Arnold Set off to the Center of the Earth


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  • Harrison Matthews
    Harrison Matthews 40 minutes ago

    Chip his head of

  • The Nether Maniac
    The Nether Maniac 3 hours ago

    1:20 he finger is back

  • Kyle Loona Cañamo
    Kyle Loona Cañamo 14 hours ago

    Try to go to go to a horor house👻👻👻👻☠☠☠☠

  • Cosmickiller 109

    Wow, such a habitable planet is so deadly

  • Ridxy
    Ridxy 3 days ago

    Love this channel

  • Wong Thean Liang
    Wong Thean Liang 4 days ago

    It’s gonna be a looooooooong drop for Arnold.

  • Dennis Coronel
    Dennis Coronel 5 days ago

    Why is arnold is finger is always broken?

  • Rudi rasid
    Rudi rasid 6 days ago

    Why everytime arnold's finger got cut off?

  • Priyatham Priyatham
    Priyatham Priyatham 6 days ago


  • Inquisitor Master
    Inquisitor Master 6 days ago

    Arniold I liove arniold

  • Lava gaming402
    Lava gaming402 7 days ago

    Meet Arnold:Surviving me

  • kumropotashify
    kumropotashify 7 days ago

    We had a physics problem in high school about this little thought experiment: A tunnel from one end of the earth to the other through its center. With a lot of simplifying assumptions, it was mathematically proven that someone(like Mr. Arnold here) falling would undergo Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Angus Gamer YouTube
    Angus Gamer YouTube 8 days ago

    How was the stick that Arnold was holding on didn’t burn

  • Al Jobayer Kollol
    Al Jobayer Kollol 8 days ago

    kill arnol

    HATE COMMENT 9 days ago

    poor Arnold he has nothing to wear, he wears thesame thing over and over

  • Chikako Song
    Chikako Song 10 days ago

    Stop Arnold abuse

  • Angelgamer YT
    Angelgamer YT 12 days ago

    This is one of the best ways to teach school now I have only bs and as cause of this channel I just wanted to say THANKS

  • School VINES
    School VINES 12 days ago

    i think there is polio in arnolds hand

  • lucas alexandre
    lucas alexandre 12 days ago

    You are always using the USA metrics that makes no sense for any human being out states. Please at least write the numbers in international units so we can read

  • Jio & Jco
    Jio & Jco 13 days ago

    Free bandaid deliver!

  • kan kaewhanam
    kan kaewhanam 13 days ago

    Earth radius is 6,353 km.

  • Kim Cobbs Da Chihuahua

    Arnold is always losing his fingers.....

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account 13 days ago

    Stop abusing arnoild

  • mpdoleo
    mpdoleo 15 days ago

    I will sue you from the Arnold witness protection program

  • mpdoleo
    mpdoleo 15 days ago

    On your Megalodon video for me Arnold little shark outfit he was in at the end was hilarious

  • nishant7 singhal
    nishant7 singhal 15 days ago

    Earth's total diameter is 12700 km not the radius

  • I'm Dry Ice
    I'm Dry Ice 16 days ago

    I didn't want arnold to stay in that tunnel so I didn't leave a like

  • Rhashaud Jeffrey
    Rhashaud Jeffrey 16 days ago


  • Silas Barrow
    Silas Barrow 16 days ago

    send him to the supermassive black hole in the center of andromeda

  • clash of clan gamer
    clash of clan gamer 20 days ago


  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 21 day ago

    You are a liar

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr 21 day ago

    can you use Celsius?

  • Karrar Haydar
    Karrar Haydar 21 day ago +1

    love his edits

  • Simranjeet singh matharoo

    Actually you just said the diameter as the radius of earth

  • Infinity Banana
    Infinity Banana 25 days ago


  • AlkinBoy7500 HD
    AlkinBoy7500 HD 27 days ago

    38 Minutes After Flight Begins...

  • Alim Ikmal
    Alim Ikmal 29 days ago


  • Jane Zhang
    Jane Zhang Month ago

    Remove the tunnel let Arno suffer

  • FreaackyFreeky
    FreaackyFreeky Month ago

    Actually you would land perfectly at the other side. You wouldn't just reach there. Same way in same way out

  • N.a. Butrovich
    N.a. Butrovich Month ago

    0:42 why is there a stick at the center of the earth?!?!

  • MissCagedDemons
    MissCagedDemons Month ago

    I love you Arnold. Even if your creator doesn't.

  • Jeremy Cotner
    Jeremy Cotner Month ago

    Ha funny arnie

  • Brian Tristam Williams

    Errrr, the distance you put down as the radius is actually the diameter. The radius is half that.

  • gillian grimes
    gillian grimes Month ago

    Don't drink water for 7 days

  • Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal Month ago

    Rip Arnold s finger

  • Radical Raccoon
    Radical Raccoon Month ago

    How much vomit will be there

  • Daisy Pasley
    Daisy Pasley Month ago

    How about a face reval

  • Amurro Ray
    Amurro Ray Month ago

    he should stay inside the but

  • peter lenharth
    peter lenharth Month ago

    When Arnelds finger fell of it came back on again 🙃

  • Neil Diamond
    Neil Diamond Month ago


  • Jyoti Bhatt
    Jyoti Bhatt Month ago

    Please make a video where Arnold go in stomach of any body

  • Bendy The dancing devil

    So much I’m never goin there

  • Jakel Rhodes
    Jakel Rhodes Month ago

    Hello arnorld

  • Ahmed Magdy
    Ahmed Magdy Month ago

    I loved it too much

  • Adrian Medina
    Adrian Medina Month ago


  • kanchanarajks
    kanchanarajks Month ago

    Who are you narrator

  • Paul Gamer
    Paul Gamer Month ago

    Yes because he’s annoying

  • G Gaming
    G Gaming Month ago

    Why dose Arnold always loose his finger

  • Mikkeltbn Bech-Nielsen

    I Never lose a finger

  • MasterCrusher72
    MasterCrusher72 Month ago

    I wonder how many people he killed with that knife cutting the Earth

  • Mal Fiq
    Mal Fiq Month ago


  • Mal Fiq
    Mal Fiq Month ago


  • Mal Fiq
    Mal Fiq Month ago


  • Mal Fiq
    Mal Fiq Month ago


  • Nam Trần Hải
    Nam Trần Hải Month ago

    Bullshit if you reach to the center ò the earth you stop falling and hanging there foever

  • Eunjoo Kwak
    Eunjoo Kwak Month ago

    i found a goof. arnolds finger ware broken then it was back.

  • Thomas Foxwell
    Thomas Foxwell Month ago

    Put Arnold in tetris

  • E Dog xxx
    E Dog xxx Month ago

    Poor Arnold

  • Cashlin Griffiths
    Cashlin Griffiths Month ago


  • xMoeMoeAsphyxiatedx

    Why does Arnold always lose his finger anyway

  • noah thepungod
    noah thepungod Month ago

    The perfect shooting stars meme

  • Pro MCcrafter 94
    Pro MCcrafter 94 Month ago

    Always loses his finger

  • Kimneihoi Singson
    Kimneihoi Singson Month ago

    Poor arnold😖😖😖

  • Maelstronomer Fan
    Maelstronomer Fan Month ago

    I found a mistake! When his finger comes off it comes back on magically

  • shoe king leon
    shoe king leon 2 months ago

    Inside there is also oxegen

  • Aspired Gods
    Aspired Gods 2 months ago

    Put Arnold in a gas chamber pleass

  • Doge
    Doge 2 months ago

    Why the rock wont melt???

  • Kelvin Arogunmati
    Kelvin Arogunmati 2 months ago

    the center of the earth is very hot like a 100000000K

  • Lil Jimbo
    Lil Jimbo 2 months ago

    His finger is always cutter

  • Xavier Hudson
    Xavier Hudson 2 months ago


  • Xavier Hudson
    Xavier Hudson 2 months ago


  • muhammad shahmir
    muhammad shahmir 2 months ago

    i love arnold

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 2 months ago

    How do science know that?

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 2 months ago

    To hell in back!

  • Wesley Baule
    Wesley Baule 2 months ago

    R.I.P FINGER BUT HE GETS IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!??

  • Arian Tor
    Arian Tor 2 months ago

    His lungs would of exploded

  • [] CUBE []
    [] CUBE [] 2 months ago


  • Mary Jalgen Vinco
    Mary Jalgen Vinco 2 months ago

    why does his finger allways take of

  • Wesley Baule
    Wesley Baule 2 months ago

    What's Hotter?. The center of the earth of the sun!!?

  • Olivia Liu
    Olivia Liu 2 months ago

    When Arnold loses a finger.

  • rachle and slik
    rachle and slik 2 months ago

    Why does his fengr always fall off

  • samuel xu
    samuel xu 2 months ago

    wow 2 million subs in less than 1 year!

  • JuliBro Daily
    JuliBro Daily 2 months ago

    ''He is about to be the 1st person to get to the centre of the Earth''
    A few moments later
    ''We dug a tunnel just for you''

  • Stefany Edwards
    Stefany Edwards 2 months ago

    Arnold’s cute

  • Al527
    Al527 2 months ago

    Despite his lack of... *cough* intelligence, Arnold is probably the most toughest man alive, considering how much times he's survived things like this

  • gracien2008
    gracien2008 2 months ago

    I agree with the temperatures approaching that of our Sun. As for anything like a tunnel existing even part way down cannot as a "solid" exist but to become molten plasma, pressure, and gases that exist at those depths ... That's like trying to build a structure on the Sun :)

  • Gwen Aclao
    Gwen Aclao 2 months ago +1

    Um the birds but at the end XD

  • Endzy
    Endzy 2 months ago

    is this where hell live?

  • crazy man
    crazy man 2 months ago

    My god His Finger

  • Mouzz
    Mouzz 2 months ago

    Arnold lost his finger