Arnold Set off to the Center of the Earth

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
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  • Runtime: 1:56
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  • Ignacio Castilla
    Ignacio Castilla 15 hours ago

    i think he sould go inside poop

  • Gabriel Miller
    Gabriel Miller 17 hours ago

    Make more videos

  • Cordial Cactus90
    Cordial Cactus90 20 hours ago

    Back and forth back and forth...

  • I’m sorry but
    I’m sorry but Day ago

    Whenever you’re feeling down... be thankful you’re not Arnold

  • Fun Online
    Fun Online Day ago


  • Kunal Bara
    Kunal Bara 2 days ago

    best knowledge Channel

  • Sridevi Loganathan
    Sridevi Loganathan 2 days ago

    Poor Arnold just cut his finger so much time

  • Wayne Emery
    Wayne Emery 2 days ago

    If there was no air resistance then inertia would keep Arnold going and he wouldn’t slow down until he reached the surface of the earth then his speed would shoot him into the atmosphere where he would burn from the air resistance when he leaves the tunnel

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario 2 days ago

    when the yellow circle glows means is the earths core it can high temperatures or low temperatures in weathers all of the planets have cores and galaxy dont.
    for now with the sun temperature is rlly high and burning flames it could heat the earth or pluto can make it cold.

  • nightfury 7
    nightfury 7 2 days ago

    Could you please put him in to boiling oil

  • Sans Skeleton
    Sans Skeleton 2 days ago +1

    Put Arnold on a fidget spinner spinning faster then the speed of light.

  • eeveegirlgames 57
    eeveegirlgames 57 2 days ago

    Poor arnold

  • Zoietyt Zoie
    Zoietyt Zoie 3 days ago +1

    Arnold and a fire ant nest!

  • Maia septic Girl
    Maia septic Girl 3 days ago

    This is just an excuse to torchore arland

  • Maryann Carinugan
    Maryann Carinugan 3 days ago


  • Robot Gameing
    Robot Gameing 3 days ago

    😂 At The End He Said 1 Like To Aronold Stay Inside the Enter Of The Earth😂

  • TheSingularSorcerer
    TheSingularSorcerer 3 days ago

    I watched this channel, before it was cool.

  • Flying Potatoes
    Flying Potatoes 3 days ago

    his poor finger.

  • Kurliz Makara
    Kurliz Makara 4 days ago

    So you're in an endless loop of when you put two portals on the ground.

  • Drew Scott
    Drew Scott 4 days ago

    Put a firework down his jap

  • the power cat
    the power cat 4 days ago

    In Evey video with Arnold he all ways loses his finger

  • Ants Luik
    Ants Luik 4 days ago


  • Delarey Du Preez
    Delarey Du Preez 5 days ago

    Yes he must stay in the tunnel

  • William Shan
    William Shan 5 days ago

    in every show arnolds finegr gets cut off

  • Shaikh Sajid Ahmed
    Shaikh Sajid Ahmed 6 days ago

    Why always arno loses his finger?

  • MR. Sans
    MR. Sans 6 days ago

    Arnold shit

  • The Vivi
    The Vivi 7 days ago

    Poor Arnold

  • XcEn StAr mentor
    XcEn StAr mentor 7 days ago

    make more

  • Trunisium Show
    Trunisium Show 7 days ago

    I thought the gravity inside the earth would just crush you

  • Tùng Hoàng
    Tùng Hoàng 7 days ago

    Motor hits Arnorld's balls :)

  • Weberson Lima
    Weberson Lima 7 days ago

    Arnold in mortal games 😈

  • Agnes Tiow
    Agnes Tiow 8 days ago

    100 degree knife cutting diqmond

  • -________________-
    -________________- 8 days ago

    Why does arnold always lose his finger

  • kittybloxclickTuber Lol

    He didn't that was fake earth

  • AD technical
    AD technical 9 days ago

    If Arnold was in other planet

  • Maja Serafimovic
    Maja Serafimovic 9 days ago


  • Awesome Gamer Pro
    Awesome Gamer Pro 9 days ago

    Like si hablas español

  • Oskar S
    Oskar S 9 days ago

    why does he always lose his finger

  • Pokémon Lover
    Pokémon Lover 9 days ago

    Don’t Hurt Arnold

  • Pokémon Lover
    Pokémon Lover 9 days ago

    Arnold is always losing his hand

  • Jacob
    Jacob 9 days ago

    That actualy dosent sound that bad
    With the tunnel and all


    I am calling Arnold protection services

  • Lightgod RBLX
    Lightgod RBLX 10 days ago +1

    The other side of the tunnel is China

  • edwin ros
    edwin ros 10 days ago


  • linkkipoika 646
    linkkipoika 646 10 days ago

    that looks likelots of fun Arnold is lucky xD

  • battlecaptainI1
    battlecaptainI1 10 days ago

    Why does Arnold’s finger always fall off

  • Mankaran Singh Brar
    Mankaran Singh Brar 10 days ago

    Why Arnold breaks his finger in every video and how he gets it back

  • Elon Saat
    Elon Saat 10 days ago

    What do you have fun

  • TheNyanShadow202
    TheNyanShadow202 10 days ago +1

    It is: -the surface of the world- AN ESCALATOR

  • SerenityInArmageddon
    SerenityInArmageddon 11 days ago +1

    He always loses his fucking finger in every episode

  • Adrian Gabriel Macavei

    Why he alwase lusing his finger

  • 7UNGY
    7UNGY 11 days ago


  • Armel Mahmutovic101
    Armel Mahmutovic101 11 days ago

    Is it just me or does this remind you of the minecraft map Terra Swoop Force xD

  • The Green Boy
    The Green Boy 11 days ago

    Last time I was here you had 5k

  • Gabriel Berry
    Gabriel Berry 11 days ago


  • JujuBoi_xx 发光的
    JujuBoi_xx 发光的 13 days ago

    Mans not hot

  • Stationboxz
    Stationboxz 13 days ago

    Was Arnold the creator of the Holocaust? Why does he deserve this?

  • duelgundam
    duelgundam 14 days ago

    the hell have i ever done to you, man?!(Arnold)

  • Top Taste
    Top Taste 14 days ago

    let arnold skin br remover

  • Philipp S
    Philipp S 14 days ago

    12.000km ist the DIAMETER! ..the needless Sadism was bad enough, but this kind of accuracy.. no. I'm OK with this Channel being replaced

  • Rj Agalabia
    Rj Agalabia 14 days ago

    arnold should stay inside nobody cathes him

  • The Genie plays Leah
    The Genie plays Leah 14 days ago

    I hate how Arnold is constantly tortured

  • luis and Stevie juarez

    Why does Arnold always lose a finger

  • Gaming Squad
    Gaming Squad 15 days ago

    Mans not hot

  • Someone Different
    Someone Different 15 days ago

    What if there were EARTH FRUITS?

  • Dolphinwolfs mini vlogs And dolphins

    Even if it wasn’t hot underground if you would go to the middle of the earth you would be stuck there forever cause there would be gravity pushing you one way and gravity pushing you other way too


  • rufus engelbrecht
    rufus engelbrecht 15 days ago


  • Its_ Holleigh
    Its_ Holleigh 15 days ago

    Do you need to keep making his finger fall off

  • Shobha Roy
    Shobha Roy 15 days ago

    With assumptions of high schol physics, Arnold will undergo simple harmonic oscillations inside the tunnel

  • Gabrielle Gerald
    Gabrielle Gerald 16 days ago

    You cant keep putting Arnold through this he has done nothing to you

  • kenneth playing
    kenneth playing 16 days ago

    why are you doing these your killingarnold

  • flashy
    flashy 16 days ago

    Tbh seeing his death scenes(?) makes me sad

  • Rick Sam
    Rick Sam 16 days ago

    I feel sorry for Arnold

  • Jack Scepter
    Jack Scepter 16 days ago

    Why does Arnold always lose his finger in every episode!?

  • recon2 2sniper
    recon2 2sniper 17 days ago

    94 k hate arnold xD

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 17 days ago

    core of earth is hotter than surface of the sun, I stuck my pencil too far in my nose so I'm smart now :D

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 17 days ago

    terra swoop force flashbacks

  • JλcKyCromPo
    JλcKyCromPo 17 days ago

    No man has visited the center of the Earth before? Then who the heck built that escalator to the center of the Earth

  • Steven Chutkhan
    Steven Chutkhan 17 days ago

    TRUNADO vs arnold

  • Anotida Hungwe
    Anotida Hungwe 17 days ago

    Y does his finger always falls off

  • MikeTheHuman
    MikeTheHuman 17 days ago +1

    join the ALM , ALM stands for Arnold lives matter

  • Pretish S
    Pretish S 17 days ago

    he is a stupid Arnold

    DUDE WTF? 17 days ago

    Poor arnold 😞😞

  • ruhana 123
    ruhana 123 17 days ago +10

    Haha.. he should stay inside the core... break the tunnel n push him into the lava IMAO..😂😂😂😂😂

  • BluePig
    BluePig 17 days ago

    Why do you have to chop off his finger in every video...

  • Liuwolfkang Ballow
    Liuwolfkang Ballow 17 days ago

    To hell

  • RaSXGaming
    RaSXGaming 18 days ago

    Great video keep up the work narrator and Arnold! :D
    But wrong information avout earths size
    Earth is 12700 km in DIAMETER not radius :)
    this must mean that earth is about 6350 km in radius roughly calculated :)

    • RaSXGaming
      RaSXGaming 17 days ago

      What is not i don't understand what you say?
      The radius which is displayed in the video and said by the narrator doesn't fit. The narrator says 12700 which is the DIAMETER of earth and the RADIUS is displayed which is not 12700 but rather 6350 roughly calculated

      ANDUCK YOUTUBE 17 days ago

      RaSXGaming no it’s not it is radius

  • Suvd Batbold
    Suvd Batbold 18 days ago


  • Juliàn Falcon
    Juliàn Falcon 18 days ago +1

    Conoce a Arnold

  • jasonbeal2011
    jasonbeal2011 18 days ago

    Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllts like the videoooooooooooooo

  • Glorg Glorg
    Glorg Glorg 18 days ago

    It's kinda scary because your watching this while your on earth

  • gonza verrugo
    gonza verrugo 18 days ago

    Tu puta madre

  • uP ToWnE dOwn ToWne
    uP ToWnE dOwn ToWne 18 days ago

    What's with Arnold losing his finger?

  • Kohan12345
    Kohan12345 18 days ago

    I really like these Arnold videos 👍🏻😹😆😅

  • Zachary Person
    Zachary Person 18 days ago

    y does he always loose his finger XD

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 18 days ago

    Make him fight a lion

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 19 days ago


  • shirley coker
    shirley coker 19 days ago

    poor arnold

    NOBEL DJ 19 days ago +17

    shoot him

    THE CUTE CAT 19 days ago

    give him food and water and leave him