The Sad Truth About the Turmeric in Your Golden Latte

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
  • Now seems like a golden opportunity to talk about the positive health benefits of that turmeric in your morning latte.
    Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • mightytaiger
    mightytaiger 2 days ago

    Does she know she can open her mouth freely while speaking, or is she training to become a ventriloquist?

  • IntermediateJesus
    IntermediateJesus 18 days ago

    You need to always combine it with black pepper(apparently increases bioavailability by 200 %) which probably just means it makes a blip in you. Or just inject yourself with curcumin by a professional or something.

  • Traci Morales
    Traci Morales 20 days ago

    All I need to know about turmeric is that it’s great on clam chowder.

  • Leon Judge Artwork
    Leon Judge Artwork 2 months ago

    Finishing your sentences high all the time

  • Reina Macarena
    Reina Macarena 2 months ago

    Lmao the fact that science decided to do a study on it
    Guess what people. I had inflammation in my body that was badddddd turmeric is my savior. I put that schiz on everything. If you make a latte, don't 4get to add black pepper for bioavailability. Also add cinnamon to fight insulin spikes and last but not least , top it with hella whipped cream. Ummm ummmmmm good🤗😘
    Extra tip... get an empty spice jar and fill it with turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic and onion powder, parsley, cilantro, cumin, etc all the healthy herbs. Carry it with you to take to restaurants, friends, etc😉

  • Bidu Bidu
    Bidu Bidu 2 months ago

    This is Haldi Dhoodh(turmeric milk) originated in India/Pakistan...this idea is stolen by western thieves and turned it into a turmeric latte without giving credit where it's due

  • Kyle Noe
    Kyle Noe 2 months ago

    Turmeric is used in Pakistani curry. It tastes weird imo.

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 2 months ago

    If I wanted skin glow I'd go take a few shots of vodka.

  • Curly Yasmin
    Curly Yasmin 3 months ago

    You are just always full of bad news...

  • iMountain Media
    iMountain Media 3 months ago

    Check out this video:
    I trust Dr. Michael Gregor. He analyzes all the science.

  • Gatoslocos
    Gatoslocos 3 months ago

    So negative.

  • Colin Foo
    Colin Foo 4 months ago

    soy was once a was Coca-Cola.

  • AntiMessiah
    AntiMessiah 4 months ago

    People in #India only use 1-2 tea spoon of #turmeric in a family worth's of curry. It is a spice not the main dish to be used in such large quantities.

  • remliqa
    remliqa 5 months ago

    0:45 . Bah, I've bee eating tumeric my whole life and I've yet to see to see so called "glowing skin effects" .

    • J.J. Shank
      J.J. Shank 5 months ago

      Maybe your skin is at its best, and if you stop eating tumeric, it'll get way worse than it is now.

  • Oppie
    Oppie 5 months ago

    Two non-myths about turmeric's benefits:
    1) It is delicious.
    2) It's pretty effective at turning stuff yellow - especially helpful if you're trying to make "cheesy" type foods as a vegan.

  • em312s0n
    em312s0n 6 months ago

    pan assays = "pain in the ass" more like. cheeky scientists

  • john doe
    john doe 6 months ago

    She's so deformed

  • Zen Newman-Standing
    Zen Newman-Standing 6 months ago

    Your voice is annoying!

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    I have ZERO faith in ANYTHING unless I see how the experiment is done to be sure theyve got control groups and large population samples and double blind studies and that they aren't cherry picking. (Eg, having one person get better after eating something, then claiming "THIS CURES CANCER!!!!"

  • Ara Villa R
    Ara Villa R 7 months ago

    Oh not the valley girl accent again :/

  • The Aussie Slav
    The Aussie Slav 7 months ago

    1tsp per day with 8th tsp black pepper n some coconut

  • Paul Webster
    Paul Webster 7 months ago

    stupid people jumping on bandwagons... will they never learn?

  • T.C. Bramblett
    T.C. Bramblett 7 months ago

    I NEVER heard of this golden latte thing. Maybe it hasn't trickled down to the hipsters of my city yet.

  • PennyAfNorberg
    PennyAfNorberg 7 months ago

    I was told that it was used as a remedy, against micro infections in india, I thought why not and use it from time to time, but it doesn't tastes much.

  • Deanna Moriarity
    Deanna Moriarity 7 months ago

    ..drinking golden milk every night can help your sleep and improve digestion...long term this will bring overall health and vitality up...not to mention consistent sleep schedules.

  • CluelessKomodoDragon
    CluelessKomodoDragon 7 months ago

    Tumeric does have proven anti-inflammatory effects. Of course all the miraculous claims are not true but in a stronger concentrated dose it does have proven effects.
    Daily JW, Yang M, Park S. Efficacy of Turmeric Extracts and Curcumin for Alleviating the Symptoms of Joint Arthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials. Journal of Medicinal Food. 2016;19(8):717-729. doi:10.1089/jmf.2016.3705.

  • oSmoSia G.
    oSmoSia G. 7 months ago

    Why does this girl end so many sentences with an upword inflection lol

  • Heather Holidays
    Heather Holidays 7 months ago

    Ok fine superfood is like Wonder Women...get it. BUT I LOVEEEEEEE my golden latte and I love my curries and I really love fresh turmeric grated on my salads. I like what you said, I’m just not sure I buy everything you said. I think it is very good for your health, NOTHING is a cure all not CBDs, not Chemo and not even Veggies xoox

  • Konjo Akberet
    Konjo Akberet 7 months ago

    Why does her voice do that at the end of every sentence! 😂

  • Xstorm
    Xstorm 7 months ago

    Tastes good tho.

  • tybi12
    tybi12 7 months ago

    What is good for humans?

  • Disquietude
    Disquietude 7 months ago

    Not to be confused with a golden shower

  • m0L3ify
    m0L3ify 7 months ago

    Adding a normal amount of turmeric to your daily diet CAN protect against inflammatory response and DNA damage. (Percival, et al. 2012)

  • Didivs Ivlianvs
    Didivs Ivlianvs 8 months ago +1

    So curcumin does nothing but whole turmeric has never been tested.

  • ZippieeIfy
    ZippieeIfy 8 months ago

    Ok I hope I'm not the only one here thinking this and maybe I'm wrong. But either way the word "anti-antioxidant" bothers me because it sounds like a double negative. Wouldn't it just be called an oxidant?

  • Emmie M
    Emmie M 8 months ago

    Lmao pains! 😂

  • ThatOneGirl
    ThatOneGirl 8 months ago

    I drank golden lattes since I was very young but my mum would put whole milk , crushed almonds , honey and fresh tumeric and some other things.

    .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 8 months ago

    There isn't a SINGLE "superfood" in the world, just how much debunking are people gonna need to realise that there are no magical cures for everything? But I guess it looks cool on your instagram photos, so that's all you need these days.

  • Joonyur
    Joonyur 8 months ago

    ROFLMAO@a pretty yellow insta!!
    But seriously, instinct tends to make me question if turmeric has more benefits to health from any direct effects it would likely have by maintaining colon health... i.e. stimulus and flora management and even parasitic prevention and removal...
    Anyone know if there's science behind that aspect? Because it can be observed that the health of people with turmeric rich diets tends to be good well into old age...

  • Greg
    Greg 8 months ago

    Can it cure my HIV/AIDS ?

  • AFSamizdat
    AFSamizdat 8 months ago

    Poorly researched, poorly executed.
    I believe it is somewhat disingenuous to make the association that a latte will not benefit you, therefore tumeric will not, based on a gram consumed of potentially active curcuminoids. A study (from linked sources) implicating that piperine is necessary for increasing turmeric's impact on physiology shouldn't entitle one narrative and not another. E.g. a latte with just turmeric will likely have no benefit, due to the poor availability without the presence of piperine.
    Not claiming it will cure your cancer, but a lot on what makes tumeric actually assist potential issues are overlooked (e.g. digestive issues, inflammation). I get you guys are probably being grilled to produce material, but you need more than a couple days to review the research on a topic; 10 sources, which includes a chemistry review, a healthlines blog post, a depression study in rats (not even mentioned in the video)... I feel like this was very much a shotgun approach to nailing a predictable narrative

  • addjewelry
    addjewelry 8 months ago

    People and even scientists...

  • Blake Belladonna
    Blake Belladonna 8 months ago

    What's so sad about this truth? That turmeric has basically no positive or negative health effects? Clickbait much?

  • Dylan Stephen
    Dylan Stephen 8 months ago

    you will never understand something, by only looking at one of many parts. scientists are honestly loosing it.. you guys just accept what you want to accept.. ignoring that everything you know, comes from nature- yet somehow 1000's of years of knowledge is thrown out the window because you fed a bunch of rats, one single component of a complex multi layered system, that is constantly growing. just dumb and foolish

  • retrojohnny77
    retrojohnny77 8 months ago

    Please consider varying your inflection when speaking. While there is variation within each sentence, there is none from one sentence to the next. It starts off medium, then the pitch goes higher, then slowly fades down toward the end of the sentence, trailing off to lowest at the end. (in EVERY sentence)

  • dojufitz
    dojufitz 8 months ago

    The only people who should speak on Turmeric are people using it daily....listen to what they say....

  • Jerry Strupe
    Jerry Strupe 8 months ago

    So a part of me is glad because I almost always think these kind of claims about "super foods" are dumb but I'm kinda sad as if this has little to no effect that means the benifits I've seen since trying suppliments of this are just a placebo.

  • aditi misra
    aditi misra 8 months ago

    Turmeric is not supposed to be a drug and should not be tested like one. The basis of ayurveda is that the foods help you in the long term. But turmeric is definitely good for boosting immunity, fighting inflammation and fighting a cold and has been used for this for ages.

  • Pepper Conchobhar
    Pepper Conchobhar 8 months ago

    I am so happy for Olivia. She's improved her presentation style so much and it's a privilege to watch her grow. She's obviously taken the criticism constructively and really worked to reach her goals. Very awesome job.

  • Louis Jovanovich
    Louis Jovanovich 8 months ago

    I read 'golden latte' and thought that this was going to be a VERY different video

  • Michael Jurney
    Michael Jurney 8 months ago

    This video doesnt seem to agree with the references they cite. In the studies, the case for the positive effects curcumin is clear.

  • Michael Jurney
    Michael Jurney 8 months ago

    How much did the Drug Companies pay you?

  • Monay McNeil
    Monay McNeil 8 months ago

    What if they tried it without isolating those compounds? Oftentimes isolating the compounds takes away the regulating effects that the whole plant has

  • Aloewells
    Aloewells 8 months ago

    Dietary haldi aka turmeric is good, prevents cancer and other Rouge diseases. Used in Indian dishes from ages.forgetting your culture and time Tested food is a disaster especially for Indians.

  • The Chad Pad
    The Chad Pad 8 months ago

    My 80 year old math teacher from Pakistan said they used it to prevent Alzheimer's disease. He was a fun-loving, kind, and wise man. There's gotta be something to it, and I would put money on the combined effect of the compounds in turmeric being good for you, possibly in tandem with other foods used in Middle Eastern cuisine. In any case, I take turmeric/black pepper capsules, so I'll just see where that takes me!

  • Deanna Mullins
    Deanna Mullins 8 months ago

    Is she pregnant?

  • Lance Clemings
    Lance Clemings 8 months ago

    Anyone with half a brain can tell you that even if turmeric did have those properties, all that sugar and milk will throw it out the window anyway.
    Don't drink goldie lattes for your health. If you really want a healthy caffeinated drink, I'm sorry, but tea and black coffee is probably your best.
    Never trust a superfood fad. Common sense of what is and isn't good for you will always work, and you would get better results by sticking to a healthy, minimally processed, and balanced diet. AKA actual proper homecooked meals.

  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire 8 months ago

    “The sad truth” okay “about the turmeric” what “in your golden” s’cuse me? “Latte” UM
    Who put these words together, I am so confused

  • Rose Margarita
    Rose Margarita 8 months ago

    Curcuma golden milk has helped me so much. The most important i s to use turmeric and pepper. It is great for inflamatory problems.

  • BudG
    BudG 8 months ago

    Turmeric IS a wonder food. Use it backed up with black pepper for it's synergistic action - black pepper potentiates turmeric by a factor of 20 (2,000%).
    Most of the world supply of turmeric comes from India and is heavily contaminated with 'pesticides/insecticides/etc' so BE SURE TO BUY ORGANIC.
    Check out turmeric at

  • Eric Schwenke
    Eric Schwenke 8 months ago

    Oh good, it’s harmless. You had me worried for a moment.

  • Awol Peace
    Awol Peace 8 months ago

    I despise all those health-nuts whom are ALWAYS blindly accepting the newest health fad because of its trending status.

  • Rudra Rath
    Rudra Rath 8 months ago

    Turmeric is a part of Ayurvedic medicine, it helps with acne when applied as a face mask and it is a spice but I don't think it has any benefits when added to a latte.

  • Jeffrey McCune 85
    Jeffrey McCune 85 8 months ago +1


  • Jeffrey McCune 85
    Jeffrey McCune 85 8 months ago +1

    Look left, swivel head to the right.
    Swivel head back to the right, while swinging shoulders right and back. BUT cluck your elbows like a chicken...

  • Geovanni D.
    Geovanni D. 8 months ago

    This is one of the most biased and un-objective videos on the subject I have ever seen. They really went out of their way to smear this.

  • Michelle Giacalone
    Michelle Giacalone 8 months ago

    I just like the taste. XD

  • GrOOvedelta93
    GrOOvedelta93 8 months ago

    Take a shot every time she starts speaking for a new take and decides to go for the exact same voice cadence.
    Not to say the video's bad or anything, but listening to the same melody over and over does get old after the 3rd time.

  • Fatima Nayani
    Fatima Nayani 8 months ago

    my dudes we south asians have been drinking haldi dood ("turmeric lattes" or "golden milk") for millennia, i'm so done hearing the traditional cold remedy as an instagram health food tend 😂

  • Seannn Arden
    Seannn Arden 8 months ago

    Haha this just in rats aren't people!

  • Xero
    Xero 8 months ago

    I think Dr. Michael Greger M.D. (NutritionFacts(.)org) would have to disagree. He is far, FAR more competent regarding a topic like these than you guys are, and while yeah a lot of these claims are either false or exaggerated, claims like it being better at fighting inflammation that anti-inflammatory drugs are true. I don't think I'll stay subbed if you guys keep pushing this agenda. If anyone's reading this, SciSchow is wrong, just check out NutritionFacts here on TVclip to get actual accurate information on tumeric.

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J 8 months ago

    How does she know about yellow tinted feces.

  • PMW3
    PMW3 8 months ago

    I'm sorry I know this is extremely immature, but I busted up laughing at the mention of "nut milk"

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 8 months ago

    I give up.

    CTFD & DFTBA 8 months ago

    My favorite SciShows are the debunking SciShows

  • Richard BENNETT
    Richard BENNETT 8 months ago

    Easy, easy. Watch what you state. The woman is assuming the benefits of golden milk drinks is due ONLY to the curcumins in the turmeric, which is not necessarily true. So, saying one would have to drink up to 88 cups of golden milk or more per day to get the benefits stated from doses of curcumins used in laboratory studies is flawed thinking. I am surprised SciShow to hear of this error of analysis on your part. It is not proper and scientific to compare the concentration of curcumins in laboratory studies with health benefits of golden milk drinks. As the woman points out, these are two different things. The way to test for health benefits is to run laboratory studies on what the claim is about: drinking golden milk drinks. Why? I hate to state the obvious, but the reason is that it's all the other compounds in the drink with the curcumins that is what is relevant, not just the curcumins alone, because they are not what one is drinking alone.

  • Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Stewart 8 months ago

    Essential oils 3.0

  • Aaron Dangerfield
    Aaron Dangerfield 8 months ago --> this video, aligns the same theory that pepper (piperine), alongside turmeric (curcumin) creates the reaction which is helpful to burn fats, increase sexual appetite and metabolism. I think it's worth doing a study into the interrelationships between such compounds.

  • Kevin Muyolo
    Kevin Muyolo 8 months ago

    Can you guys do a video on anti-inflammatory diets? PLEASE!

  • typelogin
    typelogin 8 months ago

    There are double-blind studies on Turmeric... do your research and check pub med...

  • Meribah McHayle
    Meribah McHayle 8 months ago

    I am sorry but tumeric is bitter and probably doesn't taste nice with coffee. Instead why not ginger, it doesn't taste bitter but a little goes a long way.

  • Arazak Jonah
    Arazak Jonah 8 months ago

    What a pain in the assy ...

  • Eko Budidharmaja
    Eko Budidharmaja 8 months ago +2

    Wake up first world people
    Turmeric or kunir/kunyit are just usual spice used in everyday cooking in the developing countries such as indonesia, malaysia, india etc
    It have natural yellow coloring properties to make some menu such as opor ayam or nasi kuning
    No evidence consume it everyday would prevent cancer
    It's superfood reputation maybe just part of its commercialization to make golden latte a trending beverages

  • Gail Bull
    Gail Bull 8 months ago +1

    The only health benefit I heard that turmeric has is that it's an anti-inflammatory. I wish you had mentioned that and not just the absurd claims (cancer cure, alzeheimer's cure) that get circulated about every supplement trend in the health food industry.

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 8 months ago

    They're playing us as usual. Dubious incomplete research and conclusions about a popular subject with much nuance, that many feel strongly about. More arguing in the comments. More cha-ching.

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 8 months ago

    The latte is the fad, you do in fact have to at minimum perform a fat extraction with your choice of fat to access the larger concentrations. Way to go Sci Show doing more harm than good as per usual.

  • Kelsey Brown
    Kelsey Brown 8 months ago

    So there isn't an actual reason for this video bc none of the human studies taught you anything. Cool 5min and 24 seconds of my life I will never get back.

  • William Hebert
    William Hebert 8 months ago

    aw dont cry rattie you're still cute!

  • Ty Vasquez
    Ty Vasquez 8 months ago

    I make it because it looks beautiful and the warmth helps me feel calm after a long day. I can't stand most hot drinks but sweet and spice hits the spot. 👌

  • Clay Lapointe
    Clay Lapointe 8 months ago

    I was a little curious ,but the video was so well done I am now going to find out more.thank you.peace.

  • Joe Caner
    Joe Caner 8 months ago

    True. _"Rats are not people,"_ but some people are rats...

  • Allison Reece
    Allison Reece 8 months ago

    This is frankly hilarious! You, young people! Ok, so here I go...I have turmeric regularly...guess what... NO yellow poop! If you happen to be in your fifties, have muscle aches and drink it in warm milk or non-dairy milk like I do... you would notice how the pain leaves your body. But you don't have a fifty something year old body, do you?... so how would you know? mike drop!

  • MasterONT
    MasterONT 8 months ago

    Last on trending

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose 8 months ago

    That hair on her forehead is bothering me

  • xnebiax
    xnebiax 8 months ago

    But it can taste good.

  • Bobby Harper
    Bobby Harper 8 months ago

    Latte? Turmeric?

  • Barbie Eyez
    Barbie Eyez 8 months ago

    Wow how much did you get paid by the Pharmaceutical company to say that?

  • FalinPerth
    FalinPerth 8 months ago

    Eat turmeric because it is delicious. Turmeric and ginger tea is perfect; woody, spicy, earthy, sweet-ish. I might have to try infusing some milk with turmeric and make a cappuccino, sounds like a good idea. Hopefully being labeled a "superfood" won't make it unaffordable!

  • Equate Null
    Equate Null 8 months ago

    A ring in the nose...just like the animals in the stockyards.....

  • vidusha123
    vidusha123 8 months ago

    Hi please consider following my blog, 😊 thanks!