The Creepiest Urban Legends To Keep You Up At Night

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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  • Erin Mac
    Erin Mac 5 days ago

    ThE WaTcHeRs?! There’s more than one of them?!!!! 😲 all hail the watcherS I guess?

  • redneck walrus
    redneck walrus 5 days ago

    the last one was a power move honestly

  • Otto Günsche
    Otto Günsche 15 days ago

    In west Virginia Their is Urban legend of a bunny man that he is under bridge

  • Captain Bill
    Captain Bill 27 days ago

    The only scary story I can think of is when my uncle went to prom senior year of high school.

  • nele x wonderland
    nele x wonderland Month ago

    "the old house" huh. Now we know why Morrissey would rather not go back there.

  • NJ Gerhardt
    NJ Gerhardt 2 months ago

    These remind of a theatre I used to work at that was a hybrid nightclub/brothel in the 70s. The upstairs administration offices were where the brothel part used to be and appearently a sex worker was murdered in what used to be my boss's office.

  • weazely5
    weazely5 2 months ago

    Btw bunny man bridge is not in DC it’s in a suburb of DC about 45 minutes away from DC

  • The King of dimes
    The King of dimes 2 months ago

    In the town I live in there is a old house that the open up for tours some say it is hunted the guy giving the tour was talking about the ghost investoin that was there to ghosts came thru. One of a man who had a speakeasy how kill home sled or was killed in a near by barn assbale by a tunnel which is gone now that is how he got there. The other of a boy 2 weeks later he was giving a tour and the child wore his name in wood in the basement his name a Steven and the hairs of most of the people with my tour stood up. It is in New Jersey

  • Jahsiah Bowie
    Jahsiah Bowie 2 months ago +1

    In the 1860’s their were tons of slave plantations where I live. The story is in 1864 a slave escaped a plantation and the owner was furious!! He went all over looking for her, with a hatchet in one hand and whip in the other. And they say his spirit still haunts the streets. So every Halloween all black and brown kids have to be in by 10pm. Although this was probably just made up to scare black kids in the 1950s and 60s

  • Lana Rob
    Lana Rob 2 months ago

    Wayyy too fast, I couldn’t even process the information between slides

  • Jashlee. rd
    Jashlee. rd 2 months ago

    These are not even scary............

  • azrael
    azrael 2 months ago

    the watchers thing is real btw, not too sure on the backstory but you can find videos of people driving by their house and them coming out with weapons

  • Priceless Princess
    Priceless Princess 3 months ago

    I like this, this is like the old buzzfeed those who complain about text speed must either pause the video to read it because I read it perfectly fine without pauses

  • XxKittyKatxX Lol
    XxKittyKatxX Lol 3 months ago +1

    I did not understand anything

  • Teddy Troyer
    Teddy Troyer 3 months ago

    Why are multiple of these in Ohio...

  • Hadyn Kammien
    Hadyn Kammien 3 months ago

    The watchers one is true! I’m from that area. You can go there and park in front of their house at any hour of the day/night and someone will come running out with a shotgun. I don’t think they’ve ever fired though, it’s enough to scare people away just by waving the gun around. They take shifts to watch outside. It’s pretty sad. Kids around here do this for fun just to see if it’s true and taunts those people constantly. :(

  • King Nostalgic
    King Nostalgic 4 months ago

    How to jion your community

  • swag gorls
    swag gorls 4 months ago

    The creepiest thing was that horribly fake giggle at the beginning😂

  • Ardvark Games
    Ardvark Games 4 months ago

    Yo I'm so excited cleveland never gets mentioned in anything thanks dude. But yeah we always have somebody dressed up as tall betsy on like 5 foot stilts that scare children on Halloween.

  • classicalbison
    classicalbison 4 months ago +1

    i live like 3 mins away from lake ontario so imma check if its real with my friends one day, wish me luck!

  • Trevor Kane Duffy
    Trevor Kane Duffy 4 months ago

    Effort of reading this

  • MewMix
    MewMix 4 months ago

    I don't even get scared but I love sp00py things.

  • Pan Biznesmen
    Pan Biznesmen 4 months ago +1

    c mon people i dont want to read this, its so fast

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia 4 months ago

    I grew up in Yucaipa and can confirm The Watchers are crazy!!

  • ImDaniela •_•
    ImDaniela •_• 4 months ago

    I live close to the bunny man bridge. I went there once on October. Around 11 pm and it was scary 💀

  • Joseph Milan
    Joseph Milan 4 months ago

    Ha, I'm in Northern Ohio, and have heard both the "melonheads" (Eastside) and Gore Orphanage (Westside) legends all my life. With the melonheads, they forgot the "guy parking in the woods with his girlfriend, disappearing to take a leak, only to be found the next morning hanging over the car with his nails scratching the roof all night" part of the story.....

  • ally_needs_a _lozenge
    ally_needs_a _lozenge 4 months ago

    I was born.

  • Big Long_Now_Nirvana
    Big Long_Now_Nirvana 4 months ago +1


  • Foot Fungus
    Foot Fungus 4 months ago +1


  • Natalia Watson
    Natalia Watson 5 months ago

    Haha and I've just moved to Oviedo for school 💀

  • Gianna Hayes
    Gianna Hayes 5 months ago

    Oh my god did anyone else see that glorious name pugsnkisses??

  • Victoria Dennis
    Victoria Dennis 5 months ago

    Zzz have someone narrate this and it might be good. Didn’t even realize the video was playing until halfway through.

  • Kaitlin Marcilionis
    Kaitlin Marcilionis 5 months ago

    The Kimberly story is one that runs in my family but hundreds of people in arizona and el paso, texas have heard it. My uncle had an experience with a student when he taught in el paso involving her home and chupacabras. As the story goes, she is still alive and followed him to Arizona where our family lives now. She is said to sometimes be seen at the old canals here.

  • tatatrash
    tatatrash 5 months ago

    Anyone gonna talk about the bunny in the thumbmail?

  • こころあにめ
    こころあにめ 5 months ago

    A ghost...or a furry?

  • Not Ella
    Not Ella 5 months ago

    dude the last one literally sounded like an old episode of Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

  • LightFlame_
    LightFlame_ 5 months ago +2

    scariest thing here is the picture at around 1:58

  • LightFlame_
    LightFlame_ 5 months ago +1

    tf the alabama one wasnt even scary its just a tree

  • BondForever 1st
    BondForever 1st 5 months ago

    I LIVE IN ROCHESTER. But no New york

  • Crazy Jr
    Crazy Jr 5 months ago +1

    Nahhhhhhhh B

  • LalalalalaLauren75
    LalalalalaLauren75 5 months ago

    Ghoul Boys! You should check out the legend of Charman on Creek Road in Ojai, California. Creepy creepy story!

  • Kaylee Josie
    Kaylee Josie 5 months ago

    For the bunny story not only do people claim to see the bunny man carrying an axe, but according to the legend two girls went there on Halloween night one turned around then turned back to see a bright shinning light at exactly midnight then the two girls where discovered hanging from trees skinned like the bunnies, every year for a while after that the same exact thing happened. The only thing bad about this story is it’s COMPLETELY fake. The only remotely close thing to it is the fact that a couple were in a car together, then they saw a man with in a bunny suit with an axe right outside there car and stepped on the gas. They are completely fine though. The other story is just an urban legend

  • Whoa XD
    Whoa XD 5 months ago

    I live literally like 20 minutes from pope lick...

  • Hakim Yazid
    Hakim Yazid 5 months ago

    The pope lick monster description kinda reminds me of ManBearPig.

  • ScarletSiren
    ScarletSiren 5 months ago

    I got so excited when I saw the White Lady's Castle! I love in Rochester and I swim right near it in Irondequoit. My dad lives right near it and loves to walk over there. I've been across the street but never close at night, I'm not even a big superstitious person but I say why tempt fate... Anyway, Rochester Represent!

  • Olivia Richardson
    Olivia Richardson 5 months ago

    Bunny Man Bridge is in Fairfax, VA which is Northern Virginia not D.C....

  • Gary Ou
    Gary Ou 5 months ago

    myths and legends are often based on the real thing

    YUP ITS ME 5 months ago

    My scary story is Buzzfeed....

  • emily’s garden
    emily’s garden 5 months ago

    ah. you only gon see a man named Boyington in Alabama

  • Seth Latta
    Seth Latta 5 months ago

    Lol the only story my city of chickamauga has is the green eyed man and he just kinda stares at you in the civil war park

  • Elite Gaming 2
    Elite Gaming 2 5 months ago +1

    I already realized the bunny at the thumbnail is the bunny man

  • ChArLiE cAk E
    ChArLiE cAk E 5 months ago

    1:53 Um this one is really scary because I live in Calgary Canada DERP.

  • NekoMouser
    NekoMouser 5 months ago

    The weirdest one has to be the one about the innocent man who said an oak tree would grow out of his grave to show his innocence and then how clearly no one, like a grieving relative, was ever allowed to visit the grave and bend down and jab a few acorns into the ground to validate their loved one's claims... Spooky!

  • Zxanax
    Zxanax 5 months ago

    whats my scary story huh...

    i lost my wifi.

  • Furious_ _DNA
    Furious_ _DNA 5 months ago +2

    I loved this but I was honestly expecting a review

  • Fairytail264 Fairytail264

    the scariest story ive ever seen was my grades

  • Mr nobody
    Mr nobody 5 months ago

    Was anyone watching this at night

  • Alyxander DR
    Alyxander DR 5 months ago

    can you guys pls put voice overs

  • Gweedy -
    Gweedy - 5 months ago

    Okay the Laredo one is absolutely just a goth gal pulling a power move.

  • A shishter
    A shishter 5 months ago

    Okay so, I live in Ohio and at my old house I totally 100% believe that it is haunted by a cult family or one single person whose been in a cult, here are my reasonings, so my mother didn’t tell me this till later in my life, but in her closet there was a cross painted on her wall not just with paint but with an oil it was just stained there. There would be this random man who would sometimes just come in our drive way and stare into our house and my sister had to hide us in the bathroom. In mine and my sisters old room which was the attic was humongous but there was closets one near the stairs and one at the end of the room. I didn’t pay much attention to this stuff because I was around ten or nine now that I’m older it’s strange. 1. Inside those closets were little secret doorways leading into the walls only in the upstairs but there was a big enough room to have a tiny little spare room in there, but when me and my sister would open the hatch there would be just some hard crusty old towels Red towels all in a circle around the little room. My friends were scared to stay up because they would hear my name being shouted and the steps creaking and pounding up and down them while I was asleep only in the upstairs though. Mine and my sisters toys would move or make noises as we were trying to sleep. The TV would randomly stop and go static at 12 am every night. My old cat was very mean at the time but once we moved into our new house he was weird my dog was fine but the cat started clawing the carpets pissing everywhere clawing up everything so we had to get rid of him. We never knew what happened in that house farther more

  • Melanie Caceres
    Melanie Caceres 5 months ago

    Would have been nice if Ryan and Shane read these. Then maybe I would get a bit more scared. 😔😞🙁

  • Brandon Jim
    Brandon Jim 5 months ago

    Has anyone suggested skin walker ranch? lol

  • I'm not very creative
    I'm not very creative 5 months ago

    I like these videos

  • Space Puffins
    Space Puffins 5 months ago

    in lafayette oregon there was a lady who was accused of witchcraft in the 1800s i think, and they hung her. before she died she cursed the town to burn down three times, and so far it’s burned down twice. the cemetery she’s buried in is said to be haunted by her too. apparently if you go in there her ghost would chase you out and scratch you until you bled. people kept going in there and getting attacked and it got to be such a problem that the city banned people from going in there.

  • M. P.
    M. P. 5 months ago +1

    I have a story too,
    Once upon a time a young boy ate a lot of food...After a few hours the boy had a stomachache and rushed to the bathroom...but as soon as he reached in the bathroom he realised that he forgot his phone in the bedroom...
    The legend says that if u go past the bathroom u can hear him yelling ,,BRING ME MY PHOOONE"

    And that boy is me.

  • Meister JubJub
    Meister JubJub 5 months ago

    Long story short, don't go to America

  • TibsisTops
    TibsisTops 6 months ago

    the oak tree guy obviously ate a bunch of acorns before he died. like, i’m not wrong here, am i?

  • Donovan Lawrence
    Donovan Lawrence 6 months ago

    Scariest thing abt this video is the sound effects

  • Teresa Grace
    Teresa Grace 6 months ago

    ok it’s 2am and literally the scream in the beginning scared me so bad help

    SUPLOL 6 months ago

    Bro i just narrated these out loud in the "Number 15 burger king foot lettuce voice"

  • I don't know
    I don't know 6 months ago

    The oak tree one is very easy to explain as he could have had acorns with him when he was burried. Not that scary.

  • Mi- Impossible
    Mi- Impossible 6 months ago

    That last one was literally any goth

  • A Jarjis
    A Jarjis 6 months ago

    Windyville!!!!! I'm blown away by that name

  • Hamish Haggett
    Hamish Haggett 6 months ago


  • Stony Grimm
    Stony Grimm 6 months ago

    You should have read them to us lol

  • Emma Palma
    Emma Palma 6 months ago

    at my school we have a a legend (actually a few)
    the basement bathroom-
    in the girls room of b20 the school had installed electric hand dryers. when a student was washing her hands, and when she pressed the button on the new dryers she was electrocuted and died. so when you wash your hands you can end up with cuts on them or see her in the mirror or something like that’s.
    the projector room-
    a janitor used to live in this old projector room in the auditorium. he died of a heart attack, and you can seem his shadow up there? idk he does ghost stuff i guess

  • Destiny Flowers
    Destiny Flowers 6 months ago

    Bro no offense but I came here so I could listen to this while I clean

  • hocus pocus .
    hocus pocus . 6 months ago


  • Mystery Rider
    Mystery Rider 6 months ago

    There's a supposed rumour surrounding a statue in my old middle school. The story goes is that the statue of a skipping girl is possessed by the Spirit of a young girl who was hit and killed by a police officer in a car while she was jump roping. Some claim they see ghosts in the basement and in the room with all the wood chips.

  • Sayori R
    Sayori R 6 months ago

    Oh hell no im in Calgary

  • Mitchell Burdett
    Mitchell Burdett 6 months ago


  • Lovely Person
    Lovely Person 6 months ago

    Most of them are in Ohio oof Ohio not even that scary

  • Cole Dragon
    Cole Dragon 6 months ago

    The scariest story I have is not passing your finals

  • Anna Johnsen
    Anna Johnsen 6 months ago

    Please consider using a voiceover to narrate the text.

  • Natika Robards
    Natika Robards 6 months ago

    how is the text too fast lmao

  • Kelly
    Kelly 6 months ago

    "Here are the spookiest stories we collected from around the country" (Includes a story from Canada)

  • Rae Dar
    Rae Dar 6 months ago

    The ending girl is me n I’m very much alive 🤣 I’m just a creep

  • Miranda Paredes
    Miranda Paredes 6 months ago

    thought nothing spooky of this video until Oviedo, FL came up and then it was like...NOPE! Not going over the Econlockhatchee River at night (I live in Oviedo).

  • Red Jaxs
    Red Jaxs 6 months ago

    So I'm from England and to my knowledge there are no local urban legends. However I have 2 creepy stories.
    1. Purple Aki.
    Purple Aki is a black man from Manchester that has reportedly gone up to men and squeezed their muscles. Now it doesn't seem to creepy but if you try to look for him you can't find him. Thus he hasn't been caught. People know what he looks like but he hasn't been arrested.
    2. Hairy hands of Dartmoor.
    This title is a little weird. On the B3212 , a country road found in Dartmoor - a southern moorland round the river Dart- strange accidents occur. It's said that an apparition of hairy hands appear on the steering wheel and jolt the car out of control and off the road. There is no particular time it affects people but they do survive with minor injuries.
    Now I don't know all the ins and outs of these legends so I may be wrong but it's about as creepy as I could get. They would be nice cases for you to look into so... do some research I guess.

  • Lemonsso
    Lemonsso 6 months ago +3

    Anybody relate?-
    Okay, not where I live, Okay, okay.. I’m safe. I’m safe.
    “Calgary, Canada”
    Moving out, mom. Let’s move out! :’D

  • Katie Meyers
    Katie Meyers 6 months ago

    I live a 5 minute drive from bunny man bridge

  • crazynirvanalover
    crazynirvanalover 6 months ago

    That nun picture scared the bejeezus out of me

  • Anthony Luna
    Anthony Luna 6 months ago

    Ahhjhhhhh!! Im scared.

  • A Wulfe
    A Wulfe 6 months ago

    1.5k 👎.... That should tell you something! You owe your fans. Do this video again, but have Ryan narrate!

  • A Wulfe
    A Wulfe 6 months ago

    This video would have had a much better impact if we didn't have to speed-read through the entire thing!! Your viewers deserve more than that... Give us some visuals and a narrator!!
    Lost interest and moving on...

  • Munich 1492
    Munich 1492 6 months ago


  • Julianne Marie Bejar
    Julianne Marie Bejar 6 months ago

    it's not scary at all, i can hardly keep up with the story

  • Pinky Pie
    Pinky Pie 6 months ago +1

    American's have tame legends compared to us Australians. My personal favourite is of the Giant Devil Dingo, in which a giant Dingo is killing some people and then is killed and turned into miniature dingos. And don't get me started on the Mokoi.

  • SilverGravity
    SilverGravity 6 months ago

    We've got the melonhead story in ct, funny it's in several states. Exact same story. Wonder which state it originally came from :0

  • Alexandra Hanson
    Alexandra Hanson 6 months ago