Lady Gaga Joked About At Golden Globes


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  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia 2 hours ago

    You can have 100 people in a room and 100 people don't believe in you but it only takes a Good Dog 🐕 to change your whole life.

  • narumishi
    narumishi 18 hours ago

    The new “I’m Italian”

  • saint ruben
    saint ruben Day ago


  • JuicyTaz201
    JuicyTaz201 Day ago

    You guys know that there can be a 100 people in a room and 99 don’t believe in you and all you need it 1 person to believe in you.

  • Musadaq Shallal
    Musadaq Shallal Day ago

    There can be a hundred people in the room, ninety nine ordinary but only one Gaga draws your attention.

  • Minna P
    Minna P Day ago +1

    There can be a hundred lines to promote a movie and 99 don't work but all you need is a one line that works
    Don't get me wrong, I love Gaga so so much, I think this is just funny 😄❤️

  • Manali Yelve
    Manali Yelve Day ago

    But why would she do that?😂😂

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson Day ago

    I'm dead

  • Hanns Gello-agan
    Hanns Gello-agan 2 days ago

    And there is 999 comments and 1 does 1 like so a total of 1001.

  • Jennifer Sleiman
    Jennifer Sleiman 2 days ago

    The whole hosting of the golden globes was absolutely cringe and not funny..

  • McNilly
    McNilly 3 days ago

    What did gaga yell in the beginning?

  • Raven Lozo
    Raven Lozo 3 days ago


  • Jhanel Ragadio
    Jhanel Ragadio 3 days ago

    Oh its Christina!

  • mohammadamin khodadadi

    god i love her but she really annoying

  • Xervantez Xvi
    Xervantez Xvi 4 days ago

    Lady Gaga stole that from Madonna again ok look it up (sip) ☕️ we all know Madonna says this words before Lady Caca 💩

  • Mk Mnll
    Mk Mnll 4 days ago

    I think that it’s good that she kept to her script. She wanted to send a message, plus she always said it like she meant it

  • CYP 2D6
    CYP 2D6 5 days ago

    There could be one hundred people in the room and if just one refuses to get it....

  • Carla A. Urive
    Carla A. Urive 5 days ago

    Oh my Gaga 😂🖤

  • shawn page
    shawn page 5 days ago +1

    🎥 *Take 3450 and action* .....🎥

  • Jhosep Millan
    Jhosep Millan 5 days ago

    Gaga just stop😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Crackhead RALPH
    Crackhead RALPH 5 days ago

    Ok Bradley is still hot. He looked old in the movie lol

  • Christian Iannelli
    Christian Iannelli 6 days ago

    you know whats funny for me, people that have a problem with this lmao.
    If you were asked a question and you have the answer why would you change it? thats her answer... and she means it, so whats so bad about that xD

  • Art of Dreaming
    Art of Dreaming 6 days ago

    When u use same CW in every job interview

  • KurtisLeeSinger
    KurtisLeeSinger 6 days ago

    Ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣 Sandra I can’t!! She did say it more than 💯 times though bless her!

  • Gustaw Laskowski
    Gustaw Laskowski 7 days ago

    Shes soooo clever wow

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 7 days ago

    Turns out that just one person in the room isn't quite enough to win the vote for an award.


    Throw a (cheese) burger at those can get away with it...Your Gaga.

  • intuitive self-love
    intuitive self-love 7 days ago


  • Hud Nortè
    Hud Nortè 7 days ago +2

    Madonna came up with that

  • daegan severns
    daegan severns 8 days ago

    I fucking love her.

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala 8 days ago +1

    She said the same thing 100 times

  • C M
    C M 8 days ago

    It is a secret message in this...

  • Love Superbeasto
    Love Superbeasto 8 days ago


  • Gary Pendleton
    Gary Pendleton 8 days ago


  • Cathy Chang
    Cathy Chang 8 days ago

    Bradley Cooper probably thought : yeah again

  • World Citizen
    World Citizen 8 days ago

    i wonder sometimes if she did it on purpose

  • Ree Kohns
    Ree Kohns 8 days ago

    A Talented and beautiful European girl, don’t loose your precious heart ❤️

  • Pradnya Kamble
    Pradnya Kamble 8 days ago

    I lost my count 😁

  • Jack Pattinson
    Jack Pattinson 8 days ago

    I can’t take this quote seriously anymore... after all that

  • Rhea B
    Rhea B 8 days ago

    Doing same thing over and over again is a sign of madness.

  • Dewa Harimbawa
    Dewa Harimbawa 8 days ago +1

    she is a consistent person

  • Marcos A. Cordon
    Marcos A. Cordon 8 days ago one on set believed in her accept the director?

  • Daniel Ahmedov
    Daniel Ahmedov 8 days ago

    as much as i love her we cant ignore the fact that she looked like the fairy godmother from shrek 2

  • Kennedy Rain
    Kennedy Rain 8 days ago

    Lady gags talk like the quotes on lulu lemon bags

  • Becky Smeilus
    Becky Smeilus 8 days ago

    I believe in her! Everyone said I could do it but it was never good enough, so I stoped trying. So still no one thought I was good enough, then I meet this amazing young woman who told me I was good enough and that she believed in me. So don't give up!

  • Irelia _SavageTM
    Irelia _SavageTM 8 days ago

    theres a hundred people in the room and 99 dont believe in you and just 2 does...i can't do math!

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W 9 days ago

    All you need is Bradley Cooper.

  • TheThelandofsmiles
    TheThelandofsmiles 9 days ago

    “A FEW TIMES” ?!!!!???

  • Tu Raak
    Tu Raak 9 days ago

    What was she thinking?!

  • Sara Procacci
    Sara Procacci 9 days ago

    There could be 1000 people in a room and 9999 dont believe in you...

  • Ramon Tragedy
    Ramon Tragedy 9 days ago

    You know what?. There can be 100 people in a room and 99 don’t believe you and one does.

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    This is a great way to end any speech 😂😂😂

  • Gypsy Hypsy ASMR
    Gypsy Hypsy ASMR 9 days ago

    It’s so funny every time🤣🤣🤣

    TONI PEPS 9 days ago

    It's True!! .... lol 🤣

  • Antidote
    Antidote 9 days ago

    She really said it twice in the same venue 😂😂. The one where she is wearing that weird black hat

  • Enmanuel
    Enmanuel 9 days ago

    😂😂💘 love her

  • Kuristiahn’s Gaming Lair

    “But baby, i just need one good one to stay....”

  • elchatodeoro1
    elchatodeoro1 9 days ago


  • Hassan Aqili
    Hassan Aqili 9 days ago

    Thts actually a fact, we all do tht sometimes:))

  • Swag MSP
    Swag MSP 9 days ago

    Brad: “oh here we go again”

  • RicoLamar987
    RicoLamar987 9 days ago +1

    There can be 100 people in a room & 99 don’t believe in you but 1 does

  • Kiệt Bùi Tuấn
    Kiệt Bùi Tuấn 9 days ago

    When you applied one CV for every job and then they found out...

  • Jerjer B
    Jerjer B 9 days ago

    Dumb shows... Who watches either the golden globes or et Canada?

  • Stevie Khoo
    Stevie Khoo 9 days ago

    New math teacher - Gaga

  • Rob G
    Rob G 9 days ago

    Because of her saying this so many times and (fyi-not orignial) I see she is not "real". She is part of the Hollywierd cult.

  • Anne Wagner
    Anne Wagner 9 days ago

    When you hear Gaga saying it once it is very cute and true what she said but if you play it after each other on cue it seems shallow *no pun intended* haha anyway I think the joke on her was like a joke-among-friends joke and not as “bad” as the title might imply.

  • Tanmay Jyothis
    Tanmay Jyothis 9 days ago

    That was a big goddam room

  • A V
    A V 9 days ago

    There were 99 bottles wait 🤔

  • SHOK Nod
    SHOK Nod 9 days ago

    Well , Gaga , now everybody believn in you )

    WEL LARA 9 days ago

    That could a title for her nex single 🤣

  • lookmun
    lookmun 9 days ago


  • Atreyee Basu
    Atreyee Basu 9 days ago

    Julia finkelstein.why arent people talking about her parody.

  • Neths Ki
    Neths Ki 9 days ago

    reminds me of "I'M ITALIAN" hahaha

  • parallel side
    parallel side 9 days ago

    Gaga why

  • Alicia Delgado
    Alicia Delgado 9 days ago

    She's cute

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 9 days ago

    Hollywood really hates gaga surprisingly

  • Katerina Kostaki Official

    Oh my Gosh...what a manipulation...

  • Antonio
    Antonio 9 days ago

    So ........ How many people?

  • TheFiesta
    TheFiesta 9 days ago

    Lady Gaga doesn't need 99 people all she needs is one just such an inspiration, I love her so much but this has me dying

  • Pixel Gems
    Pixel Gems 9 days ago

    I think she over used it

  • LX
    LX 9 days ago

    She’s a genius...

  • CentralTexasPuppies
    CentralTexasPuppies 10 days ago

    You can say something 100 times and every time you deliver it's like you've said it 100Xs no? Fail? Ok lol she believed it each time she said it 😆😂🤣

  • Héctor
    Héctor 10 days ago

    Jajjajajaja me meisima saludos MPTG

  • Mcguire mcguire
    Mcguire mcguire 10 days ago

    He loves her ..

  • Opera
    Opera 10 days ago

    Lady "100 people in the room" Gaga

  • krayziemia26
    krayziemia26 10 days ago

    There could be 100 Bananas in a room but all I need is One-99 Bananas that believes in me😉🥂

  • ShpookyBear369
    ShpookyBear369 10 days ago

    I love Gaga tho

  • not a big deal
    not a big deal 10 days ago

    There could be a hundred people in a room

  • Bruno'sBaBySquirrel
    Bruno'sBaBySquirrel 10 days ago

    I mean they keep asking her the same things and her gratitude won't change. Obviously she will be repeating herself, but not gonna lie, got tired of hearing it when watching the compilation 😂

  • Iam little bow
    Iam little bow 10 days ago


  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 10 days ago

    bloody hell, gaga is awful

  • Berry ASMR
    Berry ASMR 10 days ago

    Poor cooper

  • Jay West
    Jay West 10 days ago

    I farted in a room 100 times once and 99 of those farts didn't smell or make a loud sound, but there was that one special fart right at the end.

  • Yves Martini Camingue
    Yves Martini Camingue 10 days ago

    Best Actress indeed for our Gaga! Geddit hunny!

  • CoCa CoLa
    CoCa CoLa 10 days ago


  • Arwa Ara
    Arwa Ara 10 days ago

    Omg she said that 100 times 😂😂 but I love it has deep meaning to it

  • Glen Betia
    Glen Betia 10 days ago

    Wendy Williams showed this first.😋

  • omnicopy Notfooled
    omnicopy Notfooled 10 days ago

    He must be her handler

  • Chescka Duque
    Chescka Duque 10 days ago

    Lady Gaga my Queen! but this compilation made me laugh literally ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Asia Lee
    Asia Lee 10 days ago

    I love Lady Gaga’s reaction! Haha