Lenny Kravitz Shows Us His Favorite Possessions | GQ


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  • A Cortes
    A Cortes 7 hours ago

    I want a baby with Kravitz... I’m a man... and I’m straight.

  • n0ceans
    n0ceans 7 days ago

    This is rad but they’re all men! Lenny, you gotta add some femme historical figures to your collection

  • Misfit Monster
    Misfit Monster 8 days ago

    .just be nice to be a spoiled rich kid...lucky

    MAVERICK DESAMERO 11 days ago


  • Kevin Deegan
    Kevin Deegan 11 days ago +1

    But.. but "it ain't over till it's over" came out so long ago...
    How does this guy never age?

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 12 days ago

    I'd love there to be a film or documentary about his parents; their life in New York in the 60's and 70s.
    What an intresting life they led! & Maybe Lenny could produce it?

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 12 days ago

    oh his dreads are back!
    he looks great.

  • Deja'Nay Rose
    Deja'Nay Rose 13 days ago

    i feel like this will be luka sabbat in the future

  • nico Mvp
    nico Mvp 13 days ago

    Lenny Kravitz "The Collector" ...wonder if he has some infinity stones lying around...

  • Brenda Stephens
    Brenda Stephens 14 days ago

    Wow....I'm literally blown away!! The J5 was also my first concert in San Francisco

  • WH1T3
    WH1T3 14 days ago

    How did you record his voice? It has so much quality in it. What's your post production setup?

  • Clemencia Scott
    Clemencia Scott 14 days ago

    Love his mind,his soul

  • Amanda Teoh
    Amanda Teoh 17 days ago

    Zoe feeling like that youngest sibling in the family that barely has space for her own stuff but needs to keep taking in the hand-me downs, though in this case I WOULD LOVE TO BE ZOE 😂

  • Amanda Teoh
    Amanda Teoh 17 days ago

    Can it be said that.. Lenny's probably the only human being that finds Yoko actually a decent human being? 😂

  • Nicole .J.W.
    Nicole .J.W. 17 days ago


    MEMBERS ONLY 646 17 days ago

    A Prince clone.

  • Maya Lig
    Maya Lig 17 days ago

    Lenny I love you, always . But, your hair .

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    New Years Eve*

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    I'm still at my moms. In the bx. Let me know if you're in Ny. Need to see you. Alicia*

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    Are you here in Nyc?

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    And Ur parents*they are with you always*:-)

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago


  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    Jimi Hendricks*

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    John Lennon*

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    James Brown*:-)

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    Ur prize possessions*

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    The 45*:-)

  • Alicia Felix
    Alicia Felix 18 days ago

    My prince*:-)

  • mpilo
    mpilo 18 days ago

    he has jimi hendrix's clothes? im robbing him.

  • HandCrafted StudioWorkstations

    *#LenyKravitz** you better have that Ecclesiastica Trust in place or the state will get it all and divi it up and Darling **#Zoe** will be left like an orphaned!*

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  • Bella Tinsley
    Bella Tinsley 19 days ago

    This is my favorite video atm

  • Ma yfLOwEr
    Ma yfLOwEr 20 days ago

    i always try to remind myself that he shared the stage with Guns n Roses in the 90s. That he's the same age as these guys. Even though they look like seniors today while Lenny didn't age a day.

  • orange moonglows
    orange moonglows 21 day ago

    what a wonderful, meaningful and beautiful collection of things he has. none of it is junk.

  • Aurora hemingway
    Aurora hemingway 21 day ago

    He has lived such an amazing life. Hid apartment is filled with millions of dollars of amazing memorabilia

  • Ka Boom
    Ka Boom 22 days ago

    How come so many dudes want to look like Sideshow Bob?

  • Powe x Hippie
    Powe x Hippie 22 days ago +1


  • Waseem October
    Waseem October 23 days ago

    Lenny is so charismatic and poised with this almost magical voice.

  • L. Duke
    L. Duke 27 days ago

    There could be no one but Lenny Kravitz to be their preserver and protector for these iconic musical and historical objects, no one... ✌☮♾

  • chop 362
    chop 362 28 days ago

    Lenny you’re gifted, never mind this stuff, make more music😁

  • M P
    M P 28 days ago

    What a beautiful human being

  • Urban Pen Diva
    Urban Pen Diva Month ago

    Lenny you just get better and better with time. Shout out to Lisa Bonet for marrying two of the sexiest men of all time.

  • Õrne Leemets
    Õrne Leemets Month ago

    Very beautiful memories that are remembered for life!!

  • Haidee Haidee
    Haidee Haidee Month ago

    Miles Davis jacket epic!!!!!

  • Anita Burden
    Anita Burden Month ago

    Starting at 7:49, I saw Lenny's hair in the mirror and thought it was a big spider!😳. Great video

  • karen hamer
    karen hamer Month ago


  • Steve B
    Steve B Month ago

    The coolest dude on the planet! Love u Lenny Let Love Rule!

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    Getting caught in 94 with possession of drugs was his favorite for sure... The Exorcist possession was his second favorite...

  • tjpm
    tjpm Month ago

    I was about yo quit this vídeo because of the tusks. Happy to hear they r not real.

  • B Fischer
    B Fischer Month ago

    Tbt with tv

  • Carol G Cummings
    Carol G Cummings Month ago

    Thanks Lenny Kravitz! You shared a marvelous DNA footprint with us.

  • Patricia Mcintosh
    Patricia Mcintosh Month ago

    Loving your style and talent

    ACEDBH Month ago

    Very cool collection!

  • Shady Groves
    Shady Groves Month ago

    Incredible. Could watch him talk about this stuff for days, what a living legend

  • cyan pepper
    cyan pepper Month ago

    lol @ all the people referring to Kravitz as "this dude" //
    It's LENNY MF KRAVITZ yo.! ( check out the cd inlays to CIRCUS ) //

  • Kams Al
    Kams Al Month ago

    Lenny is Royalty bless him

  • Kams Al
    Kams Al Month ago

    Wow his voice I’m melting.. beautiful soul .. Love 💕 and Respect ✊

  • Natalia Choung
    Natalia Choung Month ago +1

    I'm suprised that he care that much about stuff that surronded him as a child/young adult. Propably things that remind him about happy times. Also the things that were belong to his parents. But the beggining specially the Mohamed Ali shoes with blood on it, shocked me. Basicially keeping others celebrity shoes..

  • Gr8 Gazooo
    Gr8 Gazooo Month ago

    This man has a 30-year-old daughter, and still makes women swoon

  • Daniel Cervi
    Daniel Cervi Month ago

    This guy literally doesn't age

  • the KDJ
    the KDJ Month ago

    If tech was more advanced he could make a clone of Mohammed Ali

  • cybertuber3
    cybertuber3 Month ago

    woww was vor eine tolle Sammlung! 😍

  • Joel Jefferson
    Joel Jefferson Month ago

    Lenny Kravitz is such a beautiful human I have loved him for years!!!

  • Solange
    Solange Month ago

    I waited the whole video for him to show his elixir of life, philosopher stone or something...

  • franco rossi
    franco rossi Month ago

    Name of the sunglasses please!!!

  • Madelynn Jones
    Madelynn Jones Month ago

    2:20 @busybeecarys opening song lol

  • ilovelespotsacforeve

    How did he even get access to all this stuff

  • Indie Sindie
    Indie Sindie Month ago

    There's a lot of magic there! I love to decoupage quotes by Muhammad Ali onto surfaces! They're so inspirational!

  • Johanne Burkhardt
    Johanne Burkhardt Month ago +1

    this is such an epic interview

  • BEE KOOL113
    BEE KOOL113 Month ago

    Lenny is a beautiful soul

  • StationaryParticles
    StationaryParticles 2 months ago

    Yeah John Lennon had no boundries. That's why he was a wife beater I guess

  • Perry Barner
    Perry Barner 2 months ago

    I met lenny in the polo store in Lenox mall in 4004.

  • TheMs Croft
    TheMs Croft 2 months ago

    He's legendary

  • Nan Blankenship
    Nan Blankenship 2 months ago

    So Amazingly Interesting. Lenny Kravitz is such cool dude. 😎

  • veronica Deal
    veronica Deal 2 months ago

    i was 9 yrs old sgt peppers i knew every word in a weeks time my first 45 was i wanna hold your hand too srt peppers was my first LP.. i lived my life according to the beatles still do and that album changed my life too . even so young.. your collection is amazing.... i love you and how you think.. and live.... thank goodness for artist like you

  • N R
    N R 2 months ago

    Sideshow Lenny ...

  • spinningcranks
    spinningcranks 2 months ago

    How tf

  • Eyob G.
    Eyob G. 2 months ago

    The difference between him and rappers collections 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  • Daniel Ge
    Daniel Ge 2 months ago

    not sure about those James Brown boots and the fact he actually wears it

  • O P A L Z
    O P A L Z 2 months ago

    I wonder if Lenny realises people look at him the same way he looks at Jimi Hendrix. Hilarious.

  • O P A L Z
    O P A L Z 2 months ago

    Money does great things for your health. Seeing all these rich dudes never age... crazy

  • Tom L
    Tom L 2 months ago

    He doesn't age

  • wzup77ify
    wzup77ify 2 months ago

    He had quite the connection with their wives

  • Cee SaintWarhola
    Cee SaintWarhola 2 months ago

    like walking through a very special museum of music-moments. love the stories so much! thanks for that.

  • Display Name
    Display Name 2 months ago

    He is very prince esc

  • June Bugg
    June Bugg 2 months ago

    Man I nO nothing of rock and roll he is a gift God sent us I swear💯💯

  • Confused Kiwi
    Confused Kiwi 2 months ago

    All the others showing there ludicrously ugly, vulgar chain (probably hollow and covered in quarts): see lil-yachty etc etc. And Lenny has Mohammad Alis' DNA !!!

  • forever SHAMPOO
    forever SHAMPOO 2 months ago

    he reminds me of dave chapelle doing prince

  • jarvis thomas
    jarvis thomas 2 months ago

    *This dude has a real museum in his house!* I mean priceless pieces , he never has to worry about going broke! I love lenny but these objects should be in the African museum tho!

  • Toonz Brah
    Toonz Brah 2 months ago

    I want glasses like him bet none of yous know where to get them 😝

  • god is love
    god is love 2 months ago

    Such Kool video and cat Lenny Kravitz

  • Toi Jiles
    Toi Jiles 2 months ago

    Those boxing gloves are EVERYTHING, and the picture frames stand as works of art on their own.

  • T Kappa
    T Kappa 2 months ago

    I didn't think he was such a pro black supremacist.

  • Mr S
    Mr S 2 months ago

    And one day there will be another famous singer saying how special Lenny’s things are too them too 🤘

  • Etc
    Etc 2 months ago

    That vest at 4:09😍

  • San - Pler
    San - Pler 2 months ago

    La peluca...

  • lynn vargas
    lynn vargas 2 months ago

    i could drool a river listening to him talk about anything. ants climbing up a hill, stomach ache, what he ate for dinner and how he cooked it, lol OMG that man is so HOT

  • Some Random Name
    Some Random Name 2 months ago

    Where's his lifetime supply of MilkyWay bars?

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 2 months ago

    he's got sooo much music stuff