BEST Bad Parking Revenge Pranks (I GOT BUSTED!!!) - TOP MAGIC FUNNY COMPILATION 2019

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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    TOP Bad Parking Revenge Pranks (I GOT BUSTED!!!) - TOP MAGIC FUNNY COMPILATION 2019
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    This video is a compilation of all my favorite bad parking revenge pranks I have made in 2018.
    Shot / Edited by @SethVideos
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  • blake Brinkerhoff

    I want the giant can opener

  • ProKillerRap III
    ProKillerRap III 2 days ago

    How about making a giant dick instead of a giant can opener please do this

  • John Rhodes
    John Rhodes 3 days ago


  • yee yee 87801
    yee yee 87801 3 days ago

    ps blurr the plates

  • yee yee 87801
    yee yee 87801 3 days ago

    put it under the car next time

  • Shrek The giant slayer irk novas moderator

    Imagine this guy in jail he would just go through the iron bars

  • Frank Sakurai-Cook
    Frank Sakurai-Cook 4 days ago

    I saw the license from his truck lol

  • Panther Gaming
    Panther Gaming 4 days ago


  • Nancy Massotti
    Nancy Massotti 4 days ago

    I need something to open my can with!!

  • Ãiyãnă Gärćia
    Ãiyãnă Gärćia 4 days ago

    I need a can opener mine broke

  • retard 621 awesome
    retard 621 awesome 6 days ago

    You have to block out the plates

  • robin flory
    robin flory 8 days ago

    have to are parked pretty close to the line yourself....😲

  • adam lazarski
    adam lazarski 9 days ago

    0:53 lol the noise of it hitting the ground sounds kind of like a discord notification

  • Quan Mai
    Quan Mai 10 days ago

    Murray am sorry if you get arrested sometimes

  • TTV NinjasHyper5187
    TTV NinjasHyper5187 10 days ago

    I’ll have it

  • King of Memez
    King of Memez 10 days ago

    Damn I need that can opener for my wiener hole.

  • Lianne Stanners
    Lianne Stanners 11 days ago

    He parked pretty bad btw

  • Mole Carcass
    Mole Carcass 12 days ago +1

    1,111,000 viewer

  • crazy base
    crazy base 12 days ago

    i need a can opener

  • Jennifer Pigeau
    Jennifer Pigeau 17 days ago +1

    Likes pls my great grandma passed away recently it would make my day to get likes

  • chiron 123
    chiron 123 18 days ago

    That's why you need to park properly hhh

  • Natalija paradiso
    Natalija paradiso 19 days ago

    Love,love your channel always makes me smile😊 these parking pranks ❤❤

  • kathem mhanna
    kathem mhanna 21 day ago

    Not tryna be mean but look at your parking too

  • Lydia Mcleod
    Lydia Mcleod 21 day ago

    U given away personal info

  • Lydia Mcleod
    Lydia Mcleod 21 day ago

    No blured plates im telling cops

  • Base Baller
    Base Baller 22 days ago

    You showed the license plate

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D 25 days ago

    Are you serious

  • tammie miller
    tammie miller 26 days ago +2

    You can go to jail for messing with people’s Cars stupid

  • itzAndrew
    itzAndrew 27 days ago +1

    I need a can opener

  • Bějay
    Bějay 28 days ago

    i should get a house in Las Vegas 🤔

  • SAS Productions
    SAS Productions 29 days ago

    omg that car at 6:15 looked sick

  • Kolton Slaughter
    Kolton Slaughter 29 days ago

    Yeah I can't open my Dr pepper so can you send that to me

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson Month ago

    Thanks for the number plate 368-D87 and yours is b or 8 762

  • Spicey Memes
    Spicey Memes Month ago

    boy you both have so much space left

  • Black Applee - Special Edition

    Oof I Failed the best revenge and so what i did to someone who is so rude infront of me and it was a women come park beside of my driver seat ans she saw me try to get in my car she decide to call her husbon and her husbon decide to smack my car but both of them did not notice in the car exhaust has a can and A Candle with flame and it is 0.8 Heat and It look Good in the car After i do that prank. Her Husbon and The Wife did not notice a wierd sound and A Flame Coming out Like A Lambo Burnout. After both of them saw they did not know what to do And The Flame Run out All over the Suddent. I Feel Bad and giulty Doing it so in the next day i try to find her in the same spot that she park her car and i wait for 15 Minutes I Saw her and i decide to apolergize and comfront her not to part btw the Driver seat.

  • Bj excel 1234 Ya nan

    They parked a little bad but you were there worst at parking

  • Jeff Stoker
    Jeff Stoker Month ago


  • carmen vera
    carmen vera Month ago

    I n0eed

  • Samrabon
    Samrabon Month ago

    You know what my pet peeve is j walking

  • Panthers By 1000
    Panthers By 1000 Month ago

    2:35 he says he's been waiting for an hour and a half, yet the shadows of the cars and people have not changed at all.

  • Ryan Valdez
    Ryan Valdez Month ago

    "He might punch me so. Let's do it"

  • Danielle Hince
    Danielle Hince Month ago

    I like how he runs away from the car he pranked with cups

    LUCIFER HARP Month ago

    nice car

  • Angel Yo 21
    Angel Yo 21 Month ago

    It’s funny Cause you both park like ass but the other car probably park their to troll you cuz you don’t know how to park lmao 🤣

  • Raquel Vanderpool
    Raquel Vanderpool Month ago


  • GTG 08
    GTG 08 Month ago

    " we've been waiting like an hour and a half" look at how the shadows haven't moved at all, he probably waited 10 minutes

  • Samuel Hockeylife
    Samuel Hockeylife Month ago

    Y is it a can opener

  • game every day gamer

    the first thing was a bodel opener

  • Oscar Atkinson
    Oscar Atkinson Month ago +1

    My dad will need it for beer

  • H p
    H p Month ago

    Anyone else notice at 0:40 he didnt blurr out the license plates

  • fortnite fortnite
    fortnite fortnite Month ago

    i want it

  • Clash Of Cadence
    Clash Of Cadence Month ago +4

    9:40 that dude deserved it, I love that prank!

  • Jaehu Lee
    Jaehu Lee Month ago +1

    7:41 who else recognized that corner from the snake vid

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Month ago

    dont get it

  • Madelyn A.
    Madelyn A. Month ago

    I neeed it

  • The Voice Troll
    The Voice Troll Month ago

    I really am trying to like this guy, but I just find him annoying..

  • Faes Jake5678912
    Faes Jake5678912 Month ago

    Murray you are kinda to the left but he is on the line

  • Emma Riggs
    Emma Riggs Month ago

    He look like howie from AGT :D

  • Caleb Bell
    Caleb Bell Month ago

    I don't get this prank

  • LOLSKU115
    LOLSKU115 Month ago

    People care more about parking than the earth

  • ItzBentley
    ItzBentley Month ago

    Here comes the airplane I like trains

    THE COMBAT PRO Month ago

    Nice vid keep it up I watched since 5k subs love the time u put in these see u in the next vid

  • ivan miller
    ivan miller Month ago

    I like u pranking cops please do it again

  • Mr. Smallz
    Mr. Smallz Month ago

    You didn’t blur out your liscense plate or whatever it’s called

  • AerohhDynamics
    AerohhDynamics Month ago

    What was the purpose for that??

  • Kyle No10
    Kyle No10 Month ago +1

    Guys my dog died just then 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alfonso Villarreal
    Alfonso Villarreal Month ago

    U bitch

  • Cortney Davis
    Cortney Davis Month ago

    I need a can opener XD

  • DarkStormX
    DarkStormX Month ago

    You both parked the same

  • Avery W
    Avery W Month ago +1

    3:17 you can see the man look at them