Wish Ads Are Something Else...


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  • Marble Pills
    Marble Pills 2 hours ago

    those are the same offbrand AirPods that I have-
    //the ones in the thumbnail I mean, except it came with both sides

  • TeenageTechGeek Gaming/ Tech Reviews

    Consumes the meth. Thats how mafia works

  • Cipher Tail
    Cipher Tail 3 hours ago

    “I don’t know why it’s pixilated at the tip it must be a Japanese product”
    I see what you did there

  • yeet god Delete
    yeet god Delete 5 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Legit Name
    Legit Name 5 hours ago


    Oh yeah yeah

  • Hunter Punter
    Hunter Punter 8 hours ago

    I wish I died in vietnam

  • Lattolas
    Lattolas 13 hours ago +1

    If I put the Wish ads that I got on TVclip, id be banned before I'd get any views

  • CaptainWillz
    CaptainWillz 14 hours ago

    I got two wish ads on this master piece....

  • TopHatTim 123
    TopHatTim 123 15 hours ago

    Who else had a Wish ad while watching this.
    Make that 2.

  • izzy k
    izzy k 16 hours ago

    Subbed cos i thought you where lazar beam

  • whats_your_name_man _1781

    My braces costed i think 5k USD with like a 100$ down payment.

  • Cole
    Cole 17 hours ago

    Wish is a sponsor of the L.A FUCKING Lakers

  • Povilas Padolskis
    Povilas Padolskis 17 hours ago

    i got a wish add
    not even mad

  • GoL RED_
    GoL RED_ 18 hours ago

    Thats how wish works

    Edit : *FUCK* , he just sad that

  • Jofloch
    Jofloch 18 hours ago

    Honnestly wish is a 50/50, sometimes you get shit sometimes you get gold, I like wish.

  • Thelesbowithapen
    Thelesbowithapen 18 hours ago

    I exhaled from my nose at every part except the breast breast thing. Why am I this immature?

  • Turtle 21
    Turtle 21 19 hours ago

    Thats how mafia Works.

  • 1T3 T0X1C
    1T3 T0X1C 21 hour ago

    11:07 hmmmm I think that just might be a different bloke

  • 1T3 T0X1C
    1T3 T0X1C 21 hour ago

    3:40 I think it’s a sauna

  • xd chadly
    xd chadly Day ago

    I got a wish ad on this video

  • TheReal Player
    TheReal Player Day ago

    I swear on my life. I literally got a Wish ad before this video.

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei Day ago

    That seed phone stand was really appealing, damn, i love sunflower seeds. Thank you, imma buy that shit

  • Am I Late?
    Am I Late? Day ago

    Wish add during video that didn’t make sense

  • Fettachini Martini

    Fucking Australians saying “nissaaann” jesu Christ “knee-San”

  • Shinitai Chan
    Shinitai Chan Day ago

    I got a mafia City ad on this video

  • foodhatesme
    foodhatesme Day ago

    Buys $3 3ds receives styrofoam ice cream cone keychain...

  • • Windmillie •


  • Mr.Cringe
    Mr.Cringe Day ago

    A penis in larger you say hmm 🤔🤔🤔

  • Matt garey-hendricks

    2:48 EHHHH actually you're wrong cuz those arent USB sticks those are juuls, so get it right next time dumbass

  • Coconut Boy
    Coconut Boy Day ago

    Am I the only one that got a bunch of wish ads on this video?

  • Pablo Cactus
    Pablo Cactus Day ago

    Yeah my braces are gonna be around 7,500 dollars

  • L4R5 TH3 D3R9
    L4R5 TH3 D3R9 Day ago +1

    i got a Wish add on this video, have not seen it yet but it was bad

  • deadpooltheone *

    IT's tHe sEaT

  • DumBus
    DumBus Day ago

    Obligatory ”I got a wish ad” comment

  • 愛子
    愛子 Day ago

    The tongue product?
    Corpse party be like

  • Azurite
    Azurite Day ago +1

    I got some nice razer stuff at wish

  • Alexey Saranchev

    Well since they've got themselves a 700+k youtuber to advertise them for free, I'd say their marketing campaign is pretty damn good.

  • Wyatt Haskin
    Wyatt Haskin Day ago +1

    O ok

  • Can we get 100,000 subs with no videos?

    *Thats how MAFIA Works*

  • Circus Cavity
    Circus Cavity Day ago

    i just got a mafia city ad

  • I’malready tracer

    During the video I got a wish ad 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Maria Ersvik Pettersen

    *get’s a wish ad on this on this video*

  • Cassie C
    Cassie C Day ago

    The coasters are to absorb water from condensation. It also keeps cups from forming a suction seal as they change temperature.

  • psychocolate
    psychocolate Day ago +2

    12:50 can’t believe he missed the chance to read the text underneath

  • I love college humour and geography now

    Slazo the salesman

  • I love college humour and geography now

    I remember those

  • Kurrency
    Kurrency 2 days ago

    how do I block a channel from seeing its videos in my recommendations

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 2 days ago +1

    I *wish* their ads didn’t exist. WHAT A JOKE

  • jesinator
    jesinator 2 days ago +1

    Your sister got scammed i got 2

  • ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ

    I just wanna stop by and say you have a very beautiful blue eyes

  • Fnaf Plush Movies.co

    Eat it

  • Pengui
    Pengui 2 days ago

    *Lv.1000 Boss*
    *ItS jUsT HOw WiSH WoRKs*

  • Sophie Layden
    Sophie Layden 2 days ago

    I got a Wish ad on this video

  • Kollar Andras
    Kollar Andras 2 days ago

    I still get the cyber Monday sale ad from wish XD

    VINZIP 2 days ago


  • sprite cranberry
    sprite cranberry 2 days ago

    you should do the video ones, thereś one that you should do that is incredibly stupid (and quite scary): tvclip.biz/video/QprkvwffgN8/video.html

  • Dakota Rose
    Dakota Rose 2 days ago

    Gets wish add on this vid

  • Nickcbacon 32
    Nickcbacon 32 2 days ago

    5:40 It bothers me that he didn’t wipe

  • Braden Galo
    Braden Galo 2 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you endlessly use that product shown at 12:36.

  • ShadyCatGames
    ShadyCatGames 2 days ago

    PragerU is cool

  • JaxnDev Reviews
    JaxnDev Reviews 2 days ago

    Yes slazo u got scammed my braces were only 500 Aussie bucks

  • IceTeaNPizza
    IceTeaNPizza 2 days ago

    *"I *wish** *i was dead"*

  • Blame the keyboard bf5 blops4 overwatch etc

    I want to be noticed

  • Sxymtre
    Sxymtre 2 days ago

    My mom bought a bracelet from wish and it’s supposed to help you loose weight...

  • ExoticLegends
    ExoticLegends 2 days ago

    I got a Wish ad while watching this...

  • Hoodie_010
    Hoodie_010 3 days ago

    well i suppose it's good that they have basically everything but... why show the dumbest things on the ads... i mean tbh if they didn't then they would be bashed for being boring and typical so uh yeh

  • bloody Scarlet-Uchiha

    I mean I ordered coils from there and it worked out really well with the given price which was actually was the same price subtracting shipping costs which was like 2.00

  • Sophie Brown
    Sophie Brown 3 days ago

    Ah yes my favorite car company, “N i s s i n”

  • Destinee Buckner
    Destinee Buckner 3 days ago

    You get fucking coupons bud if you leave reviews so people are just honest.

  • Vertu
    Vertu 3 days ago

    I'm gonna buy that 3-DS.

    ACHIA 3 days ago

    What was that you story clip at the end 😂

  • Connor
    Connor 3 days ago

    7:15 It’s both

  • Tommy Berry
    Tommy Berry 3 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Sarah Hannush
    Sarah Hannush 3 days ago

    Fun fact, I actually use Wish! I'm a film student and I use Wish for film props!

  • lil christian burrito

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Katie Schultz
    Katie Schultz 3 days ago

    The way he pronounced Nissan though...

  • Erorc
    Erorc 3 days ago

    Imagine making it this far in life and not having a clue as to what a muzzle is.

    TORTELÍNO FETUČÍNY 3 days ago +1

    Just got a wish ad on this video

  • barrett loki
    barrett loki 3 days ago

    once when I was scrolling through my instagram feed, I saw a Wish ad that was selling a literal motorcycle for $13.

  • MsHanna
    MsHanna 3 days ago

    I know someone who got a 20$ violin from wish

  • Drxppi B!
    Drxppi B! 3 days ago

    Slazo you need to get the pewds chair it’s only 399$, idk how much that is in Australia tho.

  • Methylenedioxymethamphetamine C11H15NO2

    I got 4 wish ads during this

  • 1949
    1949 3 days ago

    12:04 you completely missed the opportunity to say he’s going through some shit

  • Zelly DZ
    Zelly DZ 4 days ago

    People leave reviews of products (even if they have not tried that) because they get points for doing so. And when you get enough points, you get discount coupons to use (5-15% off depends how many points you have collected).

  • the artistry the elegance

    that thing at 2:02 is a derma roller, you roll all these needles over your face which is fucking terrifying

  • Galaco Production
    Galaco Production 4 days ago

    I can’t stop looking at the bear/burger plush

  • jaren may
    jaren may 4 days ago

    Buy stuff from them!!!!

  • Isra Mohamed
    Isra Mohamed 4 days ago +1

    2:00 it's a beauty tool that you roll on your face it is like acupunctures in facial spas

  • Chasatron21
    Chasatron21 4 days ago +1

    12:05 Karen... what are you doing to my boi?

  • Brendannnn
    Brendannnn 4 days ago

    This nibba Australian?

  • Wesley
    Wesley 4 days ago

    I've been here since 100k havnt watched a vid in a while but I'm glad your channel is growing

  • Jenna Starring
    Jenna Starring 4 days ago +3

    It's a cat muzzle and it can really help in certain first aid situations with cats

  • Dream Boy -
    Dream Boy - 4 days ago

    They sell sex toys to

  • Petar Atanasov
    Petar Atanasov 4 days ago


  • big gae
    big gae 4 days ago

    I once bought a cheap ass phone off of wish, I checked the files on it and found one that was suspicious, and as it turned out, it had a fucking virus pre-installed on the phone

    But luckily I accidentally fucked up the screen and so I just destroyed the thi g and is in 4 layers of duct 3

  • Delta The Husky
    Delta The Husky 4 days ago

    I *wish* that wish didn't exist

  • Jake Coulby-Acroyd
    Jake Coulby-Acroyd 4 days ago

    Just keep clicking this and wait 1 second 0.00

  • Papa Swolin
    Papa Swolin 4 days ago

    Do Wish do thermostats?

  • Niels van der werf
    Niels van der werf 4 days ago

    Don't forget the creams to tighten your vagina..