How to make Ramen at Home 【醤油ラーメン・Soy Sauce】

  • Published on Aug 9, 2013
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    ※ You can get 味覇(Weyper) on Rakuten Global Market or SUNMART JAPANESE GROCERIES. You can use 味覇 for many Asian cuisines and it lasts for a while.
    Shipping fee is expensive, though. :(

    Any kind of Ramen Noodles (お好きな麺)
    500ml Water(2.1 cups) (水)
    2 tsp Soy sauce (小さじ2 醤油)
    1.5 tsp 味覇・Weyper (小さじ1.5 ウェイパー)
    1 tsp Garlic Powder (小さじ1 ガーリックパウダー)
    【Alternative Ingredients : soup】(代案スープレシピ)
    * If you can get 味覇, you should definitely use it.
    400ml Water(1.7 cups) (水)
    1.5 tsp Chicken Powder (LEE KUM KEE) (小さじ1.5 鶏がらスープの素)
    1 tsp Soy Sauce (小さじ1 醤油)
    1.5 tsp Oyster Sauce (小さじ1.5 オイスターソース)
    1 tsp Sesame Oil (小さじ1 ごま油)
    A pinch of Salt & Sugar (ひとつまみ 塩・砂糖)
    * If the soup is too salty, add water and make it less salty.
    【Toppings I used】
    Roast Pork (焼き豚)
    Boiled egg (ゆで卵)
    Green onion (ねぎ)
    Chill pepper (糸唐辛子)
    Nori (seaweed).
    The songs in this video are "Effortless", "Stickybee" and "Frannie" by Josh Woodward and can be found
    The license is CC-BY:
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