Love & Hip Hop: New York | Season 10 Official Super Trailer | Premieres December 16 8/7c

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • New York City is going back to where it all began. Season 10 of Love & Hip Hop: New York premieres December 16 at 8/7c on VH1. Subscribe to the brand new VH1 Love & Hip Hop TVclip channel so you don’t miss out on anything this season.
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Comments • 4 974

  • S G
    S G 7 hours ago

    Cyn voice changed! Your voice gets deeper after u have a baby. Just fyi😀

  • Aria O'Harra
    Aria O'Harra Day ago

    I love and respect Remy yo....for real..

  • Hawgrydr B
    Hawgrydr B 5 days ago

    How do YOU spell ghetto? This show! ☻👎👎

  • Rusty Shackleferd
    Rusty Shackleferd 10 days ago

    So is the white girl that says, "Who said tat wuz my fwiend", retarded? Or just really stupid sounding? I mean this whole show is a joke, but to put a retard on should really show what new hip hop is.

  • Gee Love
    Gee Love 13 days ago

    That was fuck up that they had to bring tihiry back. Mona you are the messiest out of them all u should be kimbella 👯

  • Simply Simone
    Simply Simone 16 days ago

    Okay New York getting a bigger production budget every year

  • Yuyu's Squad
    Yuyu's Squad 21 day ago +2

    Yandy should've hit Chrissi with, "you need a place to stay?"

    • Dani D
      Dani D 19 days ago


  • Saved by Christ
    Saved by Christ 22 days ago

    I see the devil's finger prints all over this. He loves to set things in motion that will HURT or DESTROY you!Then he sits back watching ( happily ) as it all falls down around us!
    I KNOW how it feels to have your significant other ruin your reputation. I'm sure Crissy's feeling angry devastated, sad betrayed, hurt scared you name it. From what I've seen coming from Jim & crissy I can bet he feels B.A.D. for all of this! They need prayer y'all!! Seriously!

  • Fer Cyccone
    Fer Cyccone 25 days ago

    Shows like this end up helping grow the abyss between races and social groups, it's just a bunch of old and stale stereotypes thrown together perpetuating horrible behavior and idle consumerism, this is very harmful, I'm so sad to see that the level of mainstream entertainment is getting even lower, so sad...

  • Desilva Silver
    Desilva Silver 25 days ago

    Some of these relationships are very toxic and these women find themselves acting like mothers and taking on the man's role in these relationships.

  • Aliyah Tolar
    Aliyah Tolar 26 days ago

    So no Mariahlynn

    MTL DED 26 days ago

    Can someone tell me the song at 0:32

  • Joshua
    Joshua 27 days ago


  • EvilM0nkey 123
    EvilM0nkey 123 27 days ago

    Oh ladies you a whole bunch talked

  • Robert Lutz
    Robert Lutz 28 days ago

    They all came back to get a piece of that cardi b swag haha...

  • Jaiden Berrios
    Jaiden Berrios 28 days ago

    What’s that song called at 0:33

  • Jaiden Berrios
    Jaiden Berrios 28 days ago


  • Jaiden Berrios
    Jaiden Berrios 28 days ago

    What’s that song called at :22

  • Sun Kissed
    Sun Kissed Month ago

    Chrissy is a BIG FAT bully! Give Mr. Chocolate his chip back! IMMEDIATELY! 🍪

  • Sharon Tate
    Sharon Tate Month ago

    Stop hating on pople LIVING THEIR LIVES WHILE YALL WATCHING BROKE< LONELY AND UNHAPPY. Go fix white amerikkka before you spew your hate on these people

  • Kechia Edmond
    Kechia Edmond Month ago

    Remy ma hey you still got my face

  • Alexandra nyc
    Alexandra nyc Month ago

    ive only seen this show occasionally to watch 'crazy' for a laugh. but do people really think & live like this?! these reality shows must look for the most dysfunctional humans to participate & for what?! a few bucks & that dubious fame?! i dont know whether theyre really gangsta or playing at being gangsta; i dont know that world, but i remember from their last show, they were both arrogant & unlikable.

  • Rali272
    Rali272 Month ago

    Yo safaree is Haitian

  • Linda M
    Linda M Month ago

    I’m telling you all right now. Joe will always love Tahiry but she is not checkin’ for him & she won’t be again. As much as I want them together, she’s over him

  • kima B
    kima B Month ago

    Crissy is a bully she needs to learn how to respect other women..Yandy dont have to bow down to nobody!!! The past is the past..the way she spoke to yandy talking bout "you can still get a slap" she wants her under her thumb and knows Yandy cant get in trouble as a parent..she will continue to lose in life as she creates her own the boss of yaself too many women in NY act like her want people to be afraid of them when yandy probably whip that ass if she put those words into action

  • cello2ma
    cello2ma Month ago +2

    Why hasn't Chrissy moved on! It's been ten years, let it go ma!

    • Sun Kissed
      Sun Kissed Month ago

      cello2ma exactly! Can’t stand that bully

  • Sharice Brown
    Sharice Brown Month ago

    Chrissy is a bitter bully. She wants people to do what she wants and change to her tune but yet you're almost 50 and you're still the same terrorist lacking maturity and wisdom. She wants people to respect her but yet she's always being disrespectful to other people. She's 48 and she over steps to by talking down to people like they're a child and bring reckless with her mouth. Chrissy just haven't met her match yet. I would like to see Chrissy and Nya Lee go toe to toe. Fighting doesn't resolve anything. It makes things worse. You can't control what people say or do. You can only control how you respond and she responds by fighting and threatening people to make them scared of her. Just because you win a fight that doesn't mean you won in the conflict. Grow up. Chrissy said, that women need to take care of women or each other. Then she needs to practice what she preaches, grow up, get some wisdom and stop being a bully.

  • joanne13121
    joanne13121 Month ago

    I USED to be a Chrissy fan but I'm not feeling her energy at all now. She hasn't changed or grown one bit since season 1! And the fact that she's still dealing with Jim is pitiful! No REAL Boss Lady is going to put up with no bum dude like that for umpteen years AND he isn't even her husband! Chile bye! I believe she's lying about the foreclosure I believe she absolutely knew BUT there was nothing she could do about it because she didn't have the money TO do anything about it!! Jim has always supported her and her expensive taste which is cool IF he could have afforded it! Clearly he couldn't and CLEARLY Yandy was right to be concerned about his spending habits when she was managing him! At the time I too felt like Yandy was doing to much! However time has revealed that Yandy was just TRYING TO KEEP THE LIGHTS ON! And for Chrissy to roll up in there on Yandy like Yandy was supposed to bow down to her! GURL have a seat!Like Yandy said she will never be that girl again from 8 years ago and she should NOT be! And that whole Kimbella caping for Chrissy now is the fakest ish ever! Lol! I believe she agreed to put differences aside so they both could get that bag! And Kimbella probably got a raise for it! Lol! The only way that Chrissy would be favorable again in my eyes is if by the end of the season she has left Jim and moved on to live her life on her own like the Boss she claims to be!

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird Month ago

    Your black Kings and Queens

  • nesha50421
    nesha50421 Month ago

    Chrissy n kimbella got fat 🙀🙀🙀

  • Mega Moèt
    Mega Moèt Month ago

    We so happy og Chrissy came back BigUps sis keep it pushing ❣️😍

  • Karol j.
    Karol j. Month ago

    Omg wtf ... yandi should have never let her mother in law rock that wig like that.

  • envy shaun
    envy shaun Month ago

    Where the fights....

  • TelepathicEmpath777

    Chrissy will drag Yandy

  • Christina
    Christina Month ago +3

    Chrissy and Remy are the only ones I like, yandy got to damn big headed

  • Denzel Demby
    Denzel Demby Month ago

    Who’s the new hip hop chick?

  • Catherine Njambi Chege

    I can’t stand Chrissy. Every time she’s on I just forward to the next scene. She’s not genuine and demands respect when she gives none.
    On her relationship... It gives me a mother-son vibes. He’s a big baby and Chrissy fits the role of mum in his life not a wife or girlfriend

    • Sun Kissed
      Sun Kissed Month ago

      Catherine Njambi Chege 💯💯💯 I CANT STAND HER ASS EITHER! She’s a bully! Tryna tell Yandy she need to go back to being the same person she was 7-10 years ago! How dare Chrissy!

  • Tova Thorpe
    Tova Thorpe Month ago

    Remi is boring, safaree and Erica need to go somewhere, Joe Budden acts like an old boring man, Jim Jones looks crusty, Rich Doller is old and warn/played out. I love Mendesees mom🤣

    • Tova Thorpe
      Tova Thorpe Month ago

      limited access I hope your able to "get over it"!

    • Tova Thorpe
      Tova Thorpe Month ago

      limited access do you have a problem with opinions

    • Tova Thorpe
      Tova Thorpe Month ago

      limited access not at all

  • The Whimsical Author

    Aye my cousin Na made it to the trailer! ❤️ follow her on IG @winkforme_

  • Banana Cheerio Writing

    I get the feeling this season is gonna be as unseasoned and dry as Hollywood's. I'm tired of all this old shit, give me something worth watching

  • Carla Smith
    Carla Smith Month ago

    Good to see Chrissy moved on ..........🙄 too old to be walking around threatening to beat up people. Arthritis gotta be kickin in

  • mieklYouhanes
    mieklYouhanes Month ago

    The only ppl that got things out of this show is cardi b n yandy lol

    OVERSEAS TRAVELER Month ago +2

    I'm just here for the comments 😂😂😂😂🍿I JUST CAN'T WAITTT TO HEAR THEM🍷

  • Rid My
    Rid My Month ago

    Remy want somebody to feel sorry for her...nope she let Papoose set her up to have that baby, now she act like she can't juggle a career, and motherhood! Better try harder girl bye.

  • James' Wifey
    James' Wifey Month ago


  • mday Gladney
    mday Gladney Month ago

    Joe Budden BIPOLAR as hell

  • Adrien Turner
    Adrien Turner Month ago


  • NiceguyBananne
    NiceguyBananne Month ago

    This felt like way longer than 6 minutes

  • Sarai Juelz
    Sarai Juelz Month ago

    I wanted white girl Chrissy back too!!! Dang!!!

  • Sarai Juelz
    Sarai Juelz Month ago

    I want Yandy and Chrissy to be friends but Chrissy is too real and Yandy likes to control shit!! That ain't gon work!!!

  • Sarai Juelz
    Sarai Juelz Month ago

    Tahiry does not want Joe but he will ALWAYS want her

  • Tulip J
    Tulip J Month ago

    Cyn deserves better. ❤

  • Ihsaan Brown
    Ihsaan Brown Month ago +8

    Chrissy... you can’t come back 7 years later on the same shit you was ok when you left you just can’t. I got too much love for you to see it go down like that

  • Timmya Brooks
    Timmya Brooks Month ago +1

    Chrissy “I WILL F**** YOU UP OF YOU DO T RELAX” Chrissy is my girl like she holds it down no matter what

  • god563616
    god563616 Month ago +4

    Chrissy and Jim Jones ran out of money so that's why they are back....too old for this bull!!

  • Adrian Neal
    Adrian Neal Month ago

    Is this a case of Joedeecees having his cake and eating it too ?

  • Yesenia Corporan
    Yesenia Corporan Month ago

    Still Messy

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day Month ago +1

    Cyn girl keep your feelings quiet.
    Never let the other woman in question see you sweat !

  • Marion Lewis
    Marion Lewis Month ago +1

    Why rich always look greasy af

  • Pink Hustle
    Pink Hustle Month ago

    Wasnt cyn dating Erica first? I'm lost or they all look the same!