudeEM16 1
    AwesomedudeEM16 1 14 days ago

    Tinton open the door for the pinball machine!

  • CharlyBella
    CharlyBella 14 days ago

    The thing is Toy Story 4 feels more like an additional film to complement a triologoy, and thats why i really like the titel in german. It's not called "Toy Story 4", but "A Toy Story: ... " and then some sub title. So the title of the film alone makes it clear that it's not part of the main triologoy, just a story that takes place in the same universe

  • TheBigCheezeIt
    TheBigCheezeIt 14 days ago

    Bo Peep's friends kept giving her supplies and items they found, and I expected her to use them to fix Woody's voice box. She definitely should have been able to do that in my opinion!

  • Wilma Hjärp
    Wilma Hjärp 15 days ago

    Was it just me or had the hamburger place they stopped at posters for szechuan sauce? I think someone got stuck with their feet in two tubs of it?

  • Wilma Hjärp
    Wilma Hjärp 15 days ago

    Like idk about you, but last time I sobbed this much was 2010

  • Georgia Williams
    Georgia Williams 16 days ago

    "We gonna send dad to jail."
    "Dads going to jail."
    "Okay, dad is totally going to jail..."

  • Wiktoria Tłuczek
    Wiktoria Tłuczek 17 days ago

    BOO. There was a tone of Boo there 💕

  • Jasmin Wall
    Jasmin Wall 17 days ago

    I think I saw boo. At the carnival towards the end playing the game and winning a toy.

  • lauryn sebrey
    lauryn sebrey 20 days ago

    Y'all need to get hired by Pixar RIGHT NOW

  • Myst Cleavage
    Myst Cleavage 21 day ago +1

    Saw the movie late but ranking them is easy
    From worst to best 4,3,1,2

  • foolishototo
    foolishototo 21 day ago

    I was emotional as heck just at the sight of Woody's shoe no longer saying Andy, but instead Bonnie.

  • Lily Pyle
    Lily Pyle 22 days ago

    I didn’t ugly cry at the end of the movie, you ugly cried at the end of the movie

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright 22 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice that the title card was introduced the same was in TS4 as it was in TS1? I did. Woody’s string was pulled and he said “You’re my favorite deputy!” and then the title card appears.

  • franzi schob
    franzi schob 23 days ago

    Another Easter egg I found: At the antique store there is a painting of poker playing dogs, one of them is Doug from Up.

  • Graham A
    Graham A 24 days ago

    To me, it just felt like a fan-film. Or a film that was incredibly forced purely for the money aspect. Didn't feel like a Toy Story film at all! But I suppose, what it matches up with all the other Pixar sequels (that aren't Toy Story 2 or 3)

  • Claire H.
    Claire H. 25 days ago

    Glad I’m not the only one who felt like that!!

  • Quality Shark
    Quality Shark 25 days ago

    The whole point of Toy Story 4 is that toys are no longer reliant on kids.

  • Amy Bohls
    Amy Bohls 28 days ago

    10/10... the movie that is... I see where you are coming from though

  • Sydney R
    Sydney R 29 days ago

    Toy story 1 will always be the superior movoe

  • Lordodragonss
    Lordodragonss Month ago

    There was a scene where there was a toy (a truck) that was not living one.

  • Lordodragonss
    Lordodragonss Month ago

    I enjoyed the movie but I hated what they did with Bou. No, not her character. She looked like action figure, not like a porcelain figure.

  • Sugarswirl
    Sugarswirl Month ago

    My order of my favorite toy story movies

  • Martin Crépin
    Martin Crépin Month ago

    But where was the clown ?

  • Melanie Heath
    Melanie Heath Month ago

    You two are so cute. The brother bond is great and I love how invested and emotional they get over the videos and theories they present.

  • Emily Geier
    Emily Geier Month ago

    The only time I teared up was when Gabby Gabby was talking about experiencing a kid’s first bike ride or day at school, and how she would give anything for just one of those moments. Even as an adult who works with kids, I really felt that specific comment. I’m sure it could be much more impactful for parents or especially people trying to adopt.

  • Alaska Groundhog
    Alaska Groundhog Month ago

    I just watched the movie, been saving your review to watch hearing your takes. I would add that it was a little cringy when Ben said that Bo seemed "mean" at times. I grew up in the 60's and 70's where girls were shamed for being forceful - and a man would be hailed as a hero for similar behavior (think John Wayne) - I am in my 50's and saw Bo as a great symbol of female empowerment, which I could have used back then and am thrilled that my grandkids have now.
    Also: I think what you were having trouble verbalizing is that the "stakes" were too low in this movie.
    Gabby Gabby touching up her face seemed like a call back to an era when great film actresses would do a scene in the mirror applying make up.
    I feel like the "inner voice" and losing ones voice/conscience needs to be exlored further.

  • Jayde312
    Jayde312 Month ago

    I literally said to myself I’d give the movie 8.6 seconds before Ben said it!

  • ADragonAmongRoses
    ADragonAmongRoses Month ago

    IMO Gabby is an antagonist, but not a villain, if that makes sense?

  • Brady Baxter
    Brady Baxter Month ago

    Don't worry, my sisters hated it and they love the other 3

  • Param Patil
    Param Patil Month ago +1

    The only time I cried during the movie was during the whole Key and Peele attacking the grandma scene. I cried once and it was tears of laughter

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    Anton & Wally B.!

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    Gabby Gabby (in her name & the little book) is centred around her voicebox; it's more of a major part of who she is as a toy.

  • robsonbain
    robsonbain Month ago


  • Ellen Fuller
    Ellen Fuller Month ago

    I think u scored it too high, I was very disappointed

    JTBZP TBZP Month ago

    I think Gabby Gabby isn't a good or bad guy. She is just looking out for her self. And trying to get to her goal

  • Cori Gallardo
    Cori Gallardo Month ago

    7:44-8:00 same expression lol

  • Celeste Fenton
    Celeste Fenton Month ago

    Maybe the end was not heart wrenching to y'all, but if you watch that movie when you're in a long distance relationship it might break you

  • 00juls00
    00juls00 Month ago

    Finally getting to watch this as I saw the movie last week. My take on Toy Story 4: can we just pretend it never happened?
    It’s the Cursed Child of Pixar.

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay Month ago +1


  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Month ago +1

    I think Toy Story 4 is the best movie ever! Don’t @ me!

  • delta squad4577
    delta squad4577 Month ago

    I'll tell you what, I just saw it and I did not see a single Easter egg (I mostly wasn't looking for them, but I'm surprised I didn't spot any).

  • James Forshaw
    James Forshaw Month ago

    I saw the movie so this is a
    *no spoiler zone*
    So no spoilers then

  • Austin Gurley
    Austin Gurley Month ago

    i cride at the end

  • Emilee Luther
    Emilee Luther Month ago

    If toys come to life because of the love and care of having a child play with them, how is Gabby Gabby alive?

  • Quackadoo
    Quackadoo Month ago +1

    It’s been so long since a movie made me cry.
    Well done Pixar, well done.

  • Jade J
    Jade J Month ago +1

    Finally saw the movie today. Had been dying to watch your review but had also been avoiding it

  • Jade J
    Jade J Month ago

    Loved it but agree didn't make me cry like other toy story's. Plus him leaving Bonnie to live in the carnival just felt off. But was still a great movie.

  • Cinnamonbunnies Cream

    Am i the only one who thinks this movie was trash. JuSt LiKe FoRkY

  • Steph Englander
    Steph Englander Month ago

    1- TS3
    2- TS2
    3- TS
    4 TS4

  • Kathryn94
    Kathryn94 Month ago

    I wish forky and his crisis was more central to the story. It was kind of mixed up and I wasn’t sure which plot to follow. The finale wasn’t very emotional for me, I felt it was missing something. I thought it was pretty funny though, I liked Duke kaboom.. as well as Ducky and Bunny plush rushing the old lady.