HOW TO GET A FREE PROMO FROM JAKE PAUL! Ft. Cody ko | Jeff’s barbershop

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • In this episode we give Cody Ko a haircut!
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    People in this vid:
    Cody ko
    toddy smith
    Jason Nash
    camera man
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  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek  Month ago +19022

    Everyone calm down. I’m just a guy trying to promote his haircut video here. The whole concept of Jeff’s barbershop is to keep the guest on edge while getting a haircut from a new barber that is slightly psychotic. Yes some bits are scripted and some are designed to get a genuine reaction. I’ve made that clear before. But the whole point is to create an entertaining talk show. Cody was never in any danger, me and my crew were all prepared to stop any violence from happening. And Jake was supposed to come in showing that he can take a joke and he agreed to not be aggressive. That is why I asked him to redo his intro and “come in nicer” The only person I owe an apology to is Cody which I already have made and we’re obviously still friends and have both benefited from the situation as I had planned the entire time. So any negativity after this will just be blocked because you don’t understand the humor of the show. Thanks for washing and thank you for your support.

    • Absolute Tr4sh
      Absolute Tr4sh 3 days ago

      Dude, you simultaneously made a fool out of Jake, gave content to commentary channels, and boost both your and Cody’s channels.
      *Outstanding Move*

    • Tommy Rojas
      Tommy Rojas 3 days ago +1

      Yeah I think we all know that you are a good person and you didn’t mean any harm

    • Drac A.
      Drac A. 3 days ago

      The reason I clicked on this video is to watch some hate comments about u (I'm here bcs of pewds talking about Jake & Cody stuff) but then I read this first and then I'm like...okay Jeff..ur not a douchebag after all lol 👍

    • jj jj
      jj jj 4 days ago

      Ur plan worked I wouldn't have had found ur channel without this BTW I subbed and liked so give me a free shirt

    • laney
      laney 5 days ago

      When he said “🛁” I felt that

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Dick move

    HTTC FOGGO 14 hours ago

    I wish memeolous or Brad does banter was there

  • Cesar Quintana
    Cesar Quintana Day ago

    Edited out the part when jeff tells him to say “oh no he cant come”

  • Micaiah Hunter
    Micaiah Hunter Day ago

    The su🅱️reme Finesse

  • bans
    bans Day ago

    holy shit if only noel was there lmao

  • Dylan Welton-Coogan

    Damn that was funny af at the end

  • Genki G
    Genki G Day ago

    14:32 i like this guy sub from me

  • Emma Buck
    Emma Buck Day ago

    Jake looks like a retard

  • Tripping J
    Tripping J Day ago

    You should go on adult swim

  • AJ_Animations Tagpuno

    This video shows how Jake Paul wouldn't have that walnut sized brain if he didn't drop out from highschool.

  • Vivian Gutierrez
    Vivian Gutierrez 2 days ago

    fuck is with the shaky ass camera like tf

  • gαѕσlιиє bx
    gαѕσlιиє bx 2 days ago

    you can tell not even jeff likes jake paul

  • Donald Michelle
    Donald Michelle 2 days ago +1

    cody: hes not even that bad
    jake paul: Imma end this mans respect for me

  • Kyle Snow
    Kyle Snow 3 days ago

    I like u jeff but Being friends with Jake paul and him looking dumb as shit in his video but i liked u

  • bre bre
    bre bre 3 days ago

    Does anyone know where he got the Smurf artwork from on his wall?

  • Yami Lee
    Yami Lee 3 days ago

    He just finished another video where he's ro- *Ad*

  • Cloud Boi
    Cloud Boi 3 days ago

    Jake Paul sounds like he’s 9 “I don’t like cyber bullies and your cyber bully ”

  • Tyleriscoward -han
    Tyleriscoward -han 3 days ago

    Jake is a kid 👏

  • B E A R C L A W
    B E A R C L A W 3 days ago

    Thank God I watched Cody's video and this video. I was kinda "disgusted" for a lack of a better term that Jake Paul called Jeff a friend. Yeah Jake Paul to me is THAT unlikeable, that he has a negative effect on people. But I learn here that Jeff turned down Team 10 and used him. Fucking genius. Jeff is a king.

  • Poohbear Abrica
    Poohbear Abrica 4 days ago

    Fuckin beast Jeff 💯

  • Angie q
    Angie q 4 days ago

    jake better be lucky noel wasent there, because we all know that noel would hurt his feelings

  • bidibidibomb
    bidibidibomb 4 days ago

    STORYTIME " I finessed the fuck outta jake paul"
    impressive had to subscribe for more content

  • Maryanne Gallagher
    Maryanne Gallagher 4 days ago +1

    He just Nathan for You’d this whole situation

  • Raheem ALI
    Raheem ALI 4 days ago

    I loved how he tagged everyone apart from jake

  • Laurel Schneider
    Laurel Schneider 5 days ago

    Lmao the Maury tag when Jake came in

  • Cerys Williams
    Cerys Williams 5 days ago

    been a massive fan of u and the vlog squad for years. but jasons joke about down's syndrome... not cool. i understand its meant to be light hearted but rly dont see the comedy in this. thought it was very disrespectful tbh. hate seeing people i like say something like this, instantly makes me lose all respect for them.

  • Seleilah Jackson
    Seleilah Jackson 5 days ago

    Anybody here after Lele asked for Tae tae’s number and lowkey got triggered?

  • marcus nonamee
    marcus nonamee 5 days ago

    You just caught the attention of someone you don't want to. Cursed. D.

  • Ali Grace
    Ali Grace 5 days ago

    What’s his outro music?? Lmao

  • Yo dad
    Yo dad 5 days ago

    Jake ball was actually there ?

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 6 days ago

    You suck Jeff

  • Jace_Da_ Savege
    Jace_Da_ Savege 6 days ago

    I’m 13 and Cody is the same height as me

  • Eric Future
    Eric Future 6 days ago

    Well. Fuckin. Played

  • Caoimhin Ohara
    Caoimhin Ohara 6 days ago


  • Tshobe23 _
    Tshobe23 _ 6 days ago

    Hell yeah, Jake looked like even more of a douche. Didn't know it was possible

  • toxic_nea
    toxic_nea 7 days ago

    Man just leave the fucking kid alone let him get a hair cut and dont bring out ramen noodle hair into this shit

  • DavidoeV/// Roblox exposing

    You came here for 13:23

  • Avenue Grande
    Avenue Grande 7 days ago

    lmao I would’ve said oh thank god i didn’t even wanted to go

  • PizzaGizzard
    PizzaGizzard 7 days ago +2

    No one:
    Jesus: *slow claps*

  • Mettaloid 12
    Mettaloid 12 7 days ago

    Your wish is my command...........

  • 1913
    1913 7 days ago +4

    Jeff, the whole jake manipulation move was slick af, You really outsmarted a kid with An IQ of artic temperature lmao

  • Rose Baker
    Rose Baker 7 days ago

    That moment when jake forgets to edit out the part of him saying that Cody can come to his party.

  • Deathborr
    Deathborr 7 days ago

    Top 10 secret war strategies the enemy would never see coming

  • Rose Stone
    Rose Stone 7 days ago +2

    Jake Paul is the biggest cringe fest on TVclip. Honestly just hearing his whining voice makes me physically uncomfortable.

  • Mario
    Mario 8 days ago +2

    When Jake Paul entered, it was like seeing DC trying to be in a Marvel Universe.

  • Oscar Robles
    Oscar Robles 8 days ago

    15:08 serious serial killer vibes lmao

  • Mohammed Medhat
    Mohammed Medhat 8 days ago

    What a dick move Jeff, nice video tho.

    Just fucking kidding, what a fucking stupid move, you just had him here to make fun of him (not in a friendly way), I just hate it, you tried to show him as a bully this whole video.

  • Mohammed Medhat
    Mohammed Medhat 8 days ago

    Kody is the best, I started watching his videos after this, and he's very nice, he doesn't bully anyone (nothing new), this feel like when a bunch of guys group up on one person and start being obnoxious.

  • SidisticSloth!
    SidisticSloth! 8 days ago

    😂😂😂 funny cunt 😂😂😂

  • Ishan Chaturvedi
    Ishan Chaturvedi 8 days ago

    This is fucking bullying

  • Sydney Fortune
    Sydney Fortune 8 days ago

    god damn jeff is so fucking GORGEOUS

  • green creó
    green creó 8 days ago

    Everyone in the thumbnail looks high as fuck

  • Murphy Crew
    Murphy Crew 8 days ago

    Jeff I like you but you can’t beat jake

  • John Kloppers
    John Kloppers 8 days ago

    Smart AF😂😂😂

  • Aayus Patel
    Aayus Patel 9 days ago

    smooth finesse

  • Diane Fonkwo
    Diane Fonkwo 9 days ago

    You're a snake for that.

  • Yas Degh
    Yas Degh 9 days ago

    Jake Paul is so cringe 🤮🤮🤮

  • Marin Maric
    Marin Maric 9 days ago +1

    I fucking hate this guy(Jeff), he is not funny or interesting.

  • G
    G 9 days ago

    You know he insecure about his height when he gotta say 3/4 lmaoo

  • 2020Aidan Wolfinger
    2020Aidan Wolfinger 9 days ago

    Jeff is a fucking genius

  • Arturo Rdz
    Arturo Rdz 10 days ago

    I like that smurf poster

  • Dannie Trent
    Dannie Trent 10 days ago

    How can you not admire the thought process behind this video? Anyone who says other wise is a straight hater lol I love Cody and Jeff both and how can you not appreciate the level of genius behind this? The ending where he explains what he did is the funniest shit ever. The editing is perfect, I fucking love this video! Jeff you're the 🐐, keep it up!

  • N Docherty
    N Docherty 10 days ago

    Jeff wtf you act all nice to Cody when Jake isn’t there but bumsook him your a bad guy

  • Randall Mulkins
    Randall Mulkins 10 days ago +1

    Bro glad you did this, respect the game

  • Randall Mulkins
    Randall Mulkins 10 days ago +1

    Noel would have ended Jakes career and sanity

  • PinkiePie57
    PinkiePie57 10 days ago +1

    Jeff is so cute "I'll fucking kill this kid"

  • pf161821
    pf161821 10 days ago +1

    Jake Paul touches his nose a lot. Weird.

  • Trygve Evensen
    Trygve Evensen 11 days ago +4

    Cody makes fun of peoples actions, not personalities or looks

  • S7 tory
    S7 tory 11 days ago +1

    now watch this video back but imagine jake paul shadow boxing downstairs 😭

  • Vittoria Maul
    Vittoria Maul 11 days ago +1

    No one in this video is funny besides Cody Ko. 🤷‍♀️

  • swerl.
    swerl. 11 days ago

    Do a episode with noel

  • oof god
    oof god 11 days ago

    Jake paul is a bitch

  • Alexandra Dapkus
    Alexandra Dapkus 11 days ago +2

    Hahahahaba I am so happy that Jeff was able to edit the Jake Paul clips good. I was getting ready to cringe to death

  • Hamid Habibi
    Hamid Habibi 11 days ago

    That shit was like the suicide squad trailers

  • Brendan Myrick
    Brendan Myrick 11 days ago


  • Ryan Conner
    Ryan Conner 11 days ago

    I subscribed to Jake just so I could unsubscribe

  • Ryan Minor
    Ryan Minor 12 days ago

    U know when someone’s short when they add on “and 3/4”

  • Larpazuu Sippil
    Larpazuu Sippil 12 days ago

    lol jake Paul sounds like a retard haha
    I dOnT lIkE YoU

  • Brooke H
    Brooke H 12 days ago +4

    Thank you for being so incredibly amazing Jeff! Not only do I love your videos but you introduced Cody to me and I’m obsessed. You rock! Keep up the good work :)

  • Raaga Ajay
    Raaga Ajay 12 days ago

    Aw thanks for treating our gramps so nicely 👍

  • Max
    Max 12 days ago

    Yep, first time watching this shit interview and the last time i will. Bringing together people who dont like each other just for the sake of views, great fking job

  • LAS 13
    LAS 13 12 days ago

    Jake Paul looks like a short haired lesbian with way too much eyeliner

  • David Manning
    David Manning 12 days ago

    “He cyberbullies kids”
    “Kids? What kids”

  • olivberr
    olivberr 12 days ago

    Reggie is funnier than Jeff

  • Hannah Clark
    Hannah Clark 12 days ago

    Gold. Pure GOLD

  • BayAreaDriver
    BayAreaDriver 12 days ago

    "MyNameJeff"- The MasterMind!!!

  • Mia Francica
    Mia Francica 12 days ago

    jake paul is so fucking awkward lol

  • ozzydem
    ozzydem 12 days ago

    Man Jason Nash is a bitch,tryin to suck Jake Pauls dick, a 50 year old man with no honor

  • Mia Francica
    Mia Francica 12 days ago

    this seems so awkward...

  • Wassim Karbache
    Wassim Karbache 12 days ago

    I think you are my least favorite youtuber it was jake paul but you fucking surpassed him you're not cool man that's not chill at all that's in fact very much super LaMe

  • Wassim Karbache
    Wassim Karbache 12 days ago

    Jeff you re a bitch honestly

  • Danté Riccelli
    Danté Riccelli 12 days ago


  • Danté Riccelli
    Danté Riccelli 12 days ago

    I can't believe it took me this long to find this channel....

  • I am Ava
    I am Ava 13 days ago

    You're so fucking sexy Jeff! 😍😍😍😍

    MIC ALMG 13 days ago

    love the movement fam!!! keep it up plz!!!!!!

  • Crescent blue
    Crescent blue 13 days ago

    I think Jeff used Cody and jake Paul as a bait to get attention. Jake Paul is an attention seeker and so does Jeff but Jeff hates Cody and used jake as to get reward by views. Everyone is saying shitty things about Cody which I agree but Jeff is no less hated Cody since the beginning .

  • A Very Menacing Name
    A Very Menacing Name 13 days ago +1

    2:27 this mf censored the ‘s’ in shit

  • Bella Thorn
    Bella Thorn 13 days ago

    Cody ko Looks ugly

  • WormHole
    WormHole 13 days ago

    Jake Paul is a retared