I Was in a Diet Competition That Nearly Cost My Life

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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    When normal people look at the fitness models on magazines, the girls on Instagram, or anyone we see on the billboards, it always makes us feel bad about ourselves. "Why don't we look like them?" Some people go as far as to try to compete with others online to see how much weight they can lose. It ends up not being about looking or feeling good anymore, it's end up being more about winning. Until they're hospitalized....
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  • Rebecca Deppo
    Rebecca Deppo 14 hours ago

    Im at a point where my health isn’t what matters , it’s my looks, it’s the number on the scale , it’s the figure on the mirror. I must b honest tho, I’m not as skeleton skinny as I was and I am trying to eat more.. it’s hard .

  • bob the cow
    bob the cow 19 hours ago

    "They said Anorexia is good"
    Young foolish children.

  • Oixi Pox
    Oixi Pox 3 days ago

    The thing is, I wanna really skinny but also curvy :(

    • Kyanna Jk
      Kyanna Jk 2 days ago

      Oixi Pox slim thick is an option

  • KawaiiPotato XOX
    KawaiiPotato XOX 4 days ago

    Now I'm hungry..

  • Lilynguyen Nguyen
    Lilynguyen Nguyen 4 days ago +2

    Well I wear size 13 Nike’s, men’s size.
    Beat that

  • moonlight baby
    moonlight baby 5 days ago

    it’s honestly really sad. when u need people the most, they leave. but when u don’t need them, they’re always annoying u.

    but we been knew tbh :(

  • Dusty Doe
    Dusty Doe 6 days ago

    I'm skinny from smoking meth

  • Naomi Brokenshire
    Naomi Brokenshire 6 days ago


  • Kallista Metro
    Kallista Metro 12 days ago


  • Bro And Sis Gaming
    Bro And Sis Gaming 12 days ago

    This is a lesson for life, kids. Never follow all of the things that talk about going on diets. Don't go on a diet, instead, change your diet.

  • Melanie Martinez K-12
    Melanie Martinez K-12 13 days ago

    I kinda wanna see what this pro Anna acc is

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 14 days ago

    I can put my pinky and thumb around my forearm. I’m not anorexic, or bulimic, I don’t have any eating disorder. I’m just a really really skinny.

  • Ximena :v :3
    Ximena :v :3 14 days ago

    I need that app

  • Gacha Pato Sisters Eve Pharaoh and Eliza

    If my hips were the ones in the thumbnail I’d be hella happy

  • emma battihki
    emma battihki 16 days ago

    My counsoler at camp reported me for not eating enough (around 400 calories a day) and my mom took me to a doctor who said I needed to gain 10 pounds but I haven't gained any.

  • c a m drummer
    c a m drummer 16 days ago +1

    You are never supposed to follow a diet this long reward yourself with a few hundred calories after you completed a diet

  • Angel Bry
    Angel Bry 18 days ago

    Hello @joyful dog

  • courtly jester Love
    courtly jester Love 19 days ago

    I am thin but I have 31 kg

  • Vanilla_Lilla
    Vanilla_Lilla 19 days ago +2

    everyones saying this inspired them to love themselves but this just made me want to join pro-ana

    like really bad

  • Cande M
    Cande M 19 days ago

    I’ve got a friend with eating disorders, she’s anorexic and bulimic so this hits me so hard💔

  • Raika Chowdhury
    Raika Chowdhury 20 days ago +1

    Anna bible?
    Welp, I found the most unholy bible in the world.

  • sarah frazier
    sarah frazier 21 day ago

    I looked it up and pro anna websites and apps are an actual this is terrible

  • prepare for panda
    prepare for panda 21 day ago

    When your so skinny you have no waist

  • Dabbing Doges
    Dabbing Doges 22 days ago

    -1 billion pounds ahhhhhhhhhhhh perfect

  • Lize Dockx
    Lize Dockx 22 days ago

    dont be sad ur hella thicc

  • Fairytail_ Happy
    Fairytail_ Happy 24 days ago

    You were on the wrong side of the internet, a lot of anorexics are pro recovery for people.

    JENNIFER VOLF 25 days ago +4

    Her: I wanted to be 0 pounds
    Me:I wanna be thick

  • Olivia Archer
    Olivia Archer 25 days ago

    I am so sorry! That seemed really scary. I hope you are feeling better now.

  • Deceased_ _Tomato’s
    Deceased_ _Tomato’s 27 days ago +1

    Me: I wanna go on a diet!
    Also me: *watches video*
    The last me: _no_

  • bad bitch
    bad bitch 29 days ago +1

    "my names Ana"
    what a coincidence

  • gwen reyes
    gwen reyes Month ago

    ironic how her name is ana

  • _hiii Plums
    _hiii Plums Month ago


  • GoreJunkie
    GoreJunkie Month ago

    Song name ???

  • Tanisha Girl
    Tanisha Girl Month ago +1

    Intinya menjadi diri sendiri itu lebih baik

  • Alexandra Petre
    Alexandra Petre Month ago

    I'm 96 pounds and never tried a diet (and never will)

  • CaramellPeach
    CaramellPeach Month ago

    *sorry about girl with an eating disorder*
    "my name is Ana"

  • Gacha Krazed
    Gacha Krazed Month ago +5

    Me: *Watching video*
    TVclip: *food ad*

  • mikah ong
    mikah ong Month ago

    I cant believe pro ana sites even exist!

  • TheGermanGuy
    TheGermanGuy Month ago +2

    In Russia, You eat food.
    In America, Food eat you.

  • xo gia
    xo gia Month ago +1

    Ironic her name is Ana

  • bubblegum1234
    bubblegum1234 Month ago

    ive never been fat, im really skinny, i havent got diagnosed with anything but im really skinny. i think it might be part of genetics or something but im really picky and i sometimes think im fat because i cant see myself. im actually losing pounds i need to eat but im not hating myself for eating, because i know

  • ficbaek
    ficbaek Month ago

    pro ana actually exist wtf

  • Chumby Seal
    Chumby Seal Month ago

    All these things make losing weight through an eating disorder is the easiest??

  • Victorea Nassar
    Victorea Nassar Month ago

    Thank you 🧡

  • j k
    j k Month ago

    It watch it with 2x, the video was way too long n the music was way too boring

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom Month ago

    One time I ate DiEjestives my tummy was getting sour and regretted eating those DiEjestives and thinking I would die until it got really worse and then it stopped

  • Michaela Hartova
    Michaela Hartova Month ago +5

    Anna: My parents crying because they could see my veins through my papery thin skin
    Me: wait... I can see my veins clearly

  • Michaela Hartova
    Michaela Hartova Month ago +4

    I checked out the pro-ana account


  • Tidepods Gaming
    Tidepods Gaming Month ago +1

    I can go days without exercising,but I can't go an hour without eating.

  • Brigit.5
    Brigit.5 Month ago

    It is impossible to be 0 pounds because your skin weighs a lot and your heart does too In Oregon so heavy

  • molly turner
    molly turner Month ago

    How am I supposed to love myself if my mom always calls me fat and ugly on a daily basis

  • Vanessa Bulintao
    Vanessa Bulintao Month ago

    Im watching this after eating like a pig and it makes me cry.....😞😭

  • Victor Tecpa
    Victor Tecpa Month ago

    I swear I thought it was a worm coming out of her nose

  • kawaiii gacha chan
    kawaiii gacha chan Month ago

    Couch ana does not understand how girls are pretty just the way they are and she should be slapped in the face like this comment for how many slaps she should get

  • Anna Huber Marchand

    My name is Anna and I can relate to this

  • Elizabeth Pyle
    Elizabeth Pyle Month ago

    I’m ANnA
    Me: 🤔

  • Gabbi Playz
    Gabbi Playz Month ago

    Uhhh just saying it's physically impossible to be 0 pounds not only because you would die before you reached 0 but because the human brain weighs 10 pounds and you would never be able to get rid of thoes 10 pounds without removing your brain and your skull and you will definitely die I'm just saying...

  • trin Console
    trin Console Month ago +1

    I wish my body would let me starve my self but I can only last 6 seconds without food

    • Gacha Promise
      Gacha Promise Month ago

      trin Console wowie then make a video and prove it!

  • Chloe Kelly
    Chloe Kelly Month ago

    I would NEVER I REPEAT NEVER go on a diet

  • Izzy Kisses
    Izzy Kisses Month ago

    3:30 hold up I thought she said she didn’t hazard any friends