Lenny Kravitz Shows Us His Favorite Possessions | GQ


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  • Eyob G.
    Eyob G. 2 days ago

    The difference between him and rappers collections 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  • Daniel Ge
    Daniel Ge 4 days ago

    not sure about those James Brown boots and the fact he actually wears it

  • O P A L Z
    O P A L Z 4 days ago

    I wonder if Lenny realises people look at him the same way he looks at Jimi Hendrix. Hilarious.

  • O P A L Z
    O P A L Z 4 days ago

    Money does great things for your health. Seeing all these rich dudes never age... crazy

  • Tom L
    Tom L 5 days ago

    He doesn't age

  • wzup77ify
    wzup77ify 5 days ago

    He had quite the connection with their wives

  • Cee SaintWarhola
    Cee SaintWarhola 6 days ago

    like walking through a very special museum of music-moments. love the stories so much! thanks for that.

  • Display Name
    Display Name 6 days ago

    He is very prince esc

  • June Bugg
    June Bugg 6 days ago

    Man I nO nothing of rock and roll he is a gift God sent us I swear💯💯

  • Confused Kiwi
    Confused Kiwi 6 days ago

    All the others showing there ludicrously ugly, vulgar chain (probably hollow and covered in quarts): see lil-yachty etc etc. And Lenny has Mohammad Alis' DNA !!!

  • forever SHAMPOO
    forever SHAMPOO 6 days ago

    he reminds me of dave chapelle doing prince

  • jarvis thomas
    jarvis thomas 6 days ago

    *This dude has a real museum in his house!* I mean priceless pieces , he never has to worry about going broke! I love lenny but these objects should be in the African museum tho!

  • Toonz Brah
    Toonz Brah 6 days ago

    I want glasses like him bet none of yous know where to get them 😝

  • god is love
    god is love 7 days ago

    Such Kool video and cat Lenny Kravitz

  • Toi Jiles
    Toi Jiles 11 days ago

    Those boxing gloves are EVERYTHING, and the picture frames stand as works of art on their own.

  • T Kappa
    T Kappa 11 days ago

    I didn't think he was such a pro black supremacist.

  • Mr S
    Mr S 11 days ago

    And one day there will be another famous singer saying how special Lenny’s things are too them too 🤘

  • Etc
    Etc 12 days ago

    That vest at 4:09😍

  • San - Pler
    San - Pler 16 days ago

    La peluca...

  • lynn vargas
    lynn vargas 19 days ago

    i could drool a river listening to him talk about anything. ants climbing up a hill, stomach ache, what he ate for dinner and how he cooked it, lol OMG that man is so HOT

  • Some Random Name
    Some Random Name 22 days ago

    Where's his lifetime supply of MilkyWay bars?

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 22 days ago

    he's got sooo much music stuff

  • Drooskeedoo
    Drooskeedoo 25 days ago

    Down to earth sentimental guy. All his possessions are memories of his past. He doesnt just collect these things to have them. He collects them to remember his experiences.

  • lyle king
    lyle king 27 days ago

    The best one ive seen

  • Taurusiron
    Taurusiron 28 days ago

    cool...shine on...

  • Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores Month ago

    Does anyone else think he looks or reminds us of Rob Pilatus?

  • Dewayne White
    Dewayne White Month ago

    That's some priceless memorabilia, its awesome like i want him to keep presenting without stopping!!!! RIGHT ON Lenny !!!!!

  • Knowledge Seeker 78

    Wait...Lenny is growing his locks back...I'm not a fan of that, but I still love him

  • Maarten
    Maarten Month ago

    4:29 anybody know the song?

  • elver chimbawe
    elver chimbawe Month ago

    how normal is to have a man crush on this guy?

  • Armani Akeem
    Armani Akeem Month ago

    He surrounds himself around greatness since a child.. No wonder he is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!

  • crying taco cat
    crying taco cat Month ago

    That Hendrix jacket is just absolutely stunning

  • RedxYeti
    RedxYeti Month ago

    i dont see any dragonflies.

  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit Month ago

    Everything he has is so beautifully displayed. He has so much musical history in his house.

  • Hurbii
    Hurbii Month ago

    must be nice to be able to sleep anywhere without a pillow...

  • Gorgeousbronze -Madison-

    i've got chills. Brought back memories for me too.

  • Cindi Gans
    Cindi Gans Month ago

    Jackson 5 MSG was my first concert too!!

  • Austin Conderi
    Austin Conderi Month ago

    ooh man..the guy got sggt peppers pappers...he dont need show nothing more..just this

  • im-pro-at-skyrim
    im-pro-at-skyrim Month ago

    why is it that only famous people can dress like retards and no-one says anything

  • Agnieszka Łada
    Agnieszka Łada Month ago

    He's so cute and handsome and his voice, hmm. I love Lenny

  • El Jackson
    El Jackson Month ago


  • Tomoko
    Tomoko Month ago

    They look like a bunch of thrift store items... never the less I think he's a great musician

  • Ome Teolt
    Ome Teolt Month ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this Great Treasure !! ❤😍

  • Lázaro Murad
    Lázaro Murad Month ago +2

    I wanna look as good as him at 54 😎

  • Jeremy Hayes
    Jeremy Hayes Month ago +1

    Dude doesn’t look a day over 30. The last true rockstar

  • Sada De Vries
    Sada De Vries Month ago

    Brown walls I like !!

  • thesteeez
    thesteeez Month ago

    Cool parents and a cool kid they raised

  • Tarah Amazing
    Tarah Amazing Month ago

    Runner Up to the Most Interesting Man in the World!

    YAH YEET Month ago

    $30,000,000 worth of artifacts basically, $8,750,000 House.. So much money in 1 video.

  • wizard owl
    wizard owl Month ago

    I wonder if he ever had trouble getting girls?

  • Rosa Lopez
    Rosa Lopez Month ago

    He had loving parents that made a diferente in his life

  • HomeTown Studios
    HomeTown Studios Month ago

    ahhhh pero no tenes la Bata de Sandro! (?)

  • Folarin
    Folarin Month ago

    The picture of James Brown looks like his daughter

  • Dom Jú
    Dom Jú Month ago

    In the elite they all eat the same pie

  • sonnythirteen
    sonnythirteen Month ago

    Historian, I’m happy someone is cherishing these moments

  • Ray Orchestra
    Ray Orchestra Month ago

    I gotta marry Zoey!

  • yoshe yoshe
    yoshe yoshe Month ago

    Cant believe this guy basically had a one hit career and people call him iconic, Rockstar etc. etc. I like Lenny but one maybe two songs ????

  • Jayden Shaw
    Jayden Shaw Month ago

    This is the real HYPE BEAST

  • Igo Man
    Igo Man Month ago

    Didn't know that Lenny is so fantastic!

  • Foe Pockets Full
    Foe Pockets Full Month ago

    Millions iin 1 room

  • Rachael Clothier
    Rachael Clothier Month ago +1

    Just imagine his voice on an Asmr thing or maybe a story tape.... Nice

  • ZiwaHD
    ZiwaHD Month ago

    Funny how we now carry TV screens in our pockets !!!

  • GrungeRockGod
    GrungeRockGod Month ago

    hate his music but he seems like a pretty chill dude

  • Noahmatthews
    Noahmatthews Month ago

    LMFAOO at prince shoes

  • SixStringsNoodler
    SixStringsNoodler Month ago +1

    Such a huge rock'n'roll star and yet a simple and humble man. I like what he transmits. A nice human being...

  • Heroin Father
    Heroin Father Month ago

    He gets a W for getting Lisa Bonet pregnant

  • Dj Hurie
    Dj Hurie Month ago

    Beautiful story... I love it!!!

  • idillit
    idillit Month ago

    In the thumbnail he looks like a black mom that found out her son spent 200 dollars on sneakers

  • N.i.B.
    N.i.B. Month ago

    bet people are thinking boy thats a small tv watching this on their iphones.

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy


  • Jim Cushman
    Jim Cushman Month ago +1

    GREAT collection of memorabilia...John Lennon's shirt...."Sgt.Pepper" lyrics in McCartney's hand...Miles Davis' jacket...Jimi Hendrix lyrics and his pants...James Brown's outfit.....Ali's boxing shoes...Amazing stuff!!!

  • Alex Kohler
    Alex Kohler Month ago

    Too much hair.

  • Rafael Nunez
    Rafael Nunez Month ago

    the guy has a lot of garbage around his house, what a way to waste money...

  • Morge Zorge
    Morge Zorge Month ago

    He also collected the locks of every famous artist and put it on his head :)

  • sharkman766
    sharkman766 Month ago +1

    I would be afraid to touch anything in his house!!!

  • Israel Jane
    Israel Jane Month ago

    I want those sunglasses

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 Month ago

    Love how Lenny is a Beatles nut!!

  • This Is Indie
    This Is Indie Month ago


  • Justin Folsom
    Justin Folsom Month ago

    There’s just something magical about.. James browns uh.. shoes to me” 😂

  • ray dunlap
    ray dunlap Month ago


  • Martel Dibiase
    Martel Dibiase Month ago

    Huh he looks like by lil bro born in the year 1999

  • L G
    L G Month ago +1

    Really Good friends with Prince.❤

  • marcela iglesias
    marcela iglesias Month ago

    omg he’s so hot 😩 that deep voice those lips... 💓

  • a m
    a m Month ago

    who else think he will explain the cotton flowers also?:))

  • CYndibabI
    CYndibabI Month ago

    reminds me so much of Prince that voice that gives you tingles 😍 so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • galinettto netto
    galinettto netto Month ago

    seriously dude, I thought you were cool,but you have nothing better to do that to show your stupid useless collection..lol

  • Daniel Fjäll
    Daniel Fjäll Month ago

    I cant believe hes turning 70!

  • Candyslim501
    Candyslim501 Month ago

    It's all about Love according to Linny. Let's try to show more?

  • dominic2014
    dominic2014 Month ago

    hmph ... so cool

  • nickodemo1
    nickodemo1 Month ago

    your average rich kid -.-

  • Primate Behavior
    Primate Behavior Month ago

    When he and Lisa Bonet separated I was heart-broken. If they couldn't make it who could..
    I was gonna go live with them in "This lovely garden and farm the land each day" :0)
    Still one of my favorite albums ever.

  • Axeli Brotherus
    Axeli Brotherus Month ago

    Who were lennys parents again like wtf yoko ono gives john lennons sweater for birthday like in what situation u would be with yoko ono in ur birthday.

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago +5

    Dang, James brown was the size of a little kid!

  • Dean Riley
    Dean Riley Month ago

    Kravitz has a great voice, along with being very handsome.

  • captain caveman
    captain caveman Month ago +1

    Clone alert!!! this man has been replaced no one ages that slowly...

  • Qwer Rewq
    Qwer Rewq Month ago

    It's like Dwayne rock had causan brother

  • Edward
    Edward Month ago

    Lenny seems so down to earth. Calm and cool and grounded. Seems like a really easy guy to talk to as well.

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Month ago

    When I was a child, my father taught me to express myself in a calm, relaxed way..."just like Kravy!" He said.

  • Vinny Lopez
    Vinny Lopez Month ago

    1:11 Muhammed Ali lived in Buffalo, NY???? WTF!!! I highly doubt anyone here in Buffalo knows that, or even the people that live at 56 Lonsdale Rd are aware of that. I am kind of blown away by this and am feeling like I should go to the house to tell who ever lives there this.

  • 13Chosen33
    13Chosen33 Month ago

    I absolutely love this man.... 💞😍😘