10 Absurd Products Used Only By The Laziest People!

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • 10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies! ➡ tvclip.biz/video/g4Oj1KxRPNs/video.html
    10 Gaming Gadgets That Will Let You Play FORTNITE ANYWHERE! ➡ tvclip.biz/video/agnOLtUMmQs/video.html
    Today on DOPE or NOPE we're unboxing 10 products only the laziest people would use! These gadgets claim to make life SO much easier... but we probably wouldn't recommend using them, because of how ridiculous they look. Comment down below which product was your favorite, and subscribe to see more videos in the future!
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  • Wolftöne Studios
    Wolftöne Studios 55 minutes ago

    Giving a like just for the THPS music nostalgia.

  • littlesnowflakepunk
    littlesnowflakepunk 3 hours ago

    A lot of these are for people with disabilities

  • pocketowo
    pocketowo 14 hours ago

    does anyone know the song @13.09 ?

  • Kelsey maddox
    Kelsey maddox 19 hours ago

    14:36 name of song?

  • Kelsey maddox
    Kelsey maddox 19 hours ago

    4:36 name of song?

  • Kelsey maddox
    Kelsey maddox 19 hours ago


  • Abel Angel
    Abel Angel 20 hours ago

    6:42 he almost look like the guy from breaking bad

  • Declan Armour
    Declan Armour Day ago

    294 snicker bars

  • Virgil Painitan
    Virgil Painitan Day ago


    Edit:My guess for how many snicker bars can fit in suit case is 1458

  • asetproductions
    asetproductions Day ago

    cKy whattttt !!

  • Alonda Hanger
    Alonda Hanger Day ago


  • AdiMillion
    AdiMillion 2 days ago

    Definitely enjoying the view of Tanner's belly button

  • RatedLettuceZone
    RatedLettuceZone 2 days ago

    I went to school one day in a onesie
    It was great

  • Tribecca Bess
    Tribecca Bess 2 days ago


  • Jessenia Garcia
    Jessenia Garcia 2 days ago


  • 1k subs with no videos

    I remember that scene and I have been waiting for the product since

  • Citlallilalli
    Citlallilalli 2 days ago


  • Shaun Prasser
    Shaun Prasser 2 days ago


  • Wolfdragon90
    Wolfdragon90 3 days ago

    They are WAY-overthinking about the dog launcher machine. That machine is meant for small dogs to run and fetch that's why it couldn't shoot it in the hoop. It is a lazy product if you could teach your dog how to drop the ball in the machine. The dog is playing fetch by itself.

  • hunbenny
    hunbenny 3 days ago

    Swallowing toothpaste? Not just disgusting, but not healthy and illogical. What? :D

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis 3 days ago

    Chocolate. Mocha. Chip.

  • Jr Perry
    Jr Perry 3 days ago

    6:38 lalalala la la laaaaaa!

  • Jr Perry
    Jr Perry 3 days ago

    6:37 nooooooo!

  • GWL
    GWL 3 days ago

    The editor is a keeper

  • Darnell Engel
    Darnell Engel 4 days ago

    Song at 13:40?

  • onoclan
    onoclan 4 days ago

    at 9:13 I died

  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie..kinda want that suitcase.

  • oh gooly
    oh gooly 4 days ago +1

    But like who made these captions omg @19:48

  • Braxton Stiner
    Braxton Stiner 4 days ago

    15:12 I died laugh

  • Luke Does YouTube
    Luke Does YouTube 4 days ago


  • ASMR Weirdo
    ASMR Weirdo 4 days ago


  • 03 Mateo
    03 Mateo 4 days ago

    some of this is for disable people

  • Hannah Ericson
    Hannah Ericson 4 days ago

    O god. My grandma bought that motorized ice cream cone for me randomly like 8 years agoooo

    • KitsWorld
      KitsWorld 4 days ago

      Hannah Ericson
      Did it work?

  • Aviad Goldstein-ago45

    "you got the zipers on the side" -reminds me of old town road :p

  • Cray-z Meerkat
    Cray-z Meerkat 5 days ago


  • Beginner Builders
    Beginner Builders 5 days ago +1

    I’m dying😂😂😂

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen 5 days ago

    I watched this video with the iPad clamp

  • Lea Dadoumont
    Lea Dadoumont 5 days ago


  • Melissa Burruss
    Melissa Burruss 5 days ago

    Birds at 5:00 am' 6:39

  • chlo boo
    chlo boo 5 days ago


  • Alexis Fearnow
    Alexis Fearnow 5 days ago


  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera 6 days ago

    He,s cute in the penguin

  • Amanda
    Amanda 6 days ago +1

    For some reason my cat knows how to play fetch

  • Jon Mcadams
    Jon Mcadams 6 days ago +1

    The dog fetch robot is for hyper dogs that want to constantly play. My boston terrier will use it for hours without supervision. And I get to relax and know he is getting exercise and stimulation.

  • Avenged 182
    Avenged 182 6 days ago

    Liked just for the Tony Hawk underground music... oh yeah and the rest of the video was great too

  • Sizzle Playz
    Sizzle Playz 6 days ago +2

    There is a better and higher quality suitcase that is electronic and you just sit on it and steer. You jus have to charge it and then you can ride it!

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez 7 days ago

    Lmfaooo okay but I had that phone holder for my bed so I can watch vids 🤣

  • Dream
    Dream 7 days ago

    Anybody here from the time the channel didnt had the name dope or nope?

  • Shania Galindo
    Shania Galindo 7 days ago


  • Mia M
    Mia M 7 days ago

    the bad is lava in 3 2 1 yes I'm to lazy to get up

  • Bibi BubbleGum
    Bibi BubbleGum 7 days ago

    I don’t like candy

  • Tahvel G
    Tahvel G 7 days ago


  • gacha kate
    gacha kate 7 days ago


  • Destilicious Forever


  • Jaime Geeding
    Jaime Geeding 7 days ago

    1Z explanation point

  • Jackson Matthews
    Jackson Matthews 7 days ago

    Why was it so dark at 8 am?

  • snipeyDew05_
    snipeyDew05_ 7 days ago


  • haley jackson
    haley jackson 8 days ago

    6:39 8:22 this could be my alarm clock

  • Wubulubadubdubs
    Wubulubadubdubs 8 days ago

    30 bars

  • RainbowRose 769
    RainbowRose 769 8 days ago

    Matt: “Much doper”
    Me: .... much *more* dope?

  • Lily Blanski
    Lily Blanski 8 days ago

    Omg, they said it is 9 : 30 in the morning and for me, it actually is 9 : 30 in the morning for me

  • Jasmine McLemore
    Jasmine McLemore 8 days ago


  • Jake THE IDIOT
    Jake THE IDIOT 8 days ago


  • Mooniiepie o
    Mooniiepie o 9 days ago +1

    15:11 can I just say you guys have the best editor ever?

  • Shadow
    Shadow 9 days ago


  • #Unicorn Cookie
    #Unicorn Cookie 9 days ago


  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 9 days ago

    If 9am is considered early for you guys.....

    You're all lazy AF

  • PZ9 The Best Fighter


  • Jody Esparza
    Jody Esparza 9 days ago +2

    A chakra is a anime power that lets u do cool jutsu/physical spells like Chidori. (A thousand bird)

  • Alex E
    Alex E 9 days ago

    Michael: .82 mile per hour ball . "YO I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE!!!!

    Michael 70 mile per hour Truck almost hits him "Dang slow down dude...."

  • MrNewcaledonia
    MrNewcaledonia 10 days ago

    My grandchildren showed me this channel and I must say that I'm very disappointed. The amount of inappropriate content is disturbing all these people do is spend copious amounts of money for no reason. Millennials like to do everything absolutely wrong, I've informed my grandchildren's parents about this situation and they will make sure that the kids will no longer have access to this type of video. Parents of youtube, I pray that you do the same, nothing but terrible values are to be taken from this group of liberals.

  • Austin England
    Austin England 10 days ago


  • Olivia Hatter
    Olivia Hatter 10 days ago


  • Epic Scythe
    Epic Scythe 10 days ago

    When matt and tanner sing sunflower 6:39

  • Abel Cedillo
    Abel Cedillo 10 days ago

    Man got to love the diversity of people