Arnold Set off to the Center of the Earth


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  • vicki mcnally
    vicki mcnally Day ago

    Why does arnold always loose a finger

  • Kaddy Crew
    Kaddy Crew 2 days ago

    At the end he sounds like a monkey like if you agree

  • Kaddy Crew
    Kaddy Crew 2 days ago


  • Michael Fitz
    Michael Fitz 3 days ago

    What would happen if Tim went to

  • Rose Ann Tubig
    Rose Ann Tubig 4 days ago

    How did the branch not burn yet.

  • Joey Givesa
    Joey Givesa 4 days ago

    he fall in the earth forever #)

  • Diamond Queen118
    Diamond Queen118 7 days ago


  • Fatima Edna Pitahin
    Fatima Edna Pitahin 10 days ago


  • Michael Newkirk
    Michael Newkirk 12 days ago

    Hey Arnold how old are you

  • eric jose sibulo
    eric jose sibulo 12 days ago

    This is the proof the earth is ROUND,the core.

  • GamePlay On many games :P

    That’s a very good way to sucide

  • Jami Roberts
    Jami Roberts 13 days ago

    Put Arnold on the titanic

  • Prisha Prateek
    Prisha Prateek 14 days ago

    Forget vibranium, Arnold is the toughest material on the planet

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina 14 days ago

    You're cool😖

  • Master 1
    Master 1 16 days ago

    Before seeing this video it said "meet max"

  • Skyyhyy Dragonn
    Skyyhyy Dragonn 16 days ago

    Soooooooo...this is mother natures "portal gun"?

  • Ravi Bedi
    Ravi Bedi 17 days ago

    Uhhh you know the mantle and the core is hot it can kill you bum bum bum!!

  • Erika Saenz
    Erika Saenz 18 days ago

    He always loses his finger

  • MR T
    MR T 18 days ago +1

    Why don't you just kill Arnold

  • jitevash
    jitevash 18 days ago

    Your video s are cool

  • Maria Eimil
    Maria Eimil 19 days ago

    I did not subscribe because you keep killing Arnold you piece of shit

  • Zak Liddell
    Zak Liddell 19 days ago

    I hope arnold gets out by next time

  • Manu solanki
    Manu solanki 19 days ago

    Every time I feels very bad for arnol😂😂

  • Zak Liddell
    Zak Liddell 19 days ago

    How does Arnold cut off his finger and survive?

  • Jeehyuu Kim
    Jeehyuu Kim 19 days ago


  • Tc
    Tc 20 days ago

    So its a perpetual motion machine?

  • Tabassum Arpa
    Tabassum Arpa 20 days ago

    LOL he always loses the same finger every time hahaha

  • Spot Catmaster
    Spot Catmaster 21 day ago

    atleast he dident die this time

  • Frances Meeks
    Frances Meeks 21 day ago

    Poor arnold he's always getting himself into trouble with the narrator ;-;

  • Sourav Pradhan
    Sourav Pradhan 22 days ago

    I don't know...why people where dislike..! Its very interesting and knowing some facts that comes in our mind.And about destroying that guy! Its just a animation for makes fun.If you don't like that acts in video then you shouldn't open it.Dont dislike please

  • Ian Crook
    Ian Crook 22 days ago


  • SiboVG
    SiboVG 22 days ago

    There seems to be a mistake, the radius of the earth is 6371 km, not 12700 km (this is the diameter of the earth).

  • Perla Camiso
    Perla Camiso 23 days ago

    he loses his finger

  • YassKing MKD
    YassKing MKD 23 days ago

    Poor Arnold.........XD

  • Frederico Barreto
    Frederico Barreto 24 days ago

    Not always is all

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 25 days ago

    Cool video.

  • Jennifer Carter
    Jennifer Carter 26 days ago

    No he should get out of the earth

  • NotoriousDerek Vlogs
    NotoriousDerek Vlogs 26 days ago

    Arnold grr his finger back in 2 secs

  • Mohi Uddin
    Mohi Uddin 26 days ago

    very. nice. video

  • Richard Eades
    Richard Eades 27 days ago

    Yes say in the 🌏

  • Richard Eades
    Richard Eades 27 days ago

    Yes playing in the earth

  • supergamerkid Chespin jr

    Yes order must stay under the Earth forever

  • carlos black満 lopez
    carlos black満 lopez 27 days ago

    I think he should go on a video game

  • carlos black満 lopez
    carlos black満 lopez 27 days ago

    Wow that's crazy

  • Alaa Gaaboub
    Alaa Gaaboub 27 days ago +1

    arnold is killed by the killer

  • Kamila Pogorzelska
    Kamila Pogorzelska 27 days ago

    Earth's diameter is 12700 km, not its radius. Do your research

  • Violet DeHaro
    Violet DeHaro 27 days ago


  • Christopher Wolford
    Christopher Wolford 28 days ago

    yes he should for TORCHER!!!!

  • Mr. issa
    Mr. issa 28 days ago

    Why you always destroy my wishes😂😂

  • Deandre Brown
    Deandre Brown 28 days ago

    no he can not win he stay in the earth he,ll die

  • Rauski_ GT
    Rauski_ GT 28 days ago

    Scrooge McDuck has been in the center of the earth. Its in a comic of Don Rosa, i think.

  • Cyber Topia
    Cyber Topia 28 days ago

    Rip finger

  • Christy Wilczewski
    Christy Wilczewski 29 days ago

    Where does zombies come from

  • em emilien
    em emilien 29 days ago

    Why are Arnold every time lost his finger 😂😂😂

  • Aly Kat YT
    Aly Kat YT 29 days ago +1

    Click me!

    Sorry your stuck here forever





    Lol I said forever







    OK now lol


    Ok bye felicia

    Someone has anger issues

    Ok ok I’m going



    Fineeeee now


  • Maus 227
    Maus 227 29 days ago

    What happens if arnold goes to venus plz

  • Wendyshorty Ballam
    Wendyshorty Ballam 29 days ago

    I think he should stay in the earth's surface

  • Wendyshorty Ballam
    Wendyshorty Ballam 29 days ago

    I think he should stay in the earth's surface

  • Brian Fennessy
    Brian Fennessy Month ago


  • Brian Fennessy
    Brian Fennessy Month ago

    12,487 KM

  • deni xheka
    deni xheka Month ago

    allways he lose his finger xD

  • Priyanka Hari
    Priyanka Hari Month ago


  • BanterBoi
    BanterBoi Month ago

    *finger cuts off*

  • Gabriel Giorgio
    Gabriel Giorgio Month ago


  • foxgamer folox le
    foxgamer folox le Month ago

    Help Arnold


    this is so good you can learn saftey lessons

  • Natasha Kalalala
    Natasha Kalalala Month ago

    *R.i.p finger*

  • Sayf Ali Khan
    Sayf Ali Khan Month ago

    At least he got the Darwin Award a 100 times over. 😂

  • Gamer Hopia
    Gamer Hopia Month ago

    why Arnold always losing a finger?

  • Jerry Sharp
    Jerry Sharp Month ago

    A solid core in the center of the earth does not make sense. In order for the earth to have a magnetic field.. something has to be spinning and spinning faster than the earth is rotating..
    A center void is the only thing that makes sense... and in nature ... Everything naturally formed has a center void.. Hurricanes and tornados, Geodes, Blow a bubble. Even the water that Astronauts play within space will form a sphere and any air.. will collect in the center and ...STAY THERE!
    A solid core would have friction with the mantel and if it was spinning faster than the earth is spinning from the up/down drafts from the mantle a lava lamp is stupid!.. Tooooo slow to create a fast spin.
    A center void since there is no gravity in the center and all mass is around the center point of the center of the earth pulling away from the center will naturally form a void. Now, this void does have Massive pressure and heat! NOT SAYING A VACUUM! JUST VOID! How long has this void existed? Read Gen 1 v1-2 The earth was without form and void.... looks like the wobbling mass of water the astronauts play with ... and a void in the center from the residual air will migrate to the center of the mass of water.
    Ok. the core will have loose material as the same as the surface has loose material.. but Yes! under pressure... An oxygen cylinder has 2800 psi and yet if you had a marble rolling in the cylinder as you lay it down and roll it the marble in the center will roll as the cylinder rolls. and it will roll faster than the cylinder. Roll the cylinder 1 revolution and the marble will roll ie spin 20-30 times faster along the inner surface to keep up with the roll.. The suns gravitational keeps the loose material in a title roll along the inner void of the earth. Spinning faster without the friction .. as long as the earth spins one time...every day the inner loose material Plasma gasses will spin creating the magnetic field.
    Then Earth's center is not is a void of pressurized heat and gasses... The void as it gets hotter has to expand.. and thus the earth expands creating tectonic plates..

  • It's Meh!
    It's Meh! Month ago

    His finger... Again.... Too funny...

  • Deeptanshu Savita
    Deeptanshu Savita Month ago

    make a video that if earth stop rotating then what will happen to arnold🤔🤔

  • Wilhelm Molde
    Wilhelm Molde Month ago

    Arnolds voice was rabbid

  • nur hidayah Ismail
    nur hidayah Ismail Month ago

    Mans not hot

  • Vannessia Harty
    Vannessia Harty Month ago

    Arnold is as dumb as Homer Simpson.

  • hero brine
    hero brine Month ago


  • Yatagarasu Lord of Death, Demise and Blood

    The earth is flat

  • GamerĐiđi best
    GamerĐiđi best Month ago

    You are cant fall of the planet

  • Nazi Germany
    Nazi Germany Month ago +1

    Arnolds finger grow

  • Reptile Man
    Reptile Man Month ago

    generic finger comment

  • Amar Abaz
    Amar Abaz Month ago

    But earth is flat lol hahahaha 😂😂🤣

  • Anthony Motayne
    Anthony Motayne Month ago

    I wish arnold would be safe

  • Anthony Motayne
    Anthony Motayne Month ago


  • youseph alotaibi
    youseph alotaibi Month ago


  • jakoya hardnett
    jakoya hardnett Month ago

    Should stay in the earth

  • Jackie Tan
    Jackie Tan Month ago

    Wow i thought you just make a youtube channel many month but now you already got 1M subscriber congratulation you got gold play button

  • Mamta Agarwal
    Mamta Agarwal Month ago

    In every video he loses his finger

  • David Rafael Llauder

    How can a flat earth believer beleve that?

  • David Christie
    David Christie Month ago


  • Gerardo Vega
    Gerardo Vega Month ago


  • Danny Itzep
    Danny Itzep Month ago


  • Nicholas Hoffman
    Nicholas Hoffman Month ago

    Is Arnold f*cking immortal?

  • cool guy 1
    cool guy 1 Month ago

    Do not let Arnold stay inside of the earth

  • loud is loud
    loud is loud Month ago

    I love your videos arnold

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro Month ago

    Cool topics

  • Farrel Alghiffari8
    Farrel Alghiffari8 Month ago

    Legend says... Arnold still in the center of earth

  • Dawidek
    Dawidek Month ago

    *_W A R R O B O T S_*

  • Ifaz Tauhid
    Ifaz Tauhid Month ago

    Non retard units please.

  • ok ok
    ok ok Month ago

    Poor Arnold